She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 06


"These are all different ways that I dominate him now, but there's so much more along the lines of humiliation and embarrassment. Now I require that he shave all his pubic hair daily and remain smooth and fresh, making him feel more naked and vulnerable than ever. And he is exposed to my friends and guests when they visit, and I share all these things with whichever of my friends I choose to, and that is humiliating and embarrassing for him. Now Tara knows he is my submissive cuckold husband first hand."

"Wow, that's quite a change from a year ago..."

"Yes," said Susan, "And there's more. As you have seen, Jeffrey's endowment is not large. Just so you know, his erect penis is only 4 ½" long. I have recently begun to use this fact to give him some light humiliation, and it seems to embarrass him very nicely. I like to say that he has a "cute little penis", and that my lovers have "big firm cocks".

I always tell him how much better it feels for a woman to have a man with a real stiff cock in her, instead of a half-hard little penis. But I do it in a teasing sensual way, not a demeaning abusive way, because I love my husband and am merely trying to excite him and give him what he needs."

"How did you figure out he needed to... be embarrassed and humiliated?"

"Well, I guess we have some time before Jeffrey gets home," Susan said, looking thoughtful. "I guess I could tell you a little about my younger step brother..."

Susan began to tell Gail about how she first learned that she was a truly dominant female, and how she learned young about submissive males...

When I was 19, my mother remarried and I sort of inherited a younger step brother named Timothy. He was of smallish build, sort of like Jeffrey but smaller, with light brown hair and cute blue eyes. I liked him well enough and he seemed to sort of worship me. I didn't realize it at first, but it became apparent after a few months of living in the same house that he was very fixated on me. I supposed it was just puppy love. He would do anything I asked and was always attentive to me, bringing me a drink or cleaning up for me and generally being cute and sweet to me.

He was one of those boys who, even though he was 18, was still really changing between a 'boy' and a 'man'. I guess he was a 'late bloomer', since he was small for his age and not really muscular yet. And I knew from my mom that he hadn't yet even had a girlfriend.

I was already fairly experienced with boys, having dated a lot in high school, and I was very skilled at giving hand jobs to the boys I dated since I didn't want to get pregnant. I had decided early that I would play with my date's penis, and it was a small price to pay which I learned quickly to enjoy very much.

It seemed to placate the boys if I let them feel my boobs as I played with their penises. At only 19, I was proud that I had already made at least 20 different boys spurt for me, while never having a boy touch my panties or even see my naked breasts.

Anyway, back to Timothy. He was just turned 18 when the inevitable happened, which I think always happens sooner or later between sisters and younger brothers under the same roof. It was late on a Friday night, everyone was in bed, and I had just let myself into the house quietly so as not to wake anyone.

I padded on tiptoes into the living room, and there was Timothy laying back on the sofa. His pajama pants were down around his ankles and he had no shirt on, so he was basically naked. His legs were spread wide apart and his eyes were closed, so he didn't see me. I stifled a gasp. Timothy was playing with his penis.

His hand was slowly rubbing up and down on his erect penis, and the first thing I noticed was that his penis was not really as big as the boys I had dated. I knew that penises came in various sizes, but Tim's was maybe less than 4" long. I had seen him have youthful erections in his underwear, swimming suit, pajamas and the like ever since I'd known him - after all boys his age can't really help it. But I hadn't really seen his penis naked until that moment.

And even though his genitals were smallish, they were such a pretty pink - almost hairless with just a light dusting of light colored hair. He seemed so boyish, but the head of his penis was turned almost purple in arousal. I was simply taken by how cute he was, lying back and playing with himself.

I just stood there for I don't know how long watching him stroke his cute little penis. It was like I couldn't move or look away. He was sitting facing me, with his legs wide, so I had a very clear view of his boyish charms and masturbation techniques. I liked how his testicles would rise and fall in his cute little scrotum with each stroke of his penis.

He had something small and pink in his other hand and he would put it against his face every few seconds and I wondered what it was...

And then I was surprised by something he murmured. He said my name and a lot of other stuff that answered many questions for me about how he fawned over me all the time.

