She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 03


"Yes, I can handle that," he said.

She looked sternly into the young man's eyes. "Promise me."

"I promise I won't have any other woman as long as you're having me... uh... regularly. By the way, what does 'regular' mean, exactly?"

She smiled, "I'm thinking about once a week. Would that work for you? I promise to always leave you completely exhausted and drained..." She grinned deviously and caressed his erection with her surreptitious hand.

"Absolutely!" he beamed.

"Alright," she said, "The next rule is that you follow my lead. When we get together, I'll generally have some things in mind that I want to do. I need you to be cooperative and not try to take charge. I don't mind you trying to grope me, it's fun, but I don't want you taking too many liberties and I'm not the kind of girl that wants to be carried to bed, stripped, and fucked. I like to make love. So if you get too forceful I'll let you know, and I'll expect you to back down. If you come on strong and don't cooperate with my signals and communication, we're through."

"Yes, Ma'am," he said in all seriousness. "Please just try to be clear with what you want and don't want so that I don't get in trouble for misunderstanding. I want you to be happy so that I get to see you again. I won't knowingly or purposefully screw up."

She smiled, "Well, I guess that's all a girl can wish for, thank you."

She continued, "Rule number three. We are not going to fall in love, and get married. We can be very affectionate friends with very intimate benefits, but I don't want you to start sending me flowers and writing me poems. The moment I think you're falling in love with me, we're through. Just be a good boy for me and understand this is not forever. We're not going to grow old together. Our relationship won't last too long; maybe six months or a year at most. Do you understand?"

He said, "Yes, I understand. We need to approach this whole thing as friends who get together and enjoy sex. I'll think of you as a really hot and attractive woman, who just so happens to want to have a young guy on the side, and that I'm lucky to be that guy for as long as it lasts."

"Yes," she said, "That would be a good attitude to have, because that is the truth."

They sipped their drinks in silence, and then Susan looked at her watch. It was time again to call Jeffrey. She slid out of the booth with Randy's help and sauntered off toward the phone bank again, to get at least a little ways away from the loudest music, and dialed.

Again, Jeffrey picked up on the first ring.

She said, "Hello, sweetheart, how are you feeling?"

"I guess really nervous and excited. The clock is moving so slow..."

"I know honey," she cooed softly, "But I know you're going to be patient for me, and I love you so much. I can't wait to get home to you..."


Susan as very pleased with herself as she kissed randy on her doorstep, and put the key in the lock. She had accomplished her goal of getting three ejaculations out of the poor, tired boy. She grinned as she felt all wet and squishy between her thighs, and hoped her panties were doing a good job of keeping as much of her date's warm young goo still inside her as possible. She had glanced down there in the suite's bathroom before the drive home, and had been pleased to see his fluids had spread all over her tummy, thighs, and her shaved pussy.

Her vaginal lips were red and puffy from having been stretched wide and taken such a good pounding from the boy. She could still feel her fat vulva throb and pout as she squeezed her thighs together.

She ran her tongue across her teeth and licked her lips, knowing that her breath must still hold the hot male scent of the semen she had swallowed directly from Randy's stiff spurting penis. 'Yummy,' she thought as she could still taste a trace of his semen in her mouth, feel the bigness of him stretching her lips, and the sensual echo of the soft velvet of his head upon her tongue.

Her nipples were stiff with renewed arousal, though a little sore from Randy's ardent suckling, as she anticipated the next moment when she would present herself to her husband. She thought of the two dribbles of semen she had purposefully allowed to drip from her mouth onto each breast, and had gently rubbed around to cover her nipples and some of the soft white flesh around them.

She pushed the door open to see her sweet husband standing naked and waiting for her with a full erection. She eyed his penis with renewed love and appreciation as she thought about how her husband loved her and wanted her, especially after she had enjoyed he lover. She thought he was a very good husband indeed. She smiled brightly, and said, "Hi honey, I can see that you missed me while I was on my date...I missed you too!"

She softly closed the door and then took her husband in her arms, kissing him softly on the cheek and biting his ear as she whispered, "My mouth still tastes of semen, honey, so you need to think about that before we kiss. How about you take me to bed and get me undressed. I have some things to show you..."

