She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 03


Jeffrey pulled himself together and stripped the sheets of the king size bed, starting them in the laundry. In half an hour, the bathrooms were clean, and the sheets were already in the dryer. Jeffrey sat on the sofa, watching TV, with the cordless phone at his side and waited for Susan's first call which was due at 8pm...

Nissa and Susan chatted excitedly in Nissa's Lexus as they drove to the Hilton. They'd be a half hour late to the boys, which was just fine with them. "Make 'em wait," said Nissa, "I want John to be horny before I get there. Making him wait for it is always a good thing." Both women giggled at that.

They decided to have Valet Parking. Nissa argued that, while it was an extra $30, it was near the front door and the valets were cute. It would be a good start to the evening to flash the valet boys a look up their skirts as they got out of the car. Susan laughed and said that her panties would leave absolutely nothing to their imagination. Nissa asked, "You wore panties?" and grinned a very naughty grin, igniting another round of giggles and reproof from Susan. "What would your mother think?"

The valet adventure went as planned, at least for Susan. When the good looking young man opened her door and welcomed her to the Hilton, Susan took a deep breath and fixed her eyes on his so that she wouldn't miss his reaction to her next move.

She slowly slid sideways in the seat, allowing her knees to rise to clear the baseboard with her heels. As she did so, her knees parted accidentally for just a little longer than necessary, and the young man rewarded her with wide eyes as his jaw dropped open. She was quite pleased and wished she'd had her cell phone in her hand to take the boy's picture. As she stood, she noticed that several bellmen and another valet were standing back, but strategically positioned to have been afforded a clear view of her exposed pussy, in her tiny sheer thong.

Susan smiled at all the boys and they smiled back with gratitude. Definitely a fine start to the evening, she thought.

She and Nissa compared notes on their way through the lobby, and Nissa's experience had been quite similar except for her complete lack of panties, and that she had turned to the 'exposed' position and held it a moment to wait for the valet to take her hand to help her up. The stunned boy hesitated, thereby prolonging the view time that the crowed of employees had been afforded.

She was quite pleased with herself and assured Susan that there were several boys running to the bathroom that instant to masturbate while the vision of Nissa's freshly shaved pussy still lingered in their naughty little minds...

The ladies took a moment to check their coats with the bell desk, and then made the long walk across the lobby toward the club, turning the heads of every businessman and male employee in the marbled hall. Very satisfying indeed.

Upon entering the Bar, the two mature vixens drew the rapt attention of every male in the establishment. There was actually a lull in conversation as all the unescorted boys in the place stopped talking and began to rehearse their pick up lines. Faces all over the room pouted when John and Randy floated from a secluded booth to take the arms of their dates and escort them to their seats.

Nissa and Susan looked at each other over the arms of their boys as they walked together. Nissa mouthed, "Wow" at Susan, who nodded sagely. Just getting from the car to their table had provided enough testosterone-soaked worship and adoration to keep any woman walking a foot off the ground for a year. This sort of thing could become addicting. Susan understood the rush that made a stripper enjoy her job more and more...

The boys led the ladies to a booth in the farthest corner, where the already dark lighting of the establishment seemed to be worst. The print on the menu was barely visible in the stygian shadows. The young men insisted the ladies scoot all the way into the center of the horseshoe, and seated themselves on each side.

Happy chatting ensued; filled with compliments from the men as to the beauty, sexiness, and the devastating apparel of the ladies. All such words were gladly absorbed by Susan and Nissa, as was their due.

The boys had steaks and the ladies had salads, all served rather quickly to make time for the consumption of adult beverages upon which the fortunes of the bar were based. And shortly after 8pm, the music started up just as Susan was polishing off the last crouton of her Caesar, and she excused herself to go to the ladies room and make her first secret phone call to Jeffrey.

She made her way across the dance floor, which had only a few couples on it, and enjoyed the attention of interested male eyes as she swayed and jiggled her way toward the ladies'. In the darkened alcove with the bank of obsolete pay phones, Susan flipped open her cell and punched the speed dial for home. Jeffrey answered on the first ring.

Susan said, "Hi, Jeffrey, how are things at home?"

"All's quiet on the western front, Ma'am," said Jeffrey in a southern drawl.

