She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 05


She paused a moment as her breath caught in her throat because of her husband's skilled and busy fingers at play on her clitoris. Just the way he dipped his finger into her lover's drips of excess semen, and used it to lubricate her clit was enormously erotic to her, and her arousal shot up quickly.

She composed herself and said, "You know I'm happier with you and in love with you since I've taken a lover. I just feel so content -- as though everything is perfect for me now -- and I think things are better for you too... Ughhhh... Ooohhh... You're so naughty, honey, you've got to let me... Ahhhh.... Talk..."

Jeffrey smiled at the contrast of his wife's dilemma compared to the one she often put him into. So many times she'd play with his penis and make him crazy with pleasure while asking him questions. Turn about was fair play indeed...

He had mercy and slowed his assault, moving his semen-lubricated fingers with slow ease in circles around her love button, allowing her to breathe more calmly again.

She said, "So, I was thinking about how I have it all. How I have the best in two worlds, and why does it make me feel so fulfilled as a woman. And I think I've figured it out."

"Do tell," Jeffrey whispered as he pushed his penis into her with small thrusts and wiggled the tip of his middle finger directly on Susan's clitoris.

Susan gasped, "Oooohhh... Ahhhh... stop a sec... Ughhhh..... Please...."

"Ok," whispered Jeffrey, again going back to the slow circles around her sensitive bud.

"Ok," she said breathlessly, "Now behave yourself while I'm trying to share with you."

"Yes, dear," he said, dutiful husband that he was.

"So I think I've stumbled upon a few of the deep feelings and ideas that are making me feel so good -- not just physically, but emotionally and mentally." She took a deep breath, "Do you want to hear about my thoughts?"

"Of course, dear," said Jeffrey.

"Well, here goes. I hope you don't feel offended at anything, because I really want you to understand that you are about a million times more important to me than my lover. But there are things that my lover gives me that fill in the small blanks here and there. I now feel complete as a woman."

"I see..." said Jeffrey as he snuggled close.

She giggled, "No you don't, at least not yet. Give me a moment and I'll try to explain. I think there are a lot of things, so I can't really put them in order of importance. Let me just say them all and then we can sort them out together, ok?"

"Ok," he whispered.

"For one thing, I think it makes me feel very excited to be mating again. And by 'mating', I mean to have sperm inside me. I didn't know why it makes me feel so warm and satisfied, but now I think I know why."

She paused to collect her thoughts, and then continued. "You know how it is natural for a woman to have multiple sex partners, lovers, whatever -- I've explained it before. But there's something else. Females of every species mate. It is a natural urge to mate with a virile male who puts his semen into her body, and his semen is full of millions of sperm."

She explained further, "I never knew there was anything 'missing' in our lovemaking since you had your vasectomy. And I know I was the one who encouraged you to do it, and I don't regret it either because it was the right thing to do. But I now realize that just the knowledge that there are real live sperm swimming in me and searching for an egg just does something to my psyche.

"It makes me feel female -- like the females of all species -- to take a male's sperm inside me. Just the thought is somehow fulfilling. Does that make any sense?"

Jeffrey thought a moment and whispered, "I think so, I mean, I guess it makes sense. The things that are by nature designed a certain way always have reasons."

"Yes," she said, snuggling her bottom against her husband. "I think so too. All I can tell you is that right now, with real sperm swimming inside me, it just feels good and natural to think of it. I guess that's why I've been so... fascinated with having his semen in me. I just love it when he comes inside me."

"Ok, I think I understand. What else?" he asked.

"Well, the other thing is the contrast -- it's like I have the two ends of the spectrum and thereby have everything in between too. For example, I live with you and we are a family, but I leave you for a few hours every now and then to have relatively meaningless sex. Certainly I get along well with my lover, but when we meet it is just about our bodies, not our hearts."

"Um Hm," he murmured.

"And you are 'home' and he is 'away', if that makes any sense. He is young and vigorous whereas you are more mature and skilled. I hope you won't take this wrong, but his... cock... is long and thick and stiff like iron, and he can stay hard and keep thrusting and come several times; and your... penis... is... well, different and wonderful in its own way."

She was very afraid that she had gone too far, but her husband rescued her.

Jeffrey said, "I know I'm not very big, honey, and I'm glad you are... enjoying... a larger... partner."

"Honestly honey, I love your penis. It's not too small or anything... But I have to tell you, I always think of his 'cock' and your 'penis'. In my mind it's always his 'big, thick, COCK' when we're together, and then I come home to your 'cute, sweet, penis.'

"I hope you're not angry, but when he stretches me out like I am now with his big cock, and fills me to overflowing with two or three big ejaculations of his sperm-laden semen, it makes me feel so full and fulfilled as a woman. And then I come home to you and snuggle you, the man I truly love, while I'm filled with my lover's semen, I feel happy and content. And when you slip your adorable pink penis into my loose pussy while I'm dripping with my lover's semen, I just love it. It's just so perfect, but I can't really explain why."

