tagNonHumanShe Wolf Ch. 10

She Wolf Ch. 10


Hello, This is the final chapter of this part of the story. Like I said earlier, there are so many opportunities here, I'm excited about where I go next. Now I present chapter 10.

Thanks to Overstar for editing this chapter. Any mistakes found are mine and not the work of this wonderful person who has kindly agreed to help improve this tale.

Also thanks to MIZT for beta reading for me. Girl, you rock!

Success is the outcome of desire, vision, action and perseverance.---- Remez Sasson

*****Reina is pronounced Rain--uh*****

*****Javier is pronounced Ha—vee—air*****

Margaret Kent missed her baby. So while sitting in a meeting with the most exasperating man ever, she decided she needed a break. This weekend she'd drive to Texas and see her daughter and her friends. Besides, it had been a couple of months and she wanted to see the babies again.

She and Nina talked regularly, and they constantly sent pictures of the little ones. Little Theo was a handsome little devil, whereas Little Nickie was just as angelic. She smiled, "Mrs. Kent, this is a serious business matter. I don't see where there is anything to smile about," Lakota Gaines grumbled. She was smiling and he wasn't the cause. She had better not be thinking of another male. He could barely tolerate her being around that Levin Martin, but his twin assured him he was not a threat. It annoyed them that they both were mated to two humans who seemed so close to each other.

Margaret apologized and refocused in the meeting. The people with Gaines incorporated wanted too much. They agreed to be their distributor, but not their indentured servants. Her meeting ended and Margaret saw Reina Gaines corner Levin. Levin held his own against the young brash attorney, but Margaret knew he was fighting an attraction to the young woman. Her brother was just as fascinating to her, but she was fifteen years older than him, so she'd leave her thoughts where they were, in her head.

"Mrs. Kent, I'd like to discuss this further, will you join me for dinner? I really believe we can iron out our differences. Reina and Mr. Martin will join us. After all, it is really your company, so you can make the final decision." He asked nervously; his heart pounding. He needed to be alone with her, away from the office, but he knew it would take time.

"Mr. Gaines, I actually have plans already. We can talk again on Monday." She replied coolly, and then she excused herself and returned to her office. Lakota saw Reina walking towards him with a look of sheer frustration on her face. Sister, it seems our mates are fighting our pulls. We need to be less subtle, and tell them what we want. Reina laughed. No, let's keep playing. They'll come around.

That night Margaret packed a light case for the weekend, and called Levin. He agreed that they needed a break, so they climbed in her car, and headed to Loess Falls. Neither spoke at first, but they felt like two naughty teens ditching school. Soon they arrived in Texas, driving across the rolling plains to the gated community where Julianne now resided.

Pulling up outside the gate, Margaret called her daughter. Within minutes, the gate opened and they drove inside. Elise greeted her as did Javon. They were both happy to see their old friend, because they worried about her even though she constantly assured them that she was doing well. Both Alphas turned to face the man that accompanied Margaret on this visit, they both sensed something different in the two of them, something primal. She introduced her friend, Levin, and Javon scented to see if they were mates. They were not to each other, but he had a feeling that wherever their mates were they would probably be ticked off.

Julianne rushed over to see her Mom and was surprised to see her uncle with her. Oh, God, are they planning to get together or something, she thought, but she hugged her uncle anyway. If they were a couple they deserved to be happy.

"Hey, Lil' Bit, where's that husband of yours," he asked.

"BJ is at work. How are you? How are things at the office?" Julianne asked as she hugged and greeted her uncle. Levin and Margaret shred a look.

"Wait, what's wrong. I can come back..." Julianne started to say. "No, it's our new business partners. Lakota Gaines and his sister Reina," Margaret exhaled. "We needed a break," she explained.

Hearing the name of the Gaines Alphas, Javon stiffened. Like him, Lakota and Reina handled pack affairs, they had a business team for business purposes; something else was going on here. He looked at Elise, and she was smiling. Honey, I think our friends have found their mates, and their mates are running. She laughed and hugged Margaret once more.

Reina Gaines could not sleep. She and her brother moved into a townhouse that the pack owned just to be near their mates. They'd waited decades to find their mates and she wanted to claim her man. Levin Martin was a God to her. He stood at least six inches above her five foot four inch frame, with dark hair graying at the temple and deep brown eyes that almost seemed black. She admired his physique, and it was obvious that he took care of himself. The man didn't have an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. She knew, because she always found a way to touch him. After a fitful night, she rose early and headed out.

