She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 02


"Darling, I want you to know that I really had no intention of more than dinner, drinks, and dancing with my date. I just wanted to start out down the road and see where it led us. But obviously, things went further than I had planned. Much further, honey, honestly. I know I shouldn't have drunk so much, and Nissa's cajoling and taunting just got me going, I guess. I just love you so much and I wanted to have this whole thing move much more slowly, but I can't change what happened now."

All the time she spoke, Jeffrey was kissing her breast with no little passion, and wiggling his hips slightly as she fondled his testicles. She asked, "Are you upset that it happened so fast?" He shook his head 'no' and continued to kiss her. "You're such a good boy," she said, and she moved her hand from his testes and began to stroke his small-seeming penis ever so slowly. She could tell he was very aroused, and now it was time to get him to talk. She decided to let him know that she had discovered his internet interests, so that there would be no more secrets between them on either side.

In a soft and tender voice she said, "You know Jeffrey, a couple months ago, I was borrowing your computer while you were playing golf, and I found some of your favorite websites when looked at your history, and I found some of your files. I dropped what I was doing and spent most of the day looking at the sites and reading everything. That's when I realized that me having sex with another man was not a forgotten fantasy for you, but still very much alive. That knowledge helped me make the decision to begin dating, partly because it would arouse you, and I admit that having the attentions of a younger man is always a refreshing thing for a lady my age.

She caressed him as she said, "Honey, I need you to tell me all about how you feel. Tell me how you felt last night, and this morning, and right now. I really need to hear your words, dear, and I need you to remember that I love you so very much."

Jeffrey sat up a little bit and raised his head. He looked at his wife and said, "I love you too; more than ever." He closed his eyes to try to compose his thoughts. "When you came home and brought up the subject a week ago Friday, it was a shock. I had long ago given up the idea that you'd actually go on a date. I just fantasized about it from time to time. And then that day you said you were going to do it. I was excited, but at the same time full of fear and worry, not knowing what it would really mean."

He laid his head back against the comfort and security of her warm breast and continued. "I didn't know if it meant you didn't love me anymore, regardless of your assurance to the contrary. And I didn't know if you were going to have a real affair and fall in love with another man and leave me. So I was scared. It was a case of 'be careful what you wish for' because suddenly I had to deal with the emotions that it was really happening."

He paused, lost in thought. Susan gave his penis a little faster stroking and said, "That's good honey, please keep talking to me."

He said, "All the next week I knew that Friday – your date night – was coming and I counted the hours with excitement and nervousness. I felt weak inside, far more than ever before. Sometimes I would forget, but then I'd remember that your date was coming and it would send shivers up my spine and I'd feel a tug of arousal in my belly. And then the day came..."

She kissed him on his forehead and murmured, "You're doing great, honey, please keep going. I really need to hear it all..."

"You came home early to get ready. My knees got so weak when I saw your pubic hair trimmed so short, and you told me to shave it all off. It was so sexy, and the thought that you were doing it before your date made me feel so weak inside. I don't know how to describe it. And then your new little dress was so sexy, it was amazing, and the tiny thong and no bra and the high heels...all for your date with a young man. My whole world felt like it was spinning out of control, but at the same time I was both fascinated and very aroused.

"And then suddenly you were gone. Every minute ticked by so slowly. I looked at the clock and the phone constantly waiting; just waiting. There was nothing I could do. It was all out of my control. I imagined how hot and sexy you looked. I imagined you dancing with your date. I imagined him pawing you on the dance floor and a darkened booth in the corner, and I wondered how far you'd let him go. Would he touch your ass? Would he touch your breasts? What about your freshly-shaved and oh so beautiful pussy? Would you actually let him touch you...between your legs?

"I cleaned the bathrooms. And then I found the empty box of the condoms. I knew I had nothing to do with them, so I knew you had bought them for your date and put them in your purse. I had that sinking feeling again and was instantly erect, knowing that you had decided to have condoms in case you found that special chemistry... You finally called me and you sounded a little drunk, and I know you get sort of wild and uninhibited when you drink. And you were talking about dancing, and with more than one young man, and that their hands would roam on you, and you were dancing all the slow dances.

