She Wants Me


"I began to believe she was right." she goes on. " You're nice, kind. I mean, you agreed to come out in the middle of the night and get me at the bar. You have a good sense of humor, laugh a lot and even make some witty remarks. You get along with everyone. You seem to have a good job, be dependable. And you're actually very good looking. But you never made a pass at me, never asked me out."

"I was scared to," I tell her. "You've got to know that you're drop dead gorgeous. You should probably end up with some millionaire or famous jet setter, not someone normal like me. And, you always had a couple guys hanging around. I was sure that if I tried anything, I'd just fail. You're out of my league. But I've always found you sexy and desirable. The first time I ever saw you and heard your name, Gloria, in my mind you became Glorious, the unobtainable dream."

She kisses me and holds me close to her. "Well, I was obtainable. And everything about you was just what I wanted. The one unanswered question was sex. Would we be any good at sex together. So I set up this whole thing. I wasn't drunk at all. I called you like that to get you into my bed. And I have to tell you that you are absolutely terrific at sex. You're the fourth male I've been with and by far the best. I'd be very happy to spend the rest of my life fucking you." Then she kisses me again. I kiss back.

"I don't know how I can even ask this, laying here naked, next to the sexiest girl I've ever even dreamed of. But if I understand you, I've just been auditioned to be your husband and I've passed. What about love? Nothing you've said includes any mention of love and a lot of people seem to think love is the whole reason to marry."

'Well," she replies, slowly, thinking how to say it, "I have an AA degree in Finance and work as an accountant. I guess I have a very practical mind, not a romantic one. People have been getting married for practical reasons for years and they've ended up very successful. I've talked to older women married for awhile and they all claim that living together, working together on common aims, raising a family, ends up with the two people more in love than when they first married. At first it was more lust than love but in time, it's real love. I'm not saying we should get married today, I accept that we need to get to know one another better, just to make sure. But I already know about you. Now you need to learn to know about me and see if you agree with me. One thing you said yesterday made me know even better that you want to get married some time was when you said that my large breasts could feed twins. No male could think about breasts feeding babies unless they've thought about having babies. Most guys just think of breasts as sex symbols."

"I have to admit that this is all a surprise," i tell her. "I think you are the most beautiful and the sexiest female I've ever seen and I'm so happy that you've chosen me to be your sex partner, all I want to do for now is continue our relationship. I can't imagine anything better in the world. If it's o.k. with you, lets just continue on and see what happens. I'm pretty sure that I would be an idiot not to want to stay with you forever but this has happened so quick, I need a little time. Okay?"

"Yes. I never expected an immediate decision. But we have a decision to make now. Do we put on our bathing suits and go down and join everyone on the beach and you eat me when we get back or do you eat me now? Because I've never felt anything as great as you licking me."

"How about now and then again when we get back from the beach?" I ask her as I start moving down between her legs. She moves out of my way and sits on the side of the bed, spreading her legs open wide.

"This position worked great that first time, let's use it again," she tells me. So I kneel on the floor and lean my face in and get to work on her delicious pussy, a little tastier and juicier now than that first time. I do everything I know, licking and sucking and finger fucking her and it doesn't take long before she's giving out little screams and getting juicier and juicier. I can see enough to know that she's propped up on her elbows some, watching what I do and using her fingers to tweak her nipples. Then in a little more time she cums. Cums loud and wet and falls back on the bed as if she's worn out. I lean back a little and then stand up. She looks at me and smiles. I'm definitely fully erect. I guess licking her turned me on. She sits up and then starts to slide forward to get off the bed. "You can't try and force that big think into a bathing suit," she says. "Sit down here and let's change positions and see if I can help you."

