tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Took a Vow to Obey Ch. 02

She Took a Vow to Obey Ch. 02


This is a sequel. Please begin by reading "She Took A Vow To Obey: A Victorian Woman's Visit to the Doctor".

That evening, when the Smyths returned to their London townhouse from the physician's office, Walter surprised Anna by saying "Dearest, I am going to dine at the club tonight. I will ask your maid to draw a bath for you. You should relax and enjoy the solitude. I will retire to my own bedchamber tonight, and tomorrow we can proceed with the next steps. " With a chaste kiss to her cheek, he was off.

An exhausted Anna, grateful for the time alone, slowly made her way up the sweeping staircase, to her bedchamber, where she was greeted by her ever efficient maid, Clara. Clara assisted Anna out of her clothing and helped her into the tub. Always professional, Clara quickly stepped out of the room, snatching discarded clothing as she went.

Anna settled chin deep into the warm water, grateful for her maid who, though highly skilled and courteous, maintained a quiet aloofness, avoiding familiarity with her employers. Clara could be trusted to remain discreet, so no unseemly rumors traveled about "below the stairs" as happened in most households of the gentry.

Anna soaped and scrubbed attempting to rid herself of the feelings of shame and dirtiness of the day. Had that really been her - strapped naked, legs spread wide to a roomful of men, including her husband - and under those humiliating circumstances - being aroused by the tongues of the two young men, and as result, achieving a loud, violent orgasm that was seen and heard by all?

Her bare body involuntarily shuddered as she replayed all of this in her mind. In the privacy of her bath, she fought to get past the feelings of abject humiliation, and tried, instead, to think of what she had discovered about herself in that doctor's office. She remembered that the doctor said that her pleasure center was the small bud at the top of her most inner self. Almost absentmindedly, her right index finger made its way to that very spot and probed inside. A sudden jolt pulsed through her body, shaking her out of her reverie, and causing her to realize what she had just done. Shocked at her wantonness, she hastily pulled the offending digit back. At almost the same moment, she realized how good it felt, and struggled with the shame of committing such an act. Reasoning that this shame was nothing in comparison with what she already endured, she screwed up her courage and continued to explore herself. As she circled her swollen bud, she felt the familiar tingling from earlier that day. Quickening the pace, her hips began to undulate beneath the water's surface. The cheeks of her smooth, round rump clenched tight. She felt the familiar building of tension from earlier that day, and spurred on, closing her eyes. With some thrashing, causing small waves and splashes, she came for the second time in her life. After the last wave passed, she realized what she had just done. Her eyes sprang open as the feelings of shame fled within her. Standing before her, was her maid.

Initially stammering for words, the consummate professional collected herself, pretending that she saw nothing unusual, and adopting a nonchalant air saying "Pardon me, Mrs. Smyth. I was concerned as I heard sounds of a struggle, and feared for your safety." Clara turned on her heel and exited the room.

The embarrassment that Anna suffered in the next few moments! She had no way of being sure, but she was almost certain that Clara had seen her bringing herself to orgasm. She also realized that she must have been groaning out loud with the pleasure; loud enough to be heard by her maid. "What in the world is happening to me," she thought. Am I really becoming a loose woman?" She still had a difficult time admitting to herself that she was enjoying these new sensations. She helped herself out of the tub and into her dressing gown. She paced silently; a fierce debate raging in her mind. It was inevitable that she would have to face her maid again, so she had no choice but to proceed to her dressing room where Clara awaited her. That night, she slept the dreamless sleep of the exhausted.

Meanwhile, Walter enjoyed a fine meal with his close childhood friend, Mr. Jonas Hardy. Afterwards, the two gentlemen moved to a deserted corner of the smoking room. Pulling his chair closer to the fire, Jonas started, "So Smyth, you had your appointment today. Did you not? You must have a tale to tell," he continued with a wicked grin. "Did you have satisfactory results as I did with my wife?"

"I am grateful for the recommendation, and can say that I have never enjoyed such a beautiful and revealing view of my wife," said Walter as he recalled heeding the doctor's request to step between the knees of his naked wife, as she lay with legs spread widely open and her limbs tied down so that she could not cover herself. He felt a stirring in his trousers as he said it, and felt guilty for it. He knew that his proper wife had been exposed, made vulnerable, and humiliated, but since there had been no alternative, he chose to enjoy the eroticism of the vision.