"I imagined these young men touching you and buying you drinks and dragging you onto the dance floor and touching you more. And such a revealing little dress, so thin, and they were feeling your ass in just the little thong, and with no bra I knew they had probably been feeling your breasts too. You had that sexy, horny sound to your voice. I knew they were touching you and making you excited. And then you had to go dance some more and hung up. I nearly fell to my knees it was so intense to just think about."

Susan kissed his forehead and as she caressed his face and said, "It must have been very intense for you emotionally; I can hear it in your voice, honey. You're doing really well and I want to hear every detail about your feelings, sweetheart..."

"So, I watched TV to try to get my mind off of you, but it was impossible. Your date was driving me crazy. I was constantly erect thinking about your date or the other boys feeling you up. You're just so sexy and beautiful; I knew they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off of you, because I know what it is to be a young horny boy with a beautiful woman. Then it was around midnight that you called again, and I could tell you were pretty drunk.

"And as you talked to me, it was clear that somebody had their hands all over you, doing things that were embarrassing you in public. I could only imagine... It was so intense... And you said you were going to Nissa's house with your two young dates. And then you said 'maybe' the other guy would come too, and that you didn't need me to be pick you up. That made me think you weren't sure how long you'd be at Nissa's with the boys, so maybe you were keeping your options open...

"When you hung up the phone, the reality hit me that you had brought condoms. You were leaving the bar with some boys to go to Nissa's apartment and you had condoms with you. You could have been coming home, but instead you were going to Nissa's. At that moment, I became convinced that you were going to go through with it that very night and have sex with your date. It made my penis so stiff. I tried to relax, but the next 3 hours just ticked away slowly as I waited for you.

"At one point, I thought you would sleep over. It was only a couple hours before dawn and I thought you may have passed out at Nissa's place. But then the car pulled up and then you were in the door. You looked really a mess, but you looked so sexy too. I helped you get into bed and saw your hickeys, and that you didn't have your panties anymore. And you passed out on the bed and there was a little bit of sticky residue on your inner thighs. It was semen, and I sort of went numb inside.

"Like a zombie I went to sleep, knowing that you'd had sex. I also knew you didn't use the condom and you had let the young man come in you. You let him fuck you and you let him come inside you, and I just didn't know what it would all mean. I know you're not on the pill, since I had my vasectomy years ago."

He took a deep breath and rested a moment as Susan caressed him in silence. She had kept close track on her stimulation of his penis, slowing her strokes to keep him aroused and feeling pleasure, but not letting him approach ejaculation. After a few moments, she whispered in his ear, "So, then, you heard part of what I said to Gail on the phone. Please tell me all about that, honey."

He nodded against her breast and spoke. "I came out and you were talking to Gail about how the boys were groping you on the dance floor, which I had already sort of figured out. But then you started telling her about going to Nissa's place, and kissing your date and letting him feel your breasts.

"It was so exciting, but I also was filled with that falling feeling and I felt so weak to think of you taking on a young man, making love to him. So then I thought of the semen on you last night – that he had come in you... I'm worried that you might get pregnant..."

She held him close and kissed him, "Don't worry about that, dear, I started taking the pill again 2 months ago, the day after I saw the things on your computer; just in case."

He let out a sigh of relief, "That's good," he whispered. "So now I wonder what you are thinking, Susan. Do you still love me, even though it excites me that you had sex with another man?"

"Of course I love you. I will always love you." She lowered her head into his lap and put her mouth on his penis, gently sucking as she stroked him. He quickly ejaculated into her mouth and she sucked it all and swallowed every drop. She didn't release him until he was soft again.

Sitting up, she put her arms around him again and shifted her position to put his face to her breast and offer him her nipple to suckle.

