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Hello everyone,

I am challenging myself to write multiple stories in various categories. Here is my first attempt at Nonhuman. So please read and enjoy. All feedback and comments are welcome. But please refrain from insulting derogatory statements. Thank you again for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Keep on going, and the chances are that you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone ever stumbling on something sitting down. ~Charles F. Kettering


Nina Daniels missed her kids. She missed them terribly. For over twenty years she had been their sole provider, but now they were grown and the girls had moved away. She was now talking to her oldest daughter, Celia; the one who bore the biggest load out of all three kids.

"Momma, please." Celia stated, exasperated with her mother. "I know you mean well, but I'm fine. I have friends, and I'm not lonely." Every Sunday it was the same. Since she'd moved to Louisiana, her mother worried. Celia was a naturally shy person and didn't make friends easily. She had secrets. So this meant that she had to be vigilant or her entire family would be hurt. As a young girl, she learned to keep secrets. After they had left her hometown, she knew no one could know what she really was.

"You know I worry. Have you gone to the pack in that area and asked for asylum?" She inquired, knowing that her kids didn't trust anyone anymore. After what happened a long time ago and the cool reception they received from the Loess Alphas, she knew they would be reluctant to ask to join any other pack.

Nina realized the kids were confused and scared, especially Celia. Her little girl had so many questions. Nina knew that Celia hadn't understood why they had to move. One day she and her siblings were happy little pups, enjoying each other as well as the other were-children in their tight nit community. Celia, like the other girls and boys- went to classes, helped around the compound, and even looked forward to being around Madam Alpha.

She didn't know that Celia had heard the last argument she and Benson had. However, she had. When she came home, she hated that her child saw her bruised and covered in blood. She stood stoically and told her what she needed done. "Celia, pack. We may have to leave."

Nina showered, dressed, and was escorted to the Alpha home by two betas. Listening to her children cry as she was led away broke her heart. Celia huddled with her brother and younger sisters, trying to tell them not to be scared when she herself was terrified. Eventually Nina came home, sadly broken. "Where's Daddy?" Celia asked. She didn't answer. She simply commanded, "Celia, get our bags. Help me with the babies, because we have to go."

Nina could not fall apart. She had to push the anger and hurt down to care for her family. For a few months, Nina and her kids traveled from California to somewhere south. They arrived in Pueblo, New Mexico hungry, tired, and defeated. Not being a part of the local pack, they were considered trespassers. Nina requested asylum, and was forced to work for them in exchange for meager protection.

As an Omega, Nina was used to hard work, but she wasn't accustomed to the level of abuse she was forced to endure. She'd heard of packs like this, but really didn't believe they existed.

Nina worked for the Jael Pack for months. She was obedient, submissive, and humble.

The first night one of the males, Joe, approached her and demanded that she please him, Nina outright refused. She was not a pack member and he had no right to ask that of her. Joe was furious. Who was this uppity bitch? She can't refuse me.

"Bitch, you refuse me. Do you know who I am? I'm Beta in this pack. One word from me to my Alpha, and you and your three bastards are out." He hissed angrily. Fist clenched, eyes blaring, Joe continues his verbal assault on the much smaller wolf. "We took you and those brats in. We fed you, gave you shelter, provided clothes for you, and yet, you refuse me. Listen little bitch, you're giving me what I want."

He grabbed her. Nina fought. She screamed, kicked, bit, but he was too strong. No one came to help her. No one cared. At the end she was forced to kneel before him as he used her body to his own satisfaction. Tears streaming down her face, wetting her bruised cheeks as he violated her taking the one thing she held sacred, her virtue.

Joe was rough and unapologetic. He didn't care that she bled, because nothing would happen to him. When he finished, he forced her to lick her fluids and blood from his flaccid, glistening shaft. After she cleaned him, he shoved her out of the door and sent her home. As she was leaving, he reminded her of whom and what she was. She wasn't a pack member, so she was free game.