The next morning Reina drove to the office. Levin often worked on Saturdays and this weekend she wanted to be near him. As she parked, she realized his car wasn't there. So she drove to his home and his car was there, but the house seemed empty. Reina got out and knocked when an elderly lady explained that he and Margaret left around nine last night. They'd be back Monday. Reina was furious. Her mate went off with another woman.

She called Lakota, growling Where is he? Where did she take my mate?

What? Who? He demanded. Reina was upset. Someone had taken Levin.

Your mate, she took him last night and they left, she explained.

Lakota's wolf went wild. The thought of Margaret being alone with another man infuriated his beast. Your mate better not touch my woman, or he's dead.

Meanwhile in Loess Falls, Julianne's mother followed her home and settled in. Julianne took the day off and they walked to the preschool to see the babies. As they walked, she told her mother that Mrs. Valdez had visited and was doing well. She was glad to hear that because she worried about her friend. Levin walked with them, loving this community. Then he thought of Reina. He kind of missed her and felt a small pain or something deep inside. He wondered if she drove to the office to see him. Why would she think of an old man like him? She was a young, vibrant woman. The only reason she dealt with his was because of the alliance they were forming with the companies. Levin smiled. Reina Gaines was a beauty. She was a little shorter than him, but a powerhouse trapped in a curvaceous frame. She was powerfully built and he often pleasured himself at the thought of her. But he knew nothing would come of it, because she was twenty years his junior. He was too old for her. Levin shook his head to clear his thoughts of a beautiful young woman who was twenty years younger than him.

Nina rushed over to the daycare to see Margaret. She loved when she visited. Having just spent time with Nicky, Margaret's arrival was a welcomed sight. When she arrived at the preschool, she was already cuddling Theo and Nickie. Several other children were vying for her attention as well.

Levin was also covered in kids. He loved it. Nina laughed at their antics and wondered who or what were these two hiding from. "Margaret, Levin, I'm taking Thaddeus and Blaine lunch. Come with me. The three took Thaddeus's jeep and drove to his job. Blaine and Thaddeus were glad to see them and the five talked. After they ate lunch, Thaddeus invited Levin to go out with the guys that night and let Margaret and Nina catch up. The three of them left the job site where the men worked, and they drove back to the compound when Levin asked to be excused. Javon and Elise had settled the two of them in their home for the weekend visit. Levin missed Reina for some reason and he wanted to read for a while. He back to the Alphas home where he went to his room to rest.

Javon sat in his office. He debated on whether he should call Lakota or not. He'd known Lakota for over one hundred twenty years. He rarely got to tease anyone, so he'd wait for the call. As soon as Javon started dealing with pack matters, his phone rang. "Hello, Lakota, I thought you might call," he teased.

"Yes, are they there?" he asked, annoyed with is friend and missing her. He knew she had issues with him appearing to be a decade younger, but in reality he was decades older than she was. Margaret Kent was a beauty. Deep brown, wavy hair, big brown eyes, and porcelain skin rendered him speechless when he saw her the first time. Her hourglass shape and womanly curves often distracted him. He loved watching her. She was gorgeous and men noticed. At first, he didn't want any other men looking at her, but then he realized she was a beautiful woman, and they could not help but stare. The male members of his pack knew to avert their eyes when his mate was among them. She was his, he knew the moment he entered the office and caught her scent.

The two alpha males talked a while with Javon assuring Lakota that Margaret was safe. He knew Lakota considered her his, and he'd make sure to alert the pack males. He'd pay Reina the same courtesy where Levin was concerned. Lakota relaxed and thanked his friend. He hung up as Reina walked in.

Reina walked in. "Did you call Javon," she queried.

"Yes, they are visiting her daughter. Reina, we need to tell them the truth. We can't keep doing this." He added. His sister agreed. It was time. She'd let Levin have this weekend, but on Monday, he'd know who and what he was. The only problem was the pack. They'd have to split the pack, or one of them had to be demoted to head beta. Reina didn't mind letting Lakota lead, as long as she had her mate by her side.