He nodded and picked her up as she giggled at his manly gesture. "My Lancelot," she whispered as he carried her to the bedroom.

Jeffrey started to remove Susan's sexy shoes, but she said, "Leave them on, honey."

He eagerly helped her out of her dress, and then Susan lay back luxuriously in only her little thong panties. She put her hands seductively on the pillow over her head and raised one knee, allowing her thighs to part slightly and reveal the messy crotch of her panties to her husband. She lay still, watching him lovingly and allowing him time to see her body and process his feelings.

His eyes stayed fixed upon her panty crotch, freshly wet with the evidence of her tryst. He trembled inside, now confronted fully with the proof his wife's lovemaking. No more fantasy; no more doubt. Jeffrey dealt with the full knowledge that his wife had spread her thighs and allowed the penis of a young and virile man to thrust into her and to ejaculate inside her body. There seemed to be so much semen...

He looked at her soft inner thighs, also anointed with the evidence of her lover. His eyes traveled up her taught and shapely belly and lingered on her full and soft breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. Her nipples were erect and seemed a bit puffy. There were a couple faint red marks on the soft white flesh, perhaps hickeys or soft bite-marks. He couldn't help but grin that her lover liked her breasts as much as he did...

He looked at her face and returned her seductive smile. Her lips were full and looked deliciously kissable. He wondered how he felt about kissing her mouth, since she had warned him that her lover had spurted semen there. He wasn't sure.

Her eyes were so beautiful as they looked at him with love and softness. She was being quiet and patient for him, letting him look and think. He loved her for it.

He slowlylooked back down toward her panties and took gentle hold at her hips, slowly drawing the lacy facbric down her thighs and off, careful not to remive her shoes. Her bare pussy was now revealed as she kept one knee up again and let her thighs part a little wider for him.

Her lips were darker pink than usual and seemed a little swollen from her lovemaking. He let out a deep breath as he saw that her entire crotch area was wet with semen. Her vagina was partly gapped, since her thighs were parted, and he could see semen at the mouth of her opening. Her lover must have stretched her, he thought, because she was still loose.

After he had looked between her parted thighs for quite some time, seeing the softness of her lips in their pink and puffy beauty, and the wetness of her lover's semen all over her body, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Susan spread her legs and lifted her knees as she held out her arms to him. She whispered, "Come, my husband, and make love to your wife."

Jeffrey got onto the bed and moved gently between her thighs, putting his penis near her relaxed and beckoning vagina. He hesitated a moment, looking at his penis so close to her puffy vulva and distended labia, all glistening and dripping with the wetness of her lover's fresh semen. The mouth of her vagina was open, as though stretched so much it couldn't close. It was a surreal moment for Jeffrey. The reality of the situation was fully becoming clear. The line had been fully crossed. He was a cuckold husband.

Jeffrey thought that the reality was different than the fantasy; so much more real and intense now. He felt at once a mixture of pain and happiness, of fear and love. She had done what he'd always wanted. And now he was faced with the reality of entering his wife and making love to her so soon after her lover had been with her and her body so clearly proved that he had been.

All five of Jeffrey's senses confirmed what he already knew.

His eyes could see the proof between her thighs that another man had been in her. She smelled of sex and the sweat and semen of another man. Her skin felt sticky with another man's fluids. He heard her words -- on the phone during her date, and now that she was home -- and every sound confirmed the truth. He had not tasted her, but he knew when he kissed her, there would be a faint foreign taste on her lips.

He shuddered visibly as the truth of it hit home. He was not shocked that she had truly and thoroughly made love with her date, which was forgone before it happened. The reality that shocked him was that the clearly proven genuineness of her dalliance was indeed more exciting than he had expected. The reality was better than the fantasy. Her body had been fully used by her date and now she had come home to him, covered in the evidence of their passionate lovemaking.

She was being so patient and warm and loving with him. She gave him time to adjust, time to look at her body's evidence, and to think about what it all meant. Her words were soft and affectionate and caring; even though as she spoke he could smell the faint scent of man on her breath. Everything about his wife turned him on more than he could ever remember, and yet he paused at the threshold of her womanhood.