"Are you finished with chores, honey?"

"Oh yes, all done."

"Good boy," she said, "Are the sheets in the laundry?"

"Just moved them to the drier," he said.

"Very good; then I guess you're just watching TV, sitting naked on the couch."

"Yes, dear."

"Is your penis erect, honey?" she asked.

"A little bit," he admitted.

"Well let's see if I can help with that," she said with a very seductive voice. "When Nissa and I got here, we used the valet parking and a nice young man opened my door for me. Well, I was spinning in the seat to get my legs out of the door, and I guess my knees came apart a little bit for a couple seconds...accidentally."

She paused a moment and only heard Jeffrey's excited-sounding breathing.

She said, "You know how bright it is right at the entrance, and my dress is kind of short, so... Well, there was the handsome valet, and several other boys nearby, bellmen I think, and they were all looking right at me so they all got to look up my skirt, honey. I'm pretty sure they all got a very good long look at my new panties..."

"Oh, my," Jeffrey whispered.

"Honestly, I have to admit that I let them look, honey. I scooted out just a little so that my bottom was on the edge of the seat and I left my legs apart for a few seconds while I got my purse. I wanted to let them see my panties, and they all got an eye full. What do you think of that?"

Jeffrey imagined the scene. His wife's skirt riding up her thighs, her knees parted just enough, and the floodlights shining right between her thighs... Her tiny panty would have been so sheer, revealing the pouting lips of her pussy clearly to the boys... Then the slow count of three as she reached for her purse to give them a good look before she stood up...

He said, "They would have been able to see your pussy, and see that you're shaved, dear."

"Yes, Jeffrey," she said in her deepest voice, "I know they saw my sheer panties, honey, and I'm sure they could see right through them. Don't you think so?"

"Yes, I'm sure they saw you, dear."

"I let five boys look up my dress, see my tiny sheer g-string, and look at my pussy, Jeffrey, and I let them do it for several long seconds. Does that help your penis to get erect, honey?"

"Yes, I'm hard now, dear."

"Good boy," she said, and hung up.

Susan slipped into the ladies room, peed, checked her makeup and then headed for the booth to start teasing her other man for the evening. She smiled and soaked up all the male attention as she sashayed back to her booth and her date. My date, she thought, how lovely, I'm on a date with a young, attractive, well-endowed man. And later this evening, I'm going to have him up in the suite...

She worked out her plan for teasing Randy to a fully overheated state in the booth and on the dance floor. And as she arrived at the table and he got up smiling to let her into the seat, she began to implement her arousal plan by boldly sliding her hand directly over his crotch as she passed him. Her move was blatant so that anyone looking would have seen it; and certainly both John and Nissa noticed and smiled.

Randy was happily shocked as he sat down next to her, "My, that was forward, Susan," he whispered.

She whispered back, "Just be a good boy and I will be much more forward than that." She grinned and winked at Nissa as she let her hand fall obviously onto Randy's lap. Susan was pleased to find that Randy was already firming up a bit in his tight slacks as she caressed her hand up and down his inner thigh, making sure to fully cover his genital bulge with each pass.

Nissa saw what Susan was doing and began to mirror her movements on John's leg as well. Just then, a cute waitress appeared at the edge of the small table to ask for drink orders. Both Susan and Nissa continued to caress their dates' crotches without pause. If anything, they were more obvious about it, and the waitress noticed right away and blushed, smiling. "Can I get you anything?" she asked politely. The girl was closer to the handsome blonde Randy and kept trying not to look at what was happening in his lap but it was a difficult test of self control, and happily, she failed.

The girl's eyes became riveted to the growing profile of the young man's stiffening shaft, outlined tight and clear down the leg of his slacks. She could see the ridge and shape of his head as Susan's hand slid up and down, driving the boy to wiggle involuntarily in his seat.

Susan's fingertips played lightly upon the swollen head of Randy's penis as the waitress watched with rapt attention. Susan continued teasing the boy as she cleared her throat, "Uh-hum," she said, to get the waitress's attention.

"Are you order?" said the waitress with a squeaky voice.

"Definitely," said Susan, "I'd like a Cosmopolitan and Randall will have a diet coke." Susan smiled at her date and squeezing his penis, she whispered, "I don't want your performance dampened by alcohol, honey."