He whispered, "Susie...oh Susie...oh yes, please rub me...yes I'll be a good boy for you... I'll try not to spurt until you tell me... oh it feels so good... please don't stop, I promise to be good... oooh please make me spurt, Susie... ahhhh...."

He was fantasizing about me. He was pretending that I was me masturbating his little penis. I was wide-eyed and didn't know what to do. I was afraid to move in case he'd see or hear me, but I thought I shouldn't be there. I needed time to think about this.

But then he rubbed faster, and soon he started gasping and whispering, "ooh...I'm sorry...I can't help it... oh Susie..." He started making little spurts of semen that ran down his hand and onto his belly and testicles. He really spurted quite a lot - I was surprised how much semen his little genitals produced, but it didn't really shoot, it just sort of flowed out in little pulses as he desperately whispered apologies to me over and over as he ejaculated.

When he had rubbed out the last of his semen, he collapsed exhausted and his semen-covered hand fell to his side. He just lay there in front of me and I had an unencumbered view of him for a while. His genitals were covered in semen, and it fascinated me.

I had always liked it when my dates would come - it made me feel in control and powerful. And I loved to watch the boys spurt their semen, it gave me a feeling of accomplishment. But as I looked at all the boy juice all over my little brother's nakedness, all that gooey semen was so interesting to me.

I don't know why, but it made me feel all warm inside, like motherly instincts or something. He looked like a lost little boy, who had played with his penis and was 'all better' now...

I could see his little penis clearly throbbing a little and dripping a little as it slowly softened.

Then the spell was broken when his eyes opened to slits and after a moment he saw me and was startled. He covered his messy groin with his hands and started to stand up. His face was just delightfully blushing pink and he was completely panicked.

I guess it was my budding dominant nature that took over, or maternal nature, or something. But suddenly words just blurted out of my mouth.

"Timothy," I whispered firmly, "lay back down... uh... like a good boy."

His eyes were wide with shock and fear, but slowly he did as I had commanded.

Once he had reclined, I said, "Uncover yourself. Put your hands down. Let me see what a mess you've made."

He hesitated, and then with a look of fear, embarrassment, resignation, and yet some sort of calm in his eyes, he slowly reclined back on the sofa again, exposed himself to me, and waited. Watching him obey me by making himself so vulnerable sent a thrill up my spine. I guess it was my first taste of that feeling we women get when a naked man does what we say...

I came over and sat down next to him. I put my hand in his hair and caressed his head as I looked at his little penis. In spite of the fact that he had just ejaculated, he was getting hard again. I smiled at him, "It's ok," I whispered, "It's only natural for boys to play with their penises. I know boys need to masturbate to relieve the pressure of their semen building up."

He seemed to begin to breathe once more and relaxed slightly, though he was still blushing and tried to squeeze his thighs together. I was just filled with exhilaration at talking down to him, and making him blush and squirm as I talked to him about his penis, and made him show it to me.

I knew I had to take control of the situation and I just did what came naturally. "Don't put your legs together, Timothy... um... be a good boy and spread your legs for me."

He shivered even though it was warm in the room. His eyes closed a moment, and he parted his thighs wide in total surrender.

I really liked it.

I made him show me what was in his other hand. It was a pink thong I had worn the previous day and I realized he had been smelling my panties while he played with his penis! For a moment, I was angry, but I looked at him and he had this look of embarrassment mixed with longing in his face and I decided there were worse things in a girl's life than having a little step-brother infatuated with her.

I calmly started to talk to him. I told him that I had watched him sniff my panties and masturbate for a while, and that I heard him pretend to talk to me in his fantasy. I asked him if I understood correctly that he was fantasizing about me touching his penis and making him spurt.

He nodded and blushed anew, unable to meet my eyes.

I asked him how long he had been doing thinking of me when he touched his penis, and he said ever since we'd met some time ago. I asked how long he'd been stealing my panties from my laundry hamper and sniffing them. He said ever since he and his dad moved into my mom's house.

