tagNonHumanShe Wolf Ch. 09

She Wolf Ch. 09


Hello, This story is near the end. One or possibly two more chapters will be written and then I want to explore the lives of other characters from this world.

There are so many interesting possibilities. I really want to continue with these characters, but to do them justice, they need their own story. So please sit back and enjoy. I certainly hope you enjoy the chapter. Now I present chapter 9.

A special thanks to Overstar for doing a dynamic job in chapter 8. Two sets of eyes are definitely better than one.

Thanks to Overstar for editing this chapter. Any mistakes found are mine and not the work of this wonderful person who has kindly agreed to help improve this tale.

"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it." ----- Maya Angelou

Having seen enough, Claus sprang to action. "If she has lost blood, she can feed and be replenished. Doctor let me go back. I can feed her my blood it may help her heal." Not very familiar with vampire physiology, Dr. Kim was unsure.

Then Mrs. Valdez spoke, "Please it can't hurt. Vampires differ from wolves. We heal faster and just maybe..." She could not go on. They had to save her baby. She'd lost her once, and to lose her this time for real would kill her.

Kim looked at the distraught woman and remembered how Nicky's death shook her. She had to try something. "OK, we'll try. Come lets dress --"

Gernick roared, "No, she feeds from me. It's my fault. If anyone can save her it has to be me." He stood to follow the doctor.

Claus knowing that Gernick had not fed in a while, roared "Enough Gernick. You are too weak. I won't risk all three of you. I promise I will do everything I can to help her. But you need to sit down and wait. For once, let someone else handle things." Then he followed Kim to surgery.

After Claus left, Nina and Celia arrived with their mates. Nina rushed to her Alphas and they explained that Nicolette was alive and in surgery. Then she saw Mrs. Valdez. She hugged her relieved the older woman was alive. Celia was questioning the alphas when Blaine growled. She turned and saw the dark haired vampire crying in a corner. Blaine's growl caught Nina's attention. She followed his line of vision and her sights landed on the one man she hated with every bone in her body. She knew instantly who and what he was. Her hatred for him became a living, breathing entity.

"You bastard! You did this. You! You took her from us." She growled ferociously. Gernick simply sobbed, as she attacked him. She punched and hit him furiously, as he simply sat there crying. He made no effort to protect himself. "You sick fuck! What did you do to her?" She yelled. He didn't answer. He barely acknowledged her presence. Refusing to be ignored, Nina started to strike him again when Thaddeus reacted. He couldn't let her put herself at risk so he grabbed her and held her back. The vampire was dangerous and already on edge. If he snapped, he'd kill her. "Let me go, Thaddeus. Let me go!" she demanded, wanting to strike the weeping man before her once again.

Mrs. Valdez moved to stand between her and Gernick, effectively blocking her view of her nemesis. "Nina, please. He brought her here. Please, stop," she pleaded.

Javon looked at his mate, and he saw she was struggling with her anger as well. Nina, enough! Calm yourself, or you will need to leave, he commanded. Nina gasped and glared at the Alpha. Elise stared at Javon as well. He was protecting that monster. He deserved to have his throat ripped out.

Love, please. We all need to keep our wits about us. Nicolette needs all of us right now. Elise nodded and joined Thaddeus and Nina. Celia was also trying to comfort her mother. Soon, everyone calmed enough and the room was eerily silent. Except for soft sobs, everyone waited in silence.

Claus dressed and entered the operating room. Doctors and nurses surrounded the bed that Nicolette lay on. She was awake, and crying. Not loud sobs, but silent ones. Worry and fear etched her brow as she feared for the life of her son. Claus walked in, and he saw a glimmer of disappointment that he wasn't Gernick. He sat beside her, held her hand, and whispered words of comfort, "It'll be alright, Nicolette. You and the baby will be fine. He's here. I promise." His heart broke as silent tears cascaded from her eyes. As much as he wanted these two to work out their problems, he needed her to survive more. "Nicolette, I need you to feed. You have to rebuild your strength." Claus stood beside her and ripped his wrist with his teeth. She was barely breathing and so pale. He prayed his blood healed her, because losing her was not an option. He held his wrist to her lips, blood drizzled down her chin, and then he felt her pull. It was a soft tug at first that grew stronger.

