tagNonHumanShe Wolf Ch. 06

She Wolf Ch. 06


Hello, and welcome to chapter 6. In this chapter, I want to explore more on Nicolette and Gernick a bit more, and that is what I tried to do chapter. I also tried to slow it down, but not sure if I succeeded. Please read and share your thoughts. Let me thank you for reading the story and let you know that I really appreciate it.

Let me thank Overstar for taking time to edit this chapter, and Navaura as well for helping me dig a little deeper. I really appreciate all that you have done. Any errors are mine and mine alone and not these two willing souls.

"All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them but confront them."

~ William F. Halsey


Nicolette and Gernick appeared at his home shortly after vanishing from Nashville. She was devastated as they left her family, but he'd never know. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. After they arrived at his home, Nicolette acknowledged that it was a magnificent manor, placed in on top of a hill overlooking, the ocean. The entire place was surrounded by trees and secluded. No one entered the property without clearance, and trespassers were dealt with harshly.

Nicolette admitted to herself that this was a beautiful place, rolling hills, covered with deep green grass, off the horizon a thick forest, with tall red oaks, but she didn't want to be here. The forest made her long to be with Nina and the pups. She recalled visiting the compound, hidden deep inside the thick rich hills of the Loess Mountains. She recalled the simple beauty of the land and the serene calming lake. She and Nina had strolled on her last visit, stopping at the lake to reminisce.

As she stood, she felt him move to stand behind her. He started to encircle her waist with his strong arms, but she moved away. She'd lost everything, and he would not assuage his guilt by offering her comfort. But this was Gernick, and she knew he felt no guilt. She stood on the balcony, outside of Gernick's office admiring the expansive space. "Well, what you think of our home?" he asked.

Nicolette looked around the spacious office and commented, "It's a house right." It was more than just a house, and she knew it. Gernick's abode was a veritable fortress, complete with cells for prisoners in the basement below. Nicolette shuddered as she remembered her last visit to his home. Gernick hugged her and gently lead her to a seat in his office. He motioned for her to walk with him and sit. He took great pride in showing her around their spacious home. Gernick took his time. He wanted her to see exactly what she was getting. He wanted her to love their home, the place they would raise their children. Truth be told, he built this house with her in mind. When it was finished, he knew she would love it.

Gernick laughed, "You're here for eternity; you'll make it into a home for us. Come, walk with me." He took her hand to show her around the massive home.

Nicolette had to admit that his home was lovely. It was rich in deep purple with polished oak walls. He led her to his bedroom. In the center was a giant bed with a thick pillow-top mattress. Covered in black satin, it looked sinfully comfortable. Come, let's see the rest," he said as he continued his tour. The home had every convenience one could imagine. During the tour, Nicolette also realized that there was no way she could escape without him knowing her whereabouts. She briefly thought about her family she had to leave behind and felt so alone. Gernick wasn't moving and she realized he was watching her intently.

"Thinking of them serves no purpose, Nicolette. You will forget them eventually. Once our child is conceived, you won't think about the offspring of that she wolf." Nicolette didn't answer and turned from him. Gernick grabbed her arm. "Don't forget who has the true power here, Nicolette. One order and they will no longer walk the earthly plain."

She had been here three hours, and already she'd angered him. Nicolette closed her eyes; she had to let them go. As long as he knew she cared, he'd use them against her. He, being so evil, would send someone to harm them, just to hurt her. Nicolette turned and faced the one man she hated with every breath she took. "You gave your word to me Gernick. I... I will let them go, but" her breath caught. She hated showing this weakness to him. Gernick grinned evilly. "Just give me time."

Gernick caressed her cheek, "Give me a kiss, and I will speak of them no more." He commanded. He led her to his master bedroom. She leaned over and lightly brushed her lips to his. Roughly he snatched her in his arms and kissed her angrily. "Listen to me, never again will you shed a tear for a pack of dogs in my presence. You are mine, Nicolette, and as such, you will never show weakness. Those dogs made you weak. They are no longer your concern. Forget them. If you think of them with longing again, I will have them killed. No, not all at once, but one by one. I'll start with the one you think you've hidden. What was its name? Oh right, Benny. He dies first. Now, love. You are mine and will forever be mine."

