tagBDSMShe Who Must be Obeyed

She Who Must be Obeyed


It was Thursday. Thursday! That fact had been on Kate's mind all day. Now as she was driving home from work, letting her mind dwell on what awaited her at home. She felt a wave of heat and worked to keep a grip on herself, to damp down the rising anticipation as she turned onto the driveway of the big ranch house. She slowed down as she approached the house, tightening her hands on the wheel, swallowing, summoning up the strength to steel herself, against the tingling that rose up in her at the thought of him...waiting for her in the den, bare-assed, his naked body bent over the couch in the humiliating pose she dictated; and one she knew he would never think to disobey. As she came through the door, the tingling threatened to overwhelm her, but she got a grip on herself and became once again that grimly determined, brisk, no-nonsense woman who was about to discipline her man.

The dark-haired business woman in the well-tailored suit, came through the door and into the cool air of her darkened home. She deliberately closed the door behind her. He would hear the door click shut; know she was there. Did he feel the tingling rise of anticipation, the sense of what was to come?

She peeled off her jacket leaving her in the pale blue blouse, a few buttons left casually undone at the opened neck to show a hint of her generous cleavage. The narrow linen skirt she wore wrapped her slim hips, form fitted her thighs and trim bottom. She was about to slip off her pumps, but then she hesitated. She thought of him, knowing she was already in the house. He would wait, his anticipation growing at each loud click of her heels on the hard tile floor.


With that old familiar tingle of excitement racing through her, Kate forced herself to slow down, to saunter more slowly down the hallway and then turn into the sunken den. The lights were off, but the golden sun of late afternoon flooded through the large sliding glass doors, illuminating her husband's fit, hard muscled body in front of the plate glass.

She bit her lip as she felt the heat rise up in her at the sight on his naked body in the vulnerable pose she wanted; they both wanted. He stood leaning over the thickly padded sofa, braced on his forearms, legs slightly parted, back bowed as though offering his taut ass up for the punishment his disciplinarian wife was about to deliver.

There was a tingling in her wrists, a quiet thrill of sex rippled through her, caused her to clench her thighs at the sight. She came across the room to stand next to him. He turned his head, to look, opened his mouth to say something, but she just shook her head, the lines of her face hard and set, lips tight.

Still without a word, the dark-haired beauty walked slowly around the naked man, taking in his arms, his masculine shoulders, his chiseled back, noticing the way his back dips in, the light hairs at his lower back, and upper ass and that square, muscular ass; strong, voluptuous cheeks that jutted out, just begging to be spanked.

She moved behind him and placed her hands on his jutting buttocks. Traced his rising curves from his lower back up and over to drip down into the hairy darkness of his crotch. And so she played with that so-nicely presented ass. She cupped him, slowly massaging his ass cheeks, and working her way up, and down. Suddenly grabbing two handfuls of the solid mounds she curled her fingers and dug her nails into the hardened cheeks, tightening her grip till he arched up and grunted. She slapped his butt with both hands. He yelped and shot up at the unexpected smack. She smiled to herself.

She left him standing there, bent over, as she walked to the bedroom to retrieve the leather case that held her instruments along with a bottle of lube. He turned to look at her as she approached, watching her place the attaché case on the coffee table and open it to select the toys she will use on him today. There was a time when she would ask for his preference, but those days are gone. Now it is she who will select the instrument of discipline that pleases her. She paused to consider. Knowing he was watching her.


Her eyes passed over the array in the padded case: the hard plastic paddle with the transparent blade cut with spaced holes, the wooden the spatula, sturdy yet flexible, the short-handled hair brush, before picking up the thin metal ruler. No more than a 15-inch metal blade, slightly flexible - the perfect choice for today's maintenance session. It would administer a stinging bite that would soon have him howling. She lightly taped her palm with the ruler while keeping her eyes on the proffered masculine buttocks.


The surprising crack of the slender rod slapping into the thickly padded top of the coffee table, sent him jerking upright in startled reaction. But Kate was only testing out her weapon, getting the feel of it, demonstrating its impact so as to heighten the moment.