"Tell me, my friend, what recommendations did you receive?"

"Well", Walter began, somewhat hesitant to reveal his wife's secrets, "He mentioned something about some women enjoying showing off their naked bodies. Shocking, I know. But, an intriguing thought, as well. Servants would be the natural choice, but I do not wish to put off any of our loyal and trustworthy employees; which presents a problem."

"And I have the solution," replied Jonas with glee. "The Franklins are traveling to the States for an extended trip. John does not plan to take, Fredrick, his personal valet. I happen to have privileged information that Fredrick is used to such things, and would not balk at all. I will make the arrangements, and give him an idea of what to expect. He will arrive at your door very early tomorrow morning." The gentlemen soon bid each other a goodnight, and retired to their respective homes.

The next morning, Walter packed his own valet off on a well-deserved seaside vacation. At a late breakfast, he explained the change to Anna. He did not explain that he and his new servant had already devised plans for the continuation of Anna's metamorphosis.

Instead, he beckoned Anna to come to the library with him. He shut the door behind them, and walked halfway across the room to his desk. He sat on the chair and lovingly said, "I want to start a new chapter of our lives where you put away your false modesty and enjoy all of the pleasures of the flesh with me. I am going to help you out of all of your clothing and have you sit upon the desk. I wish to try the oral methods that were done in the doctor's office."

"I assure you that my modesty is not false, and this is certainly not the place for such things," argued Anna, looking around the lushly decorated and darkened room.

"My dear, if you were able to climax as you did, in front of all those men in the doctor's office, at least a small part of you enjoyed what happened yesterday." Anna blushed deeply. "You can certainly display yourself for me here, and allow me to lick you with my tongue to bring you to the highest stages of ecstasy," Walter countered as he affectionately placed his hands around her waist and pulled her to him.

Anna could find no argument, but could only let her mouth fall open in consternation of such a revelation. She allowed Walter to undress her, but refused to climb onto the desk. He was obliged to pick her up and plop her down on the front of his desk. Knowing that she would not want to seem to simply comply with the humiliating demands, he tied her hands to the light fixture that was hanging low above her. Her torso was stretched before him; her pert breasts jutting out so invitingly. He picked up one leg, placed it on top of the desk's surface, bent the knee slightly up, and secured the ankle to the edge. He did the same with the other. Her pelvis was forced slightly forward at the very edge of the desk. She begged to be let go, but all he did was offer to go across the room to retrieve a cushion for her comfort. When he did so, Anna got quite the shock. The handsome new valet, Fredrick, walked in the very door that she was facing. He was treated to a view of her entirely naked body. Her legs were spread so far apart that not even the most inner recesses of her lovely mound remained private.

Anna screamed, "GET OUT, GET OUT!"

Of course, Walter came running. Frederick remained where he was, calmly taking in every inch of her bare flesh. "Anna, this is Frederick, my new valet," Walter hastily commented.


"Well, this is a rather inopportune time for introductions," he said as he stepped in front of Anna partially obstructing the view, "but, since what has been seen, cannot be unseen..." he stepped aside to complete the introduction, "Fredrick, this is my wife Anna."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Mistress," he said with a bow, since her hands were unavailable for shaking. He continued to gaze at the unobstructed view of her naked body.

"I have given Fredrick permission to move about the house as needed to perform his job," Walter explained to Anna. "Frederick is a professional, and is extremely discreet. His references are impeccable."

Of course, this meant naught to Anna who was trembling with embarrassment and starting to cry. So, Walter asked his manservant to leave and to return once he introduced himself to Anna's maid. When the door shut behind him, Anna burst into tears. "Walter, how can you do this to me?" she sobbed.

Walter dried her tears, and did his best to provide comfort. Standing between her open thighs he said, "Dearest Anna, he is a servant and it is of no importance. You heard the doctor's recommendation. I will do anything to ensure our happiness. Now, I will tell you what I am seeing", he gently implored, as he looked down between her legs, and lightly ran his finger down the center of her pussy, "I am seeing a wetness between these pretty, little folds. I know that you cannot admit it, and for now, I will not ask you to, but it is obvious that you enjoyed having him look at you. And now it is time for me to fulfill the wanting that this has stirred within you."

