tagMatureShe Was The Most Beautiful Woman...

She Was The Most Beautiful Woman...


She Was The Most Beautiful Woman I Had Ever Seen

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. It was the summer before I was sent off to private school and I remember walking in the park near our home, and thinking about her. She had been my teacher for the last eighth weeks, and quite simply, I was in love with her.

Not a day went by when I didn’t think about Ms. Babcock. She was the tallest, shapeliest female I had ever laid eyes on, and I was only 18. I pondered her statuesque cheekbones, and swanlike neck – she was like an empress; somebody who had come from wealth and knew how to move in that sort of, expensive fashion.

That summer, I attended Shepherd High School so that I could catch up. Catch up. Catch up for what, a life of topography; I don’t want to be a geologist in Kenya – and that’s what I had to make up. Geography. Anyway, I had no choice. I had flunked grade 12 Geography, and I had too make it u p if I was ever to get into college.

On the first day of my friend’s summer (not mine, not this year) I walked to school at 8:30 am, just as I had during the regular school year. It was a beautiful day, not a wind in the air and a cloud to be seen for miles. I remember, although this may not have happened at all, feeling tears rolling down my cheeks. I wasn’t angry that I had failed geography. Big deal. It happens. I was upset that I wasn’t hanging with my buddies; that I wasn’t free. I hated that, damn I despised knowing that a bunch of my friends were diving for a ball, and hitting on some chicks right now as we speak…and I won’t. Shit.

I sat myself down at the same desk I had used during the year. It was three minutes after nine, and the big hand just seemed to be moving so incredibly slow. I stared at that thing for an hour before a minute passed. My summer wasn’t starting well.

And there she was.

Standing at the door. I couldn’t breath. I was seeing God, or perhaps Goddess. Something was happening to me. I was hyperventilating, and this had not happen since last Passover at Bubbas (another story).

I was seeing my summer school teacher for the very first time, and she was naked. What?

Ya, she was naked in my eyes and more than that…she was fingered herself. My God. I am so embarrassed. Not just for me, but for the other kids in the class. I had seen a woman masturbate many times, but what about these other kids. They were just, children. Ya 18, but a kid-18. I wanted to cover their eyes and shake them for looking.

But she didn’t stop. Ms. Babcock began to saunter, strut over to her desk in the most unimaginable sexy way you could imagine. As she did, Ms. Babcock pulled a dildo out from her purse. She was staring at me, and saying something in a language that only she and I knew. It was transmitted only between 18 and 41 year olds and can only be found in summer school.

I could hear what she was sending me. She was telling me that my 18-year-old body made her pussy wetter than she had ever experienced and she was wanting so badly to fuck me over and over, everywhere in this crappy township.

I wanted to yell out her name and asked her to stop for the sake of the kids, but my larynx wouldn’t move. For years I had used my throat in conjunction with my tongue, teeth and pallet. They had never failed me, except for today in summer school.

Ms. Babcock climbed up on the old metal school desk and sat in front of us, completely void of humility and grace. Her long, shapely legs were spread and I could plainly see her inner and outer labia, clitoris, fallopian tube and womb. She wasn’t going to pull a fast one on me. I was familiar with the female body and was now using my school experience in real life. I loved summer school.

Mr. Babcock licked the big long black dildo (how come I didn’t say big long Jewish dildo? Why always black? What Jews don’t have big dicks?)

The next thing that happened completely freaked me out, and I swear on my Uncle Herman’s grave that as long as I live I will never entirely accept it as truth. What? The kids in the class began to take their clothes off. Summer school was becoming a nudist colony.

I was in awe of this collective expression of sexuality, intergenerational seduction, young and older bodies mingling together like worms on the sidewalk after a shower. Slinky and sticky.

I watched as the kids walked forward one by one, and approached the desk where Ms. Babcock was sitting. One of the kids, a girl, was outlandishly stunning and my cock sprung to attention as a disciplined cock should. She was about 5’9, maybe 110 lbs and had the shape of voluptuous girl/woman. Her blond locks shadowed her face and sparingly allowed the girl’s ice blue eyes to shine out at me. Her pussy was shaved.