I do as she says and in no time, she's licking my cock, sliding her hand up and down it, playing with my balls. She gets her lips over the head and slowly slides down, swallowing about half my length, licking and sucking. She slides back up, looks up at me with a dirty grin, "I've watched girls doing this on the 'net a lot. I've always wanted to try it." With that she starts swallowing me again. I'm not sure what she means, since she's sucked me a couple times before but as she bobs her head up and down I begin to realize that the other times she was sort of appreciating or loving my cock and this time she's trying to make me cum. On the one hand, I want to. I want to feel it, I want to let her succeed at what she's trying. But the reality is that I've cum so often that I know I'm going to last a while this time. But I underestimated the effect of a strong mouth working hard, aided by her one hand sort of masturbating me as much as it can. I cum. Not as much as if I hadn't unloaded a couple times already today but enough to give her a taste of my semen. "That's a different taste," she says, swallowing and licking her lips, still holding my softening cock with one hand. "I'll need to try it a number of more times to see how much I like it."

We put on our bathing suits and walk to the beach. Gloria is in a rather brief two-piece and if I fuck her a million times, that body is always going to arouse me. She is truly glorious. A dozen or more friends are in the usual place so we spread out our towels and stuff and head to the water. We each body surf several times -- the waves really aren't much but it's fun even if it's rather tame. As we walk out of the water, heading back to our group, Gloria is tight up against me and feeling my ass, so I put my arm around her waist.

We get back to our towels and lay down and both of us start spreading sun block or lotion on. She hands me hers and lays on her stomach and I spread it on her back and the back of her legs. As I get up near the top of her thighs she spreads her legs some and sort of moans softly. Then she does mine, spending extra time to feel my body, or at least it feels like that's what she's doing. Later, we get in a volleyball game. We're on the same side. I almost wish she was across the net so that I could look at her more. I get at least the beginnings of an erection looking at her beauty and great body and I don't get to look as much when she's next to me or behind me. Neither of us are great players and neither are most of the others but we enjoy it.

We rotate and as I move to the back, another guy, Nate, comes close and whispers to me, "You're with Gloria now?" I grin and nod yes and he gives me a thumbs up. When the game is over and another set of people move in, we both go and lay down again. I'm on my back and Gloria is next to me on her towel, on her stomach. She spreads her legs so that one of hers touches one of mine and she reaches out and puts a hand on my stomach. Her head is turned toward me.

She rubs my stomach lightly and almost whispers, "Jack, you've changed me. I feel different than I ever have before."

"How's that? I reply, turning my head toward her.

"I'm constantly aroused and I never used to be. Right now I want us both naked, you on top of me so I can feel your whole body with you inside me moving and making me have another orgasm."

I smile. "If we do that here I think we'll get arrested."

Still whispering so no one else can hear, she says "Oh, I can wait a little bit until we get back to your place. It's just that I have never, ever felt like this before. It's only been a half day or a little more since I got you into my bed last night and we've had more sex than I've had before in, oh, probably a week or more, maybe a month. In the past, we'd fool around a little and finally get to fucking and then we'd both go home or back to the dorm or whatever. Most of the time I wouldn't even have an orgasm and I would give myself one later. But with you the sex never seems to stop and I'm ending up wanting it more and more, wanting you all the time. I'm having almost constant orgasms. I never tasted semen before until just a little while ago with you. I'd sucked a cock as foreplay or to get it hard but never till it came. But with you, I want everything. I even want to do that some more. And I've never felt the way I do when you eat me. It may even be better that actually fucking. But I want it all. And I'm beginning to realize, I think I want it all the time now. I never used to be like this at all."

My reply is, "We better pack up and leave or we both may do something right here that's illegal." She just grins, sits up and starts putting her stuff together, so I do the same. We take a few seconds to talk a little with everyone but in almost no time we're walking away, our arms around each other. Fortunately, my place is only a block away.

Over the next four weeks, the frequency drops slightly but the quality stays high. She is absolutely the most desirable girl in the world for me and it's obvious that she wants me at least as much, maybe more, than I want her. I don't know how I lucked into this. We both also learn more about each other and there's nothing about her that's negative. I like being with her even when we're not naked. We eat together a lot, walk and talk and go to movies and sit and watch TV. And we also get naked a lot, her place and mine.

