She Won't, But Her Mother Will


Tom leaned his head forward, resting his forehead on her back ,as he closed his eyes and moaned, his cock pumping in and out of her asshole, "Oooh my God you're so good, Mrs. Andrews, hot fucking asshole, God damn."

Veronica's head was low, she was panting as her hair was thrown forward over her head, concentrating on the feeling, one hand sometimes going to tweak her own nipple a bit, fondle her breast. "Yessss, Tommy, fucking work me, fucking work my asshole. Be a bad little boy and fuck my ass good. Oh I want you to be dirty with me."

They kept on fucking, Tom sometimes reaching around her to cup her tits, then going back to grope and slap her big ass. She kept asking him to fuck her deeper and harder, and so he climbed up on his knees and then his feet on the pool table, Veronica on her hands and knees with her breasts swinging under her, that big ass up higher than her head, as Tom stood over her, straddling her and fucking her ass on the pool table.

"Oooh God Mrs. Andrews, your asshole is sooo fucking good, ungh. You're gonna make me blow my load."

She swung her hair around and then looked back at him. "Oh, am I?" She started shoving her ass back hard against his cock, her sweaty cheeks slapping back on him loudly on every thrust. "Oh, am I gonna make you cum!?"

Tom tensed up, he was trying to hold it back but couldn't any longer, he sunk his cock in deep and felt it explode, felt her hot asshole grip his cock as it pumped out load after load up in her. Veronica looked back at him, reached back and held his hand as he came hard up her asshole. She saw a few tears pool at the sides of his clenched eyelids and start rolling down his sweaty face.

They were quiet for a while, as Tom's cock barely softened as it stayed up her asshole. After a few moments the cock was getting harder and he started to make slight in and out motions with his hips.

She looked back at him with a kind smile, "My knees are getting pretty sore, honey."

"Oh geez, sorry," he responded, and pulled his wet cum-covered cock out of her ass. He saw her asshole gaping a bit, the opening streaked with sperm. He helped her down as well. "Sorry Mrs. Andrews, I meant to do this upstairs somewhere, I just got kind of carried away."

When she was standing beside him she cupped his chin and kissed him, "Don't worry honey, you were wonderful." They kissed again for a longer time, his wet cock pressed against the side of her ass, his hands rubbing her tits. "Lets maybe go upstairs, like you said." She pulled off her shirt entirely and headed toward the stairs to the main floor, while Tom followed behind, leaving all their scattered clothes but grabbing his bag.

Mrs. Andrews was still in her heels and he watched her ass as she walked, movements exaggerated even more because she was feeling so sexy and because of the soreness of her asshole. He could see some glistening cum starting to leak out and streaking her full cheeks and strong thick thighs.

When she started ascending the stairs in front of him, with that hot freshly-fucked ass swinging in front of his face, he felt a fresh surge of lust.

Halfway up the stairwell, he put his hands on her hips, "Holy shit, stop right there Mrs. Andrews, fuck. Lean forward."

She cooed as she felt his face press into her sweaty cheeks again, that tongue sliding up her sperm-slicked hole. She pushed her ass out and put her hand back and ran it thorough his hair, pulling him it. "That's it baby, just go and get it. Go get it. Yeah. Dirty boy, so hot. I love it." She wiggled her sweaty asscheeks over his face as he lapped at her hole.

He ate it for a few minutes and then pulled off, his face sweaty, looking up at her. "Ok. We can go. I'm sorry, I just had to do that. You don't think I'm weird, do you?"

She stared at him for a moment and then gave a loud "HA! You've got a lot to learn." She walked the rest of the way up the stairs and into the living room. "You want to watch some TV?" She curled up on one of the large couches, resting on one hip with her sore and cum-streaked ass tilted to the side, where Tom sat down. She raised her eyebrow, "What else have you got in that bag? You seem really attached to it."

"Some more weed. If you want some." She nodded. "He handed her a joint he had pre-rolled and a lighter. "And, um, this DVD of my favourite anal porn scenes. I was like thinking we could watch it while we fuck."

She light the joint and exhaled a big cloud. "Throw it on." She pointed to the big-screen TV against one wall.

He set it up and sat down again and hit play. Pretty soon the screen was filled with scenes of beautiful young women getting fucked hard and rough anally by large thick cocks, both black and white. They watched quietly as the large cocks fucked the asses hard, pulling out only for a mouth to suck them for a moment, stretching out the asses of women beautiful enough to be models until they gaped for the camera, sometimes fitting two of those massive cocks in a hole at the same time. Veronica and Tom passed the joint back and forth until it was smoked to the end.