The other kids seemed to take a lead from her, understanding an inherent leadership quality, which she had. They trusted the blond girl’s movements and followed when she lay Ms. Babcock on her back and kissed her lightly.

Ms. Babcock leaned forward and kissed the blond girl with passion and lust. The two remained interlocked until 9:55 and only moved when the second buzzer went for the retarded classes to start. The blond girl took the hand of one of the boys (a skinny teen like a small boy, completely not in proportion with his young cock. He was huge).

She whispered to him ever so slightly to climb up on the desk and find his way between the geography teacher’s legs. He did so with great loyalty to her sure way. And Ms. Babcock was more gorgeous than ever.

Her beauty was growing on me in a way, which seeped inside and wrapped its way around my bones. I could feel my pours open, and my defenses extinguish just seeing the gleam in her eyes. I wanted to join the kids and kiss her stomach, and massage her hands and feet; but I couldn’t budge. I just couldn’t move.

The skinny boy’s cock had grown to enormous proportions, bigger than I had ever seen, and Ms. Babcock could only smile. The blond girl took his cock in her little hand which was so soft and angelic looking – and she slightly pulled him toward Ms. Babcock. With her other hand, the blond girl ran circles around Ms. Babcock’s clitoris and every now and then primed her vagina with a finger or two.

Finally, the boy’s cock found the teacher’s lips and began entering it as congregants would in a church on Sunday (or sort of). I could see the kids whale with laughter. They were still kids, you know and I knew why they were laughing. You know all that cunt and cock stuff we protect ourselves with. Like, “you’re a dick”. Ya, whip it out..” You know that teenage stuff, which most men never loose.

The boy’s cock had entered Ms. Babcock and was now at least three inches inside of her. Her legs were bent at the knee and I was mesmerized when she wrapped those long, long things around his waist. He was absolutely insane with male teen hormones and his cock and balls were a great big ball of fire.

Five inches, six inches, seven inches were inside of her. Ms. Babcock was making very loud noises in tandem with her breathing and I could see that she was also becoming insane. The kids began to suck on Ms. Babcock’s nipples. She held them to her breasts like an outfielder holds onto a fly ball sitting at the end of his glove’s pocket.

I could hear them sucking her tits, as the boy moved in rhythm with Ms. Babcock. She had taken all of his 10 inches cock in side of her and was wild with movement. The blond girl watched and smiled at the sexual energy running through the classroom. She was so sexy, and she knew it very well.

Suddenly, she turned to me and her smile grew. I was dying. Could I forsake Ms. Babcock so early in our relationship? Or should I be logical and think in the long-term. After all Ms. Babcock and I could never get married. I would be a 19-year-old dad with a 41-year-old wife. 29 – 51. 39-61. 49-71. 59-81. See that’s the thing that was freaking me out. 59-81. I mean at 59, guys can still drive that bullet around the planets pretty often.

But an 81-year-old Ms. Babcock could be somewhat entraphied.or whatever. Shriveled. I’m sorry. That’s biology. It’s not fair, but it happens. They need estrogen shots. It’s not my fault, but I hate when my cock gets that sore feeling from trying to enter a dry pussy. And I can’t foresee myself living with that day in and out.

I tried to move but couldn’t. The kids were sucking on Ms. Babcock with reckless abandon and that skinny boy was popping up and down on the teacher’s pussy, like a jackrabbit runnin’ from a leopard. Things were out of control and I was being smiled at the sexiest girl ever; she would have been the most popular girl during the year, I know it. But she wouldn’t have been mine, because I never had the guts to show that I had the hots for her, thinking that she might reject me, or not care about me.

I wanted her so badly, but I still couldn’t budge from where I was standing. I looked at the clock and saw that time was flying. It was already 11 o’clock and the class would soon be over.

