She Wants More than the Tip


"I know what I'm doing." Veronica said, clearly disinterested in talking.

"I didn't mean to offend you, I just..." Anna started. Veronica stood up straight and started talking, interrupting Anna.

"Okay, ma'am. I've taken all the evidence I need. Feel free to clean this all up. I will get back to you if I find anything. I'll also have a talk with this Alicia you told me about. See what she has to say for herself." Veronica said.

"Okay, great!" Anna said. "Do you have a card or something?"

Veronica handed over her card, and then took Anna's number before leaving, evidence in hand. Anna was excited to see this bitch Alicia get her due. For justice to be done on her. But Anna was dismayed as a few weeks passed with no word from the police. She didn't tell Ryan any of this, not wanting to worry him. She waited and waited, before growing too impatient and deciding to call Officer Rivera.

"Officer Rivera, this is Anna Franklin. I was just wondering if you had gotten anywhere with my case?" Anna asked.

"Yes, Ms. Franklin. I'm sorry to say the evidence was inconclusive. I talked to Ms. Tahana, and she had an alibi. I'm sorry to say that without any more evidence, there is nothing we can do." Officer Rivera said.

"You're kidding? How can that be? It made sense. How can she get away with this?" Anna asked, confused.

"She's not getting away with anything. All evidence points to the fact she didn't do this." Veronica said.

"How is that possible? There isn't any other possibility. I know she did this!" Anna said.

"I'm sorry I can't help you Ms. Franklin. If anything else happens, let me know." Veronica said.

"But..." Anna started, but the cop hung on her.

Anna was pissed. She knew Alicia did this. She knew it. And she would not let her get away with it. She wanted this bitch out of their life for good, which is why she was on her way to O'Malley's to give the crazy bitch a piece of her mind.

Anna stepped into the restaurant with a purpose. She ignored the hostess as she looked around for that bitch, Alicia. She finally saw her, prancing out of the kitchen. Anna stormed over to her.

"Hey!" Anna said, grabbing Alicia's attention. Alicia looked at Anna as Anna blocked her path. She gave Anna a perky smile.

"Can I help you miss?" Alicia said.

"Cut the bull, Alicia. You know who I am, bitch!" Anna said tersely. The people around them looked up at them.

"I have no idea who you are." Alicia replied.

"You know who I am, and I know what you are doing. Stay away from my man, or you will pay." Anna growled.

"Are you threatening me?" Alicia said with a knowing smile, a smile which made Anna want to rip her face off. Before she could, a very large man stepped in between them. He asked Anna to leave, and she had no choice but to do so. But on her way out, she left that bitch with one parting remark.

"I'm not losing my man to some skanky waitress!"

As she left, she was feeling a bunch of emotions. She was buzzing with adrenaline, having never fought for her man like that. Also, she was a little embarrassed at making such a scene, but it was definitely worth it. She had made a stand for her man. She had never felt prouder of herself.

When she had gone home, she was feeling great about herself. And she was still buzzed from her encounter with Alicia. So when she saw her fiancé at their home, she immediately started to get those frisky feelings. She shocked Ryan with a passionate kiss before pulling him into the bedroom.

Anna and Ryan's sex life was good. They always enjoyed making love. They weren't into any of the kinky stuff, but Ryan was satisfied with his sex life with Anna. They would have sex a couple times a week, whenever Anna was in the mood. Spontaneous encounters like this one rarely happened.

A week passed from this day and they had not heard a peep from Alicia. Anna was smugly satisfied that she had taken that bitch down a peg. That was until there was a knock on the door. Anna opened to see a run-down looking man.

"Anna Franklin?" the man said.

"Yes?" Anna replied, confused. He handed her a folded stack of paper.

"You've been served." the man said, before turning and walking away.

Anna opened the papers, and realized she was holding a restraining order. That bitch Alicia had filed a restraining order against her. She couldn't go within 500 feet of her. Not that she wanted to, but still. Ryan walked up behind her.

"What is it?" Ryan asked. Anna was forced to explain what she did to Alicia. Anna went back and explained everything. How Alicia had been spying on them. How she sent the letters. How she broke in to their home. Ryan was unhappy with her for keeping this from him. Part of him also thought that maybe Alicia didn't do this. Sure, he had hit on him. But she was just a slut. Not a crazy stalker. That's a big line to cross, and he didn't think Alicia was capable of doing that. She had given up on him. Plus, he had faith in the justice system, and if the cop found no evidence, and if Alicia had an alibi, then maybe she didn't do it. Maybe Anna was fixating on this waitress. Maybe she was threatened with her.