He knew that once he had entered her, it would demonstrate his full acceptance and approval of her infidelity, and seal his fate as her cuckold husband. He would be stepping through the door as she held it open for him. He would be entering a new room and a new life that could not be undone. His thoughts and feelings were so intense that he couldn't move as wave after wave of powerful emotions washed over him.

He felt every sort of feeling he could imagine, with the strange absence of a few he'd expected to feel. Remorse, regret, anger, betrayal, - none of these feelings touched him. There was a little fear and jealousy, but they were colored with excitement and awe and served only to heighten his arousal and submissive feelings towards his beautiful wife...

Susan knew she must give him both time and encouragement in just the right amounts. Patience was paramount for a wife in her position. She must let her husband work through his first experience of her post-date body on his own, with only a little help from her. She sensed his hesitation immediately as he had positioned himself between her open thighs. She knew her job at this moment was to be open and welcoming to him -- to be gentle and patient and loving and supportive, but not demanding or pushy.

When her intuition told her he was ready after giving him the time he needed, she sought to comfort him. "It's ok, Jeffrey," she whispered, "I've had my lover, and now I want my husband."

He looked up into her eyes as her hands on his shoulders began to pull gently. "It's alright, honey," she cooed, "It's time for you to enter me. Just slide forward and into me, sweetheart." She smiled and put every ounce of love and acceptance and compassion she had into her eyes as she gently willed him to comply with her request.

He looked down at his penis and watched as he moved his hips very slowly forward. The head of his penis touched the warm and wet entrance and then slipped effortlessly in. She was so well lubricated with both semen and her own arousal, and she was so loose inside, that there was no resistance at all. He watched as each inch of his shaft slowly disappeared into his wife until he was fully inside her. She wrapped her legs around his back and just held him tightly inside her, letting him just be in her for a minute or two without moving.

Jeffrey had never felt her so loosely. She felt very hot and soft as always, but she had never been so slippery even when they had used lots of lube. He knew the added slipperiness was supplied by her lover's semen, and the thought that she was so full of cum and that his penis was now covered with it made him shudder. He was torn between the excitement of the situation and his deep aversion to homosexuality. He was a submissive man, but he was very straight.

He pushed that thought aside and again focused on how loosely the pink softness of her vagina barely clung to him. There was contact, but no feeling of tightness at all. It was as though his penis were swimming in a warm wet pool. It was so different than before, but not bad. Just different. It was the reason for her looseness that again gave him a thrill down his spine. He was in his wife after another man had been there...

After the pause for him to get acquainted with her body in this strange an new condition, Susan still held him tight to her with her legs and she began to slowly rotate her hip against him.

"Mmmm..." she said, "That's what I want. I have my husband in me...mmmm..."

Jeffrey just held still and let his wife control things. He felt her vagina squish and slosh around his stiff penis as she ground her clitoris against his pubic bone. He enjoyed her little moans and squeaks of pleasure and marveled that she could still want more sex after obviously having plenty with her lover. He could feel warm fluids slipping out of her as she rolled her hips on his penis, dripping down and covering his scrotum and her bottom, making the joining of their bodies gooey and squishy.

She seemed to be enjoying it, as though the blending of their bodies with the semen she'd brought home to him was a real turn on for her. If it was true that coming home to him after being with her lover would make her horny for him, he thought that was wonderful.

After a little while, Jeffrey felt her legs relax a little, signaling that it was time for him to take over and do his 'husbandly duties', as she'd always playfully called it when it was his turn to do the thrusting. He began to slide his penis slowly in and out, lowering his body onto hers so that he could feel her breasts jiggle softly against his chest with each thrust.

After his long time of silence, Susan was very pleased when he finally said something. He whispered in her ear, "You're so wet and loose." She just kissed his cheek in response, letting him do the thinking and talking now. She had given him control of their lovemaking now and she wanted him to pleasure his penis in her body at his own pace.

His thrusts increased in speed and urgency a little. "He must be big...and he came a lot," he gasped.

