tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShe Wore It Well - Another Day

She Wore It Well - Another Day


She was about to cum. I recognized that look. Her eyes were wide open but not seeing, her mouth was wide open but soundless. And of course her legs were wide open, with one hand rubbing away at her clit.

I was right there too. My cock was about to burst. Another pump or two and I was going to blow my load.

I'm not sure who came first but it was close. Either her orgasmic moans pushed me over the line or my load shooting out pushed her over.

Some moments of silence while we caught our breath.

"Hey you!" she said "Better than ever!"

"Sure was babe" I replied "Got time for another?"

She laughed, and then I joined her, as we both knew that we had neither the time nor energy for a repeat performance.

"Are we still on for the beach on Saturday?"

"Of course! I should be there by 10:00."

"Great. You'll recognize my umbrella?"

"Yep -- I'll find you. Don't start without me."

"Ah, you're no fun!"

"So, same time tomorrow night?"

"Sounds good. Same Bat-time same Bat-channel."

"Great! See you then."

We logged off. Skype is an excellent application for long distance sex.

She was Vicki. We met at the clothing optional beach earlier that summer. That meeting was basically a lesson in exhibitionism. We were strangers but made a game out of showing ourselves. Since then we had connected online and frequently had 'Skype-sex' with each other. We had grand plans to meet up again at the beach, but we could never get the timing right. Finally we got it together and had made plans for Labor Day weekend, the last hurrah of summer. It was bound to be interesting as, beside a quick blow job at the end of that beach day, we haven't had any physical contact. We have watched each other masturbate numerous times, so I knew every hair on Vicki's pussy by sight and could recognize the sound of her orgasms. By the end of this weekend I hoped to know her using my other senses; by touch, by smell and by taste.

Even though I knew much more about Vicki since our first encounter, I realized that there were a lot of things about her that were still a mystery. I was sure that she was an exhibitionist, as well as a voyeur, but was our mutual show on the beach the first time for her? Was it only because she was swept up into the thrill of it that she did it? I know that it was a mutual experience; I couldn't tell you who starting showing first. And I do know that the wonderful blow job that she gave me in the parking lot was unsolicited. And even though we had watched each other on Skype, would Vicki be up for the same game as last time? Would she be up for anything more?

That day at the beach was a first for me. I'd fantasized about something like that happening but had never really expected it to come true. I think we both just needed that extra push to take our exhibitionism to the next level; we pushed each other.

So on Saturday morning I packed up my cooler and loaded it into the car along with my umbrella, some towels, and a folding chair. I had sunscreen and a book in my backpack. Since the last visit I had bought a windscreen, something new for me. It set up easily with stakes into the sand and not only offered some protection from the wind, but also a bit of privacy. There were a lot of beach goers that used these, I never had. The one that I had bought was only a couple of feet high. Anybody walking by could easily glance down into it, but as long as you were lying down you did have some privacy. Of course I didn't need a bathing suit, and as usual I went commando under my shorts. I had about a two hour drive, so I got an early start. Being a holiday weekend I was pretty sure that the beach was going to be more crowded than usual.

On the way down to the shore I couldn't stop thinking about what the day would bring; thinking with my mind and with my dick. I drove most of the way with a semi, and I'd be lying if I told you that I never touched myself on the drive.

Surprisingly there was not that much traffic and I got to the beach in record time. There were some cars in the lot but not that many. As I walked onto the beach I scoped out possible areas to set up. I found an area that was pretty open, around the same spot as the previous visit, so I set up the umbrella, my chair and laid out a couple of towels. I set up the windscreen in a semi-circle around the umbrella and towels, with the opening facing the shore. I then stripped down, put my clothes into my backpack and settled into the chair, watching and waiting, and wondering what the day would be like.

Looking around I saw a couple that looked somewhat familiar. I think that they had been 'neighbors' from the last visit. They were middle aged and in pretty good shape. And, based on their tan lines, or lack thereof, they were regular visitors. We caught eye contact. I acknowledged them and the man remarked that it looks like it's going to be a great day. I smiled and said I think it will be. The woman smiled back and winked. I wondered if they recognized me from that previous time and if so, had they seen Vicki and I playing our showing game. I was so caught up watching and showing with Vicki that I hadn't really been aware of what others could have seen. Either way, what's done is done. The introduced themselves as Bill and Janet, and we shared some pleasant conversation about the weather, local sports, etc., before we all just went back to enjoy a relaxing beach day.

Not that much later, as I was still checking out the sights, I thought I saw Vicki arriving. The beach is very wide from the entrance to the shore, so I couldn't be sure it was her at first. As she walked closer I could see it was her. She was dressed pretty much the same as before, in a T and cutoffs, with her auburn hair tied back under a baseball cap. I knew by now that she was 24, and even though I hadn't been blown away by her beauty the very first time I saw her, over the weeks I had grown to appreciate how very attractive she was. I liked the whole package that was Vicki. She wore it well.

She was scanning the beach looking for me, so I stood up and waved to her. She saw me, waved back and started in my direction. It was then that I realized that she wasn't alone. There was another girl walking with her. A sister or a friend? I didn't know if she had a sister; we have never talked about our families.

