She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 06


"So," Susan said to her friend Gail, "I can tell you from experience that a submissive man with a smaller-than-average penis can enjoy being humiliated and embarrassed as long as you do it nicely. Not making fun or degrading him, but telling him that you enjoy his little penis and testicles and you think they are cute. Speaking of him as a little boy works well too."

"I see," said Gail, "I never knew anything about your brother. I mean, I knew you had one, but I never suspected that you and he had such a relationship."

"Yes, well, I think for many years of raising the girls and building my career, Timmy gave me an outlet for my strongest dominant urges. I was always dominant to Jeffrey, but now that I have taken a lover, it has just flowed naturally that my husband become more submissive and I more dominant. As it turns out, Jeffrey is excited by many of the things that I have excited Timmy with all these years."

"Hmmm," said Gail, "I wonder if Bob would react favorably to this sort of thing?"

"You never know until you try," said Susan, smiling.

The two ladies looked up as the glass door from the pool yard opened and Tara entered with her friend Veronica.

"Hi Ronnie," said Susan.

"Hi Susan," said the giggly girl.

Tara turned to the open doorway, stuck her head out and said, "Come on boys, everybody inside."

Soon three blushing young men were shuffling into the house. Obviously embarrassed to be naked, their hands clutching their exposed genitals to cover themselves.

Tara said, "It's just my mom and Aunt Gail, quit making a big deal of it, guys. They're grown women who have seen a naked boy before. Now put your hands at your sides and stop embarrassing me."

Susan beamed with pride at how her oldest daughter was handling the boys so well. And bringing them into the house naked was a very nice touch indeed.

The three boys lowered their hands, and smiled sheepishly, each one saying "hi ladies."

Gail and Susan each said "Hello, boys," as they let their eyes wander up and down the young muscular bodies of Tara's friends. The girls all took a moment's pause to let their gazes linger upon the delightful shapes and colors of the boys' genitals.

After a suitable moment of viewing pleasure, Susan said, "So Tara, what plans do you and Ronnie have for your fine looking young boys?"

"Well," said Tara, "I was wondering when dad would be home, and if you thought we could barbeque some hamburgers or something."

"I think that would be a great plan. I expect your dad home soon, dear."

"Good, because Ronnie keeps asking when he'll be home," Tara said giggling.

Veronica's pretty face blushed bright pink, "Tara!" she gasped.

"Well, it's no big deal Ronnie. I'm sure I'd be interested in what your dad looked naked if he dropped a few pounds..."

"God, Tara," said Ronnie in exasperation.

Ronnie turned to Susan and Gail and said, "I'm sorry for Tara's behavior, she's been off her meds for several days, I think.'

The Ladies laughed and were joined by the younger girls as the boys stood in continual embarrassment, wishing they'd be released to put something on. If only they could find their swimming trunks.

Just then, the front door opened and Jeffrey walked in.

He looked across the room to see three naked boys standing in front of his wife and daughter, and their two friends Gail and Veronica. He was quite puzzled.

"Hi," said Jeffrey. He couldn't think of anything witty to say, so he just quipped, "Is there a party I didn't know about?"

Tara skipped over and put her arms around him, giving Jeffrey a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Glad you're home, daddy," she said gleefully. "Ronnie and I are having a CFNM party, and we want to barbeque some burgers. Could you cook your super burgers for us? They're the best!"

Jeffrey peeled the exuberant girl off of him and smiled, "Of course, honey, I can never refuse you." He looked to Susan, who was smiling and nodding her ascent. Jeffrey happily said to his daughter, "Ok, you'd better check stock and make sure we have all the necessary ingredients - I'd hate to be missing something important and thereby be forced to serve 'less-than-super' burgers..."

Tara smiled and said, "It's all out in the fridge by the bar-b, daddy." She turned and smiled at Susan, "Thanks mom!" Then she grabbed Ronnie's hand and led her back outside to the pool, saying over her shoulder, "Come on, boys."

The young men smiled and nodded at Susan and Gail before hustling out the door to follow the girls. The seated ladies enjoyed the view of three young male bottoms scurrying out the door and shutting it behind them.

Susan turned her attention to Jeffrey. "So honey, I'm glad you're home." She smiled at him, "Honey, I know we have guests, but since Tara is having a CFNM party with her friends, I think it's perfectly appropriate for you to go ahead and undress too. All the other boys are already undressed, and Gail's been over many times to visit us before."

