She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 05


She slipped her mouth off her husband's swollen red penis head and said, "Wifey wants her husband to give her all of his faithful semen that he dutifully keeps just for his wife. Are you going to give your wife all your delicious husbandly semen honey? I want you to give it to me so I can swallow every last drop. It makes you so yummy to know that you are my faithful husband."

She went down on his cock again, now rubbing and sucking furiously as her husband wailed and gasped loudly. He was writhing so much she had to use her left forearm across his lower belly to hold his hips still while she milked him. Susan couldn't help but smile that her daughter, Tara, would probably be able to hear her dad moaning so loudly on the verge of ejaculation.

She loved how attentive and compliant he was after she had really drained him thoroughly, and she meant to empty her husband of every drop of semen he could give. She looked forward to the moment soon when he would beg her to make him ejaculate.

Now that her husband was close to spurting, she slowed her stroking of his penis slightly and began again to apply long flat-tongued licks to his scrotum, relishing the soft velvet feel of his hairless sack and the feel of his firm testes jiggling against her mouth with each stroke she applied to his penis.

She wanted to hold him at the edge of ejaculation for a while and play with his mind a little to increase the intimacy of their bonding on the kitchen bar.

Jeffrey was laying flat on his back, his thighs raised and spread lewdly, and she loved him in this position because he was so completely open and vulnerable to her. Between her licks of his testes, she murmured the sweet nothings that she knew made him putty in her hands.

She said, "Honey, should I just play with my husband for a while, or should I make you come quickly?"

"Ohhhh... pleeeeaaasssse... make me.... Come.... For you..... arghhhhh......"

"But my love," she teased, "I've made you come every night this week, and sometimes in the mornings too... are you sure you have more faithful semen to offer your wife?"

"Yesssss... please.... Ooooohhhhh... I want... to spurt...for you... oooohhhh...."

"And do you keep all your semen for me? Do you make more all the time for me, honey?"

"Yess.... Ohhhh, God.... Yesss, all for"

"So if I make you spurt, you'll still be able to give me more later?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yessss... oooohhhh..... yesss....!"

"Well, I would like to have a mouthful of delicious faithful husband semen..." She pretended to think it over as she stroked him slowly and licked his testicles. "But do you ever masturbate all by yourself honey? Or do you keep it all for me?"

"All for youuuuu..... ahhhhhh....."

"Yes, that's my good husband. He keeps all his semen for wifey to have. My husband never has to masturbate all by himself because I take good care of his penis and I like to get all his semen for myself. He's such a good boy..."

She started rubbing more quickly. "Where do you like to spurt for your wife, honey? Do you like to spurt in your wife's mouth so she can taste your delicious husband juice? Do you like it when your wife swallows you whole?"

He nodded his head emphatically, gasping for breath.

"And do you sometimes like to spurt inside your wife's pussy?"

"Yesssss......" he moaned.

"Do you like to rub your penis on my bottom? Do you like to slide your penis between your wife's cheeks and spurt semen on her bottom? Or even on her breasts?"

"Yesss.... Oh... Please make me come.... Ohhhhh.... Please make me spurt for you..."

"Well, ok, if you really think I should, dear." Said Susan, "And I'm going to have a nice mouth full of husbandly spurts. Your semen is so yummy, honey, so I think I'm going to have to make you come soon. You just lay back and try to relax, sweetheart, and I'll make you come...when I'm ready."

Susan slowed her strokes even more and said, "But I want to make sure you don't think I'm just doing you quickly. I want you to writhe and moan and know your wife loves you, and loves your penis, and wants your semen."

"Oh... Godddd... I love you, honey," he gasped.

"I love you too, Jeffrey," she said, happy that her man was being driven nearly out of his mind by her skillful loving of his beautiful pink penis. She loved its shape and colors, and she loved how her husband's genitals were so pretty without any hair at all.

She did truly enjoy her husband's body, and she loved him so much.

She stroked with full, even strokes, slowly building him to the very edge of ejaculation, and again holding him there with her expert knowledge of his body and reactions. She wanted to bond with her man and toy with him some more, before finally taking his spurts into her mouth.

"Tell me why you love me, Jeffrey," she said.