And Ms. Babcock was shouting. My God. She was shouting my name. “Max”, she was yelling. “Max fuck me. I want you inside of me. Make love to me. Max. I want to suck on your cock. Come here. Stick it in my mouth. I want you”.

I was trying to yell, “Ms. Babcock, I’m coming over there…hold on”, but I couldn’t. The words stuck to my lips. She kept yelling my name as the skinny kid fucked her fast and furious, deeply and harder than I had ever seen in my dad’s porno.

The kids were squeezing her tits and sucking on her nipples and the blond girl was waving for me to come to her. With every bit of strength I could muster up, I reached down to my legs, trying to pry them from the floor. I couldn’t give in to the potential standing in front of me.

If you’ve ever been an 18-year-old boy, you’ll know what I mean. A cock is hardest at 16, more often, than any other time in our career as horny men. A 18-year-old cock works differently than any other year in our lives. It never, ever sleeps and could conceivably stay erect for weeks on end.

The 18-year-old cock is more in control of its attachment (the male) than the other way around. Next time you are on a bus in the morning, watch the 18-year-old boy. They’re doing one thing, and one thing only. Covering up their laps with their books, jackets or baseball glove. But don’t let them fool you. Watch them at their stop. Take a look at the zipper area of their pants and notice 99% of them have hardons. The other 1%? Juvenile erectile dysfunction.

I pulled on my legs and thought I felt some movement. Moaning was happening all around me. The blond girl seemed to give up on me, and started to masturbate instead. Ms. Babcock was in an utter state of bliss as the kids sucked on her tits and the skinny boy fucked her like a stallion.

She was still yelling. And flailing her arms and holding onto that kid with a leg grip to kill. The boy started to yell and it was quite obvious that he wasn’t about to keep his pounding going for very much longer.

“Max”, the teacher yelled. “Come inside of me. I’m waiting for you.” As the boy heard that, his body went into spasms, like, like, the guy in the electric chair in a movie I once saw. The kids sucked harder and that blond girl had moved over to Ms. Babcock’s face and was fingering herself an inch away from my love’s mouth.

The scene was Caligula comes to summer school.

And the kid started to cum inside Ms. Babcock. Instinctively, she pulled his cock out of her cunt and aimed it at her breasts. Shot after shot of cum spewed out of this lanky kid and hit the kids in the head and bulls eye, right into the middle of Ms. Babcock’s nipples.

He wasn’t stopping. And she was loving it. The blond girl started to shake with an impending orgasm.

Instinctively, I began to rub my cock, which by then was a hard as a goal post in an ice storm. I was brewing over with excitement as cum splashed all about, and Ms. Babcock’s cunt spurted out cum of her own. The blond girl was yelling something incoherent as her body jerked all over and streams of what looked like urine flowed out of her.

The kids were giggling and trying desperately to catch the guys cum. I rubbed faster and faster and heard screams of delight being hurled my way. “Oh fuck me Max. Fuck me Max. Wake up Max. Get up Max”.

What, “wake up”. Oh shit. Was I sleeping? I’m fucked if I’m rubbing my dick in the middle of my first day at summer school. A hand was tapping me on my back, and I knew then and there that I had been sleeping. I stopped rubbing my cock, which I was doing and began to raise my head.

Ms. Babcock was sitting at her desk, trying to arouse from my sleep, and the kid who sits behind me, was giggling and pounding on my back.

Oh shit. I was sleeping. I looked at Ms. Babcock and she looked sternly back at me. I knew that she had seen me rubbing my cock, because mixed in with that angry glare, was a very faint flip of a smile, saying, “I’ll miss you too baby.”

I sat up in my desk and adjusted my pants so that the crease was going with my erection, not against it (a trick of an 18 year old). As Ms. Babcock masterfully drew the map of Upper Volta on the blackboard, I smiled and watched her touchy move up and down.

It had been the summer of my life, and I was only fucking, 18. Thank you God.

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