Jeffrey blushed, "Yes dear, but what about Ronnie?"

"Oh, sweetheart, she's a grown woman of 22. Surely there's no problem, is there dear?"

"No, honey," he said, still blushing as he began to take off his clothes and hang them on the hooks in the entry hall that were now used for that purpose every time he entered his house.

Once he was down to his underwear, Gail smiled and stifled a giggle, seeing that Jeffrey was wearing lacy pink women's panties.

As Jeffrey slipped the panties down to reveal his light pink genitals, completely bare of pubic hair, Susan said, "Oh, yes, that's another new thing we're enjoying. For the last few weeks, Jeffrey has begun to wear pretty panties under his clothes when he goes out. I think he looks marvelous in pink lace, don't you Gail?"

"Yes, I think he looked great for the few seconds he was wearing them."

As the two ladies giggled, Jeffrey walked toward them, still blushing. Gail liked how he looked without pubic hair, the words cute and fresh and clean came to mind as his genitals jiggled and swayed with his step.

Jeffrey kissed his wife and then went into the kitchen to get some utensils for the barbeque.

Gail said, "I'm going to call Bob and invite him over, if that's alright with you." Susan nodded and smiled and Gail dug her cell phone out of her purse.

Gail said, "I think it will be fun for Bob to join our CFNM party. I can't wait to see how embarrassed he gets to be naked in front of Tara and Ronnie."

Soon Jeffrey had gone outside with the utensils and met the three naked boys. Jeffrey couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed to be clean shaven while the boys still had some hair down below, but he shook it off.

Ronnie couldn't keep the smile off of her face as she ogled Tara's dad's naked body. He was fit for an old guy and she felt the fact that his genitals were smaller than the other boys was made up for by the fact that he was shaved bare. She'd never seen a shaved man in real life before and she decided that moment that she was definitely a fan and would encourage all her boyfriends to shave.

She even chastised the three naked boys for being 'furry' and not 'nicely groomed like Tara's dad.'

As the boys and the two young girls hung around the barbeque, Susan was answering the doorbell inside.

"Hello, Bob," she said to Gail's husband. "Come on inside."

He moved in and gave Susan an air-kiss in polite greeting. "Where's Gail?" he asked.

"Oh, she's changing into one of my swimming suits. We're having a pool party and barbeque this afternoon, and it's a CFNM party."

"Ah... ok," said Bob, "What's CFNM?"

Gail was walking into the room, she said, "It stands for 'Clothed Female - Naked Male', honey."

The two women stood still as they were entertained by the looks of confusion, awe, and confusion compete on Bob's face. Gail was dressed in one of Susan's most revealing swimming suits - it was one piece, but had a plunging 'V' neck that went to her navel. Since Susan was a 'C' cup and Gail bigger than that, her large breasts were showing a lot of cleavage both down the 'V' and from the sides of the fabric meant to cover a somewhat smaller chest.

The front panel of the suit was cut very high on the thigh and narrow in front. Below Gail's navel, it had gathers to a center line, bringing to a male mind the idea of vulva and labia, then the gusset was tight and clingy, suggesting the shape of Gail's pussy.

Bob was awed by how amazing his wife looked in the revealing suit as she spun to show that it was a halter top, backless, and the Tonga cut was high on the hips and only provided coverage to half of his wife's bottom cheeks.

She was one hot wench, Bob thought.

"So Bob," said Susan, "The point of a CFNM party is for the girls to wear something attractive, and for the boys to wear nothing at all. Since you're one of the boys, you should get undressed and join the others in the pool yard."

Gail giggled at his fearful looking face. "Honey, I want you to attend the CFNM party with me. It is a nice party with nice people. There's Tara and her friend Ronnie, plus three of their male friends Rick, Paul, and Tim. And of course Jeffrey's out manning the barbeque in his inimitable style. Susan has to go put on her swimming suit, so why don't you just undress here at the door like Jeffrey, and then we can go out and meet everyone together?"

Bob gulped in embarrassment. Susan's daughter and friend were here? And three boys? Oh, no...thought Bob.

Gail took his hand as Susan left the room to change. "Bob, please do not embarrass me by giving me a hard time about undressing. All the boys are undressed at a CFNM party, this is that kind of a party, and you're a boy. So get those clothes off, mister."

Gail had used her 'spanking voice' on the last sentence and that got Bob's attention. He began to unbutton his shirt.

