She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 04


Susan paused to let that sink in, and was pleased that her friend seemed to be listening very carefully.

She continued, "Don't give him time to talk. Straightaway TELL him to pull his pants and underwear down to his ankles and stand up straight NOW. He'll do it, trust me, and you'll be surprised – but don't let it show. You have to keep control of the situation. While he's standing there bottomless in front of you, scold him again for hiding his secrets from you and make him promise he won't do it again in the future.

"Tell him you know he needs to be spanked and that you are wife enough to see to it. Grab his wrist and guide him across your knees as you tell him it's time for his spanking, and make him move around until you are comfortable. Tell him the more he wiggles the more swats he'll get. Give him one swat, kind of medium, on each cheek. Then two each. Then four, with a slight pause between the sets. This will get him a little warmed up.

"Then start spanking his bottom and don't stop. Putting about ten swats on a single spot before moving to the next is good. He'll wiggle and howl in no time. Remind him to hold still and tell him he'll have to get more swats since he moved. Mix scolding with the swats..." Susan demonstrated by clapping her hands between the words, "Don't... ever... keep... secrets... from... your... wife!"

Susan sipped her wine. "Keep it up long and hard and ignore any begging and pleading. Give him a real spanking. Like Jeffrey said, the spanking itself is not sexy. Keep spanking until your arm can't take it anymore and then set the paddle down and start rubbing his bottom. It should be all pink and some red spots. Bruising is fine. There's an old saying – 'the longer and harder you spank him, the more he will love you'. I know it doesn't make sense to you, but trust me it's true.

"Once the spanking is over and you're comforting him on your lap, caressing his bottom, now's the time to bring up the HotWife subject. Just tell him you've been thinking it's now a good time for you to go on a few dates with a younger man to spice things up. You know what to do from there. I think it's as good a plan as any."

Gail said, "I hope I can remember all of that."

"Just call me if you need more help."

"Ok, thanks," said Gail. She turned to Jeffrey, "Does that work for you too?"

"I know it would work with me, so that's something I guess."

Gail smiled, "Good. I'm going to do it tonight." She drained her wine glass in one gulp and looked at her watch. "Oh, it's almost six. I've got to run!"

As the three ladies stood, Jeffrey stood with them, still sporting his full erection. Gail said to Jeffrey, "Thanks again for all your help," and as she glanced down at his penis she added, "See you again soon, I hope," and smiled.

As they were moving toward the door, Nissa slid close to Jeffrey's side and whispered, "You were a very good boy today. I'm impressed." She planted a chaste kiss on his cheek and gave his bottom an unexpected little swat, making him jump. "I'll see you Friday night, as usual hon."

As her two friends were out the door, Susan turned to Jeffrey and took him in her arms. "You made me very proud of you, honey, very proud." She kissed him on the mouth, letting her tongue dance with his. When she broke the kiss, she took him by the hand and led him toward the bedroom. Over her shoulder she said, "Looking at your hard cock for half an hour has given me some ideas of how to make good use of it. I hope you have some time to give me..."

"All the time you need, dear," he said.

Friday Evening

Susan was in the bathroom, doing her makeup a little after six o'clock. She called out to Jeffrey, "How're those shoes coming, honey?"

"All done," he said, proud of the spit-shine on her favorite black pumps with 4" heels.

"Such a good boy..." she said smiling at her naked husband holding the shiny black leather in his hands. "Where would I be without you?"

"Late for your date, honey," he said with a grin.

She frowned at him but broke into a grin. "I suppose you're right," she said as she sauntered sexily into the bedroom.

There on the bed were her clothes for the evening – a form-fitting little black dress with spaghetti straps, and a sheer black lace thong. The black pumps and a matching patent leather purse completed the outfit.

She slipped sexily into the thong as she said, "Randy will pick me up in a few minutes. We're having early dinner at Fedora's, and will then retire to our room at the Hyatt, no later than 8:30. I'll call you then, if not before. I'll be home by one o'clock, as usual. And I might just call you from the hotel once or twice, just to keep you interested. Would you like that?"

"You know I would," he said, taking her topless form in his arms and squeezing her tightly.