The doctor was amazed, as she drank her body healed and the bleeding stopped. Now they could focus on the baby. He still had a heartbeat, but with each contraction it grew weaker. Dr. Kim performed the operation. Claus fed her as he sat and watched her son enter the world. The baby was blue and didn't seem to be breathing at first. Nicolette was breathing on her own and the nurses were repairing her incision.

"Claus, my baby! Is he alright? He's not crying. Please, let him be alright. Let me see him. Let me see my baby," she pleaded. Dr. Kim was working on the baby. The doctors from Neonatal were already there. Then Claus heard it, the most beautiful sound in the world. He heard him cry. At first it sounded like a mewling kitten and then strong, loud boisterous cries erupted from him. His color had improved and he was now pink and healthy.

They weighted and measured him. He weighed eight pounds and twelve ounces. He was twenty inches long. He scored well on his Apgar test with a score of 8, and seemed perfectly fine. "Please, let me see him. I want to hold my son." Nicolette pleaded needing to check him to reassure herself. The nurse brought him to her. She gently placed the baby in her arms. "Jonathan, you're perfect. Absolutely perfect," she whispered to the squirming infant.

At this point her incision was closed and the outer wound had actually healed. The wolves were awed. Nicky checked her son, and knew he was perfect. He had ten fingers, ten toes, black hair and dark eyes like Gernick. The nurses had to take him away and clean him up. She stopped and turned to Claus. Ever since this nightmare with Gernick started, Claus was the one constant she could depend on. The Doctor was telling him he could leave, but she grasped his hand. "Claus, thank you. Thank you," she whispered.

He smiled, and lean over, he kissed her forehead. Claus was there, and that reminded her that Gernick wasn't. Claus saw the distress in her eyes. "Love, he's here. He's outside with everyone else. He wanted to be in here, but he was in no condition. You'll see him in a few minutes." Nicolette exhaled.

Dr. Kim told him to go back out once again. The nurses rushed the baby to the nursery, and Nicolette was wheeled to recovery. Clause went into the dressing room to remove his garb and then walked out to face the family. As he walked into the waiting room, he noticed that the groups were divided. Gernick was alone, sitting, and the wolves huddled together. Mrs. Valdez stood in the middle; part way by Gernick, and part way by the wolves. Mrs. Valdez rushed into his arms. "Amerie, she's alive. She's tired, but she will recover, " he whispered. "Thank God, the baby?" she asked but by then Doctor Kim had come out to tell them about the procedure.

"Mr. Gernick. Everyone! Nicolette and the baby are alive and doing well. It was touch and go, but as soon as she fed, her own metabolism kicked in and we were able to deliver the baby. Mr. Gernick, congratulations, you have a son." Gernick hugged the surgeon. He moved so quickly his movement was a blur. "Can I see them," he asked.

Dr. Kim extracted herself from him and spoke so compassionately, that Both Javon and Elise's respect grew even higher for the female were. Everyone else in the room wept, relieved that their friend was alright. "She is in recovery. We gave her something to help her sleep, and it may take a while to wake up. However, your son is in the nursery, one of the nurses can take you to see him right now." A little blond nurse came out and Gernick thanked the doctor and followed the nurse to meet Jonathan.

There were several babies in the nursery, but he only saw his son. He lay in his basinet, squirming, and Gernick walked over to him. The babe looked just like him. He looked like he did in Nicolette's dream. He reached down and the baby grasped his finger. Gernick spoke to his son for the first time in his life. "Jonathan, I love you. You are the very best part of me, and I want you to know that I will protect you with all that I have in me."

"You can hold him," a nurse whispered. Gernick was nervous. So the nurse had him to sit and gently placed the babe in his arms. Gernick held the baby gently, awed that he helped create something that was so perfect.

Gernick was so enthralled with his son, that he didn't realize that several people had followed him and were avidly watching his interaction with his son. The baby whimpered, and Gernick laughed. The nurse took him and started to give him formula. Being born a vampire, the baby needed a mixture of blood and milk. Gernick stopped the nurse and asked that he be fed type O blood mixed with the formula. The nurse paused. She explained that she needed to check with Dr. Kim, and she did. Dr. Kim said take one bag from the bank and warm it for the baby. The nurse mixed the drink and was prepared to feed the gorgeous baby. Gernick asked to feed his son. The baby had a healthy appetite, and drained the bottle quickly.