Since she and her brats were pack less, he could do whatever he pleased. He finished with her and ordered her home. For a moment, Joe felt guilty. He knew he was wrong, but Nina had too much pride. She had to be broken. Nothing else they did to her in the pack seemed to affect her. So he took the one thing she had left, her body.

He'd go to his Alphas and confess his crime, and if they demanded he mate with the bitch, he would. Joe didn't want a mate. Mates carried with them too much baggage, but if it was required, he'd do it. Soon, he fell asleep without a second thought of the woman he'd mistreated.

The next day, Nina got up, dressed her pups, and sent them off to their training. Although she wasn't a pack member, the pack treated the kids as if they were. Her children were adjusting. Before they left, Celia looked at her Mother. "Momma, are you OK? You seem different."

Nina lied. "I'm fine Celia. I want you to be a good girl today. Learn all you can, OK." She hugged her daughter as she walked out the door.

Celia knew something was wrong, but Momma wouldn't tell her. She'd try to protect her, but she couldn't. Celia hated this pack. They were cruel and hateful to them, but for now they had to stay. BJ and Kyra were too small to travel. As she walked to the mess hall to start her day, Ralph, a lower beta stopped her.

"Hey pretty girl," he leered at Celia, smiling as he spoke. Damn, she will be a beauty when she grows up. Too bad she's young, or I'd try her out today. Even though they weren't really pack members, it was ingrained in all wolves to not abuse children. So as tantalizing as the young girl was, he wouldn't touch her. But when she turned eighteen, she was his.

Celia shuddered and walked on past him, BJ and Kyra close to her side. She wanted to tell Momma about him, but she had enough to deal with. She couldn't add to her burdens. Besides, she was sure he wouldn't try anything, she was underage. So for now she was safe.

Nina went to work the next day and held her head high. The other females stared at her; she knew everyone was aware of what happened the night before. The lower Omegas in the pack, were sympathetic, they even took part of her work load for the day. They encouraged her to stand strong, not so much with words, but their actions. She felt no shame. She had to provide for her pups. And if she had to be with these wolves to do that, then so be it.

She wasn't the only female these men used, but she was the new favorite for them. So for several months, Joe and his buddy Ralph used Nina to fuel their sexual fantasy. Nina learned not to fight them.

One night she worked late and when she came home, she found Ralph and two other wolves standing outside of her small abode. The gleam in his eye as he watched her young daughter alarmed Nina. It was time to go. She wished she could go to the Alpha bitch, but knew it would serve no purpose. She went home that night and packed a light case for them to carry. She hid it and told Celia where to find it if the need ever arose and they had to run.

Nina hated it. She hated being so vulnerable. She knew they protected the children, but then again, these wolves had no respect for anyone that was not one of them. She was aware of Ralph's attraction ton her daughter, and she told Celia that if he ever tried anything, please tell her.

Celia nodded, but Nina knew she might not say anything. One morning the kids left for training, and BJ and Kyra ran back home screaming that a man took Celia. Nina's heart froze and she took off. When she reached the area where Celia was snatched, Joe had attacked Ralph and freed her daughter.

"Nina, I apologize for this. We do not condone anything that harms a child. Your children are safe here. Ralph is dead. I killed him. He knew not to touch a child. He will never bother you or them again." Joe explained.

Joe looked at the woman he'd used and realized that she was a strong wolf. He forced her and her kids in the position to be misused by pack members. He had to fix this and tonight he'd talk to the alphas and then he'd inform her that they'd mate. Nina looked at Joe's face and she knew. He'd decided to mate with her. She didn't want another mate, especially one that was as cruel as him. After Ralph was taken care of, Joe met with the Alpha. The Alpha reluctantly approved the mating. If the female agreed, then he wished his Beta the best.

Joe walked to Nina's home and informed her of their potential mating. Tonight the pack would run, but the next day, the two of them would mate. That night during a pack gathering, Nina took her three kids and ran. She couldn't get far with little money, but she had to get her children away from that place. Destiny seemed to plot against the young mother who'd lost so much. Once they cleared the compound and made it to town, they had to hide until she could secure tickets on a bus. Where to, she had no idea; but she had to protect her pups, and despite Joe's promise, her kids were not safe there.

