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She Wants Him


A little background for you. My wife Evelyn (I call her Eve) is 35 years old and works as a project manager for her company in town. She stands 5` 6" tall with dark Auburn hair.

She is very well spoken and is very feminine. You should see her body too ........... anyway, I am 41 years old and work as a tour promoter. We both have an active life and have taken care of ourselves. I happen to be married to the sexiest woman I have ever seen, rare I know! Her object of desire was an 19 year old black lad called Jayson (Jay) who paid her lots of little compliments and flashed her his cheeky wit and smile which she grew to like and look forward to every morning on the way to work.

I especially like the phrase `Cashing in your chips` - you`ll see what I mean....

She wants him

"There he is! oh my God that`s him!"

my wife choked on her wine as she spotted someone familiar over my left shoulder. "There`s who?" I enquired. After recovering from her mini choking fit and regaining her composure she answered.

"Remember that teenager who tried it on with me on the train? remember.....the ticket guy?"

I nodded as I recalled her tale about the young ticket inspector-in-training who had initially complemented her on her dress and then made a habit of making conversation with her every morning on the 7.43am to town. She had previously told me he was black, fairly tall and slim but what she had beamed about most was his cheeky smile and manner.

By the way, we had dressed ourselves smart and headed into town to have a few drinks at a wine bar we both like, it was a gorgeous Summer evening and Eve was wearing one of her lightweight dresses and heels. She has a nice body and these dresses frame her so well. I love it when there is a slight breeze and the fabric of her dress blows against her body, clinging to her and for a brief second or two, showing her thighs or the curve of her tummy......we had found ourselves a table near the window overlooking the river and were deciding what we wanted to drink next.

I had to see who she was talking about so I tried not to look obvious and I followed her gaze to the bar. Behind the bar was a teenager drying glasses with a white towel. He was about 19 or 20 I would have guessed, a pleasant youthful smile on his lips.........but what was he doing behind the bar if he was a trainee on the transport network?. I put that to Eve.

"Oooh I don`t know. Maybe he`s finished that job?"

she held her hands up as if to say `I don`t know`

"Wait a minute, he was talking to me yesterday, I`m confused now"

I knew she was tying herself in knots inside, dying to go over to the bar so I suggested she do just that.

"Tell you what Hon, why not bring us both a drink?, I`ll have a glass of Lloyd`s creek"

I reached into my pocket and took out a £10 note and pressed it into her hands. "Satisfy your curiosity, you`ll only be thinking about it all night if you don`t"

"You know me too well mr"

she said with a nervous laugh.

"Listen, I`ll just nip to the bathroom first then I`ll go to the bar"

She kissed me on the nose and skipped away to the ladies room. A few minutes later she emerged having brushed her hair and applied some extra lipstick and if I wasn`t mistaken, undone one of the buttons of her blouse. My God, was she doing what I thought she was doing?.

Before we married, we had spent long hours talking, about everything, especially relationships. We were both of the mind that if a couple`s love life was beginning to suffer or was becoming a little predictable then one or the other could have a little extra marital fun on the side as long as both people in the relationship were aware of it and both agreed, this way there would be no secret affairs and no heartbreak, I called this `Cashing in the chips`.

As far as I was aware, our sex life was amazing.....was she telling me otherwise by flirting with the lad behind the bar? She was already over there by the time I`d finished panicking to myself. She was leaning on her elbows on the bar and they were both laughing. The boy`s expression was priceless, all his birthdays and Christmas` had arrived at once. Here was a gorgeous middle aged woman flirting with him, even if he was aware of it or not.

I followed his gaze as he chatted with Eve, his eyes made the most of the fact there was a button open exposing the swell of her breasts. A bar tender came along and took my wife`s order, she stood up straight as she waited for her drinks. She finally paid and said goodbye to the lad, winking as she left. His eyes remained glued to the shape of her buttocks moving underneath her dress, she wiggled with an open sensuality all the way back to our table.

"That was fun"

she said as she sat down opposite me.

"He`s just working here in the evenings, well, a few evenings a week to boost his earnings. Got to hand it to him, he`s a hard worker isn`t he?"

"Indeed he is.....did he enjoy the view?"