"Ooooohh... uuuhhhh... because you're wonderful... you're beautiful.... I love you.... You're so good to me... oooohhhh.... You're so sexy.... Ahhhh..."

"And you don't mind if I go out and have some fun every now and then, do you sweetheart?"

"No... It's ok.... Ahhhhh... Please....." he begged.

She teased, "It's ok even though when I go out, I get to have my lover's big penis thrusting inside me?"

"Yesss......." He gasped.

She said, "I like to feel his big cock thrusting in and out of me -- he penetrates me so deep and he's so thick, and I let him do it to me again and again -- it feels so good when he stretches me out, honey..."

She smiled down, watching her husband writhe and whimper in ecstasy while nodding his head in acknowledgement of her statement.

"You know I let my lover ejaculate right inside me without protection. And you know I like to have him come in me more than once a night, don't you honey?"

He nodded his head, with his eyes tightly shut.

"And you like it when I come home to you with my lover's fresh semen in me, don't you dear?"

"Yessss..." he gasped between gritted teeth.

"But you know I like your semen best, don't you honey?"

"Ahhhhh.... Ohhhhh..... Yessss...... Dear......." He whined.

"I like to have my lover's big... thick... stiff... cock in me... but I also love your cute little penis too honey. That's why I always come home to you. You're my good faithful husband, aren't you my sweet boy?

"Yess..." he moaned.

She smiled, "What a good boy," she said, "I think you deserve to spurt now, so I'm going to suck your semen right out of your penis."

She stroked a little faster. "I'm going to make you come now, husband, and there's nothing you can do to stop me. You don't have any control over your penis, honey, -- I do. You just have to lie back and let me make you come. Just let it happen."

He gasped, "Oh yesss... Make me come...... PLEASE.... SUCK ME.... OOOOHHHH... YESS..."

Susan smiled at how loudly her husband had asked to be sucked, and bent slightly to take him into her mouth for the finish. She stroked fast and hard, and sucked on his head as she licked it round with her tongue.

After a few seconds of vigorous sucking, Susan lifted to quickly say, "Good boy, come for your wife. Give me your semen now, Jeffrey. Be an obedient husband and come for me now!"

She dropped her head and worked his penis as her husband panted and writhed, quickly pushing him over the edge as she heard his desperate plea...

"Oh honey, I'm cumming, oh please... I'm cumming for you!"

"Yes, good boy, just pour yourself out for me, honey," she said quickly and then she drove down on him again just in time to capture the first spurt from his swollen red penis head. She sucked and swallowed, murmuring and humming her approval on his turgid organ as he bucked and spurted and flexed in climax.

She continued to work his penis until it was softer and emptied of the very last drop of semen. She licked all over his shaft and scrotum as a final show of her mastery of, and affection for, her husband's body. Finally, with a hand on each thigh of her spent and panting husband, she placed a final loving kiss on his softened shaft and lifted her head to speak.

"My, what a good husband you are, Jeffrey, that was a very nice ejaculation. You were very yummy, dear," she said, licking her lips and swallowing lewdly for his benefit.

He moaned and smiled in response.

She got off the barstool and gave him a kiss on the wet and well-used tip of his glans. "Now be a good boy and don't dally too long before making dinner, ok?"

He nodded, but just barely, in the exhaustion of his complete release.

"Good boy," she said, "And one other thing, you can just stay naked for dinner, since Tara doesn't mind." And she strolled into the living room with a satisfied and smug look on her face.

She felt good about herself as a wife, now that she kept her husband drained daily, sometimes twice a day. She loved him and she loved making him come because it made her feel very powerful as a woman. And he certainly had no cause to complain, she mused.

She walked into the living room to see her eldest daughter, sitting on the sofa and watching TV. "Hi Tara," she said, bending to give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek. "I'm so glad you're home."

"Me too," said Tara, smiling up at her mother.

"Your dad might be a few minutes later with dinner, dear, so if you're hungry, you might get a piece of fruit to tide you over."

Tara grinned, "Yes, I heard him being...delayed. It was quite an ear-opener..."

Susan tried to keep a straight face and just said, "Well, you know that boys will be boys, dear," as she swept past on her way to her bedroom.