At this point he had led her to his private recreation room, and he sat on his overstuffed lounge chair. Her anger grew, festering, as a tangible living thing. "Gernick, if you harm one hair on either of their heads, you will regret it. I will never do what you have demanded of me. You want me here, then you keep your promise. There are other ways to leave this place."

She meant it. He knew she'd end her life before she gave him a child. If he followed through on his threat, she'd never stay with him. "Nicolette, I can always choose someone else to bear my child. Before these wolves weakened you, you were a worthy adversary, now you sicken me." He sneered; then turned and called for one of his servants. "Claus, get this ungrateful bitch out of my sight. Throw her in the room she stayed in during her last visit."

Claus grabbed her forcibly and led her to the basement. Nicolette wanted to fight, struggle, refuse to enter, but she wouldn't give Gernick the satisfaction. Stoically she entered the room where they beat and tortured her years before. She sat on the bare wire cot, forcing her body not to react as the guard locked her in the cold dark room. Nicolette refused to cry. He said if she shed a tear, he'd kill Benny. So she had to fight back the tears. She lay awake, for hours. She had no idea how long she stayed in that room, but it felt like a millennium.

As she was lock away, Nicolette had time to think and remember everything that led to this moment. Gernick was wrong, and no matter what, she had to find a way to fight back. But she didn't want to risk her family. Nicolette realized fear could be a very powerful emotion. It could spur you to action or render you catatonic. More time past, and she grew weaker. Soon she realized she hadn't eaten and her body grew weaker. She wanted to scream and curse, but she would not allow him win. He had her in a horrible spot, but she'd be alright.

Nicolette thought about Nina, and how over time her friend helped her. One day she was feeling particularly angry when Nina walked in. Her friend wouldn't leave until she'd vented. Nicolette appreciated it, and after that she often talked with her. Even when Nina moved to her own home, she called periodically to check on her friend. She missed Nina, but she had to accept that she'd never see her again. Then she thought of Mrs. Valdez. For over three centuries, since she'd been turned to this life she was with her. Gernick could never know the truth, because out of all of them, if he took Mrs. Valdez from her, it would kill her.

Nicolette cried for several days, silent sobs, so she would not be heard. He threw her down in the basement and no one came to check on her. She was forgotten. She suspected that was what Gernick wanted. Since he sired her, he wanted to get rid of that mistake. And that's what she felt like, a mistake.

Gernick sat in his private room above her in the basement, and listened to her cry. For days, he wanted to free her, hold her, beg her forgiveness, but he had to break her spirit. She was too strong, too willful, and hard to control. Once he got her to submit, then he'd give her some of her freedom back. Until then, he had to be strong. He loved her but would not let her know the control she had over him. The time she was locked away, he checked on her each time she slept. He knew she hungered, for he could feel her pains. It pained him to treat her this way, but until she accepted him as her true master, he had to be cruel. She left him no choice. A week later, Gernick decided to visit her in the basement.

"You reek; wash yourself." He demanded. "Make yourself presentable and I will allow Claus bring you warm blood."

Nicolette, weakened from lack of food, stood as tall as she could to walk past her captor. As she passed, he turned his head, grabbing his nose as if to block away a horrid stench. Claus escorted her to a private bath and informed her that her clothing would be burned. "I will bring you fresh clothes. Take your time. I know that was extremely unpleasant for you. I apologize...", she glared at him. Claus quit speaking and quickly excused himself.

As soon as he entered the kitchen, Gernick's was there. "How was she? I've warmed this for her. Make sure she drinks it all." He ordered. "Bring her to me in my office when she's done", He demanded. Claus was dumbfounded. Gernick prepared her meal. He'd never known Gernick to do anything for anyone. This was a first. It seemed the lovely Ms. Vlad had some sway over his boss.

Nicolette sat in the expansive bathroom, unfazed by the gold and deep red trim. He took everything she had, even her clothes. The clothes she wore were the only thing she had from her home, and he even had that small thing destroyed. She wondered if they got the letters, but then she recalled he said don't think about them, so she blocked the thoughts.