She waited for a response, and felt better when Jeffrey nuzzled against her, signaling that all was well. She felt relieved because she had thought that confession would have been the most likely to make her husband feel bad.

"I love to have you in my mouth, honey, I love to taste you and make you come in my mouth. I like your taste, and I just can't get enough. That's not true with my lover; I never take him in my mouth. I guess that's a big point for you."

"Mmm..." he murmured, while he moved his hips to feel his penis slip around inside her soft but loose opening, all gooey and slippery with all the man-juice her young lover had deposited inside her body.

She continued, determined to communicate her feelings fully, and tell her husband everything.

"There's another thing that I discovered, honey," she said, feeling a little embarrassed that all of her confessions seemed to revolve around the size of her lover's cock, and the semen her lover gave her.

She took a calming deep breath and said, "I'd never known what it felt like to have a cock push against my cervix. It' invasive, so deeply penetrating...I don't really know how to describe it, but it's amazing to have his cock banging against my womb. It's like he's knocking on the door, so persistently demanding to put his semen into my womb. It's really devastating, and it just makes me melt."

Jeffrey's thrusting in her sloppiness was increasing and Susan smiled to herself. Realizing that her husband's fantasies of being a cuckold were so powerful that she thought nothing she said would make him feel bad. In the nicest way she could, she was telling him that his penis was small and didn't measure up to her lover's big cock, and that his semen was less valuable, since it no longer contained any sperm after his vasectomy.

It amazed Susan that what would demean most men simply turned Jeffrey on. It made her very happy to know that her husband fully accepted her infidelity and was nearly as thrilled by it as she was.

She decided to see how far she could take his humiliation. She loved her husband and did not love her young man. But her young man's big hard cock was vastly superior to her husband's average 44-year-old penis in every way -- size, stiffness, virility, endurance -- everything.

She decided to delve into the comparison directly and see how her husband would react.

"You know, dear, I love having two men and two penises to enjoy. I love the contrast between my two men in bed. I love you as my faithful husband who dutifully takes care of my home, naked all day long with his cute pink penis and testicles, so pretty and shaved clean, dangling between his thighs as he does his chores for me. I even like that fact that there is no sperm in your semen, and when you ejaculate you taste so sweet and special to me. I love how all your semen is mine -- you're my faithful husband -- and I get to have every drop of you for myself...."

Jeffrey's little thrusts were more urgent, and she could feel his breath panting against her back. She marveled that she could barely feel him inside her after having her lover's cock stretching her out for almost two hours.

She continued, "I love to hear you moan and wiggle your hips and whine when I tease your adorable little penis. You're so cute like that. And when I make you come for me, and make you spurt all your faithful but infertile semen in my mouth or pussy, I just adore hearing you whimper softly. So submissive to me, so surrendered, so obedient to come when I'm ready to finally make you come for me..."

She held lifted her thigh a little, opening herself a little wider, but she changed the angle of her hips to that her husband's thrusts only resulted in penetrating her now with little more than the head of his penis. She smiled at his whimper of disappointment at having even less contact, but he continued to try to thrust into her, nearly futile as it was.

Susan purred, "On the other hand, I really love it when my young man, with his long and thick and hard cock, mounts me powerfully. I like how wide he is -- at first it feels like he's splitting me in two -- so big, so thick, so manly. And he's long, really long, and I get to feel the head of his penis go deep into me and kiss my cervix..."

"I really like it when he's on top of me, grunting and thrusting hard with his enormous cock pounding into me, plundering my pussy, touching me in places I never knew existed inside me. He just bangs away -- thrusting into me so forcefully and so deep with his hard young cock -- and I know this is how a woman is supposed to feel when a man is fucking her..."

Susan put her hand on Jeffrey's fingers, encouraging him to play at her clitoris more vigorously as her arousal was heightened by confessing all to her husband.

"And he can go a long time before he comes the first time in me. But I am patient, enjoying each thrust, each rutting grunt, as my lover bangs me so urgently with his big cock. I think about how stiff his young cock feels -- like a big rod of velvet-covered iron -- so manly and virile. And I think about mating, and how his sperm will soon be spurting into me, searching for my egg and trying to impregnate me. These thoughts make me feel utterly feminine -- so female -- like a doe in the forest being rutted by a big young stag..."

Susan's voice caught in her throat as her husband's fingers stimulated her clitoris, driving her toward another orgasm. She had never known she could have so many orgasms in one evening until she began to come with her lover. Now she loved to come home to her husband and have a 'night cap' orgasm, as she liked to think of them.

