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She Wants To Be In The Business


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


Los Angeles, California

The sun beamed down into the blind covered windows upstairs of an office in downtown L.A. Jane Richards had just hung up the phone with an old actor that worked in her studios years ago and now she was getting up from her chair to leave her office and go back downstairs and work out files. When she walked out the door, another executive who also was her assistant joined her. Kimberly smiled up at Jane as they now were walking together down the hall with their heels clacking in rhythm, as Kimberly spoke up.

"Busy morning?"

"Not really, just got off the phone with Mike about coming back to fund a small documentary. I'm heading out to meet him for lunch to discuss the details."

"Oh, well I got something that should interest you. Lucy Pinder is in the studio today, and she's auditioned for a few roles. After talks went well, she wants to be in with us on contract."

Jane's blank face was nothing that Kimberly could read before the two women were walking down the staircase and now downstairs close to the exit of the building.

"Lucy Pinder...isn't she the glamour girl out of Britain?"

Kimberly nodded her head all smiles and replied.

"I checked her out, she has no agency or an individual agent. This could be a great opportunity for us to bring a new actress in with no history. Only problem is, I think she's demanding a little too much. She's being picky about auditioning certain roles, despite no experience as a lead. What do you think? I want to submit her to Drew and work her in."

"Go for it, I'll speak with her after I get back from my little errand. You've given me something to take my mind off the day."

The two ladies walked off together and Jane went out the door to the feeling of the hot summer sun beaming down on her head from her jet black hair. Now it was break time to go meet with her associate about something, but when she got back, this new girl would be all her attention. Jane had been in this business for many years now, close to reaching the age number of 56 on her birthday cake. From the first opening of Dream Attack Studios far back in 2007, she was the first executive that walked in with the owner: Drew Knight. The young millionaire playboy had financed his private film studio with money from his parents that had a history in Hollywood. Kimberly was the young up and coming assistant with the usual blue eyes, blonde hair, and big tits. The young girl was now approaching 30 and had spent the past 5 years on her knees in the office before she got moved up the later to secretary, making her Jane's right hand enforcer at all times.

For Jane's sake, she had seen the dark side of the movie business for many years. She first started working management back in 1986 for a small time production studio before shifting to working as an agent for upcoming actors. Over the years, she had worked her way from studios for almost two whole decades before Dream Attack was opened. Within the walls of the offices, she was known for her ruthless approach always going the extra mile to bring the studio above everything. The underground of the business world was a cruel and ugly monster, a monster that she was in control of from her powerful position in a studio. Dream Attack was a low budget studio that's niche was making low grade horror movies with a budget on props, though in the last few years began to jump in success thanks to connections in Hollywood. The winning streak began with some indie films that critics loved and catapulted them into an underground spotlight. Since 2011, the studio had been expanding and growing to producing more films yearly than before with more money on budget, and working with upcoming producers and directors.

The day went by and Jane had changed her mind. She didn't feel like dealing with a newcomer at the moment, and went on and texted Kimberly to send Lucy straight to Drew to deal with her. It wouldn't be until the next day when Drew did finally speak to her.


The afternoon hours came by now while Drew was seated in his office chair as usual for a day like this and in came Lucy Pinder herself. He got a great look at the busty girl who walked right in dressed in a low cut brown shirt showing off her massive rack, and then jeans with big leather brown belt matching her shirt. Drew smiled and extended his hand out. The man was 29 years old in a white button up shirt, black hair and a matching black 5 o clock shadowed showing he had not shaven yet this week.

"I'm Drew Knight, and you must be Miss. Pinder."

"That's me, it's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Knight."

The British glamour queen shook his hand went to sit in the chair behind her in front of his desk.

"No please, call me Drew. So Lucy, you wanted to discuss a potential deal here with our studios right? I read over that you have already auditioned for several roles and you were well received in those practices. So, what exactly can I do for you."

"Well...I want something different. I don't want to end up in movies where I have to get naked, since it seems your studio here loves horror movies and that's what I keep getting requested for."