I asked if his penis felt all better now, or if he would need to ejaculate again. I asked because many of my dates liked to have me make them come twice. He said he usually masturbated twice before going to sleep, and that was his first time that night.

I thought about this for a few minutes. I'd always fantasized about having a naked male slave under my authority ever since I read a dirty novel about Cleopatra when I was 14. I imagined I would masturbate my slave and make him do whatever I wanted in return.

I'd already experimented on some of my dates and found that the boys were easily manipulated into promises of my choosing while I had their cocks in my hands. It was already a big power rush.

But I realized that my little step brother was a gift to my fantasies, and I didn't want to lose this opportunity.

I realized from the few phrases he had mumbled, that he was having submissive fantasies about me - which made sense since I was a year and a half older - and while I was quite mature for my age, he was rather immature. I decided to see where my dominant personality and his submissive feelings could meet to our mutual benefit...

I took a deep breath and asked if he would like me to play with his penis, and he actually looked in my eyes to see if I was serious. I was, and of course said yes.

I made him promise to keep it a secret, and that if I decided to play with his penis and make him spurt again, he'd have to obey me at all times from now on. I don't know why I said the next thing, but I did.

I had already used language I'd heard him mutter - submissive language - about him being a good boy, and it seemed quite successful. I kept my voice calm and quiet, like this was completely normal, and I just went for it.

I told him he must no longer masturbate alone, but that instead, I would take care of his needs most nights. I also said there would be times when he'd have to go a day or two before I had a chance to take care of him, but that it was best for him not to touch himself, but that he should submit to my supervision of his ejaculations. I made him promise.

He promised me.

I smiled and took hold of his penis. It fit in my hand nicely, and was already pre-lubed with his previous ejaculation. I really liked how slippery his penis felt in my hand, and the fact that it was his semen made it really exciting. I have to admit that my panties were getting moist as I began to gently move my hand up and down as I talked quietly in his ear.

I made him confess all his naughty fantasies to me, and I was even more turned on my what he said.

He imagined me as a dominatrix or something. A woman who took charge and 'tortured' his penis by rubbing it but forbidding him to ejaculate before I gave my permission. That's why he'd been begging to spurt and promising to be a good boy in his whispered fantasy.

He told me that, in his fantasies, if he did spurt too soon, he would have to submit to a spanking over my lap. His confessions went on and on, but it boiled down to the same thing - that he felt submissive toward me and wanted me to masturbate him and spank him.

I liked that idea very much - that he would beg me to touch him, beg me to make him spurt, and that he would be spanked by me if he was naughty. I smiled to myself, determining that he was definitely a very naughty boy...

I played the part for him, telling him not to spurt until I gave him permission as I rubbed his little erection and made him gasp and moan and squirm for a long time.

I don't know why I started talking like this. I knew boys were sensitive about having a small penis the way girls with 'A' cups were sensitive about being called 'flat'. But in spite of that, I wondered if humiliating my submissive little brother would further excite him. I was right.

When I was getting tired of slowly playing with his little penis, rather than telling him to spurt for me, instead I started telling him not to, but mentioning his smallness.

I whispered things like, "Don't you spurt yet, Timothy, I'm not through playing with your little penis. Your cute little penis is under my control, and I don't want to see any of your little spurts of semen until I give my permission... Now be a good little boy and obey me. Don't you dare be naughty or I will have to spank your bottom!"

He nodded and shivered in arousal at my words. "Yes, Susan," he said desperately, "I'll try to be good for you..."

I continued whispering in his ear as I rubbed his penis. I kept saying things like, "Your little penis is so small and cute. I'm going to make you show me your little spurts of semen from your little penis Timothy, and you can't resist me."

He was so cute, squirming and moaning so much I kept having to tell him to shush and hold still.

After tormenting the poor boy for a good long time, I finally said, "If you spurt too soon, I'll have to spank your bottom for being a naughty quick spurting little boy... You don't want to go over my lap and have your bottom spanked, do you Timothy?"