Now she took up her stance, widening her set heels, prepared to viciously attack that vulnerable behind.

She sent a quick hand down the curve of his right cheek, teasing him with the delicacy of her touch. He waited, holding himself perfectly still. Eyeing up the tauty-drawn butt, she brought the rod into play, lightly tapping her intended target, smiling to see the way his cheeks clenched in fear at the slightest touch.

Grimly determined, she brought her hand back in a wide underhanded arc and hauled off, sending the whippy rod forward in a broad sweeping stroke that cut up at the last second.


The searing cut sliced directly across the crowns of both cheeks sending them juddering under the solid impact. The man gave out with a half-moan uttered through tightly clenched teeth.


The next two slaps were deliberately laid on, firmly yet not hard, but with an extra snap of the wrist that sent the whippy rod biting into those springy rear mounds with the crack of two rapid gunshots.


Jake grunted in a guttural voice with each slap of the whip as the spanking continued unabated, laid on more forcefully now. Unable to keep still, he was squirming hotly, giving his abused bottom a furious wiggle as if to shake off the wicked sting the punishing rod had imparted to his butt.


The whippy switch sliced the air again and again, each time landing with precision, criss-crossing the pink stripes that were already forming on those wobbling rounded contours. Kate was thrilled to see the bouncy resiliency of her husband's taut behind, noticing how each time the rod struck the twin cheeks it indented them in a thin line only to spring back with a little jiggle with each deliberate smack. She smiled to see the juddery dance of Jake's rear cheeks under the rain of stinging smacks. Jake yelped and bounded up in recoil, as she struck the quivering mounds of flesh, again and again, hitting him, not hard but with determination.

Then, just as unexpectedly as the spanking had begun, there was a pause.

Jake gasped, taking a deep gulps of air. Kate held her hand as he smiled down at the object of her discipline, admiring the blush of pink that was spreading across the taut skin of her punished behind. She watched as Jake's cowering cheeks clenched and hollowed spasmodically. And her smile broadened when he saw them tighten in anticipation of the next set. Now she waited, shallow indentations at the sides of her cheeks hollowing out as he clamped his buttocks fearfully, steeling himself for what was to come.

She paused, let him wait, holding her hand, standing there sweating and flushed, pleased to see the well-punished bottom blushing, taking on an overall pinkish hue. He worked his buttocks, the cheeks hollowing out as they clenched spasmodically, before he finally contracted them, tightening every muscle in his body, steeling himself to receive the final cut. But the masterful disciplinarian, with her unerring sense of timing, held her hand and waited.

She let him wait for a few seconds longer, letting the anticipation build. She laid a gentle hand on that reddened throbbing behind and he cringed under it.

"Ready, Baby?" she asked in a husky purr. The inverted head nodded, and she tapped the guy reassuringly, watching his cheeks clamp instinctively at the slightest touch.

She took a tighter grip on the ruler in her damp hand. In the frenzy of such a highly erotic experience, her own arousal now at a fever pitch, Kate had worked to swallow down her rising lust, and make a determined effort to keep control. And so as she studied those clamping buttocks, she held back till he saw the first hint of slackening in those coiled muscles, and then he struck, delivering a final vicious cut that came up to kiss the twin cheeks with a resounding crack.


That one sent him howling, jacking up in the air. The twisting guy threw back his head, arching up and screeching through tightly clenched teeth. Suddenly he collapsed over the back of the couch, and lay there panting, shoulders heaving raggedly.

.He hunched over, as he struggled for breath while Kate looked down on his huddled form and felt the thrill of wild elation surge up in her.


She leaned down, kissed him on the back of the neck, tasting his sweat...his fear. He whimpered through tightly pressed lips. She placed her lips close to his ear and, running a hand down his body, whispered:

"Poor boy. I bet you'd love to rub that hurting ass of yours, eh? Well you're not allowed!

I'm not finished with you. Now get back up...into position!"