She said, "He gets so deep, it makes me squeal involuntarily every time his cock head pounds against my cervix. It's like he's trying to open the mouth of my womb and spurt his semen directly into my uterus -- and MATE me. It's so exciting; I usually come the first time before he does..."

Her hips were wiggling uncontrollably and her breath was shallow and rasping in her throat, but she continued telling her husband about her feelings.

"After giving me a really good fucking, my young man stiffens up and growls like a wolf and starts spurting in me. Big gobs of juicy fertile semen just gush out of him. I can feel it inside me when he spurts -- it's amazing!

"And then he collapses on me and I can feel the weight of his body and his heavy breathing as he lies on top of me. But his powerful young cock doesn't get soft in me; I can squeeze it and still feel its firmness. After only a few minutes, he'll start to thrust again, and I know this time it will be a long, slow fucking that I get. I love to just lie there and receive all of his attentions as he goes so slowly in and out of me..."

Susan was on the verge of coming and she signaled her husband to slow his assault on her clitoris as she repositioned her hips so that he could get perhaps half of his penis into her again.

"So, honey," she said, "He just goes on and on, and I make him fuck me slowly for at least half an hour before he ejaculates again. And on many nights, like tonight, I get him to come in me three times. I can't even count how many orgasms I have, but I seem to just keep coming again and again on his big thick cock...

"I just adore hearing him call me 'Mrs. Andrews' while he thrusts in me. It keeps me mindful of my faithful husband, dutifully waiting for me at home while I spend some time with my lover. I often orgasm while thinking of you, Jeffrey, as I feel my lover's long cock sliding in and out of me -- it's so thick that his shaft rubs my G-spot with every thrust. When he's doing that, I think of your adorable penis, and how much I'd love to have you in my mouth...

"And after my lover has had me three times, like tonight, I'm just brimming with his fertile semen -- and I'm fully satisfied with our mating. I'm so stretched out by then I have to really struggle to keep as much of his semen in me as I can so I can bring it home to you to share, like we're doing now."

She rocked her pelvis back to give her husband the most access, and smiled as she felt his thrusts take on new urgency. It was more that she could feel his hips banging against hers than that she could feel his merely average-sized penis in her over-stretched vagina.

She guided her husband's fingers to work their insistent magic on her semen-soaked clitoris because she wanted to come. It pleased her that her husband's fingers were using her lover's copious semen as the lubricant with which to bring her to a comfortable and delicious orgasm.

She felt her husband's body movements and breathing change, and knew from her vast experience that he would soon ejaculate and add a modest few spurts of his own delightful semen to her 'collection' from his little penis. She couldn't help it any longer, the contrast between her young lover's big cock and her husband's little penis was too strong. She now thought, albeit affectionately, of her husband's genitals as 'little'.

She was nearing the brink of orgasm as she purred, "I don't ever want my two boys to even lay eyes on each other, honey, but I had a really powerful orgasm tonight while my lover was fucking me for the third time. I thought about how much I wanted to have your little penis is my mouth while my lover's big cock was thrusting in my pussy. I thought about how much joy it would bring me if he could spurt his semen in my pussy at the same moment you spurted yours in my mouth.

"It would be the most awesome... uhhhhh.... Way to have.... Sex..... with both of my men... oooooohhhhhh... Yes!.... AAAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Susan's body wracked with her orgasm as the waves of pleasure crashed upon her over and over. She writhed and moaned and Jeffrey continued to rub her clitoris vigorously, pushing her to peak after peak of orgasmic bliss. Somewhere through the haze of Susan's powerful climax, she was vaguely aware of her husband's urgent thrusting and moaning; though he was good enough not to stop his finger play on her clitoris.

When she finally relaxed, basking in the afterglow of pleasure, she noted that her husband's little penis has slipped out of her. He's probably softening already, she thought, but it pleased her that he must have ejaculated while she was coming, and that his semen was now mixed with her lover's.

She sighed contentedly as she thought of how perfect it was to have her husband's ejaculate mingled with her lover's -- and both fluids were now safely deposited in her well-used vagina. She smiled with satisfaction at her situation. She was in the arms of her loving and faithful husband, who was now proven to completely accept and condone her affair with her young stud.

It was perfect, and she was perfectly in love with her husband, and perfectly satisfied with the wide array of sexual attention and pleasure she now experienced. Her relationship with her husband had improved dramatically -- and not just sexually. And she had the sexual and emotional satisfaction that a woman could only get from a virile young stud to service her in addition to her loving husband.

She was happy to be a wife and a lover the two sides of the human female both fulfilled fully.

She drifted off into contented sleep in the arms of the man she loved with her pussy still stretched and tingling from the exercise of having sex with her young lover. She didn't have to lie or hide or pretend -- everything in her life was up-front and honest.

And she was more glad of it than she could ever explain.

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