Vicki came right up and gave me a hug and a kiss. As we embraced I knew she could feel my dick against her. She whispered into my ear "Mmm... happy to see me?" "Can't you tell?" I whispered back. Then she introduced me to Sandy, her cousin. I gave Vicki a glance that could have been interpreted as "Why didn't you tell me?" Vicki explained the Sandy's family was visiting for the holiday. I tried to hide my disappointment. I know, being on a nude beach with two women isn't the worst thing that could have happened, but it was not the way I had envisioned the day to be.

As I welcomed her to the beach and invited them into my 'camp' I took notice of Sandy. She had similar hair color, but other than that there was no real family resemblance. She was a bit shorter and probably younger than Vicki. She was also more meatier than Vicki, and a real stunner. Her breasts and butt seemed bigger than Vicki, but since she was wearing a big oversized T shirt, it was hard to tell. I assumed that I'd be seeing more of her. I also saw her give me a quick checking over while Vicki was unpacking her stuff. Nothing lewd, but she did sneak a glance. I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed about seeing me naked, but it didn't matter. I wasn't about to let her spoil my day.

Once settled in, Vicki stripped out of her clothes. She had a bikini on, and kept that on while she folded and packed away her cutoffs and T shirt. I'm pretty sure she was doing this for my pleasure, as she caught me staring. She also glanced down at my dick, now starting to get active, and smiled. Staring me down, she removed her bikini. As she packed it away, she bent down in front of me, knowing the view she was providing me. Her labia ring caught the light. Nice....

Sandy also started to disrobe. She wore a more modest two piece suit. And I was right about her body. She had a much bigger set than Vicki, but not so big that they were sloppy, if you know what I mean. And her butt was also much more bubblier (is that a word?). I think I was right about her being embarrassed, as that was as far as she undressed. I can't say I wasn't disappointed, but a lot of the people that come to the beach don't go totally naked. And while it might be incongruous for two of us to be naked and the third not, Sandy was not on my radar and I didn't really care as long as I could play with Vicki.

No sooner had we settled down when Sandy asked where the bathroom was. Now, I usually used the ocean, duh, but there was a restroom back at the entrance. A long walk, but Sandy headed that direction.

Once she was out of range Vicki explained the situation. She knew that Sandy's family was coming to visit, but she had hoped she would be able to slip away for the day. Sandy had figured out where she was going and wanted to go with her. Without explaining a lot more than she wanted to explain, she agreed to let her come. On the drive down she figured that she had better let Sandy know more about the beach, so she explained about it being clothing optional, with 'optional' being emphasized. Sandy had asked her if she was going to get naked and she had said of course, that's the reason that I choose this beach, but just because I am doesn't mean you have to. Sandy said she'd have to play it by ear.

"Did you tell Sandy about me?" I asked Vicki. She said that yes, she was going to meet a friend there. "Anything more?" I asked. "Nope" she replied with a wicked wink. "How well do you know your cousin?" "We used to be closer when we were kids," she said, "but we really haven't kept in touch over the past couple of years, except for the annual visit." "She's grown up pretty nicely, don't you think?" she asked me. I replied "I think she definitely fills out that suit nicely, but I prefer her cousin." "Oh! Bonus points for you being so diplomatic." I asked her "What do those bonus points get me?" "Well, how about some sunscreen for starters?" Of course that was fine with me.

She started applying the sunscreen to her arms and legs. While she watched me watching, she started rubbed some onto her tits and belly. She rubbed some all around, but not into her pussy, making sure all of her tender parts were taken care of. Smiling back at me, she then handed me the tube and turned around. I put some lotion into my hands and started on her shoulders and down her back. I didn't stop when I reached her ass, just lingering there a bit longer than necessary. I also did a quick reach-around to make sure her breasts were completely covered, making extra sure that those nipples weren't going to get burned. I noticed then that our neighbors Bill and Janet were watching us. We weren't really doing anything that could get us kicked off of the beach (yet), but we did have those two extra sets of eyes checking us out. "Game on!" I thought to myself.

Done for the moment with Vicki, I started applying the sunscreen. It was pretty much the same as our previous meeting, with the motto 'Do unto others ...' being the phrase of the day. I applied the lotion to my arms and legs, and, while I watched Vicki watching, to my dick. It was getting hard, but not yet full blown. Smiling, Vicki said that it looks so much better in person than on her computer monitor. "I'll take that as a compliment." I said with a grin, and handed her the tube.

As I had done to her she covered my back and worked her way down to my ass. She also lingered there a bit and did her own version of a reach around. She worked her hand down between my butt cheeks and brushed up against my balls. Not an accidental touch of course but still nothing that would get us kicked off of the beach. I glanced over at Bill and Janet. They were watching. Bill had a newspaper that he was pretending to read, but Janet was much less discrete. Her eyes were locked onto Vicki's hand and my cock. I leaned back into Vicki and whispered that it looks like we have some admirers. She looked over at Janet, smiled, and reached up a bit to give my dick a quick tug.