"So you want a role where you don't have to worry about men looking at your beautiful body, is that right?"

"That's correct."

Drew sighed, looking down at his desk. It was a mess of paperwork and other things. Normally he did not give into demands of a no-name that did not have a contract or agent, but he didn't want to eventually lose this one to another studio. He looked back up at her and nodded.

"We can work something out. The two of us can get something out of this."

Lucy shook her head now.

"No, I want to pick my own movie for a change. I have yet to find a studio that will allow me to, and I know what I want to be in."

"You're not going to find a studio that let's you do that babe, when you have no history backing. But I tell you what, we can work something out eventually. You are a big name from Britain, and I want you with us. How about we work something, please?"

A smile graced the English woman's face and then she chuckled a bit.

"Alright, but only because you said 'please'. I guess I have to prove myself now."

"You won't have to do much, I can guarantee that."

"Oh sure, we'll see. I'll come by tomorrow and...can you schedule me a private conference?"

"I can yes, you and me tomorrow with no interruptions. Make it around 10:20, I'm all yours."

"Great, I'll be seeing you later Drew."

Lucy got up from her chair and walked out. From the distance, Drew watched her walk out of his office and the door shut behind her. He took the next few minutes to sit down and go through some of the paper work on his desk while lighting up a cigar and shifting back. Only 10 minutes passed when the door to his office opened and Jane walked in. He looked up at the older woman who was twice his age and then sighed before she spoke.

"I seen Pinder walk out of your office not that long ago, so I assume you two just talked.

"Yeah, we went through the usual stuff. She's going to come back tomorrow, she wants a private meeting."

Jane sat down and then responded with the cold hard truth.

"In other words, she's going to fuck you tomorrow."

Drew shrugged his shoulders and sighed before a smile went on his face. Typical of him, Jane knew his weakness all too well as that little smirk on his face gave it away and he responded.

"I thought of that. Wouldn't surprise me since it's happened before."

"I can tell from looking at her eyes Drew, she's a fucking whore. She's going to fuck you tomorrow and if you give her a contract after she lets you play with her big hooker tits, then I can say that you have officially lost a step."

"Lost a step? The fuck you talking about?"

"It's happened before, I've seen you do it. You think I'm going to forget about that red haired slut from last year? I'm tired of these girls coming in here and thinking all they have to do is fuck the boss, and bam they get a contract! I've seen it so many times over the years, you're long from the first man that has this weakness towards women."

The man closed his eyes and brought the cigar back to his lips for a long puff. Sadly, the truth was spoken past Jane's lips. That specific girl got a contract all in his office all from easily trading favors. Breathing in and then blowing the smoke of the cigar, he reopened his eyes to her after a thought.

"You don't have to worry about that, not happening this time. Promise we're going to work her in another way that will make you happy."

"Good, I have some ideas to enlighten you with."

"You do?"

Jane smiled over at the younger man as she leaned up from her chair over his desk and now spoke with a grin on her cold calculating face.

"It's been a long time since we had a party. We have some new guys on the audio team that could use a little bit of enjoyment since they haven't experienced the true way we run things here."

Drew shook his head for a second, dipping the cigar into the ashtray. He couldn't believe this idea of hers. Not that it wasn't out of the ordinary, but to think they could do this with a girl in her 30's and had a history in modelling.

"I don't know if we can put her through that. This isn't some young model getting into film work for the first time. She's probably seen our kind of tricks before and is expecting us to pull something."

"That's why I want to do it. I say she's built for it, she's a tough girl and can handle it. When I look in her eyes, I know she's got a dirty mind inside. If she really wants it bad enough she won't say no, come on Drew. When's the last time we had a party? We got a whole crew, most of them that haven't had any real fun here in a long time. Think about it, before shooting it down."

The man sat back in his chair and sighed for a minute. He couldn't shake Jane nor could he shake the thought that this was a good idea. It had indeed been a long time since there was a "party" for one of the crews to bring in a new piece of talent. The party was a special process that Jane had come up with years ago with breaking in new contracts for actors and actresses. The long secret had a history deep down in the film making underworld and was one of the best kept secrets for their studio.