Susan smiled and kept kissing him, whispering only, "Yes...", to encourage him to continue to do the talking.

Ever so slowly, Jeffrey's thrusting continued to become more forceful, though not increasing much in tempo. He built up the strength of his hips' movements so that when he thrust forward, Susan's whole body shook and he could feel the satisfying jiggle of her breasts against his chest. It felt good to seat his penis more powerfully into her again and again, and Susan was very pleased with his increased vigor.

"Your lover was thrusting in like this..." he whispered.

She kissed his neck as she whispered, "Yes, honey, but now I'm yours. He only gets to borrow me sometimes." She grinned at his increased thrusting and heavier breathing. His words told her everything she needed to know, and she was content to let her husband keep the lead on the conversation. She would merely confirm and encourage, as she knew that at this time it was best for her to remain mostly silent.

But as part of her encouragement, she allowed her lips to emit soft gasps and intakes of breath when he gave her a particularly hard thrust, just to let him know he was doing a good job. Boys need positive feedback from a lady so that they know she is enjoying their efforts...

Jeffrey gasped, "So slippery...", as his thrusts began to increase in tempo.

Susan cooed, "Mmmm..." at his thrusts, and whispered softly, "Do you like that?"

She had her answer and smiled as he gasped, "Ooohhh...", and thrust faster and harder. It seemed to her there was a vein of gold that should be mined more deeply.

She said, "Can you feel my lover's cum making me all slippery inside, honey?"

"Ohhh God," he rasped as he thrust with all his might, delighting his wife with his desperate plunges, each one delivered with its own little gasp from his parted lips.

She caressed him with her hands as she murmured, "Yes, honey, I'm full of my lover's cum, but now I want to feel you cum in me, honey." She was rewarded with a further increase in her husband's urgency. She whispered, "I want my husband's semen... Give it to me, honey."

Susan worked her vaginal muscles to try to squeeze his penis so he could feel more of her, and she of him. There was something thrilling and wonderful about pleasuring her husband's penis so soon after her lover had been inside her. Though Jeffrey's penis was smaller, it felt so right and wholesome to have her husband thrusting into her -- it felt like 'coming home' and she hoped he felt the same way. She felt like, with her lover in her she was enjoying sex with a man's penis, but with her husband in her she was making love with 'her' man. The size of Jeffrey's penis seemed even less important now. Only the love and connection between husband and wife mattered when she made love with Jeffrey.

She had worried that having her dates with a 'big boy' would make her more dissatisfied with Jeffrey's genital size, but in fact the opposite occurred. Now that she had a big penis like Randy's available to enjoy, she was more satisfied than ever with Jeffrey's 'average' size. She realized it wasn't Jeffrey's penis that mattered to her anymore. What mattered was who Jeffrey was -- her beloved husband. How strange, she thought, that having a lover made her appreciate intercourse with her husband more...

It was so erotic to Jeffrey to thrust into his wife after her lover had done. She was stretched wide and deep by her lover's big penis, and she was so full and slippery with his semen. Somehow, the fact that Susan's lover was bigger, and that he had filled her with his cum, was scrambling Jeffrey's emotions. What should have been jealousy was changed into arousal, fear into excitement, and worry into desire.

It only took a few more thrusts before ejaculation was upon him. He gasped and moaned and spurted into his wife again and again. Susan was saying, "Oh yes, that's it, cum in me honey, spurt in me. Yes, that's my good boy, come in your wife. Your penis feels so good when you spurt in me. Give me all your semen, Jeffrey, I need it all. I love when you cum for me!"

She knew from experience that this sort of talk really helped her dear husband come hard for her, and she loved to help heighten his ejaculation and make him feel that he had pleased her. He always pleased her, but it was good for him to hear that she liked it.

She kissed the side of his face and caressed him as he finally lay spent and exhausted atop her, his penis pulsing softly and giving her his few last drops. After a little while, he went soft in her so that she no longer felt his penis at all. Every few moments, she whispered, "I love you," between kisses on his cheek and neck as she enjoyed feeling his relaxed weight on her.

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