The first night, they hid in an alley. The next day, Nina found an abandoned building that they could hide out in. The other Omegas in the packed helped as much as they could. A few managed to hide food and helped her pack it so she and the kids could eat. It wasn't much, but for several days, they survived on dried fruits and nuts.

When the food was almost out, Nina told Celia to keep the young ones quiet while she found a way to earn some money. Her first few days in hiding, Joe and the other Thetas in the pack searched the city for them. Nina was terrified. She knew Joe considered her his mate, and he would be extremely brutal if he found her. She had to protect her pups; she had to stay hidden.

Several days passed and the patrols lessened. With three hungry pups, and being desperate for food, Nina walked around early that morning asking to clean parking lots, wash windows, anything for whatever the people would be willing to pay her. She had no luck; then she walked up to a local shop and asked if they needed someone to clean. She was willing to do anything to earn extra cash. The owner took one look at her and saw a woman who was desperate. He'd pay for her services, but he didn't need her to clean.

Nina knew what he wanted. Joe and Ralph in the pack she had run from had forced her several times to copulate with them on a daily basis. It was when Celia was in danger, that she knew she had to go. Feeling disgusted already, Nina followed the man to the backroom in his restaurant.

"Undress," he ordered. "Show me what I'm paying for."

As much as she hated it, Nina undressed in front of him. His mouth salivated, with drool running into is scraggly red beard. Grabbing her roughly, he shoved her down and forced her to her hands and knees. He then spit on his fingers to lubricate her before pushing his thick cock inside of her. He had no mercy on her, as he buried himself deep within her.

Nina closed her eyes and endured his rutting. He was vile and loud, but he was also human. He ordered her to moan as he pounded her roughly from behind. Having spent months servicing Joe and Ralph, she moaned and praised his prowess as a man. Soon she felt him stiffen and his cock jerked, shooting short ropes of cum deep inside her. He then pulled out of her and threw one hundred dollars at her. He told her his wife was coming in and she had to go.

She took the money, dressed, and left. She was hoping that with this money she'd be able to get her kids away from this place, but first they had to eat. She walked to a local diner and ordered a quick breakfast for her kids. The waitress took her money and gave her the change. While waiting for her food, she went to the restroom and freshened up. She wanted to wash away the memory of the monster she'd just been with; the memory of him touching her body. She knew her kids might scent him, and that made her feel even worse. When she came out of the restroom, she sat in a booth and waited, praying no one from the pack would notice her.

Soon the waitress called out that her order was ready. She picked it up, thanked the waitress, and quickly exited the restaurant to avoid drawing attention to herself. When she made it back to the alley where she had hid her little ones, she opened the bags to discover that the waitress never took the money; she put it in the bag with a note. I know you're running and I know why. I don't blame you. I hope this helps you find someplace safe and I won't tell anybody I saw you. Nina looked at the money as tears gathered in her eyes. Silently, she thanked the she wolf at that restaurant that gave her this gift.

That evening, after sunset, Nina went to buy four tickets only to find she didn't have enough money. So she had to finds a way to earn even more cash. The thought of being used by another man turned her stomach, but if that's what she had to do to get away, she'd do it. Distressed and despondent, she began to feel all was lost. Nina held her children close as she wept silently. If she had not done what she had done, they would be safe, at home. Nina shook herself, she couldn't deal with that right now, they had to survive. And when you were in survival mode, you did whatever you had to do.

Celia sensed her mother's distress and hugged her a little tighter. Then they both heard a sound. The sound jarred Nina's broken spirit into action. She had no idea, but she and her kids were about to get some help from the least likely of places and the strangest of all creatures.

They were huddled in an abandoned building contemplating, when Nina and Celia heard a girl scream. Peering through a crack in the wall, she saw a sight that made her blood boil.


So ends Chapter One. I hope you enjoyed this story. If so let me know and if not tell me why. This is a new genre for me and I know I have a lot of growing to do. Thank you again for reading. IR2R

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