I have an MBA degree and am a CPA, have a good job as a controller for a high tech division of a much larger company. A couple of the genius type technical guys that I know really well and used to work here have moved north toward San Francisco and started their own company. They called me to let me know that they've lined up venture capital but those money guys tell them they need their own money guy within their new business and so they want me to come join them. I'd get a piece of the company. The worst thing about it could be that once they get a product running, they would sell out to a large corporation. It's unknown for sure but I might end up with a million dollars or so. At the high end, they become another Facebook or Apple and I'd end up with hundreds of millions. Even though I realize they also could fail, the upside is so good that It seems like a no brainer to me, I need to go join them.

Which makes me face a decision. Do I want to get married, do I want to marry Gloria? That night I go to Gloria's right after work. We go into her bedroom and we both get naked and follow what has become our routine. I suck on her luscious breasts and move down and eat her delicious pussy and then we fuck. She then sucks me hard again so she can climb on me and fuck some more. It sounds like it's routine but, boy, doing it isn't routine at all. We both have a couple orgasms. Her maybe even more. By then her room mate has gone out so we order in some food, Chinese, and we sit naked in the kitchen eating the food. I describe the situation to her about the offer to join these guys in a start up business. I also let her know it means moving north several hundred miles. Neither of us are originally from California, our families and history are back east.

"So," I tell her, "I'm doing it. I've already turned in my resignation to my employer. I'll undoubtedly have to put in long hours. I want you to go with me. I don't want to leave you. It means pulling up stakes from here, means moving in together. If it's still what you want, we should get married, right away or a little later, or whatever you want. I'm not sure whether it's just lust or if it's love, but I sure hope you're going to come with me."

She gets up, walks the two steps it takes and sits on my lap, facing me. Her pussy, still wet from our previous action, is sitting on my cock, which begins to respond, Her terrific breasts are pressing against my chest. She kisses me, puts her arms around me. Her tongue slides into my mouth. While we kiss, she wiggles her bottom. I know she's trying to get my cock to get erect again. I hold her and kiss her back.

"You sure timed your questions right," she says. "I'm all horny and wanting you, sitting on you naked, trying to get you hard enough to slip into me and you're asking me if I want to sleep with you every night and have sex with you all the time and of course I do. If you've already turned in your resignation, I'll do the same tomorrow and move with you whenever you want. But right now, can you please think about sex for a moment so that you'll get all nice and hard?"

"I should tell you I have an ulterior motive in this," I reply to her. "I want to sleep with you all the time and have sex with you until I die. You are the sexiest female I've ever seen. But I'm just a normal guy. I realize that you seem to think that sex with me is the greatest and I'm very glad you do. But if you marry me, you're committing to be only with me forever and never going off to see if there's someone that might even be better."

"I'm worried that you'll feel stuck with me and get tired of me and you're worried that I'll feel stuck with you and get tired of you," she says back, smiling. "Don't worry. I'll never want anyone else. But once we agree on the timing, I want to have babies and then Jack, you damn well better stick around. Now, enough of this, I can feel you're almost ready, let's get back on the bed and practice baby making some more."

I slid forward on the seat and she wrapped her feet behind me so that when I managed to stand, she's hanging on me, her arms around my neck. It isn't easy to stand up with an extra hundred and twenty pounds hanging on you. I walked to the bedroom, leaning back a little to compensate for her weight plastered against my front. In the bedroom I almost fall forward so that she ensd up on her back and I'm atop her. By then my cock was erect enough, I aimed it at her slit and starting pushing my way in.

I'd already cum a couple times. With Glorious, I'd learned long ago that once she cums for the first time her later cums come faster. With me, it's the opposite. Once I've cum a couple times, I can almost fuck forever before I cum again. Anyway, she's all wrapped up around me, our bodies are almost glued to each other and I'm pushing in and out of her as fast and hard as I can. She's into "fuck me, fuck me" and "ohmigod this is so great" and "Jack you're the greatest" and then just a bunch of moans and grunts moving to a small scream as she has another orgasm. I can feel her insides grasping me, the fluids coming around my cock.