Slowly he pulled himself back up on his braced arms. His hurting rear end was fiery and throbbing. She relished the feel of those well-punished cheeks, stroking him, patting him as though in re-assurance; her teasing touch caused a quiver to shoot through his body.

Now she saw that the slightest touch on his ass, caused his prick to instantly surge up, hardening even more. There was no doubt. Her man was totally aroused now; iron-hard and breathing with shoulders heaving. She reached up under him to run her hand down his front. His chest was sheened with sweat; his belly flat and hard, and ridged with muscle.

In a sudden rage of lust, she grabbed his upright penis. He groaned.

She reached out and smiled to see him wince when her cool fingers made first contact with his super-ready ready penis. His stomach fluttered at that first touch, and he drew in a sharp intake of air, as her hand lingered there, fingering his upright cock. His butt cheeks spasmed into a narrow slit, hips jerked when he felt her wicked hand delving between his legs there to find and cup his hairy scrotum in her curved palm. He turned to look at her and his mouth fell open, but she looked up at him and only shook her head, silencing him. He took a deep breath, turned back to assume the pose, determined to endure what he must at the hands of his mistress. She enjoyed hefting his testicles, feeling the plump orbs move liquidly within their scrotal sac. He whimpered as her one hand casually played with his furry balls.

She watched the man's breathing deepen, as she continued to fondle his testicles. She sent her fingers to explore beyond the scrotum to his perineum. She scored her fingernails along the ridge of engorged flesh, and heard him bite off a moan through pressed lips as he worked to endure the teasing sensation.

She let her fingers play around the sensitive wrinkled flesh before enclosing his testicles fully in her delicate hand. Quite deliberately, she gave the package a firm squeeze, before letting him go. He grunted. His shoulders heaved with relief. She could see he was fighting for control, battling to hold on.

Now she took hold of his vibrating penis. Her fingers curled around the shaft, tightening down till her nails were forced into the solid yielding flesh. He groaned felt him surge in her hand. She let him loose but only to use the flattened palm of her hand against the tip of his penis, pressing it into his belly while firmly rotating it. She was delighted when she saw his bent shoulders begin to heave; soon she had him openly panting. A tiny whimper escaped his tight lips. Still holding onto his prick, she leaned down to kiss his sweaty back.

She held her prisoner in a firm grip; fingers closing on the shaft of his penis and now she began to slowly move her hand, pumping slowly up and down in long deep strokes.

He shot upright unable to escape the exquisite agony of sexual torment and forced arousal, as she casually stimulated him to a full solid, throbbing erection.

"Keep still," she hissed, her lips close to his ear.

It was an impossible command, and she knew it. Her hand tightened on him, moved steadily now, pumping up and down with grim determination in slow even strokes. Her captive whimpered, wiggled, unable to keep still. He shifted from side to side, danced in place; his body teetering on the edge of a massive orgasm as mighty throbs of lust surged up from his captive penis.

Suddenly, his rigid body arched back, his stiff cock thrusting into Kate's clenched hand as though it were seeking even more of that delicious tormenting pleasure. She felt his hardened prick pulsating in her hand, knowing he was about to cum. She chose that moment to squeeze. His eyes were clamped shut, his jaw clenched as the unstoppable rise of cum. The man's arching body shook with sexual arousal as, with a final hard yank of that determined hand, he came. His captive prick exploded in that tightened fist, erupting, firing streams of ropy cum into the air to splatter down the clenching hand.

He moaned. His knees weakened; he fell forward, flinging out his hands to clasp the back of the sofa as he leaned over it, panting mightily. She studied his flushed face. His eyes were closed, his heaving chest gradually evening out. She opened her hand to inspect the man cream that coated it and dripped between her fingers like a sticky spider web.

Quite deliberately, she raised her fingers to his lips.

"Taste yourself" she hissed. And he obediently opened his mouth to lick those sticky fingers. Kate, at the fever pitch of arousal, now felt the surge of an unstoppable orgasm rise up in her; frantically, she grabbed him, and deeply kissed those cum-soaked lips.

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Great story Julian. Nice work. Well written, great descriptions. One of the best I've read.

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