As soon as he finished, the nurse showed him how to burp his son. The baby went to sleep and he needed to check on his wife. Gernick walked out of the nursery, and the Alpha pair was waiting for him. He simply asked, "Have they brought Nicolette to her room?"

Elise growled, I won't let you hurt her, she thought, glaring at him; refusing to speak to the monster that caused this.

Love, he is her husband. It's his right. Javon reminded her gently.

Gernick knew the female Alpha hated him, but right now he didn't really care. He needed to see Nicolette. "No, not yet. She's in recovery." Javon explained.

Clause walked up to him and said, "You can wait with me in the other room. They'll come get you." But Gernick pulled away. He heard the doctor calling him, and right now she demanded his attention.

The She wolf was waiting outside of the nursery. He stopped and turned to face her. Not only had he wronged Nicolette, he had done this woman and her children a huge injustice. He could only say two words. "I'm sorry," he whispered. Then he rushed to talk to the doctor. Nina was frozen. That man caused so much pain, so much hurt. He took Nicky and she hated him for that. BJ, moved and hugged his Mom. He was there when he took her, and he understood her fury.

That man destroyed their family. He wanted to hate him. But he couldn't. He could tell this was a man that loved his wife. He loved her. BJ wasn't sure what happened, but he knew a man in love because, he saw that same look in his eye every day. Julianne wrapped her arms around him and held him for a moment. He could only imagine his fear when Nicolette fell ill. If it were Julianne, he'd go through hell to save her, and he was sure that's what the vampire had done.

Celia stood by her brother and her best friend, and Julianne hugged her, showing her that despite everything she was there. Blaine shook with fury. He hated that guy. He terrified that woman and now she was mated to him with a child. He would talk with Javon. If Nicky didn't want to leave, they would die to stop him from taking them again.

"Mr. Gernick, come to my office. " She restated, and he quickly went behind the doctor.

"Ivanov, my sir name is Ivanov. Gernick is my given name. Please call me Gernick." He explained as he took a seat. He owed this young woman a great debt. She saved his heart, and he would be eternally grateful. As he followed the doctor, he noticed the wolves glaring at him. He could feel a plethora of emotions; anger, hatred, surprise, but above all relief.

"Please sit, Mr. Ivanov." The young wolf suggested as he closed her office door. The office wasn't very big, crowded really, and Gernick could tell that she spent as little time here, but right now she needed to talk with him, and here they were. He did. "She will recover, but that's not my worry. There was no reason for this surgery. The baby refused to be born. Mr. Ivanov, she is my family; she and that baby along with her mother are considered pack. If you can't love them, please let them stay here. The reason I ask is that I've never seen a child refuse to be born almost to his own detriment and the demise of his mother."

The doctor stopped and thought about what she said, "I'm sorry, sir, that was out of line. I have no right to make that request of-." Gernick interrupted her.

"Can the wolves love my son and teach him right from wrong?" He asked, catching the young doctor completely by surprise. His tone was strange. "I freed her, months ago. I understand why you don't trust me doctor, but despite everything I've done. I love my wife and child. I was wrong to take her, but I don't regret it, I have a handsome new son. He's perfect, just like his Mom."

"Mr. Ivanov, for some reason, I believe you. I can see that you love them. But I'm not the ones you need to convince. There is a room full of people you hurt, and I'm sorry may not be enough," she whispered. They talked a bit more about what she needed and what the baby needed. Rest and no stress were on top of the list. Gernick listened already formulating in his mind how to make sure they both had everything they would need. Soon he and Dr. Kim finished and he asked her to show him to Nicky's room. Her mother and Claus were sitting outside waiting to enter.

He saw Javon and Elise standing and had to say thank you, but right now he needed to make sure Nicolette was alright. He stopped. He owed this couple his life. If they had refused them,... He could not finish that thought. Gernick started to speak, but Javon stopped, him. "Alpha Loess, I-"

"Check on Nicolette and we can talk later," he stated. Gernick rushed back to the room she was being placed in and waited to be allowed to enter. Nicolette was still sleeping, but the nurses let him go in. When he thought he would lose her, his life essentially ended. She lived, and right now she could hate him forever, he'd do whatever it took to win back her favor.