She playfully pushed away, "Don't get any ideas of making me late, mister," she said with a giggle, and then she shimmied into the tight little dress and got out all the wrinkles. "And I want you here, in the bedroom, with the door firmly shut when the doorbell rings. Understood?"

"Yes, dear," he said. He had actually seen Randy once when he brought his wife home from the first fateful date. Jeffrey had heard the car in the driveway and had watched from a window as a young blonde man had helped his inebriated wife make it to the door and then quickly fled. Susan was very strict about her belief that husband and lover be always separated, never to meet or even see each other, or talk on the phone. Apparently she did not remember how she had got home that night. No matter, Jeffrey agreed with her and didn't want to see Randy again.

Just as Susan put on her second shoe, there was the ring of the doorbell, sending shivers down Jeffrey's spine. Susan's face brightened and she slipped up to Jeffrey and gave him a little kiss on the cheek as she cradled his testicles in her palm. "Bye bye, sweetheart, I'm going out with my lover tonight," she gave his testes a gentle squeeze, "Now you be a good boy and wait up for me. I'm going to bring you home a special treat tonight."

"Yes, dear," he whispered. As though it would ever be possible to sleep while he knew his wife was in a hotel room with a twenty-something young man...

She grabbed her purse and coat and whisked out of the room, blowing him another kiss as she shut the bedroom door behind her. He heard her open the door and he heard voices but couldn't make out the words before the front door closed again. He opened the bedroom door and stood there, waiting as he heard car doors slam and then the rumble of the corvette's engine starting up and receding down the street.

A casual thought of what the neighbors might think crossed his mind, but he honestly didn't care. None of them were his friends anyway...

Susan sat in the Corvette with her young man, Randy. She watched him as she drove and enjoyed the muscular look of his hands and arms, and of his thighs in his dress slacks. His blonde hair was wavy and blue eyes with long dark eye lashes were just adorable. She inhaled the masculine scent of his cologne mixed with his own personal pheromones – an exquisite concoction of scent that always made her feel more of a woman to be in the presence of a virile and manly man.

She squeezed her thighs together, relishing the slight warmth in her tummy, and lower things. He was taking her to dinner at Fedora's, a nice Italian place, and she planned to have a salad and just a bit of pasta with her two glasses of wine. She planned for dinner to be relatively short, as she had done over the past two weeks since she and Nissa stopped double dating.

The girls had decided that, while it was fun to dance and flash and be groped in a public setting, it required a couple hours time. Since Susan wanted to be home by one AM, the dancing and drinking really cut into her 'hotel time' with Randy, and she'd put a stop to it. She had a wonderful husband to go home to and so she had less time than Nissa, who had nowhere to go.

She had also put Randy on a strict pledge of two things; first, that he would have no alcohol for three days prior to date night and not on date night either. Second, that he refrain from any ejaculation except on date night. She was very adamant about it and was confident her beau was keeping up his end. In return for his cooperation, she promised to give him a very good time on their dates, and she felt that she had been holding up her end well too.

When they parked at the restaurant, Susan waited happily as Randy came around and opened her door, offering her his hand to help her out of the low-hung car. It was impossible for a woman in a short dress and heels to maintain ladylike modesty when exiting a Corvette without long hours of practice, and Susan had not yet had enough practice. So it was that her removal from the vehicle was always a delightful experience for Randy, and any doorman or valet who happened to be nearby, since she couldn't help but expose a lot of inner thigh while letting everyone know what color panties she was wearing.

And in her case, since her black thong panties were very sheer this evening, she had flashed a fairly good look at her shaved pussy lips as well.

The Susan walked into the restaurant on her date's strong arm and they were seated quickly. The waiter came to introduce himself and collect drink orders, but left with the dinner order as well. Conversation was light and cheerful as both Susan and Randy were in a hurry. They did not want to appear rushed, but both of them would have been happy to be in the room already.

Susan sensed this and made a mental note that next week they'd go directly to the hotel room and order a snack from room service instead of going to dinner. After all, they really weren't "dating" and having dinner to get better acquainted. They were meeting each other for the purpose of having sex, and Susan felt it was always important to keep one's eyes on the goal.

