tagBDSMShe Who Must Be Obeyed

She Who Must Be Obeyed


"In each of us there is another whom we do not know."
- Carl G. Jung

* * * * *

You want words to make you cum? Is that what you want? Is that your pleasure today? Then tell me... is your cock throbbin'? Is it rock hard? Do you feel that hot sensation in your balls? Hot molten churning cum aching for eruption. Tell me, are you ready for me? Can you handle me?

Look into my eyes. My voracious yet uncaring eyes. Tell me. Tell me what you see today? Do you see the burning? I am burning everything else out--habits, towns, lovers--because today I am ravenous and I want to burn you. I need to cram pleasure into a few minutes--a powerful concentration of destructive joy. I want to ram and be rammed today.

I stand before you wearing a black leather thong, black leather halter top, and crotch high black leather boots, wielding a long bullwhip in my hand. Feet spread shoulder length apart. My hands on my hips. I am filled with a mysterious fury.

I want you on your fucking knees in front of me. That's right. BOW! KNEEL! PRAY TO ME! WORSHIP ME! Charm me into considering your desires. I owe you NOTHING. NADA! NOT A FUCKIN' THING!

I am an evil woman...a cold hearted bitch. I am your MISTRESS. I am your BITCH-GODDESS. your DOMINATRIX. I am the ONE that can bring you pleasure like no other! I can out-think you. I can out-fuck you. There is NOTHING you can do that I can't do BETTER. I am a predator. You are my prey. Don't try to impress me, your pathetic attempts only make me laugh! Do NOT taunt me! Do NOT play with me! Do NOT beg for my mercy for I have none! My words are sacred to you. You must NEVER contemplate disobeying Me. NEVER! UNDERSTAND?

You think you know sex? You know shit. You want passion? Go somewhere else! I bring intensity to the table. If you can't handle it, then run and cower elsewhere!

You say you don't like it rough, yet your body betrays you. Your cock strains for release. Precum oozes from the head as you squat on your knees naked before me. There is no need for physical restraints, mentally you are mine. You will do as I say. You dare not disobey. You crave this too much. You have a HUNGER and I am here to FEED you. An ITCH for my long black fingernails to SCRATCH.

Boytoy mine, watch me sit back upon my throne and pleasure myself while you kneel between my legs. Look at the way my hands caress my body. Do you like it? One day maybe you will be allowed to touch me. HUSH! Listen to how wet I am when I slide my hands inside my leather thongs. Sooooooooo fuckin' wet. Do you hear it? Can you hear the wet sticky sounds my finger in my cunt is making? Do you like the way I smell? Can you smell me through my leather thongs? Here, let me help you. Let me bury your head in my cunt so you can smell it good. Breathe it in. Breathe your BITCH-GODDESS in. You like your nose being smashed against my leather panties? You do, don't you? You are getting extremely horny I see. Your cock looks as if it will burst. EXPLODE. I see it throbbing as the blood pulsates through it.

OKAY. This is what I want you to do. Lean back while on your knees in front of me while I remain in my chair. Now. Take your fuk-stick in your hand. Wrap your fingers around that fuckin' sex pole of yours. That rock hard cock of yours. Grip it tight. SQUEEZE. HOLD IT. Now with the other hand reach down and cup your balls. Hold them. Feel them. Pull them away from your body. Feel how fuckin' hot they are?

That's for me baby. It's mine today. I want it. I want it all. Now slide your hand slowly up and down the shaft of your cock. Stroke it. Slow baby. S L O W L Y up and down. That's right. That's good. That's what I like to see. Squeezing the juice out the peehole. Push it up. Watch it ooze out the head and run down the sides. Now smear it all across the head. Rub it around. Rub it all over the shaft. UP and DOWN. ALL AROUND. That's your lube. Your jerk juice.

NOW. Stroke it. HARDER. FASTER. Violently. Make your cock throb as I watch. Cup your other hand and hold it in front of your cock as you jerkoff. HARDER AND FASTER! STROKE IT! Hold your cupped hand still as you stroke. Bring your cock to a frothy finish in your other hand without spilling a drop.

F A S T E R! F A S T E R! That's right! THAT'S GOOD! Cum for me toy. CUM! CUM in your cupped hand. DON'T SPILL! DON'T SPILL. CAPTURE ALL THE JUICES. SQUEEZE every drop out of your cock now. ALL OF IT. THAT'S GOOD. SO GOOD. NOW... drink your jism shake from your hand chalice. Turn it up to your mouth and empty it. DRINK IT ALL. EVERY SINGLE DROP. GOOD! VERY GOOD!

Boytoy, you have pleased your BITCH-GODDESS today.

NOW... you are dismissed!


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