"That's my good boy," said Gail, "I would hate to have to take you into the bedroom and swat your bottom for disobeying me. You don't want to be a disobedient husband and have to have a spanking with the strap, do you?"

"No, dear," he said quietly as he unzipped his pants.

"Good boy," said Gail as she reached over and patted his bottom. She had made a habit of doing that since she had read that disciplinary wives should use every opportunity, both with verbal hints and little pats, to remind their husbands that a spanking was always just one misstep away...

Gail watched her husband peel off his briefs as she imagined how he would look in some pretty pink panties like Jeffrey now wore. She decided that putting her spanked husband into panties might be just the thing for him.

Once he was naked, she took him by the hand and led him toward the pool yard.

Gail scolded, "Now Robert, I don't want to see you covering your penis with your hands or anything else. That is not appropriate at a CFNM party, and I want you to behave like a good boy for me. I want to be proud that everyone sees how good and obedient my husband is."

"Yes, dear," he said. Just then, Bob was reminded by the little twinge of pain that his bottom was still freshly red from the spanking he had received the previous night.

Gail had used her hand, two of her wooden paddles, and a rubber paddle-like device called a 'ferrule' on his bottom, turning it from pink, to red, and beyond. He had looked in the morning and there were many red marks on his bottom that could still be clearly seen in the morning.

He asked, "Honey, what about the...uh marks on my bottom - everyone will see them..."

"That's alright dear. Your bottom looks nice after a spanking. If anyone asks, you just tell them the truth that your wife spanks you. You're not ashamed to be my husband, are you?"

"No, dear, I just wanted to know what you thought about it."

"Good boy," she smiled, "I think it's just fine and natural that you have some redness on your bottom, it simply means you are well taken care of by your loving wife. Don't you think?"

"Yes, dear," he said as they walked up to the Barbeque area, and all heads swiveled toward them.

The only person who had seen Bob naked before was Jeffrey. That had happened a few weeks ago when Susan and Gail had decided it would be fun to have both their husbands together for a spanking...

Bob and Gail had come to Susan and Jeffrey's house, had a nice dinner, and then the boys had moved dining chairs to the center of the living room.

The two wives had sat across from each other as they took their naked husbands across their laps and tried out each and every spanking implement that either woman owned on the upturned bottoms of their 'naughty' boys.

The Ladies then swapped husbands, enjoying the variety of having a new bottom to swat to their delight.

The boys were both reduced to sobbing, agreeable, begging, masses of male muscle, just as the ladies planned. It was a fun evening.

After the boys had had their corner time to calm down from all their whining and sniveling, the Ladies had given them a reward for being such good boys and taking their spankings well. Each boy laid on the sofa or loveseat with his bottom cradled in a Lady's lap, with his exposed genitals in perfect position for the lady to play with.

Each boy's penis received a relaxed & lingering masturbation session. The ladies worked together to make the boys both ejaculate at the same time, and they were successful within a second or two.

At the end of their special spanking time together, the two couples had hugs all around and Bob and Gail headed for home.

Afterwards, in bed, Susan asked Jeffrey, "So, how did you like being spanked by Gail?"

"She really spanks hard, honey, just like you. You're both very expert spankers."

Susan grinned, "That's probably the only answer that I can't make trouble with, isn't it?"

"That was the idea, honey," said Jeffrey with a Grin.

"And the hand job?" asked Susan, "How did you like Gail's hands on your penis? It seemed like she made you come pretty hard..."

"Well, dear," said Jeffrey, "Since I'm a male, a fence post can make me come if I rub my penis on it. So the fact that I came is no indication of anything. Gail certainly knows what she's doing and stimulated my penis very expertly..."

Susan's eyes narrowed, "And...?"

"But I love you, not her. She loves Bob, not me. She merely performed a physiological function - causing my penis to ejaculate semen. Whereas, when you touch me, it's like a spiritual experience and I get completely lost in your embrace and love for me - which transcends space and time. A simple kiss from you is worth a thousand hand jobs from Gail, regardless of her obvious excellent skills..."

"Well played, sir," said Susan, smirking at her husband's devious words, all designed so that she couldn't take issue with anything he said. "Come here, you..." she said.

Susan made passionate love to her husband for a long time, riding atop his penis and grinding her clitoris against his shaft to several orgasmic eruptions. She very much enjoyed her husband's long-lasting stamina due to having been masturbated by her friend just an hour before. It reminded her of the unstoppable erections that young boys can offer a discerning woman...