Veronica sat up closer to Tom and reached out to cup his balls. "So, was that enough assfucking for you to go out with my daughter again a few times or do should we do it again just to be sure?" Her hand moved to his half-hard cock and started stroking it.

"Ummm...." He felt his cock throb and get harder. "Yeah, that seems like a good idea. Ohh Mrs. Andrews."

She put her free hand on the back of his head and pulled his face to her breasts as she kept jerking him with her other hand. Tom got his lips around them right away, his hands going to her breasts too, cupping them, holding them up so he could suck at the nipples, getting them all wet with his spit.

Veronica moaned as she felt his warm wet sucking mouth. "Oh yes, Tommy, you like those big warm tits, don't you?" He moaned in the affirmative. "Your mom has a pair just like them doesn't she?"

Tom kept sucking and then popped his mouth off, just staring up at her for a moment. Veronica felt his cock get rock-hard in her hand. "Oh my god, Mrs. Andrews, you're so dirty!" He pushed her hard nipples close together and lapped at them both.

Veronica pushed him back against the couch and then turned and dropped to her knees in front of him. She gave him a smile, "Wow, I'm pretty stoned," she laughed, then wrapped her breasts around his cock and worked them up and down as her tongue lapped at his cockhead. "Do you smoke weed with my daughter?" she asked as she kept working him.

"What? Oh, um..." Tom looked down at what she was doing to him.

She squeezed the soft warm breasts harder on his cock, "Tell the truth, baby."

"Oohh...yeah, just keep workin' me! Um, once or twice. Anne-Marie's not a pothead. But, um, occasionally..."

Veronica smiled up at him, "Maybe one day all three of us can get together and smoke some."

She laughed out loud at the expression on his face, and stood up, squeezing his cock with her hand, "Okay, I think you're ready, any more and you're gonna blow your load, and i need some pleasure too."

She turned around and faced the TV as she reached between her legs, holding his cock up as she flexed her thighs and sat her ass down on it.

Tom just looked forward and moaned and tried not to cum as he saw her big round mature ass descend on his cock, those sweaty round cheeks getting split as his hard cock pushed up into her asshole again, the feeling of his previous cumload still partly up in there, slicking his way along as he quickly got deep into her tight wet hole.

Veronica concentrated on simply working her ass up and down on that cock, using her thighs and calves, hearing the meaty slap of her ass every time she brought it down hard on the cock of her daughter's boyfriend. She put a hand on her pussy and rubbed it wildly as she looked to the screen and saw a well-hung black man fucking some eastern European blonde in her asshole, while another blonde kneeled behind him and pushed her face in his ass, licking out his black asshole. "Mmm, fucking filthy!" Veronica growled and rubbed her pussy harder as she slammed that ass down faster, sometimes giving little grinds on Tom's cock when she took him balls-deep.

Tom was gasping, leaning back into the couch, half-closing his eyes, pulling on his hair, trying to do anything not to blow another load too soon as that big meaty round ass slammed down on him over and over, those sweaty thick round asscheeks shining and shaking, the tight hot forbidden feel of her asshole gripping his cock. He saw the sides of her large breasts as they bounced up and down with her. Tom realized that this mature woman was going to make him cum again faster than any girl had before, that he was having trouble handling so much ass and tits. He'd started with control but somehow she'd become the aggressor, and he had a fleeting thought that she would be the kind that even knocked on his bedroom window in the middle of the night, eager and demanding...

"OH FUCK!!!" Veronica rubbed her pussy hard and slammed her ass down roughly on Tom's cock and kept it there, grinding it around in little circles as she started to orgasm, bucking her asshole back and around on his cock like an animal. Tom felt her anal walls clench on his cock and it was too much for him and he started to cum as well, pumping out another load up inside her.

As her orgasm subsided she fell backwards into Tom, still feeling his cock pumping out sperm into her asshole, his hands reaching around her to hold her breasts as their sweaty bodies slowly rubbed on each other, their mouths panting, the weed smoke still heavy in the air of the living room as the hardcore anal porn kept playing on the big screen.

A quiet moment on the soundtrack allowed them to hear, a few steps away from the entrance to the living room, the sound of the front door unlocking and opening, and the first steps of feet on the hard tile floor.


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by Anonymous

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by BetterEnding02/19/18


Why would any mother want to see her daughter in a relationship with such an uncaring scumbag?

One can only hope that the ending finds daddy and daughter returning home. Perhaps Veronica can go livemore...

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Very hot, makes my tongue wanting to lick her

I also cum while reading this.... mother will teach her how in time.....

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