Only Gernick was allowed in her room at first, because he was her husband. Mrs. Valdez wanted to protest, but Claus held her and his strength reminded her of Gernick's love for her daughter. Gernick walked in and sat next to her. He kissed her brow and whispered endearments in her ear. He watched her, and then he smiled. Their child was perfect. If he never accomplished another thing in his life, he could be proud of their Jonathan. He sat smiling thinking about their little boy. "What are you grinning about?" Nicolette asked, relieved that he was there. When the pains started, all she could think about was him.

"Nicolette, you're awake. Thank goodness. He's perfect Nicky. Our son is absolutely perfect. Thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful gift." Gernick rambled on. Nicolette lay in bed watching him, warily. A few months ago, she detested the very air he breathed. Then he left, and she missed him.

She remembered her son saying he was trying to leave and her instincts kicked in. "Gernick, where did you go? You look pale," she observed. Gernick didn't think she'd notice.

"Um, I went to the hills. I'll go back, I know what I said, I won't interfere in your lives again, but I had to see him. He is everything I 've ever dreamt of. Jonathan is the perfect name for him," he continued speaking. Nicolette waited. He answered her question, but he was hiding something. She reached out to him through their mental bond and felt his hunger. He was literally starving.

"Gernick, when was the last time you fed?" she demanded. He looked away. He was so hungry. When the nurse prepared the bottle for Jonathan his mouth watered, but he could not feed. He promised her he'd free her and to do that he had to leave for good. Once she and the baby were settled, he'd go back to the hills and start the regimen starving himself once again. Right before he went insane with hunger, he'd contact the council so they could have him terminated. Then Nicolette and his son would be free. He left her everything he owned, so she and their son would never have a worry. He was even making sure Claus was there. Claus was the only parent he knew. He closed his eyes as he thought how much his death would hurt the older gentleman.

Nicolette watched him and her body got a chill. "Gernick, what are you doing? When was the last time you fed?" He avoided answering once again. She became incensed. "You haven't been feeding, have you? Come here. Come to me Gernick." She demanded.

Gernick moved to her side. Nicky ripped her wrist and placed it to his lips, drink. Her blood had the sweetest scent and he drank. He knew her reservoirs were low so he didn't drink much, but he felt his strength return.

Nicolette called for a nurse and one came in. She asked for blood. The young lady hesitated, but eventually came back with a warmed bottle. Nicolette ripped the bag open and drank. She then made Gernick drink the rest.

His pains from hunger were so strong that he cried. Claus sensed something was terribly wrong and when he saw the nurse carry the blood bag in, his sense of dread increased. "We need to go in there," Claus whispered to Amerie. As soon as the nurse exited the room, they went in. They saw the condition Gernick was in and that Nicky was forcing him to feed. Claus intervened, and assured her he would take care of him. Claus held him as he drained the bag of blood. Gernick was shaking. He knew he didn't want her witnessing him in this state of weakness, so Claus led him from the room.

Amerie sat with her daughter. She smiled. "Nicky, why help him? I thought you wanted him gone," she asked. But she knew the answer. Her daughter did not have a vengeful bone in her body. Her level of compassion exceeded even her own. Nicky took a deep breath, "Despite everything, Momma. He's Jonathan's father. I won't be the reason he loses his Dad. Momma, where am I exactly? There are wolves here and ..." she gasped and froze.

"Baby, you almost died. We had to get you here to save you and the baby. You were hurting and Jonathan couldn't be born. You passed out, and I thought..." she began to sob. Nicolette hugged her mother. Her mother thought she'd died once, and the thought of losing her again was too much for her mother.

"Momma, it's Ok," she crooned as she held her Mom close. The two women cried and then someone knocked softly. "Come in," Nicky called and Elise and Javon walked in. Elise rushed over to embrace her friend quickly Javon could not speak. To know she was alive was a dream come true for them. Now she was back and she had a son. She was alive, as was Mrs. Valdez.

"Nina and the kids are here. We're sending a car for Kyra. Nicky, thank God you are alive. Don't ever cut your ties with this pack again." Elise demanded. Nicolette was confused, she never broke ties with the pack, just her family within the pack.

Javon saw her confusion, "Nina joined us, as did BJ, Celia, and Kyra. They were connected to you. When you cut your ties with them, the entire pack felt it, Nicky. You are a part of us. The beautiful little boy is a part of us. You are now and forever will be pack."

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