tagErotic CouplingsShe Was Only 18

She Was Only 18


She was 17 when I met her. Her name was Julia and she was maybe the cutest girl I ever saw. She was 5'5 120 lbs. Her hair was long and blond. Julia had an amazingly cute face with the most beautiful smile.

I was 29 and as such afraid to do little more than look sideways at a 17 year old. We were always friendly to each other at work but nothing more than that.

Then when she turned 18 things between us changed. We started talking more. I started noticing she was flirting with me. I figured it was innocent fun between me and a girl much younger than I. Turns out it was much more than that.

One day there was some down time at work and Julia and I were talking. The conversation started out simple enough. We were talking about movies and TV shows. It wasn't long before things started getting racy.

"We should hang out tonight" Julia suggested.

"And do what?" I asked trying to play it cool.

"Just hang out. We can do whatever you want." She said.

"Darling whatever I want may include things you don't want to do." I cautioned. "Maybe you should reconsider your words."

"I meant what I said." She was staring deep into my eyes as she said this. "We can do absolutely anything you want."

So we made plans for her to come over that night. We exchanged phone numbers and I told her where I lived. I was practically shaking the rest of the day at work.

Eight o'clock that night my doorbell rang. I opened my door and there Julia stood. She was wearing a red dress. It was low cut revealing most of her B-cup tits. I showed her in and as she walked past me I took a long look at her apple shaped ass. For a skinny girl she had an amazing rear. She was in my house less than a minute and already had my dick straining to get out of my pants.

We sat and talked for awhile. I put in a Cd of a band that was popular when Julia was my age. She had never heard of them. It took this to remind me that I was sitting there with a girl twelve years younger than me. I guess there were other things that reminded me of this that night. I ignored them because all I could think of was how amazing she looked.

After about half an hour we began kissing. My hand caressed her exposed leg. I began kissing her neck and she moaned. The sound of her moaning sent a shiver through me. I moved my hand further up her leg until my finger tips touched her panties. She moaned again and ran her hand over my hard cock.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked "I'm a lot older than you."

"I want you." Was her only response.

This was all the urging forward I needed. If I honestly needed any at all. I kissed her again then began undressing her. With Julia's help I slipped her dress up over her head. This revealed her lacy bra and panties to be red. I kissed her chest while unsnapping her bra. My mouth enveloped her tits the moment they were exposed. I then pull her panties down and off of her.

I stood then and looked down at her on my couch. She was even more beautiful now that she was naked. I longed to be in her. I quickly striped my self down. My 7 inch dick stood straight out and ready for her. She reached up to gently stroke it. The feel of her hand on my member made me quiver.

I lay down on top of her and began kissing her again. I used my hand to position my dick at her waiting pussy hole. I pushed forward slightly and could feel that she was soaking wet. I pushed further forward and the head of my dick entered her. She let out a gentle moan into my ear. With one final push I sank my cock all the way into her. This time we both moaned.

I began slowly moving my dick in and out of her. Julia's tight young pussy almost made me cum instantly. It took a good deal of control to hold off. I worked one of my hands under her to cup her ass. I began increasing the pace of my dick sliding in ad out of her and soon I was fucking her hard and fast. Her moans became more frequent and louder. I could tell she was getting ready to orgasm. I began fucking her even faster and soon felt her shivering beneath me. Her pussy became even tighter, clamping down like a vice on my cock.

Feeling her orgasm brought on one of my own. I pushed into her pussy as far as I could and began shooting a hot load of cum into her. Spurt after spurt burst from my cock. I had the greatest orgasm of my life and was amazed by the amount of jizz I was pumping into her. When my orgasm finally did end I stayed on top of and in her.

I realized my dick wasn't going soft like it normally would have. The thought of this young beauty beneath me was keeping me rock hard. I pulled out of her and much of my cum fell out of her dripping down onto my couch.

"Bend over the couch baby. I want you again." I told her and she quickly obeyed.

I took a second to look at Julia again. Her pussy and ass sticking up in the air looked amazing. I made a mental note that if we did this again I would have to try her ass but this being our first time I chose to stick to her pussy. It was still dripping with a mixture of our juices and my cock slid in with no effort.

I put my hands on her hips and began pulling her towards me as I thrust forward. Julia very quickly reached her second orgasm. This time she screamed out my name as she came. Hearing this filled me with even more lust and I began fucking her with a pace I didn't know I was capable of. This harder fucking caused her to cum again almost instantly.

I pounded into her like this for fifteen minutes before feeling my second orgasm coming on. I thrust forward filled her with a second load of cum. I could feel the cum dripping out around my cock. My cumming put her over the edge again and she had another screaming orgasm. This time my dick did go soft. I left it in her as it shrank.

We then kissed a little more while getting dressed. She sat down and we talked for a while then she went home. The next time we worked together we didn't mention what happened. Nothing really changed between us. Nothing except for the fact that about once a week we would get together for the hottest sex of my life.

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