With that, Walter, kneeled down between her legs, and for the first time, pressed his lips against her delicate folds - something she would have fought against if she wasn't tied down. He kissed gently and then allowed his tongue to dart all around, teasing at first, and then gliding in long strokes, licking every surface. Walter was surprised at how much enjoyment he derived from the activity. Unbeknownst to Anna, who was writhing above him, he could not help but slip his member out of his trousers and slowly stroke it. Eventually, his tongue found the small button that was the source of her ultimate pleasure. His tongue circled and stroked her clit, while he pumped his hand over his thick member. She wiggled and writhed, but her mind was determined against reaching climax. She concentrated on holding herself back. What choice did she have? Her husband thought that she was a wonton harlot that enjoyed this full exposure and this treatment. She could not allow herself to prove him right. She began to hold herself rigid and stiff, blocking out the stimulation as best she could.

Walter noticed this shift in her attitude and posture, and looked up from between her thighs into her face. "Anna, I do so want to bring you this pleasure. I will be a failure if I cannot make you cum when the doctor's assistants could. Please allow me this. Fredrick will be returning soon. Don't you want to have this over before he walks through the door again? Of course, if you would rather he sees you..."

Anna squirmed. "Please continue,

then." She couldn't bear for her husband to feel like a failure. She had to cum for him now. So, he tucked himself back into his pants, so that he could concentrate fully on her. He reached under her rump, one soft cheek in each hand, and clutched them tightly, using them to pull her mound forward, and as tightly as possible against his mouth.

Now that she had two reasons to let herself go, his hot breath, wet tongue, and roaming hands become too much for her to resist. She could not hold back the moans. Her arms strained against the bonds holding them up, and her legs struggled against the ankle ties, as she instinctively tried to bring her legs closer together. With her chest thrust forward and her head tilted back, her mouth fell open to allow the sighs of ecstasy to escape. She concentrated solely on the tongue's forceful pressure, eyes sealed shut to block out everything else, determined to be able to cover her naked body before Fredrick returned. She tried to help things along by wiggling her hips, which cued him to increase his speed. So, as his hands continued to massage her backside, she began to cum with an explosion of sound and movement- just as the new valet walked through the door.

"Uhhh, Ohhh". Her pelvis bucked under his warm mouth. "Ohhh, Walter!" Her limbs strained against the bonds. "Ohhh, NO!" Walter felt the cheeks in his hands clench, and did not remove his mouth from her until he felt the very last contraction of the orgasm pass. Her breath began to slow, and when she opened her eyes, her husband was still crouched between her knees, and Fredrick was standing near, clearly enjoying the scene.

Walter stood, intending to quickly leave the room. "I must clean up. Fredrick, please release my wife." He left, and Frederick retrieved the scissors from the top of Mr. Smyth's desk. Taking what Anna felt was an inordinate amount of time; he freed one leg and then the other. Anna wasted no time snapping them shut. Finally, he released her hands, which she used to cover her breasts. He gathered her clothing and laid it on the desk beside her, and then also left the room. Anna dressed as quickly as she could, wondering if she would ever be able to erase the feelings of dirtiness from her flesh. She felt like a whore and suspected that her husband wanted it that way.

The next day, at breakfast, the maid came in with the post. Walter sifted through the various envelopes, and came across a missive from Dr. Troy's office. He perused the document and then said to Anna, "Dr. Troy's recommendations have come, and he has an excellent idea. He recommends that we show one another what pleases us most by pleasing ourselves in front of one another. Anna was silent. Of course, she did not think that was a good idea. She could barely admit to herself that she did that once, much less perform such an act in front of her husband. Reading her thoughts, Walter said, with a bit of a chuckle, "After all that has transpired, this should not distress you. I shall go first, I promise. " And with a kiss, he bid her farewell until dinner time.

After dinner, they climbed the stairs to Anna's bedchamber while Walter explained that Frederick was waiting for her in her bath room. "Anna, every part of you is so beautiful and dear to me. I wish to have even more of it revealed. Frederick is going to shave your hair off." Anna's forehead wrinkled in consternation, and then slowly she realized what he meant. She was both embarrassed and fearful of this new prospect. "Do not worry about it at all. Frederick shaves my face every day, and he is perfect at it. I would never put you in a risky situation, which is why I cannot do it myself. And since he has already seen all of you, it matters naught. I will be there beside you."