That did it. He started to spurt in my hand. It felt warm and slippery. I kept rubbing him slowly, milking out every last drop as I told him he was a naughty boy for spurting so much so soon. He came in buckets all over himself and my hand. I scolded him with my lips as I continued stroking him gently and lovingly with my hand. He was so messy, spurting more semen the second time than the first.

Even when I was satisfied that he had given his last spurt, I kept stroking his penis slowly and softly and he moaned that his head was sensitive and sore. I didn't care, I just kept on rubbing and soon he was stiff again.

I knew boys his age had lots of youthful stamina, so I asked him if he could spurt for me again, and he said he'd try.

I sped up until I was rubbing his penis fast and hard. This time I coached him to spurt quickly. "Make your little penis spurt again for me, Timothy. Spurt now. Be a good boy and obey me with little spurts!"

It only took like 2 minutes and he gave me a few more dribbles as he whimpered in utter submission while his body writhed under my control.

It was the greatest sound I had ever heard and I was hooked. I wanted to make him do it again and again. He was going to be my submissive boy toy.

I went to the bathroom and brought back a wet washcloth and a towel and took my time cleaning him up. When he was clean and dry, his little penis was soft and maybe an inch long. So tiny. So cute.

He was completely spent and exhausted. I sat next to him caressing his face and purring nice things in his ear. "You were a good boy, mostly, Timothy. It's good for you to lie back and relax as I rub your little penis, isn't it dear? Yes, of course it's good for you. But you were just a little bit naughty, because you spurted before I told you to. And we both know what that means don't we, Timmy? Yes, you'll have to have a spanking on your bottom. But not tonight. I'll let you know when it's time for your spanking, ok?"

He nodded, and after a few more minutes, I took him by the hand and lead him to his bed naked. I tucked him in and went to my room and to sleep, very happy with myself.

Over the course of the next few years while we were both living at home, I continued to date cute boys from school and I continued to safeguard my virtue with the skills of my hands. But I came home to Timmy. I played with his penis almost every day. And I spanked him at least once a week. We had to do things carefully, mostly when our parent were out of the house, but it worked out alright.

Whenever we were alone in the house, I insisted that Timmy take off all his clothes and just be naked with me. And if he got an erection, I would make it go the natural way. And of course, that meant he was naughty and would need a spanking. Some weeks his bottom stayed red all the time...he was such a naughty boy.

As the years went by and we were both married, I'll tell you a secret. My brother Tim and I have never met at a reunion or a trip or whatever without finding time to renew our little 'fun times' together. In fact, the conference I just attended was only 45 miles from Tim's home, so he came to visit me at my hotel the first night.

I met him at the door and gave him a big hug, then I just said, "You know what to do young man."

He said, "Yes, Susan," and I watched as he took off all of his clothes. I noticed that all his pubic was shaved, which he had been doing since he got married. I liked that look on him just as I like the way Jeffrey looks shaved.

I took Tim's smoothly shaved testicles in my hand and gently squeezed. I said, "Have you been a good boy or a naughty boy?" We had long ago decided that he would be 'naughty' if he had masturbated even once since his last spanking.

He confessed, "Naughty," looking down and not meeting my eye.

"Well, then, since you've been playing with your little penis, you'll have to have a spanking on your bottom, won't you Timmy?"

"Yes, Susan."

"First," I said, "Go lie down on the bed and I'll take care of your little penis and you can show me what nice little spurts you can make for me tonight. I'm sure you need to make little spurts for your big sister, don't you?"

He nodded.

I gave him a long slow hand job as we always do together, all the while I complimented him on how cute and pink his little genitals are, and how nicely his little penis fit in my hand. That sort of talk gets him all excited, just as it did when we were young.

He did come a lot for me, which I always appreciate. Then I spanked his bottom, and I love how he has to struggle to be quiet and hold still for me. Then I made him spurt again, before I sent him home to his lovely wife Carol.

We usually have done that together once or twice a year ever since I left home. I'm glad he met Carol. She's older than him and seems to be very dominant in their marriage, which is what my little brother needs...

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