Ryan didn't know how to explain the letters and the message on the mirror, because he never had the chance to see them. Nevertheless, he changed the locks on the door and was starting to make sure he wasn't being followed. He wanted to trust Anna and show his faith in her. He never saw the mystery silver car that Anna had seen. He distanced himself even more from the waitress, just to be safe. A small part of him wondered if Anna was making this all up. If maybe she was a little crazy.

Anna hated when Ryan was mad at her. Things were a little chilly between them for a bit. Anna was embarrassed by the whole thing. Alicia was scheming to steal her man, and Anna gets painted as the bad guy! As the crazy one! Sometimes, there was no justice.


Ryan was unhappy with what Anna did, but he knew those feelings would pass. He just wanted this whole thing with this waitress to be over and done with. But Alicia had other plans. She was ready to play her trump card. She knew that once she did, Ryan would jump out of his marriage and into her pants.

Ryan was at home alone when he received a text from Alicia. He had thought about changing his number, but it would be too complicated as his cell was his contact number for work, and would be too much of a pain to change. Plus, he was not afraid of Alicia. He could handle her.

Ryan was about to ignore it when he noticed that it was a picture text. This worried him, and he wanted to ignore it, but his curiosity got the best of him. He opened up the text, and the image made his jaw drop.

There was Alicia, with a huge smile on her face. He recognized her outfit as the same one she was wearing when they first met at the restaurant. It looked like she was in the bathroom of the restaurant. She was holding her hand up, fingers extended, and on her finger was the engagement ring he gave to Anna. He couldn't help but respond.

"You put on the ring?" Ryan said. He waited impatiently for a response. His phone dinged quickly.

"That's not all I did..." she teased. Ryan gulped in fear in what she did to the ring. Suddenly, a picture was getting sent his way. He waited impatiently for the picture to reach him. It finally did and he was shocked by what he saw.

In the photo, Alicia had turned around, and she was not wearing pants! Just below her tight shirt was her near-bare ass! She was wearing a skimpy black thong that exposed the firm round ass cheeks of that psycho waitress. She had reached back to palm one of her ass cheeks, and was squeezing the cheek gently, the flesh of her firm ass gently bulging from between her fingers. Ryan could see the ring on her finger pressed against her ass cheek.

"Bitch." Ryan mumbled angrily. He sent that word over to her via text.

"Ha Ha Ha!" she quickly replied. "Don't worry, there's more..."

Then, another photo was on the way. Ryan waited impatiently as the photo loaded. Then it appeared.

Alicia was sitting on a toilet. She had pointed the phone downward towards her crotch. The skimpy material of the thong was covering her vagina. Then Ryan realized that her fingers were under panties. Her face was visible in the photo, and her eyes looked heavy with lust. Her breasts were bulging from under her shirt, and her nipples were apparent under her blouse.

"That rock felt so good against my clit." She texted him. Ryan was frozen with shock. Then, yet another picture was getting sent his way. What else could she have done?

The next one was the most scandalous yet. She had turned around again. The picture was just of her ass. But the hand with the ring was in the shot. She had pulled her thong to the side. Her ring finger was wet looking, and it was pressed against her asshole. The engagement ring Ryan gave Anna was an inch away from this bitch's asshole.

One more picture arrived. It was a similar shot, but one thing was different. The ring finger and the ring had disappeared up Alicia's asshole! That bitch!

Ryan tried to put together what had happened. He had given her the ring, and she had gone to the bathroom and used it to play with herself before giving the ring back to him for the engagement. What an evil bitch! Everything Anna had said about her was right!

One last picture arrived. It was a picture of Alicia's chest, clothed, luckily. But, she had spread her blouse, revealing a mile of cleavage. There, connected to a necklace, was the ring, snugly nestled in her cleavage between her massive tits. There was so much breast flesh that it was apparent that ring was not going anywhere.

"That ring belongs to me. I made it mine." she texted. Ryan was still in shock at how she had perverted such a pure symbol.