"I'll think about it, give me till tomorrow to make a decision. I'll call you when I'm ready."

The woman got up from her chair now and smiled at Drew before nodding.

"Good, you need to think real hard on it. You know I'm right about this, and if you're smart you'll go along with it."

Sighing from his chair, Drew sat back and watched the woman walk out of his office quietly. Her figure a fade as the door shut behind her. Deep down, he knew that she was right about everything including what Lucy's intentions were for tomorrow. Jane was older than him, and his parents had known her years back when he was just a baby. Taking the old road of thinking, he was going to trust her advice here and follow through the plans regardless how tomorrow turned out. If he gave her the contract without putting her to the test, he was never going to hear the end of it this time.


Heels could be heard stomping up the stairs to the main offices while the clock was approaching 10:20. Lucy had dressed to kill for this meeting, with red heart shaped sunglasses and an outfit under her little black jacket. She reached the door to Drew's office and knocked while she waited, she moved the glasses over her eyes. For when the door was opened to Drew, she smiled big for him.

"Hey there handsome!"

"Lucy, glad you could make it, come in."

The first thing she noticed about him today was that he had shaved his face clean. Perhaps he knew what she had planned for this day. The locks of the door began to slowly shut behind her, and then Lucy moved the sunglasses up so he could see her brown eyes and her smile. He was all smiles which made her laugh, as she came at a loss of words. It had been some years since she did something like this.

"Let me guess babe...you're gonna-"

"I'm gonna do you know what and you're gonna let me blow your mind? Is that right?"

Drew nodded his head. This was not the first time he had done something like this in his office. Lucy was simply joining a collection of other up and coming girls that had their clothes taken off and fucked over his desk. He stepped back and waved his hand over at his desk and smiled.

"I already made space for you today."

Lucy bust out laughing at him and then went to unbuttoning her black jacket and letting it fall to the floor exposing herself in the one piece red spandex outfit. She looked him over with a smile as his eyes went from her face down to those blinding tits just begging to be popped out.

"Wow, I seen you in magazines years ago and never thought I'd see those boobs in person...absolutely stunning!"

She placed her hand up one of the straps of her outfit and went to tugging it down her shoulder and then the other one, freeing her titanic sized breasts as they came spilling and caught his eyes.

"They're yours today, all yours."

With a soft smile on her face, he approached and ran his hands up her breasts now, gently squeezing them. Lucy tilted her head back and moaned at the feel of his warm hands over her breasts. Looking up at his face, she watched him bring his head down and smash himself in her fleshy pillows. Lucy put her hands on her tits and smoldering him with them, running her right nipple over his mouth in which he greedily sucked on. She bit her lower lip and moaned.

"Bad boy, you ready to see what a real naughty girl is like?"

Raising his head he looked up at her as she grabbed the heart shaped glasses from her head and then he stopped her.

"No no, keep the glasses on your head for me. I like how they look on you."

Lucy moved the glasses now back over her head, propping it in her hair as he leaned in and she kissed him on the lips. He kissed her back softly in which she responded by sucking on his lower lip before breaking this kiss and looking into his eyes.

"Just for you Drew, now lets get your clothes off and get to work."

Drew stepped back and unbuttoned the two buttons on his shirt to begin. He had already left most of his shirt unbuttoned for he had a gut feeling this is what today would turn out for. He wore no belt on his perfect fit pants and Lucy dropped to her knees and unplugged the button before sliding his zipper down and working his pants down his ankles. She didn't even notice that he wasn't wearing shoes and only socks that would make the disposing of his pants easier. The bulge in his briefs was the hint of what she wanted now, quickly sliding them down to spring his cock out to her face. Looking up at him, she raised the glasses up over her head and then took his shaft into her hand and went to stroking as she looked up at the nude man now.

"Ohhhh, nice cock Drew."

Leaning down, she places her lips over the head and kisses it before coming back up still stroking it nice and slow.

"Real nice."