"Let me tell you how I see things, honey," she said, as she caressed his face lovingly. "I really liked going out with R... this young fellow, on the date, and I admit that I really enjoyed having sex with someone new. It's thrilling to have a young man between my thighs again, so vigorous and virile."

She watched his reaction, but he just calmly continued to commune with her nipple, so she continued. "I want to do it again, and soon. I don't know how often, it's too early for me to really understand how I feel, exactly. But I do know that it made me feel so attractive to have a young man that just couldn't seem to keep his hands off of me. He wanted me and it felt wonderful to be wanted that way. But at the same time, while the young man made me feel so desirable and sexy, it makes me want to have sex with you too. I'm hot for you, honey. You're my man, my husband, my faithful lover. As soon as you're able, I want to feel you thrusting between my thighs. Does that make any sense, dear?"

She continued to stroke his cheek and watch him think. After a few moments, he seemed to have processed what she said and he lifted from her breast. "I guess it's good for you to feel sexy. I think you're sexy, and obviously so does your young man. I'd be amazed if any man didn't think you were hot and want you, at least secretly. If it makes you happy, and makes you horny for me too, then I guess it's something that could be good for us. I just hope you don't go too far with it..."

"What would be too far, sweetheart, in your mind?" she asked without judgment in her voice.

"I just don't want this to pull you away from me. I guess I'm still afraid that you'll fall in love or something." He paused for a moment to think, and finally said, "I heard you telling Gail that he was, well, big; bigger than me. And I hope you don't decide sometime in the future that I'm not good enough for you anymore."

She smiled, "Honey, you boy's are all alike – always worried about the size of your penises. Let me ask you a question: Don't you like big breasts on women? My breasts are 'C' cups, whereas Nissa's breasts are at least 'D' cups. I've seen you look at her breasts a lot of times. Admit it, honey, you'd like to see her topless, feel her breasts, kiss her big nipples. Aren't I right?"

"I would never do that, Susan, you know that."

"Exactly my point, dear, just because a woman has large breasts doesn't make you fall in love with her and want to marry her. Males just like to see big boobs. There's no getting around that, generally speaking. So why wouldn't women like to see and touch a big penis? Just because a man has a big penis I'm not going to love him any more than just because a woman has big breasts you would love her. Do you understand?"

"I guess so, it just kind of makes me feel inadequate," he said, "I'm not what anyone would call 'big' in that department."

She gave him a playful shove and pouted, "Don't say that about my husband. He is very much more than adequate for me, he's a good attentive lover, has a talented tongue, and can thrust his stiff cock with quite sufficient prowess to satisfy me and then some, thank you very much."

Jeffrey smiled at her compliment, "Thanks, honey."

"Don't mention it, dear," she said, pulling his head back down to her breasts again. "My other nipple needs some husbandly attention too, you know."

"Yes, dear," he said happily as he took her other offered nipple into his mouth.

"Now then, Jeffrey, my final thought for you is this. I think that having a little dalliance on the side with a young lover will keep me feeling young and sexy, and you're going to benefit greatly from my renewed sexuality. Clearly many of the articles I read which suggest this very thing must be correct, because I really want you right now."

"Mmmmm..." he said, encouraging her to go on.

"So I think I should have Friday nights as my date night for the foreseeable future, and we should do what the articles say. We need to make my dates very much an activity that we share and enjoy together. This whole thing should bring us closer...."

She watched to see his response, and he seemed to be flowing with her idea.

"So, I think you should help me get ready for my dates, and I should call you every hour from now on, and let you know everything that's happening. And I'll come home much earlier from now on so that we can talk when I return from my date. How does that sound?"

"Mmm-mmm..." he said, nodding in assent.

"And there's another thing that the articles mentioned a few times..." She got up her courage and just said it. "I think we should have sex when I come home from the date. They say it's a good thing for the husband in two ways. First, that the wife sort of re-asserts his position as her husband, which is good for the marriage. Second, the articles suggest it is best if the wife doesn't clean up much before coming home. In this way, the husband can really see that his wife has had another man, based on, well, the other man's semen. The fact that I will have just had sex with my date will make me even more attractive to you, so the articles say..."