"How do you think Anna will react to these pictures? How will she react to seeing her ring used in such a lovely way? She won't want to wear this one after she knows where it's been. Do you think she'll make you buy a new one? For a poor college student, it would cost a lot of money..." she texted to him.

Ryan was cornered. He knew Anna would want a new ring if she saw these pictures. He had spent a good chunk of money on that one. He could get by okay on their bills now. He couldn't if he had to buy a new ring. Alicia had him trapped.

"What do you want?" he texted back, knowing he essentially was being blackmailed. She replied quickly, clearly a fast and experienced texter.

"I just want one date. Just let me make my case to you why we should be together, and at the end, if you feel the same way you do now, then you'll never see me again. I'll be out of your life forever. Sound good?" she texted. Ryan thought it out. He had to get this bitch out of his life for good. He might have to cater to her whims to do so, but it was a risk he had to do it for the sake of his marriage.

"Fine." he texted back.

"Yay!!!!" she texted, before adding, " How does Thursday at six sound?"

Thursday was the one day of the week Anna had classes late, so Ryan could conceivably have this date then without Anna asking any questions.

"That'll be fine." Ryan said, cementing plans for a date with a woman who was not his fiancée.

"Yay! TTYL." she texted back. That was it. The conversation was over. That psycho waitress had forced him into a date. He was shocked. How did he get to this point?


Ryan was in a daze the rest of the week. He put up a good front in front of Anna, not wanting her to know that Alicia had gotten to him. But he was terrified at what this "date" with Alicia would entail. He just wanted to get past it and on with his life.

He would check his phone constantly, waiting for some sort of message from Alicia letting him know her plans for the date. But she sent nothing. She sent no messages about specifics for their date. Ryan hoped that maybe she wasn't going to go through with it, and he would be spared this indignity. But he was still nervous as Thursday approached, just knowing that she would have something up her sleeve.

He still hadn't heard from her by Thursday afternoon. He didn't want to ask her what her plans were because he didn't want to push for this rendezvous to happen. Six o'clock approached and Ryan had dressed up a little, just in case this date was happening. Anna wouldn't be home till around eight. So if this date did happen, there would be more than enough time to finish it and get home without Anna noticing.

Ryan checked his watch as it reached six. As he did so, he heard the doorbell ring. Oh no. It couldn't be. Ryan walked to the door in a daze and opened it. His fears were confirmed. Alicia was at his door. And she was dressed to kill.

Alicia was wearing a tight, slinky black dress that looked a size too small for her. It clung to her body, and it was stretched out in the right places, mainly around her breasts and ass. The dress was low cut and revealed a lot of her chest. Her boobs were oozing out, desperate to be free from their constraints. The spaghetti straps at the top of the dress were strained to the limit due to having her large breasts forced into the tight gown. Her skirt was down to her mid-thigh, and clung to her round butt. Her hair was let down and she was made up perfectly. Despite his feelings about her, he had to admit she looked spectacular.

"Hey Ryan!" she said with a bright smile.

"How do you know where I live?" Ryan asked suspiciously.

"I have my ways." she said in a sing-song voice. Ryan realized she was holding a box in her hands.

"What's in the box?" he asked.

"You'll find out." she teased.

"Okay then... So what's the plan?" Ryan asked.

"Well, I was thinking we could stay here, eat in tonight. I think you can make me a nice meal and we can get to know each other a little better." she said, stepping past him and inside his home, as if she owned the place. She set the box down and looked at Ryan as he closed the door.

"Um, I don't think this is a good idea. Anna will get here when her class is done. You can't be here... in our house." Ryan said.

"Don't worry, honey. I have a plan." Alicia said. Little did Ryan know that Alicia had many friends, including the police officer parked down the street to keep an eye out for when Anna tried to come home.

Alicia walked around, admiring Ryan's home. Ryan couldn't help but admire Alicia's round ass as she walked.

"So... what do you want to eat?" Ryan asked.

"Whatever you're best at. I want you to cook me up your best meal." Alicia said brightly.

"Uh, I make a really good taco salad." he offered.

"Sounds good." Alicia said.

Ryan kept one eye on Alicia as he began to cook up the meat for the salad. Alicia was checking out some of the pictures of Ryan and Anna on the wall before sashaying into the kitchen.

"So, how long have you two been together?" she asked.

"About three years now." Ryan responded tersely. He wanted to make as little conversation as possible with this slut.