After her mother left the room, Tara wiped her fingers across her cheek where her mom had kissed her. She looked at the moisture on her fingertips and sniffed it. There was definitely a little hint of the bleach-like man-scent, and it made her smile...

At dinner, 45 minutes later, Tara and her mother were seated in their usual positions at the table while Jeffrey brought out the food tray by tray, and served each of them. Tara thought it was all delicious and did her best to keep a sly grin off of her face whenever her eyes met her mother's.

Tara also did her best not to stare at her father's nakedness as he went back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room. But she couldn't help but notice that her father's penis was still a little flushed and pink and swollen from all the vigorous attention her mom had so recently given it.

There also seemed to be a bit of moisture still lingering on her dad's penis because when the light hit just right, it glistened a bit. More than even the pinkness and swelling, she thought it was cute.

Tara caught every nuance of affection passing back and forth between her mom and dad, strange as the situation was, and she thought they liked each other much more than they had when she had left home. She decided that while things had changed quite a bit since she had left for college, the changes weren't all bad...

And then the next night it was "Date Night"...

Tara sat on the sofa in the living room with her legs curled up beneath her, reading a book as she watched her mother blow her a kiss from the doorway and leave for her date. Tara heard the car door slam and the engine of her mom's Lexus fired up and whisked her away.

She looked at her watch. It was about 7:30pm, so she thought her mom would be home from her date by ten o'clock, or 10:30 at the latest.

Her mom had filled her in on a number of facts that played across Tara's mind as the truth of the situation hit home for her, as it had for her father so many weeks ago. Between the initial phone conversation when her mother had first spilled the beans, and the subsequent conversations since Tara had been home, she pretty much knew the program.

Her mom had begun to double-date with her friend Nissa, for dinner, drinks and dancing. After that, her boyfriend (Tara didn't like calling him her 'lover') took her out for the same kind of 'date' without the other friends.

After a few weeks, Susan had tired of all the eating and drinking, and so the couple had changed their habits to simply going to a hotel across town and having sex for a couple hours.

Her mom was having sex with a man close to Tara's own age for a 'couple hours'? Wow. She couldn't help but grin to herself, thinking that for a woman her mom's age, that was kind of cool.

So her mom didn't stay out very late anymore and was usually home by 10pm. And, her mother said they could talk in the morning because when she got home from her dates, she needed to spend some time with Tara's dad.

Tara could only imagine what that meant. But after listening to the 'conversation' her parents had had a couple days earlier in the kitchen, she had a pretty good idea.

Things were quiet in the house with her dad doing a few chores and she listened to music and read her book. She'd heard the phone ring a couple times and she knew that was her mom checking in with her dad, probably teasing him.

Tara sneaked a glance now and then at her dad when he walked by and she did think there was a little extra bulge in his cotton gym shorts, so she thought the phone calls were working.

Tara thought about what was going on and sighed. She guessed if it made them happy, and it certainly seemed to, then she'd let it go. Her mom seemed so much more content and happy with the recent changes in her life.

Tara didn't think it would be the lifestyle for her, but if it was good for her parents, she'd have to live with it.

As the clock approached 10pm, Tara heard a car in the driveway and looked out the window. The Lexus was pulling into the garage, and moments later Susan entered the house.

Tara looked at her mother from head to toe, examining everything for clues. At first glance, Susan seemed completely normal, dressed very attractively as she had been when she left. But her hair was a little mussed, her eyes had a sort of dreamy look and she seemed very relaxed, and her lipstick wasn't as neatly applied as usual.

"Hi, Kiddo," said Susan, "How was your evening?" Susan stood to chat with her daughter a moment with a strange posture. While her body seemed completely relaxed, she was standing with her legs tight together.

Tara could only guess at the reason, but her suspicion dawned on her with surprised eyes. Tara said, "Oh, fine, I guess. Uh, how was your evening?"

"Very nice," said her mom with the dreamy look invading her eyes, "I'm going to go check on your dad, is he in the bedroom?"

"Yes, I think so," said Tara.

"Ok, well, see you in the morning, dear," said Susan as she walked to her bedroom.

Tara's lips let the grin show, now that she was alone. She thought her mom must have had a 'very nice' evening with her...boyfriend, based on how she looked...