"What do you think?"

she said sexily with a wink and a smile as she did her button up.

"He`s only 19 anyway, a puppy!"

"Listen babe, do we have a problem, you know......are you looking to cash in your chips?"

She leaned forward with a sudden concerned look on her face and gently took my face in her hands

"No way! I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you, I love you very much darling......I must admit I have been flattered by the attention but that`s all, it`s just a little fun banter that`s all"

she brushed my face with the backs of her perfect fingers and winked.

"Come on, finish up babe, let`s try the club over the river"

We drained our glasses and left. Eve looked over to the bar and smiled to her glass collector, he waved and mouthed `See you on the train` with a smile.

On the following Monday morning, Eve dressed in her power suit, the one which accentuates the shape of her hips and legs, I love to see her in this, it`s a blue jacket which is fitted at the waist and she has a number of skirts and trouser to go with it. This time she chose the shorter skirt with pantyhose, my God......she looked killer.

In Eve`s words:

I sat down on the train as per usual. These days though I had an extra bounce in my step. I knew my young ticket inspector friend - Jay, would be along soon and I knew he`d flirt with me, if only he knew how hard my heart was beating right now! I wore my short skirt today and I had some beautiful pantyhose on from `Eden lingerie` - expensive but worth it.

The contemplation was deliciously sensual. I saw Jay enter the next carriage along, I crossed my legs and made sure he`d get a nice view as he approached. I pretended not to notice him and was looking down into my copy of `Woman`s own` magazine, my skirt having ridden up a little higher over my legs. Jay sat down next to me and I looked up to greet him.

"Hey there Jay, how are you this morning? want to see my ticket then do you hmmm?"

"It`s not your ticket I want to see Eve, you look incredible this morning. Why don`t you leave your husband and run away with me?"

"Hahaha, cheeky boy. Why would I do that? he`s the man of my dreams, I don`t need to leave him, he lets me be me if you know what I mean?"

"New stockings?"


I hitched my skirt up at the side, he could virtually see my whole thigh now and he could also tell that I was wearing a thong, I quickly pulled it back down and smoothed it out with my fingertips.

"Oh man, you`re a bad girl Eve, Jeeze ...... my heart is banging hard, you are a right MILF you know that?"

"Thankyou lovely man, that`s actually nice to hear sometimes, good for your ego"

I flashed him a seductive smile.

"Anyway, hadn`t you better go and check some tickets? you`ll end up getting the sack at this rate"

"This job sucks Eve, I can do so much more than this, who cares if I get sacked!"

"Really, so what are you good at Jay? good with figures? good with your hands? what do you want to do?"

"I thought you`d never ask! I`m certainly good with my hands!, oh ... see what you mean"

"I bet you are hehe, no seriously.....there are openings at our place for young people who are keen to learn, I could set an interview up for you if you like"

"Really? you`d do that? what do you do?"

"We go into pubs and clubs, gut them and re-fit them, it`s everything....electrics, gas, water, gaming machines, Optics - you name it we do it. Look, take this card"

I reached into my purse and uncrossed my legs as I took out my personal card, I turned it over and wrote my office number on it.

"If you like, call me and we`ll arrange an interview. Here`s my direct line, give it a go you just never know what you can do when you put your mind to it"

I handed him the card between manicured fingers.

"You think I`ll get this job Eve, I`ve got no experience?"

"Who knows?, impress me in the interview and we`ll see"

"You`re interviewing?"

"I am, anyway...I`ve got to go, here`s my stop. See you Later?"

I stood for the last few seconds as the train pulled into central station and looked back at Jay and smiled. I knew he would be watching me as I walked away so I decided not to disappoint, I stepped down from the train as the doors opened and strode with a sexy wiggle without looking back, with a satisfied smile on my lips.

I got the call I was waiting for at about 12.30pm that same day. I spoke to Jay and arranged an interview for him on the Friday morning. If he thought I looked good on the train, he hadn`t seen anything yet. While I was talking to him on the phone, I began stroking myself, imagining him doing it. I snapped out of it and finished the call as professionally as I could.