"You know, I've always thought that when you meet that special someone, and you know its true love, you put that ring on her finger as soon as possible. You don't wait three years." Alicia said. Ryan rolled his eyes, this bitch clearly not understanding how relationships work. Alicia could sense his annoyance, so she walked up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder. He jumped away from her touch, as if it burned.

"Don't touch me." he said.

"Sweetie, you don't have to be scared. I know it's tough to have these feelings for a woman who's not you fiancée. Don't worry, it'll get easier." Alicia said.

"How can you be such an evil bitch?" Ryan yelled, turning to face her. "You stalk a man who's engaged. You deface an engagement ring. You blackmail an engaged man into a date. How can you feel good about yourself? How can you be this calm?"

"Ryan, when you meet your true love, you go out of your way to be with them. You do anything it takes to be with them. I would do anything to be with you, Ryan. If that means using your engagement ring to get myself off, if it means I have to make you dump your boring-ass fiancée, then I'll do it. I know it won't be easy to dump her, but all of us know you care about me more than you care about her. Don't worry, it'll be worth it. I'll do anything for you. I'll do anything with you. Anything." she said, stepping close to him. Ryan backed away, not wanting to be close to this immoral slut. He turned away and went back to cooking, trying to do anything to take his attention away from this evil bitch.

She had fixated on him. You see it all the time. They only knew each other for less than an hour before she started doing these evil things. Her warped mind saw him as her true love. She couldn't be more mistaken, he thought. He was disappointed in himself for doubting Anna. Everything Anna had accused Alicia of was true. It had to be. Alicia was as crazy as Anna had said.

Alicia could sense his anger, so she made small talk with him as he cooked. She asked how he and Anna met, and he told her the story. As they sat down at the dinner table, the food ready, she started asking him about him and Anna's future.

"So you're gonna be a doctor, and her a lawyer, right?" Alicia asked.

"Yes." Ryan replied.

"So what's the point of you two getting married? You're never gonna see each other, you both will be so busy?" she asked.

"We'll find a way." Ryan said.

"Mmm, Ryan this is sooo good." Alicia said, taking a bite of the meal Ryan had prepared. Ryan slightly nodded in appreciation. His eyes couldn't help but glance at her cleavage as she looked away for a moment. She had very good posture and she sat up straight as she ate. This allowed her breasts to be jutting out front and center. He couldn't help but admire their immense size. Those suckers were huge! They were definitely real. He could tell by their round shape and the way they pressed against each other in just the right way, forming that soft, tasty looking cleavage. He realized he was staring, so he looked up into her watchful gaze. Her eyes twinkled at him as she knew he had just checked her out. She smiled. Ryan turned all of his attention to his meal. There was an awkward pause. Alicia finally broke the silence.

"What I'm saying is what's the point of being married to a girl that you'll barely see? You should marry a girl who'll be there for you, waiting for you when you get home, ready to do whatever you want..." Alicia stated.

"Wow, you're really setting back the feminist movement, aren't you?" Ryan asked. Anna was a big feminist and was eager to provide a good example to younger girls by being a professional and getting a good job, not settling for being a homemaker.

"So? You think I care? You probably care about that feminist bullshit as much as I do, which is to say, not at all. In the back of most men's minds, they truly want a woman who'll be at home for them, waiting to take care of them after a long day's work. They don't want a woman who slaves away at work all day and is just as exhausted as her man when she gets home. A man wants a wife who'll be there for him. And for any real woman, they would rather let their man do the work and let them have the good life, and not have to have her lift a finger or rustle a hair on her pretty little head. I guarantee any woman worth a damn would rather do that than silly work all day. And the women who don't are fucking morons. All that those men ask in return is for their women to look pretty and make babies. And, honestly, that's what I'm built for. Let those feminists give their speeches. I'll be too busy fucking their men to notice." Alicia said.

After listening to Alicia set back the women's movement back fifty years, Ryan was in shock. This was a woman who not only approved of, but glorified gold-digging. She was proud to sit at home or go shopping all day as her man worked and got her spending money. Ryan was stunned. And the only thing she would provide in return is a womb for making babies. And those massive breasts. He couldn't help but glance at them again. Every time she would lean down to take a bite, her breasts would press into the table and balloon outward. They were so big. They had to be EE-cups!

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