She watched his face carefully, and she also looked at his crotch. There was the hint of arousal in his shorts that betrayed the look of concern on his face. She was pleased to see that the articles seemed to be spot on in their prediction of a husband's reaction.

Jeffrey said, "You won't use a condom?"

She caressed his face and guided his mouth back to her breast as she responded. She knew he was becoming nicely aroused, and chose her words carefully to excite her husband even more. The advice on the cuckolding website was really hitting the mark.

"No dear, it's best to have a lover that is young and clean, young man. That way, when I have sex with him I will accept his semen into my body, and of course there will likely be some on me as well. One of the best things about young men is that they really do cum in buckets and they can cum several times in an evening.

"I'll probably have at least two or even three of his ejaculations when I come home. And I'll be bringing them home to you, to share with you. I don't know where all of his semen will be, certainly inside me, but perhaps on my breasts or face, and certainly running down my thighs. We'll share my adventure together in a very intimate way. Won't that be nice?"

He said, "I...guess so...I think..."

She went in for the deep specifics to really get him thinking. "Won't it be exciting to make love with me, when your penis is sliding in and out of me and I'm so full of another man's semen? I'd be so wet and slippery with my lover's cum in me, Jeffrey, all for you. And you'd smell him on me, and maybe I'd let him cum on my breasts, and they'd be sticky as you rub against me..."

Jeffrey was now fully erect. Susan helped him sit up and then took him by the hand and led him to their bedroom. She smiled a satisfied smile, saying, "Come on, big boy, I think we should practice for next Friday night. And I think we're going to need a lot of practice this week..."

They made passionate love as husband and wife. Jeffrey was able to last a good long time, even though Susan spurred him on with wicked little whispers in his ear about how much semen her lover was going to spurt all over her body, and how wet and gooey her pussy would be with her lover's cum.

When Jeffrey finally came, he was exhausted and very satisfied. And they both lay in each other's arms and napped.

As she was thinking and dozing on the edge of sleep, Susan mused that Jeffrey's penis did feel quite small in comparison to Randy's. She would have to start doing exercises to help her shrink down after she'd had her lover's fullness in her. It was not her intent to become fixated on long thick shafts with big swollen urgently-purple heads, delightful as they were. No, it was not the size of the lover's penis that mattered most, it was the arousal, the titillation, the edge-play of the mind that created the exciting and exquisite emotions that she wanted to feel and share with her husband.

She couldn't wait until next Friday, and she now knew her husband was anticipating it too.

This is going to be a wonderful marital adventure, she thought, it's going to make everything seem so fresh and new... She certainly was more aware of her sexuality than at any time in the last ten years, and her sweet husband had just had the most urgent and passionate orgasm she had ever witnessed. It was marvelous to have the man she loved pour himself out into her with such complete abandon.

It seemed that the female-dominant-marriage websites had really struck upon a deep vein of gold, and she was determined to mine that vein as deeply as she could. They had argued that bringing uncertainty into the marriage bed would heat it up, making the husband wild with urgent need and desire for his wife, and so it had. And it was only the beginning.

Her husband's soft breathing as he lay in her arms made him seem so content. She knew that his journey would be more thrilling than he had yet imagined, and more challenging too. Plans were brewing in her mind that were at once intimate, jarring, wicked, and yet full of marital love and joy. If only he knew, she thought, what decadent delights and challenges awaited him. She would fill his heart with uncertainty – even fear – and allay those fears over and over with her return to him. He would become more attentive, attracted, and dedicated to her than ever before as they shared the new deeper-than-ever bond that would form between them through the exercise of cuckolding.

Their intimacy would grow ever deeper as she cuckolded him in the new way of modern female-dominance by sharing the experience with him in complete honesty and openness. Cuckolding would become an essential part of their life together, the sexual and psychological driver of their relationship.

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