She had to break her bonds. The only way to keep them safe was to let them go. So one by one, as she cried for the last time, Nicolette Vlad, cut her family from her life. Kyra, Celia, and BJ were released from their bond with her. Each one immediately felt the hole in their hearts where Nicky once resided. Then Nina, this one hurt the most, but to keep her alive, she had to let her go. Mustering almost all of her reserves, she severed their sister bond. Last was Mrs. Valdez, releasing Nina almost killed her, but this last bind would be the end of her and she knew it. "Momma," she whispered and she severed the final bond.

At the Alpha's home in Loess falls, Mrs. Valdez screamed an inhuman scream that shook the earth around her. Elise, Javon, all the wolves were on instant alert. Nina ran from her home to the Alpha house. Something was wrong, BJ, Celia, and yes Kyra met her there. They joined Mrs. Valdez and held each other as they cried. Nicolette was gone. She had left them, and they knew they would never see her again.

In anger, Mrs. Valdez lashed out. She shoved everyone away. Her child was gone. That monster took her. And for the bond to break, she must be dead. Her baby was gone, and no one could bring her back. So she stood and ran from the Alpha home, from the compound, the wolves gave chase and BJ stayed with her, but soon she vanished and even he lost track of her.

Screaming, he collapsed, she was their last connection to Aunt Nicky and she ran from them. Pain engulfed him as the rest of his family joined him all broken, crying, and hurt. No one could reach him. He fought, lashed out, he failed. He was a man. He should have never should have let that vamp take her. Eventually the healers came and gave him a sedative to make him sleep.

Blaine held his spouse, stroking her to calm her, concerned about their daughter. She couldn't take anything so he had to comfort her. Thaddeus held Nina as well. She had just informed him they were expecting a son before she screamed and collapsed. Elise held Kyra as she cried for the death of her Aunt as well. The entire group stared off into the nothingness that was left of Mrs. Valdez.

Nicolette finished her bath and resolved to take her place beside her sire, Gernick. She would now dedicate herself to the fate that life had dealt her and become the mate of the most hated, and feared vampire in all creation. Nicolette Vlad no longer existed, she now became Nicolette Ivanov.

Gernick sat heartbroken as he listened to her cry. He hated having to hurt her this way, but it was necessary. He had too many enemies and when they learned he'd mated they'd go after his mate to destroy him. Most knew Nicolette Vlad hated him on sight, so it would not be common knowledge, their mating. He sat in his room, tears streaming down his face as he knew she released her family from her bond.

He heard her leave the tub. He quickly clean his face and donned his stone-faced mask. Nicolette joined him in his office wearing one of the many outfits he'd purchased for her. She was stunning. Gernick smiled as he admired her beauty. Then she spoke, "You gave me your word, as I now give you mine. I have severed my bond with those I care for, so there in no need to harm them now."

Her voice was so cold and emotionless, that Gernick looked into her eyes. What he saw made him want to scream. Her eyes had no life left in them, she seemed dead inside. If what he witnessed was true, would she be able to love their child? It was her love for others that drew him to her, but had he, in his arrogance, destroyed the one thing he wanted from her with his own callousness?

He shielded his thoughts, as to keep her from knowing his deepest feelings. He forced himself to grin evilly, and then pull her close. She went without resistance. She had no desire to even fight anymore. He kissed her, and she didn't respond. Lifting her, he carried her to their bed. Slowly he removed the garment from her body, and stood to admire her frame. "Nicolette, your beauty abounds." He loved her and that was one reason he claimed her over four centuries ago.

He was her first lover, and that was the night he changed her. She was so young, and naïve. When she awoke to this life, she followed him for years, until she learned he was not the clean, unblemished man she thought. She broke away, and he allowed her too. For centuries, Nicolette was a free spirit. Many men tried to take her and she would be claimed by no man. Then that blasted council met, and declared her a risk and wanted her terminated. He demanded a reprieve, and for over one hundred years, Nicolette was still a free spirit, Fifty years ago, an order went out for her to be destroyed, and she'd spurned the advances of a head council member,

Gernick sent four of his warriors to dispose of her. It hurt because she was his, and he could not claim her. If he claimed her then, they'd have so many after them. Besides, she wasn't ready. Then she befriended the she-wolf. For years, he sat and watched her with that family. Now, it was time for them to have a family of their own.