Something about this young lad really got me going, but he hadn`t met a woman who can tease like I can. I told my husband all about my day and the impending interview for Jay. He knew something was happening but he didn`t know the full extent.....I swallowed hard and told him I wanted to cash in my chips after all.

His reaction was all I could think about for hours before I summoned the courage to tell him. Was he going to hate me? would he be hurt?. I did want Jay even though I had not long said I didn`t. Hubby`s reaction surprised me, I thought there would be some kind of resistance but, he was as good as his word. If this is what I wanted, he`d support my decision. I love that man so much! I knew I could go all the way with Jay, a woman knows these things you know.............

Eve told me about her chat with Jay and that she had set up an interview with him. She was dressing different these days, more sexily. I must admit, I was thrilled....our sex life was amazing, she looked incredible and the anticipation of her eventual tryst with Jay was giving me palpitations! I am so pleased she honoured our agreement and told me, it would have broken my heart had she been sneaky about it.

Friday morning, I lay in bed watching my wife getting dressed, she`d been in the bathroom for half an hour pampering herself. She was standing infront of the mirror stepping carefully into her black thong. She stepped back with her hands on her hips and gave herself a satisfied nod. She reached for her suit trousers and pulled them up over her hips, with some effort....they are really tight at the top and show her thighs and bottom off to perfection.

I always think that when a woman is physically in great shape and they are wearing tight jeans or trousers, there`s always a small gap between the tops of her thighs, Eve has this, so hot!.

She pulled her trousers up and wiggled her hips to make sure they were properly on and secured them with her belt. She turned right and left looking at her reflection and then bent over looking back at how she looked. She dabbed her collar bone with perfumed fingertips and touched herself behind each ear. I watched wordlessly as she put her Bra and blouse on and tucked it into the waistband of her trousers. Her auburn hair was tied back into a Ponytail.

There were a pair of diamond stud earrings on the dresser which Eve put in next. I must say, she looked breathtaking, no man in the world could have refused her. Finally, she stepped into a pair of stiletto heels and put her suit Jacket on.

"Right then my lovely, will I do?"

she did a twirl and smiled waiting for my answer.

"You are a Goddess Eve, I`m so crazy about you"

"Aaaawwww thankyou my lovely man, I will see you later this afternoon, bye bye for now"

She kissed me on the lips gently, smiled and left for work. I wandered what she had in store for Jay, I would have killed to have been a fly on the wall in that interview.

In Eve`s words:

I walked into work with a few butterflies, I was seeing Jay that morning and I was so looking forward to giving him a show of what he could have if he played his cards right. I was feeling so horny. I was fantasizing about him every day now.

He turned up five minutes early, a good start! my secretary showed him into my office and I smiled and gestured for him to sit opposite me at my desk in my oh-so-professional way, even though my insides were turning upside down with butterflies, this is how I felt when I met my husband. I chatted with Jay for a good half an hour about what he could conceiveably do for our company, I was willing to hire him and give him a chance to shine, plus the fact it meant I would see him every day - wicked I know, he already had a job with us, he just didn`t know it yet.

I stood and made my way to a bookcase with some blank induction paperwork and which I pretended to be looking on the higher shelves for. I stretched up to flick through the shelf causing my trousers to pull tight against my legs and bottom. Then I bent down low to look through the lower shelves, all the time talking to Jay nonchalantly. He had stopped answering me, I smiled to myself, I was torturing him.

I pulled a copy of the induction form out and placed it on the table in front of Jay. I leaned down to show him what information was needed....and ofcourse to show him that my blouse was slightly undone and for him to inhale the delicious, delicate scent of my perfume.

I took way longer than I needed to but I was having the time of my life. Jay was trying to write but his writing was quite wobbly and his breathing was erratic. `Not so cocky now young man` I thought to myself. I began to tell him a broad outline of the work our workmen did as I returned to my chair opposite him.

"I am in charge of making sure that the right work team is despatched to the right location, it`s extremely important, time is money or so the saying goes. So let`s say I hire you as say....a decorator for instance and you are on location, if you`re needed at another location, I would arrange for you to be taken there to help out. If I needed you somewhere else, I would probably come for you myself"

I was taking the end of my pen between my teeth between sentences and closing my lips around it fleetingly.