It seemed like forever before the check finally came, but when it did Randy paid quickly and whisked Susan out of the restaurant and into his car. At the Hyatt, just a few blocks away from Fedora's, Susan again had the pleasure of blessing an entire shift of valets with a brief but luscious viewing of her sheer panty and the luxury within. She had to admit when she saw all the boys' smiling and blushing faces that she had let her thighs part and linger just a bit as she exited the car.

She stood smiling, holding Randy's arm, as he checked into the room. She received a knowing glance from the check-in clerk who noticed that they had no bags. Susan smiled back at the woman, who was a sharp-looking blonde of fifty-something, as they exchanged a variety of information with only a look – as women are able to do. Susan noticed the clerk eyeing her wedding band and the lack thereof on the hand of her much-younger hunk, and the subsequent smile they exchanged was one of good-natured envy and encouragement.

As they rode together in the elevator to the 27th floor, Randy took Susan in his arms and planted a very passionate kiss upon her soft red lips, taking her breath away and making her heart beat faster. This is it, she thought as her feelings of passion and sexual desire began to heighten even more, we're almost to the room...

Susan reached into her purse and took out her cell phone. In one ring, Jeffrey answered.

"Hi honey," she whispered, "We're in the elevator on our way up to the room. You know what we're going to do once we get into the room, don't you dear?"

"Of course I do, honey," he said, feeling his penis stiffening at the thought.

"Randy seems very horny, sweetheart," she teased, "I'm sure he's going to want to have me right away, so I'll give you a call when we take our first break. I'm sure we'll make love three times tonight since I don't let him cum anymore except when he's with me..." She giggled gleefully at the thought.

"Oh my," said Jeffrey, "I guess you'd better get started right away then. I'll be waiting for your call, dear."

"Ok, honey, talk to you soon."

She flipped the phone closed as they arrived in front of their room and Randy slid the card in the slot. She said to Randy, "There, hubby's taken care of for the moment, and now I'm all yours for a few hours."

"That sounds wonderful," he said.

Once inside, she smiled as Randy kicked off his shoes and began immediately to undress with great speed. She had told him on a previous date that she liked to watch him take off his clothes for her, and he didn't need to be told twice. She casually dropped her purse and coat on a chair and stood patiently as she watched him unbutton and remove his shirt, revealing a manly muscular chest with little nipples and a dusting of red/blonde hair. He fumbled at his buckle, the snap, and the zipper, and his slacks were off and lying on a chair atop his shirt. He slipped his socks off and dropped them next to his shoes.

He was about to push his underwear down over his growing erection when Susan said, "Stop."

He froze, and she purred, "Slowly dear, a lady likes for good things to take a little time..."

She watched happily as Randy slowly slid the waist-band of his briefs down, slowly revealing the shaft of his penis inch by glorious inch until the swollen pink head burst forth and his heavy testes were visible. He stepped out of his underpants and strode toward her with his stiff penis swaying as he approached. He had hunger in his eyes, and Susan very much liked to be the object of this young man's hunger.

She held out her hand to stop him and then pulled the little black dress over her head and let it fall to the floor. She stood before him in her sheer black thong and pumps, and let him look at her. His eyes ran up and down her body several times, devouring her bared breasts with her dark areolas and nipples, then her taut tummy, then her panty covered crotch, her shapely legs, and to her sexy pumps. Then the dark male eyes ran the circuit again and again.

Susan loved the feeling it gave her to be so clearly and urgently desired. It was quite nice for her to see his penis throb as he looked at her body. After allowing him a good look to get reacquainted with his lover, she stepped forward and took his hand to lead him to sit on the bed.

She stood before him and said, "Randy, dear, tonight I want you to be very cooperative with my directions. I have some very specific things I want you to do to me. Are you going to be a good boy?"

"Oh, yes," he rasped, overcome with his lust for her womanly body, "Anything..."

She stepped closer and stood between his legs and whispered, "Take my panties off very slowly and gently, dear."

His hands were nearly shaking as he tried to keep from ripping her panties off into shreds. He carefully lowered them to her ankles and helped her step out of the tiny garment. He sat back with his eyes glued to the pouting bare lips of her vulva, so full and puffy and delicious looking. He loved that she was shaved bare – it made her look so beautiful and naked. He could see just a hint of moisture and longed to lay her down and lick her to several orgasms, but he was wise and as always, allowed her to lead.