Males that were born vampire had the ability to father children. Male vampires that were turned were sterile. Gernick's bloodlines stretched back to the beginning of time. He had several brothers and sisters. All of them were mated with young, and he was the only male in the line who had not mated until now.

He disrobed and Nicolette looked away. She didn't want to see him. She knew how her body would respond to him. He was to only man that made her need. She would mate with him, lay with him, but she would not be the insipid girl she was before she saw what he really was. The bed shifted as he joined her and then he began to kiss, her. Despite her desire to resist, her body warmed at his touch, as he found the secret spot behind her ear. She shivered as he continued his bold explorations, guiding his hands down her body, he touched every inch of her.

"Nicolette, this can be pleasurable for both of us. Or I can simply enjoy it alone. To me, it matters not. Now, tonight we join for eternity, so decide. How long do you think you can resist me?" He demanded.

Nicolette closed her eyes, refused to look at him. Her body betrayed her as it always did where he was concerned. He spoke and her cunt flooded. It was the same now. He laughed and he knew he could smell her arousal. He won; he always did. She hated him for that. He was evil, and had taken everything from her. Yet, her body craved his touch like no other. He told her when she was younger, that she was his, and he didn't lie. No man ignited her like he did, and no man could hurt her the way he could.

Gernick knew she hurt, and he needed her to forget for a while. She needed to forget that she hated him, forget that he took her family from her. Just forget and be in this moment with him. "Nicolette," he whispered as he moved to cover his body with is, he kissed her lips and she still did not respond. "Look at me, Nicolette, look at me." He demanded. "It will not be like this. This night I refuse to allow you not to respond to me. Look at me Nicolette", he commanded her and her eyes flew to his. For a brief second all the pain she buried burned rightly then she masked it.

Gernick, dropped is mask and she gasped. Nicolette was stunned by the depth of emotions that shone in his eyes. If she were young and naïve, she might have believed it was love. Unconsciously, she reached up and stroked his cheek. Smiling, he held her close and kissed her palm. "Nicky, I want you to love me. I've loved you for so long, and to see this hurt... We can be happy, have children of our own. I just need you to give us a chance."

Nicolette froze, and then quietly she asked, "If you love me Gernick, how could you hurt me like this? This is not love. This is something else."

"Ah Nicky, it's because of my love that I had to separate you from them. I have numerous enemies, and they'd kill them just to hurt you and get to me." He explained. "As long as they live, no one will harm a hair on their heads. That my love, I promise." He kissed her, and despite everything that occurred before she held onto him and kissed him back,

Needing more, Gernick desired to taste her body. So he began to explore her skin with his tongue. Soon he reached the heated center of her being, Spreading her thighs he admire the sheer beauty that was a woman, Her neatly trimmed hairs glistened with moistures signifying her excitement for him. He had to taste. Soon he used his tongue and licked her quivering cunt up and sown in slow motions. Nicolette loved having her pussy eaten by him. That in itself was worth torment. Then he saw how wet she was and desired to drink her nectar.

He lapped her cunt cleaning it completely, as her juices flowed freely form her. Soon she begged for more. Although Gernick was skilled with his tongue, he was a more accomplished lover.

"Gernick, please", she whispered unconsciously. Her body was now a mass of emotions. He smiled and readily complied. Climbing up her body and positioning his cock, he slowly slid deep inside of her tight canal. Both groaned once they joined and he began the slow moving dance that drove her beyond the brink. Nicolette screamed and begged for more. Gernick chuckled, for he knew no man could love her like he did. No man would satisfy her, only him.

"Nicolette feed." He ordered, he needed to feel her bite, to feel her claim him as hers. Nodding she did, and groaned as his rich blood filled her mouth. Gernick groaned, the feel of his love feeding from him as he loved her was the most erotic, most satisfying feeling in the world. Soon she had her fill and he had to feed from her to complete the bond. Kissing her neck, he slowly bit into her artery. She moaned as he drank her life sustaining fluid making them one for all eternity. Her cunt clinched his thick cock plunging him over the edge into a sea of bliss so intense and so awe inspiring.

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