"Sounds great Eve. What do you think I`d be best at?"

Oh my God!! if only he knew the real answer to that!

"Well as I said.....decorating maybe?, you would get on well with our guys and it`s a job which requires good attention to detail. It`s also artistic, I think you`ve probably got a good imagination?"

Jay fought back a smile and said

"My imagination is very good Eve"

I thought I was going to cum right there and then. my thong was struggling to contain the growing moisture between my legs.

"That`s always a bonus Jay. Right, let`s see what we have then"

I returned to his side of the desk to retrieve his filled in form, I sat on the edge of the desk right next to him. I leaned down and read his details, like hell I did, I was playing him again. I flicked my eyes up to see if he was looking and he was.....right at my breasts. His cock was standing to attention and he was trying to hide it by squirming in his chair and placing his hands in his lap.

"Mhmm, well.....if you`d like the job Jay then I`d be pleased to offer it to you"

"Really? a decorator? here with your company?"

"Yes, congratulations!. I`ll get a letter of offer out to you today and then you can start a week next Monday. Oh I forgot to ask, what about your current job, how much notice do you need to give?"

"I quit, stupid place....checking tickets, no way man"

I walked over to my desk and sat down, my work here was done, I`d set some pretty good ground work that day, he was mine, it` was just a matter of time.

"Well it`s just as well I suppose. I don`t think I`ll be seeing you on the train for the next few days then?"

He shook his head

"Well then, a week next Monday. When you get your letter, call me ok?"

"You bet...thanks again Eve"

Jay left my office. As soon as the door was closed behind him, I reached between my legs and furiously rubbed my Clit through my trousers but managed to stop myself before getting too carried away, where that bit of will power came from I have no idea. The rest of the day was going to be torture, I had a few hours left here and then I would be home.....my husband was in for a good night!

I knew Eve was seeing Jay today and the thought filled me with trepidation, I had a mixture of adrenalin rush, panic and arousal all at the same time, each emotion fighting for supremacy within me.

When she got home, I could see in her eyes that she was turned on and it wasn`t long before we were in bed having the most furious fuck ever. We climaxed explosively together and fell apart on our bed. We were both dripping with sweat and breathing hard.

"Jesus........what brought that on?.........like I need ask"

"Sorry my love, today was almost too unbearable for words. I don`t know what`s come over me....apart from you that is"

she wiped her inner thighs and sucked the remaining traces of my Semen from her fingers with a wicked smile.

"You are going to go through with it then lovely?"

"I want to yes.......if you feel bad about it in the slightest though, I won`t, nothing will come between us, I love you far too much to risk us"

"Evey, I am an extremely happy man right now, the love of my life is positively beaming and our sex life is wonderful , who could ask for more?. We had an agreement, you had enough about you to approach me and be honest, I respect you for that.......so enjoy him baby"

"You are so special"

she rolled over and took my face in her delicate hands and planted a soft kiss on my lips and whispered

"I love you"

Wednesday was my birthday, I was looking forward to that, we always celebrate each other`s birthday enthusiastically. I got home from work on Wednesday evening and there was a parcel wrapped in birthday paper with a bow and a card on it. I smiled from ear to ear and read the message on the card.

`To my darling man, all my love always, your Eve........enjoy!` I ripped the paper from the parcel and opened it up. Inside was a boxed up Nanny cam.........a Nanny cam!!! oh my God!! there was a transmitter/receiver, a wireless adaptor, and a really cool digital clock with blue digits on a black background. The only thing about this clock was, the black background concealed a camera lens and a motion sensor. I love these things.

"Like your new present then?"

Eve put her arms around my waist from behind

"I love these Eve, how did you know??, they are way expensive though! this must have cost you!"

"I wanted to do something for you. You`re letting me do the most incredible thing, so I bought you the means to have some fun yourself"

She came round to face me with a naughty smile on her lips

"Have you twigged yet my love?"

"Ermmm.....I don`t quite follow sweety"

"We set this up in the guest room. You can now watch me and Jay in bed, you can watch him fuck me"

Hearing Evey say those words sent a shot of adrenalin coursing through my veins and down to my loins

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