Randy's eyes went wide and he grinned, "Ok by me, Susan."

Nissa and John gave their drink orders and the waitress reluctantly departed after giving Randy's swollen crotch a final pleased glance.

The room got a bit darker, and the music softened to a slow number. Susan immediately pushed Randy to leave the booth and he stood up with his hands over his now-very-obvious erection and looking around to see who might notice the bulging evidence of Susan's handiwork.

Susan did her valet-parking number, sliding to the edge of the padded seat so that her hemline rose enticingly, and parting her knees fairly wide as she brought her legs around. She watched Randy's eyes go directly to her now exposed panties and she was pleased that he liked what he saw, even in the darkness of the room. Susan decided that she really liked flashing panty at boys, since their reactions gave her such a satisfying rush of power, and resolved to make it a habit in the future.

As she stood, she took Randy's hand and led him to the dance floor, thereby uncovering his large swollen package for all to see. Once in the center of the room, she put her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his as they swayed together. She enjoyed the stiffness she felt against her tummy and the feeling of his hands as they explored her uncovered back.

When he tried to cup her ass with his hands, she gave him a stern whisper to "behave", and he dutifully raised his hands off of her cheeks. "Good boy," she said, snuggling against him once again.

Randy whispered, "You seem quite a bit more forward than last week, Susan, and it was really embarrassing that you were touching me in front of the waitress."

She said, "I like to show you off, and I like to touch you. Do you want me to stop?"

"No, don't stop, of course I like you touching me, but it was embarrassing, that's all. And when I walked out here with a hard-on, a lot of people stared at me."

She purred, "Didn't you like it when the ladies looked at your big cock, honey?"

"I guess, a little, but I felt half naked."

"Hmm...only 'half'? We'll need to work on that. Anyway, I enjoyed showing you off and letting the other women know what I'd be getting and what they can't have..."

Randy chuckled, "Ok, Susan, I guess I can handle that, thanks."

They danced silently together, one of only a few couples on the floor since the hour was early. Susan continually ground her tummy against Randy's turgid cock, keeping up some stimulation so that he would remain hard for the trip back to the table when the song was over.

"Did you like my panties?" asked Susan, referring to the flashing exhibition she'd given when exiting the booth.

"Oh yes, very lovely; my favorite," said Randy.

"Really? Those are your favorite kind of panties?" asked Susan. "What is it, exactly, that makes them your favorite?"

"Well, I would have to say that they're my favorite because you're in them. I'm sure I wouldn't like them on anyone else," he said, feeling good about his answer.

Susan looked up with a smirk on her lips, "Did they teach you that at 'Smooth School'? That's a bit smarmy, but a girl still has to give a boy an 'A' for that answer," she said as she patted his bottom. "Good boy," she said.

She continued. "So besides the fact that I'm wearing them, what else did you like about seeing my panties?"

"I like that they fit you so well, and that they are very sheer. It was like seeing your naked pussy, only more ladylike. I liked it a lot."

"Do you always look up a lady's skirt when you get the chance?" she asked.

"Always," he smiled.

Susan swatted his bottom, "Naughty boy," she said, and then took his hand again and led him back to the booth as the tempo of the music picked up.

She purposefully led Randy past a group of younger women who had filled up a nearby table, forcing him to slowly walk behind her like she was leading a child. But he was clearly not a child, as the ladies at the table were pleased and eager to observe, smiling as they eyed his big thick penis clearly straining against the leg of his slacks as he passed by. The table erupted into whoops and giggles as soon as Susan had drug him past.

Returning to the booth, Susan quickly noticed that John and Nissa had traded places, with Nissa now on the outside seat and John toward the middle of the horseshoe. Nissa's arm was moving rhythmically in John's lap and the young man had a frightened but cooperative look on his face.

"Whatever are you doing, Nissa?" asked Susan with mock concern.

"Oh, I'm just stroking his penis a little bit, trying to decide if I'm going to let him cum here at the table, but I was thinking it would just be too messy. What do you think?"

Susan said, "Well, if I were you, I'd save him for the room later. But it doesn't hurt to play with him so that he's nice and ready when the time comes."