I pull back, all the way out. "Roll over" I tell her and she does. I grab her hips and lift them a little and she understands and gets her knees under her, her ass up in the air. I kiss and fondle her firm, lovely butt as I move behind her to push into her again. I hold onto that butt as I push my way into her again, getting that same warm, damp, tight massage of my cock as it forces its way through her insides. I start pounding into her again. I keep it up for a couple minutes then lean over her to reach around and hold her breasts. I continue to fuck her but not with the same force as I fondle her breasts, pull on her nipples. I then slide one hand down to diddle a little on her clit, right above where my cock is sliding in and out of her. This gets a lot of noise out of her, all unintelligible moans and grunts and shrieks. When I think she's getting to another orgasm I straighten up and hold her butt again so that I can pound into her as fast and hard as I can manage. She goes nuts. Her insides are spasming, she's emitting fluid, she's yelling full voice. She loves it.

I pull out. She collapses flat on her stomach. I'm still hard. I think I could go another twenty minutes or more if she can handle it. "Want to climb on and ride me?" I ask her. She turns her head and looks at me, her eyes look up and down my body. She rolls on her side and reaches for my cock, wrapping her fingers around it. She slides her hand up and down.

"I can't let this go to waste," she finally says in almost a mutter, staring at my cock. "But I don't think I can manage to climb on you. So please climb on me again and let's start over." So I do and she's all wrapped up around me again. "I love the feeling of our bodies all sticky and against one another,' she says as I fuck her. I purposely take it easy although I know that means I'll last a long time. But this has happened before. A nice slow fuck will let her get her energy back again. We must go on for ten minutes. It isn't possible to get bored while I'm fucking this gorgeous creature but it does get to feel repetitive after awhile. She then does what she's done before. "I'm almost sore down there but you need to cum again. Let me suck you for awhile." I pull out and we rearrange ourselves so she can get my cock in her hand and mouth, even though it's coated with our combined fluids from hours of fucking. I think maybe she likes it better than when it's clean, just out of the shower.

She's slow and almost loving at first, seemingly just enjoying having my erect cock at her disposal. But she slowly starts getting more and more energetic about it, bobbing her head up and down, masturbating me pretty furiously with her hand, almost pulling on my balls with her other hand. I finally shoot off. She gets a taste rather than a full mouthful. "I think I can taste a little MSG in there from the Chinese," she tells me, grinning as she moves up and lays next to me. We're done til another day.

Over the next couple weeks, in between sex, we work out the details of our move. She calls her mother to tell her we're getting married and moving. We'll actually be moving and then at some later point getting married but perhaps mothers don't want to hear it in that order. From the side of the conversation that I can hear I don't think her mother knew that she even had a boyfriend. I get to hear her describe me to her mother and I grin because I've never thought of me in the terms she uses. She doesn't mention at all that we're good together sexually. I think maybe mothers don't want to hear than either.

Anyway, I drive up north, meet with the two guys starting the business then, with them, meet with the venture capitalists that are providing some money. A lot of interesting shenanigans, us trying to get everything we can and them doing the same. Of course we want to own the company and they want as much of it as possible. I'm not a lawyer and it's obvious that we need a lawyer but I've done enough of this type of thing that we arrive at some general terms. I let the genius electronic guys know that we need a lawyer and fortunately I know the very guy we need so we get hold of him and he agrees to get involved. It means there is one more person that wants a piece of the pie. It's a rough several days but we finally get it all worked out. We also have to come up with our own incorporation papers and a company name and arrange to lease some space where the product can be fully developed, which will certainly mean hiring a few people. I leave my car at the motel where I've been staying and fly back down to drive up again with Gloria in her car.

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