"It's time for lunch, let's go back to Wildwood." Lakota suggested. His sister agreed. It had been a few weeks since they'd gone home and they needed to check on the pack.

Meanwhile, back in Loess Falls, Margaret was becoming bored. She'd visited her daughter and son-in-law, played with the babies, had lunch with Nina and Thaddeus, but she felt restless. She wondered what Lakota was doing. Despite her reticence, she had to admit, he was one fine piece of male specimen. Almost seven feet tall, long black hair, Lakota was the type of man that starred in many women's fantasies. His shoulders and torso were well-defined, and sculpted. His Native American features, a strong jaw, dark eyes, and a square chin, drew her and to her he was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. It was hard for her to focus because she'd often find herself becoming aroused at the thought of him being naked to her hungry gaze. Wait, why am I thinking about him? He's probably out with a girlfriend or someone. Besides, I'm almost old enough to be his mother. "What's wrong with me," she said out loud.

Nina caught that and said, "No ma'am, dish". Margaret tried to laugh it off but Nina wasn't buying it. Her friend was aroused, and whomever she was thinking about was the source of her condition. "It's nothing, really." She covered. Nina scrutinized her. "Nope, name, I want his name." Nina insisted.

Margaret laughed and gave in. "Ok, I have an old woman's crush on someone. I'm too old for him, and it means nothing. I'm forty-five, and he's in his thirties. I'm too old." Margaret explained, downhearted and feeling foolish. Nina laughed. "How old was Oscar when you met him," she asked.

"He was forty-three and I was eighteen, but it's different for men," Margaret explained. "Besides, he's not attracted to me in the least. I annoy him more than anything. He's always so mean when he speaks. He actually wanted to... , but I came here. I needed some space." Margaret sighed, depressed because despite everything she liked being around Lakota.

Nina smiled. Her friend seemed to have met someone. She prayed that this man was worth the angst she was going through. "Margaret, you are a beautiful woman. Of course you'll be attracted to a new man, and I bet he likes you too," Nina whispered. Margret smiled, and nodded. Eventually, she'd go home and deal with this annoying, "whatever it was".

The day ended and Margaret joined the Alphas for dinner at the community hall. As they were eating, Javon decided to mess with her. "I got an interesting call today, Margaret. My friend Lakota Gaines called asking if you were here," Margaret choked.

"What?" She asked, annoyed, but she was also sort of happy. Wait. How would he know to call here? She pondered. Javon decided to clarify things for her. Apparently Reina was looking for Levin, and the neighbor told her he came here to visit family. Levin secretly preened. So she was looking for me, he thought. "Mr. Loess, thank you. We will call back to see if they need anything, right Margaret? "

Everyone continued eating dinner, but Levin was anxious to call the lovely Ms. Gaines to see what she wanted with him. It was probably work related, but he needed to hear her voice. Soon everyone went home, and to Nina's and Thaddeus's surprise Javon and Elise asked to keep Theo. They were keeping Benny and Nickie too. So for the first time in months, the couples had time alone. The only thing Elise asked was that they bring them clothes for the next day. Each couple hurriedly said goodbye and rushed off for some much needed time alone.


As soon as Thaddeus entered his home, he grabbed his wife, lifted her against the door and kissed her. She felt his cock pressing into her and her pussy flooded. She wanted him. It had been months since they had time alone and she was not wasting a second.

Thaddeus needed his woman like he needed his next breath. Coming up for air, he growled. "This one will be quick. I promise to slow down next time. Shift!" Nina shifted and Thaddeus quickly mounted his spouse entering her in one swoop. She was so wet, so ready that he did not meet any resistance. Both groaned as his gigantic cock filled her channel. Then at super human speed, the male were pounded his mate furiously and hard. Nina yelped as she rode the waves of sensations her mate caused.

Both wolves panted, straining for the momentous completion they had been denied for so long, and then he felt it. At the base if his cock, his knot formed. He would finish, but he wasn't ready for it to be over. Thaddeus tried to pull back, but Nina sensed his orgasm and her pussy spasmed. When she contracted his knot slipped inside of her pinning her, and he released rope after rope of hot spunk deep into her canal. Thaddeus howled. Nina, joined him and the couple sang of their joyous union.