"It does matter, Walter. I shall never be used to showing my body like this. Is having me bare and hairless that important to you?"

"I would not ask it, otherwise. After this, it will be just the two of us for the rest of the night. I promise." Walter replied.

Anna went to her dressing room where Clara helped her to undress and put on her dressing gown. Anna stepped into the bathroom where the men waited. "What shall I do?" she asked timidly.

Walter swiftly removed her dressing gown, and the naked Anna stood shivering. "Sit on this chair, Anna." She obediently took her place on the simple, straight backed chair that abutted the side of tub. "Scoot your rump to the edge of the chair, please." She was now slumped down on the chair with her mound hovering over the edge of the tub. Walter helped her to place her feet up on the tub's edge spread apart for easy access. "Allow your knees to fall open, and here is a cushion for your back, dear. Now that you are in position, Fredrick will soap the area, and then shave it." Fredrick climbed into the tub, and kneeled eye level.

Anna was overcome with the humiliation. At least at the physician's office, she had been among educated professionals who were used to seeing such things. Or at least she told herself that that fact made it so much more decent. But this! To be completely nude, and compelled to sit with wide-spread legs, showing off her pussy to this new servant, was beyond her wildest imaginings. She was so stunned that she could only sit, rather frozen. With a cloth, Fredrick thoroughly soaped the pretty mound. The cloth moved around and around until the suds formed. She sat stoically, clutching Walter's hand, determined not to show anything that could be construed as excitement even though it felt delightful. Fredrick picked up the straight razor, and Anna stiffened with fear.

"Please do not be frightened, Mrs. Smyth. I am quite experienced; this will not hurt a bit. All you need to do is be still." So, he applied the razor, scraping at her mound with an ultra light touch. The sensation was actually pleasing, not that Anna would ever admit it. After she was bare and smooth, Fredrick carefully rinsed the area, squeezing the cloth over her mound and allowing the water to rinse the suds away. Poor Anna was blushing furiously and fighting back tears. Using his fingers to poke and prod, Fredrick performed a close inspection to confirm that he had been thorough, and asked Mr. Smyth if he was satisfied with the results.

Walter, whose eyes had not left her pretty pussy, answered in the affirmative. Fredrick left the room, and Walter assisted his wife down from her perch, and stood just gazing at her. "You are so beautiful Anna, I am so fortunate to call you my wife."

He led her into the bedroom which was glowing with the light of dozens of candles placed about the room. He picked her up in his arms and placed her gently on the bed in a reclining position. Standing beside her, he removed his dressing gown letting it fall. Shyly, Anna gazed at the manly form that she never failed to appreciate. "I am fortunate as well, Mr. Smyth," she commented slyly. Walter grinned with glee at her unusual candor, and Anna returned his smile.

"Well, I believe it is time for me to keep my end of our bargain, he said referring to the advice that had come in the mail that morning. I must tell you that I am extremely nervous," Anna could not help but show her chagrin at this, "yes, I know, Anna. It is a trifle compared with what I have asked of you." He took a deep breath and reached for the bottle of lubricant from the nightstand. He warmed the lubricant, and then wrapped his hand around his already fully erect member. He glided his hand slowly up and down, tip to shaft. Anna watched shyly, almost as embarrassed as he was. She was amused at first, and then become more and more aroused as he quickened the pace. He was rocking his hips and breathing very heavily. The motion created a slapping sound as he stroked himself, thumb extended to tease the very tip each time. Anna was so enjoying watching his speed increase to a frenetic pace, that she forgot herself lying there naked. She came back to reality when he used his other hand to fondle her breasts. Unable to fully catch his breath, he huskily panted, "Spread your legs Anna and show off for me!" She hesitated, still unwilling to put on such a show, but not wanting to break the spell. So, for the first time, she willingly opened her legs and angled herself to give him a better view. And with breathless, husky grunts, he came, spilling his seed across Anna's breasts and stomach. He doubled over, and his entire body contracted jerkily several times. Finally, bent over, with both hands on the bed supporting him, he worked to catch his breath.

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