"That's what I was thinking," said Nissa happily, her big breasts jiggling as she stroked her date's penis more quickly. She turned to him and hissed, "Don't you cum, Johnny -- not until momma tells you it's ok."

"Yes, Nissa," the boy gasped, straining to control himself as she tested his control to its limits.

Susan slid into the booth next to Johnny and looked into his lap as Randy sat down beside her. Without looking, Susan put her hand into Randy's lap again and resumed her caressing and playing with his restrained erection. She said over her shoulder, "Keep your knees apart, Randall, I don't want to feel like you're being uncooperative."

She smiled as she felt Randy's thighs part to allow her more access to let her hand play with his genitals. She moved lower and began kneading his testicles as she continued to watch Nissa's hand stroking John's exposed erection.

John's penis was not as long as Randy's, but certainly as thick, and it looked nice and big in Nissa's little hand. Susan could see a big pearl of Pre-seminal fluid had formed at the tip of his penis and was threatening to roll off of its precarious perch and drip onto Nissa's hand.

Nissa's hand slowed down, allowing a small relief to appear on John's brow, which quickly changed to a look of panic. John was staring wide eyed across the table, and Nissa was looking up the same direction and smiling.

Susan turned her head to see the waitress had returned and the young girl was looking back and forth between Nissa's arm motion and Randy's lap with a look of amazement on her face. Now that all eyes were on her, she gulped and said, "Can I get you another round?"

Nissa said, "Two of the same, please," as she happily continued stroking John's penis just out of site of the standing waitress.

Susan said, "The same for us," as she smiled and continued massaging Randy's aroused genitals, which could be clearly seen by the young girl.

The waitress smiled and took her time writing the order on a napkin. When she was done, she said, "I don't mean to intrude, but, um..."

"Yes?" Susan smiled up at her.

"Well, uh, normally, I see men's hands all over their dates in these dark booths, and, um, well this is kind of refreshing. I mean, well, it's nice to see the ladies getting their fair share." She blushed, feeling that she may have overstepped.

"Ah," said Susan, "So you don't often see a woman who is playing with her date's penis?"

"No, I don't; actually, never, but I think it's cool." She smiled.

"Glad you think so," said Nissa, speeding up her strokes and making her big boobs jiggle wildly with the effort.

"You know," the waitress said, "There are no skirts on these tables, and, um, well that big table of girls over there can see right under the top from their angle. They're the ones that told me you had his, uh, well he's out of his pants..." She blushed, and looked away for a moment.

"Wow," said Nissa, "Did you hear that, John? Those young ladies over there can see me stroking your big cock. Do you think I should stop?"

John's face was sweating and his brow was nit in concentration as he tried desperately not to ejaculate. He gasped, "Whatever you think... ugh ...oh!"

Nissa took her hand away, "Put that away, Johnny, Momma wants to dance."

The young man barely had time to get his engorged penis stuffed back inside his fly before Nissa was nearly dragging him onto the dance floor. Soon, they were lost in the crowd and swaying to the music.

The young waitress walked away smiling, to take drink orders from the table with all the young girls -- obviously to also compare notes.

Susan turned to Randy and looked at the smiling young man. So handsome, she thought, staring into his pretty blue eyes and admiring his fine blonde hair. She leaned closer to him and whispered.

"I have some plans for you tonight, so I think we'll be excusing ourselves to the room soon." His eyebrows rose in response and Susan filled him in. "I have a room in the hotel, so that the two of us can spend some time together. Alone."

Randy's big grin was charming as he said, "That sounds like a great plan, Susan. I'm ready whenever you are."

"Of course you are, dear, you're a man. Men are always ready." She sipped her drink, "But I want you to know a few things. First, this is our second date, and by now you have figured out that our dates, if they continue, will be about having a good time dancing, and then having sex. If you'd like to continue forward as my regular lover, then there are going to be rules."

He said, "I think you're a very beautiful and sexy woman, Susan, and I would love to see you regularly. What rules do you have in mind? I think I can be pretty flexible..."

She smiled, "Rule number one is that I want a lover that can come in me. So you, mister, are going to have to refrain from sex with anyone but me for as long as we're lovers. Can you handle that?"

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