Tara went back to her reading, but kept a sharp ear out for any sounds that might waft down the hallway from the master suite. She knew she shouldn't, but she couldn't help but be interested...

She closed her book and decided to go to her own bedroom, which was advantageously situated next to the master suite. She just couldn't help herself -- she wished she could be a fly on the wall and hear what went on between her parents...

Susan entered the master bedroom and softly closed the door. The room was dark and candle-lit, and there was the fragrance of spring in the air from the candle's scent.

She saw her husband, sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting patiently for her. She smiled warmly and held out her arms for him to come to her. He stood and embraced her, and they kissed passionately.

"Perhaps you should help me undress, honey," she whispered in his ear.

Jeffrey began to unbutton her blouse and slide it from her shoulders. He unzipped her skirt, it fell to the floor, and she gracefully stepped out of it. He laid both garments aside on a chair and looked at his wife.

She stood in her high-heeled pumps, her small pink panties and matching lace bra. In the shadows of the flickering candles she looked as beautiful to him as ever.

She stood still, watching him as he unlatched her bra and gently slid the straps from her shoulders. She smiled to see his erection throbbing as he undressed her.

Lastly, he knelt before her and gently slid her panties down to the floor, revealing her shaved vulva, pink and puffy from recent exertion. His eyes never left her nether cleft as he slid the panty down and helped her step out of it.

Her vulva, the smooth outer lips of her womanhood, were always larger than average. Susan was a woman with small inner labia and larger outer lips that always seemed to be pouting and they naturally extended below her groin, making a beautiful sight between her thighs.

But as ever when she returned to him from her lover, her vulva were fuller, pinker in color, and seemed more attractive to him than ever. Jeffrey always loved serving his wife orally, bringing her to orgasm again and again with his tongue.

But he had never had his face so close to her vagina after she had enjoyed time with her lover, and he had never kissed, let alone licked, her there when she was freshly filled with her lover's semen and scent. For the first time, he leaned just forward enough to put a small kiss upon her vulva lips -- just a chaste 'welcome home' kiss.

He held her panties up close to his face, examining the wetness in the crotch in the shallow light of the candles. He brought the lower panel to his nose and sniffed the mixed scent of his wife and her lover, before laying the panty down carefully atop her other clothes.

Susan smiled broadly as he stood and hugged her again, happy that her husband had made another gesture of acceptance and approval of her trysting. She was very pleased when she felt her body being lifted up and carried by her husband to the bed and laid down.

She kissed her husband lovingly.

Jeffrey crawled onto the bed beside her and began to caress her breasts with his hand, kneading and feeling the softness of her white mounds. Susan liked the feeling of her husband's hands on her. Her lover's hands were exciting and new, but her husband's hands felt like 'home'.

After a little while of caressing and kissing, they turned so that Jeffrey was spooning Susan, and they snuggled comfortably. Jeffrey's erect penis was nestled in the cleft of Susan's bottom, with his head just touching her recently loosened opening.

Her lover's semen, fresh and kept warm within Susan's body, was seeping as she had relaxed the muscles of her pelvic floor. Jeffrey just knew she felt soft and warm and wet against his glans as he kissed her neck and shoulders from behind.

After luxuriating in her husband's embrace for a while, Susan wanted to talk with him and share some of the feelings she had been having about her relationship with him and her lover. But before she did so, she wanted a more intimate connection with her husband.

"Honey," she said softly as she bent her legs to a ninety degree angle at her hips, "I want to feel you in me."

Knowing what she meant, Jeffrey changed his position with her in order to slide his penis about half way into her, and then snuggled close again. "How's that," he whispered.

"Lovely," she murmured.

Susan said, "I've been thinking a lot lately about our new... uh... arrangement, dear."

"Mmm..." said Jeffrey, while wiggling his pelvis to play in her loose opening with his penis while feeling her breast with his hand.

Susan took his hand from her breast and kissed it, then guided his fingers to spread her labia and find her clitoris. Jeffrey was happily surprised to see her seeking pleasure, since usually she'd had enough orgasms for one night when she returned from having her lover.

Susan said, "You know, honey, I've been thinking about things, and sort of clarifying them in my mind. Like answering the question -- why do I feel so much happier now that I have a lover? -- and I think I've figured some things out."

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