So that is how Jeffrey had seen Bob undressed. Tara, Ronnie, Rick, Paul, and Tim had not seen Bob naked before. The three boys looked him in the eye, smiled and nodded, and went back to shucking the corn on the cob, careful not to give off any bisexual vibes by looking at Bob's body.

Bob had dark hair and dark chest hair on skin that was just the olive side of white. It was the paleness of his mother that gave him light enough skin to really show the marks of a good spanking. He was built a little bigger than Jeffrey in size, muscularity, and genital size. He was about average.

Tara and Ronnie walked over to shake his hand and give him a good looking over. The two girls smiled as they inspected his genitals, and when Ronnie saw his bottom as he was walking away, she stifled a gasp.

"Tara," she whispered, "Bob has red marks on his bottom, does that mean..."

"Of course. Gail probably spanked him this morning, or last night. Whatever."

"He lets her spank him?"

"Uncle Bob is a good husband. A good husband obeys his wife, and takes his spankings like a man."

"Does your mom spank your dad?"

"Duh. Sometimes. Not nearly as much as Gail spanks Bob, from what I hear, but yes. My daddy is submissive and mom is very dominant. It's only natural that she would spank him from time to time to correct his behavior or to remind him whose boss in our house."

"I see. That's not something I expected." Ronnie paused, and then said, "Are any more men coming, or do we only have five naked men to look at all afternoon?"

"Five not enough for you?"

"Of course it is, I'm just joking. This is amazing..."

"Well, if you must know, the answer is... Maybe..."

Just then the glass door opened and Susan stepped out into the pool yard as everything stopped dead. All eyes were on her as she slowly walked across the patio. She was absolutely stunning.

Susan wore a hot pink string bikini. It was made of small triangles of fabric, and matching pink strings tied in bows at each hip, and at her neck and back.

Her feminine body was a smooth flow of creamy soft skin over perfectly formed curves. Since she'd been dating her 'beau', she had kept on a strict diet and exercise program that was clearly working. Her 40-something body rivaled both Tara's and Ronnie's 20+ years younger models. And there was something about her maturity that made her far more sexy than a younger woman.

Tara leaned over and proudly whispered to her friend Ronnie, "I hate when she does that...", and she motioned with her chin toward the three seated boys who had stopped shucking corn. The boys' eyes were wide and their hands stopped in mid motion. Their jaws had dropped and they looked dumbstruck.

Ronnie stifled a giggle. "Yeah, I hate that too."

Not only was Susan's body just delectable, the shocking hot pink swimming suit just screamed of sex.

The hot pink triangles of fabric intended to cover and or support a woman's breasts almost did neither. More than half of her breast surface - all creamy soft billowing, jiggling female flesh - was exposed. The thin triangles of fabric covered her perky nipples and little more, leaving curvaceous breast visible above, beside, and beneath each little string-borne 'cup'.

The front panel was a dangerously short and narrow strip of unlined pink, clingy fabric, barely able to contain Susan's large and pouting vulva. She was a woman with a noticeable pussy, and boy was it on display. The thin fabric clung to every curve of her full - swollen? - lips, displaying an Olympic cameltoe.

In the back, again a narrow swatch of fabric just covered the cleft of her bottom, leaving her cheeks completely bare.

The effect was that she looked naked.

She was certainly the focus of all male attention, and of course, she loved it.

Tara looked at her three boys, and had enough. She said, "Hey! You guys raised in a monastery or something? Jeeze, get over it, and shuck that corn."

Jeffrey grinned to himself and got back to tending the barbeque.

Gail slapped Bob on the bottom, loud enough that everyone heard it, and she whispered to her blushing husband, "Put your eyes back in your head young man. You don't want to have to go across my lap here and now, do you?"

"No, dear," he said, averting his eyes from the gorgeous form Susan had seen fit to tempt and tantalize the boys with.

Gail and the other girls all knew exactly what Susan's game was. She wanted to make the boys have erections. It was a fun game that women loved to play. It was so satisfying to entice a male to arousal, and then say to him, "Oh, my, did I do that?"

Tara and Ronnie walked over to Rick, Paul, and Tim. Tara eye them each in turn and then whispered, "the first one of you that gets a stiffy from looking at my mother is going to regret it."

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