He smiled down at her, loving the sight of one of the most glamour models in the world down on her knees before him. Lucy stroked him until she felt it coming at full length and then leaned down looking her eyes on him as she enveloped her lips around his swollen rod and sucked it between her jaws. Lucy moaned over the shaft and then went down on it sucking him vigorously.

"Ohhhh boy, you know how to work those lips."

From those words, Lucy came up making a loud pop sound to come off his cock and respond.

"This is only the beginning Drew, you're in for a real surprise."

"Oh yeah?"

She ignored him to go back down on his cock, furiously bobbing her head up and down on it as she took it deeper in her oral hole. Lucy's hands went to her huge tits below, crushing them over her palms while she moved her head up and down on his cock, taking it inch after inch. Lucy took her time slobbering all over his dick while raising her tits up below. Slow and steady, she sucked her way off his cock until she came up to the head and then spread her tits out from under and came off his cock with a loud pop sound right before bringing her tits up and smashing those glorious breasts over his fat stick.

"Oh! Damn!"

A small smile crept over her face as she had surprised him to knock him breathless. Lucy knew her body was built for titty fucking with a magnificent set of amazing tits, and she took advantage of that every time. She wanted to play hard ball with him early on to see what kind of man he was. Slowly pumping her massive breasts up and down fucking his cock, Drew breathed in and moaned. This was the largest set of boobs he had ever had his cock between, and it was proven as his rod completely disappeared each time she pumped up and then the head just barely peeped out when she pushed down. Breathing in, he watched her fucking his cock as she teased him with her dirty words.

"Mmmmm, feels so good having your cock driving between my big tits."

"God it fucking does! You have the best tits ever!"

Lucy couldn't help it, she loved it when men flattered her in praise of her glorious breasts. She smiled at him and continued pumping her tits over his cock. Looking down at it, she flicked her tongue and spit between the crack when the head popped up. Drew was in another level of pleasure right now as the busty legend worked her amazing boobs up and down on him.

"Ohhhhhhh damn! Those fucking tits are the best thing ever, oh my god."

Poor Drew moaned like a wounded animal, Lucy just looked up at him and ran her tongue to her upper lip, still pounding his cock between her big soft breasts, going at a faster pace. Losing eye contact, she looked down and leaned her head down to stick her tongue out. Each time she pushed down, her tongue flicked the head of his cock. By this rate, she was going to force the first orgasm of the day straight out of his veins. The man whimpered down at the lovely lady that worked his cock.

"God Lucy, you keep on you're gonna make me cum already."

"Oh yeah? You going to cum for me?"

"At this degree, there won't be no stopping it!"

"Cum in my mouth!"

Instantly she stopped her pumping of the cage of flesh that held his cock. She kept it stood up and leaned down, kicking at it as she struggled to place her lips over the head. Her breasts were too big, as Lucy was forced to let go and bring her hands to the shaft now. Implanting her lips over the head, she brought her fingers down to the base and then her other hand went to his balls and rubbed them as she began to bob her head up and down on his shaft again. Slobbering her way all over every inch of his cock, coating it in her saliva, Drew finally gritted his teeth and curled his face up.

"Fuck! That's it! Oh my god!"

His words were the warning sign that he was close to blowing, she instantly came up to the head off his cock and popped it past her lips loudly. She rested her tongue out with the head sitting on it so he could watch his rod fill her begging mouth.His cock pulsated and then the man screamed again.

"Here comes! FUCK!"

A thick spurt of cum rushed out of his cock and shot into the roof of her mouth. More cum drained from his cock over her hungry tongue. Lucy stood there stationary on her knees accepting every burst of cum that went into her mouth. Drew was out of breath but kept his eyes locked down on the show below. Once his cock appeared to be finished, Lucy ran her hand up the wet shaft and squeezed it as he seen the final drops milked into her mouth. She looked up at him with her mouth gaping wide open so he could see the sight of all his seed lathered up over her tongue and in her canals. Closing her lips she gulped it down soundly and then reopened her mouth proving she had devoured it. He almost rolled his eyes to the back of his head moaning.

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