Soon they shifted back and lay there holding each other. Nina loved the feel of her man being locked tight and he loved the feel of her pussy vibrating on his stiff cock. "Baby, I'm sorry it was so fast. The next time, I'll go slower," he promised,

"Sssshhhh, who's complaining? As soon as this knot goes down, I'm in charge, and baby, you won't feel your legs when I'm done." Nina smiled wickedly. Her proclamation cause anther problem, his cock hardened at the thought of her dominating him. Thaddeus began to move, and Nina's pussy creamed. She loved the way he stretched her opened. "Aw fuck Thaddeus, yes," she crooned. Thaddeus closed his eyes, lost in the sensation of being buried balls deep inside his mate. He loved her as he covered her breast with his hands, caressing her ample mounds. Pinching her nipples, she was completely under his control. He fucked her from behind, his knot still holding her closed, as he reached the trimmed vertex of her thighs and massaged her clit as he asked the one question that always drove her wild. "Who's pussy? Whose is it, Nina?" He demanded.

She refused to answer. Loving his show of dominance, she planned to see how much further he'd go. Thaddeus smiled; he knew she was playing with him. "He pumped more ferociously and punctuated each stroke with a word, "Whose? Pussy? Is? It?" he demanded. Then he pinched her clit and felt her pussy come once again on his hungry cock. Her cum was now leaking out of her pussy. Thaddeus was close, but he wanted an answer before he filled her again. "Nina, girl, stop playing. Tell me, whose it is?" He demanded once more and then he slapped her cunt. The stinging action caused her to cum hard and she screamed. "Your's, Thaddeus! Only yours!" Then and only then did he climax, shooting rope after rope of his hot seed deep into her womb. This time he laughed.

Holding his wife and wondering, how did he get so lucky? Then he thought, they didn't use anything, what if, Nina, we didn't use, could you be pregnant? Nina smiled. Love, not this time. Besides, I thought you wanted to wait until Theo was a bit older?

"Well, we weren't trying to get pregnant with him and it happened so fast. I was just wondering, but I'd love to have another little one with you. Until it happens though, we can keep practicing, right?" Nina yawned. Her mate's amorous activities had worn her out, "Yes, and we can practice more later she whispered, as Thaddeus held her close. Within minutes, she'd drifted off to sleep.


Blaine and Celia arrived home. "Wait, let me take care of you tonight," Blaine told his wife. He ran her a hot bath and took out her robe and slippers. He led her to the bathroom and slowly removed her clothes. "Blaine , I can undress-" he silenced her with his finger. "No my love, you are a masterpiece, and I want to explore your fine art." Soon Celia was naked and trembling in front of her man. Blaine kissed and licked every piece of skin he'd exposed when he removed her clothing.

Once he reached her center, he pressed his face against her naked crotch and inhaled her natural womanly scent. She smelt heavenly and he wanted her. But, first he had to care for her needs, so he helped her in the bath. Blaine drove Celia crazy as he took his time and washed very inch of her body. He took extra time and washed each of her breasts, covering the rose colored aureolas with nips and kisses. When he reached the folds between her thighs, he washed carefully. He went painstakingly slow and made sure her clit, and cunt were clean and stimulated. He massaged her pussy and finger-fucked her to a climax, Celia moaned as Blaine masterfully manipulated her body. Soon, the bath ended with her begging him to just fuck her. Blaine, never being a man to disappoint his woman, was eager to oblige. He helped her from her bath, dried her off, and carried her into their bedroom. "Sweetheart, I love you. I want you so bad but-." Celia pulled him down and kissed him, interrupting what he wanted to say.

She needed him. It had been weeks since they'd been intimate and she planned to take advantage of tonight to the fullest extent. "Baby, we have all night." Blaine tried to explain." Shut up Blaine and fuck me." She hissed. Blaine loved how aggressive she could be. Being a dedicated husband, he obliged. He ripped her robe from her body and proceeded to love her like there was no tomorrow. Celia and Blaine spent the entire night exploring, tasting and touching each other's body. The two spent hours relearning their touch. Soon it was late, and both tired and satisfied, Blaine and Celia fell asleep holding each other close. Across in their own home, Nina and Thaddeus did the same.


The next morning, the happy couples awoke early and held each other. They walked to the alphas home with clothes for the kids and soon everyone met for breakfast. Margaret and Levin joined them and everyone was content. Levin was a bit restless, and Margaret knew he wanted to go home.

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