Susan put her hands on her lover's big shoulders, relishing the feeling of raw male power in the muscles beneath his pale skin. She shimmied closer and drew his head to rest between her breasts, bending slightly, so that his mouth could access her soft globes and erect nipples. "Kiss my breasts, dear," she said, adding, "Don't be shy, Randy, I want you to suck all over me and give me some nice pink marks on each breast so I can remember you for a few days – you know the kind I like..."

The boy leaned forward and set to in earnest, putting a pleased smile on Susan's face because of his urgent devouring of her soft flesh. His ardent mouth moved over her jiggling white globes with youthful energy and enthusiasm. She suffered easily through the small fits of pain as her lover marked her breasts with his lips and teeth, leaving pink and red evidence of her dalliance all around her pert nipples and the broader canvas of her curvaceous pale flesh. She caught her breath a few times when the pain was a bit much, but smiled as she imagined revealing her breasts to her husband later that night. She would enjoy the look on his face, she thought...

When she could take no more, she stopped the boy and then moved around to the side of the bed and lay down on her back with her legs spread wide and the heels of her pumps digging into the duvet. "I want you to lick my pussy now, Randy, but I also want you to mark me on my tummy and inner thighs."

"Yes, Ma'am," he gasped. He attacked the soft folds of her labia first with a broad and relaxed tongue, sending shivers up her spine and increasing the rate at which she was moistening immediately. He laved her vulva and inner thighs, stopping only momentarily here and there to leave a little mark as he sucked her soft and compliant flesh against his teeth, and then moving back to attend to her wet and swollen lips.

Soon Susan was writhing and moaning in the pleasure of his teasing, willing him to explore and stimulate her clitoris. But he held back from her pleasure nub, instead concentrating on her bathing her pink and swollen lips in the soft caress of his wet tongue until Susan couldn't wait any longer for her first orgasm. She cried out, "Oooohh... Suck on my clitoris, Randy..!"

He obliged and almost immediately her body went into the paroxysm of orgasm, bucking and wailing and wiggling her hips as wave after wave of intense pleasure crashed down upon her until finally, she fell back spent with a smile on her lips. Randy relaxed his hold on her hips and removed his mouth from her pussy, kissing her tummy and inner thighs while she came down from the peak of pleasure.

After a few minutes, Susan came to and crawled over to position herself on elbows and knees at the edge of the bed and grabbing a pillow to put under her head. "Enter me very slowly, dear, and give me plenty of time to adjust. Then I want you to very slowly go as deep as you can," she purred. Randy gripped her hips and put his meaty head at the wet and ready opening of her vagina and began to gently push against her.

Susan did her best to relax and allow her lovers engorged cock to enter her. He was so big, it always felt like she could not take him into her body at the beginning, but she knew she could if she just breathed deeply as she let it happen. He pressed a little more forcefully and she gasped when she felt his head pop into her.

"Ah!" she moaned, "Just hold it there... ooooohh... mmm..." He had learned to pause and allow her to adjust to his girth before he plunged ahead, but she thought it was always good to remind the boy, just in case. After a few moments, she nodded her head. "Ok, slowly now big boy...bit by bit..."

He moved slowly, inch by inch until he was seated in her with his head pressing against the firm roundness of her cervix. "Hold there," she whispered as she continued to breathe rapidly in response to the enormity of his penetration. It was always like this at first, she reminded herself. The initial time of physical discomfort as she concentrated on staying calm and accommodating him was in sharp contrast with the emotional thrill of pleasure at feeling so 'full' of cock. Her feminine submissive side was always overwhelmed by Randy's massive size, and she bit her lip and concentrated on her breathing so as not to cry out, but instead let little moans come with each relaxing breath. She must maintain control of herself and the situation.

Susan began to purr softly as she rolled her hips slowly in a circle, feeling the rigid cock inside of her touch every tiny spot of her interior. It was so big...his stiff, and...big... She fought the urge to hump forcefully against him or simply yell 'fuck me!', and instead continued to gently roll her hips around his swollen stiffness. "Ooooohh... So good...' she muttered, finding it impossible not to give at least some voice to her pleasure.

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