What I didn't see was that Sandy had returned from her excursion. I'm not sure how much she had seen, but we broke contact and started to get comfortable. "You had better put some of this on." Vicki said to Sandy, and handed her the lotion. After she did her front and as much of her back as she could reach, she asked Vicki if she missed any spots. She said that her back wasn't completely covered, took the lotion from her and tossed it to me. "A man's work is never done." I said, which brought the first giggle from Sandy. I stood up and started to rub some lotion onto her back, working around the bathing suit straps. She stopped me for a moment. "This seems kind silly, doesn't it?" referring to her still being fully 'decent'. I said that yes, it does, but the saying here is 'As bare as you dare'. She giggled again, and then asked me to unhook her bikini. "My pleasure." I said, but although I was interested in seeing more of her, it was Vicki that I really wanted to focus on. I helped Sandy take her top off and finished applying the lotion to her back. I ended with my (now customary) smack on the butt, saying "all done!"

I thought this was a good moment for the girls to meet our neighbors, so I got their attention and introduced the girls to Bill and Janet. They both got up and walked over to shake hands. I took a better look at Janet's nakedness, and noticed that Vicki and Sandy both quickly checked out Bill as well. This happens all the time at this beach. While it is definitely impolite to stare, it's hard not to notice people's bodies, especially when there are right there in front of you. So I noticed that Janet sported a full bush, not unkempt, and good size tits that had just a bit of a sag to them. Good for her age I thought. And I did notice that Bill had a bigger than average flaccid member, with low hanging balls. I didn't want to think about how that would look when he was up and running.

Pleasantries exchanged, we settled back down behind our windscreen. Due to the location of the opening and where Bill and Janet were set up, we had a partial view of them. And now I could also take a good look at Sandy's tits. While they were definitely full size, they did not sag at all. Her nipples were pink and her breasts were pale white. I spoke up and said you had better take care of those, motioning to those twin peaks, She giggled again (which I was getting use to now), and applied some lotion to them. Again, fun to watch but it was Vicki that I was there to play with.

So I turned my attention to the lovely, naked lady who was lying face down next to me. I admired her shapely legs which went all the way up and made an ass. From my angle I could see just a bit between her legs, a sight I knew I would never tire of. I continued my tour up her back and could just see the sides of her breasts against the towel. Continuing up, I was surprised to see that she had raised her head up and was watching me. Keeping eye contact, she very slowly, spread her legs open a bit. She watched me as my eyes went back down there. I glanced over to Sandy, who was now also lying face down with her face turned away from us, so, looking back into Vicki's eyes, I spread my legs to fully expose my hardening dick. Vicki looked at it, them back into my eyes and, with that wicked smile, licked her lips. So I guess this was the game we were going to play today - see and be seen. I could live with that, but wanted to see if we could take it any further.

I decided to test the ocean water, partially because it was getting hot out and partially to cool myself down. I stood up and headed out towards the shoreline. I had to pass close to Bill and Janet. Bill seemed to still be absorbed in the newspaper, but Janet was watching my every move. I gave a polite nod of the head to her, ducking my eyes down her body just enough for her to know I was checking her out. I think she checked out my semi as well, and I could feel her eyes burning a hole in my ass as I walked past.

The water was cool and refreshing. As is my habit, I went out a bit then turned and swam parallel to the shore. I went down the shoreline a bit until I could see that I was in the gay section of the beach. Not officially marked as such of course, but it was understood that the far end of the beach, closest to the wildlife reserve, was where the guys that liked guys hung out, literally and figuratively. So I turned and headed back.

As I got closer to where I started I saw that the girls had come out as well. They didn't seem to know where I was, so when I got close enough I ducked under the water. The plan was to give Vicki a quick goose, but I ended up grabbing Sandy's ass instead. I knew it as soon as I did -- it was fuller and she still had her bathing suit bottoms on, I surfaced and tried to apologize, but what could I say? She was giggling, so I just said "Oops! Wrong ass!" and quickly ducked under to give Vicki the same treatment. Sandy was loosening up, which I was glad to see. We all three played in the surf for a while longer until Sandy said she was going back to the site. I was a bit distracted, watching her walking away, and lost track of where Vicki was. Then I felt her hand close around my dick. I had gone completely flaccid in the water, but the warmth of her hand immediately started the reversal. She had swum underwater over to me and when she surfaced she kept her hand on my dick. We were in chest high water, so from the shore nobody could probably tell that anything was going on. Vicki then released me, but leaned back into the water and wrapped her legs around my waist. We weren't talking, just enjoying the motion of the ocean. I supported her body with one hand on her ass, and with the other hand I rubbed my now hard dick against her pussy. I could feel her ring, and gave it a little tug. She gasped, opened her eyes and stared right into me. I continued to rub against her and tug on the ring. She closed her eyes and gave a little shudder. I recognized that look. I waited until she calmed down and said "You're welcome." which brought her back down to earth and made her laugh. She unhooked her legs and told me that she'd figure out a way to repay me. She started to go back to shore and I told her that I had to wait a bit before I got out. She smiled, understanding the situation I was in.

As I was cooling off, I saw that Janet and Bill were standing together on the shore. As Vicki passed them, she stopped to talk to them. I couldn't hear what they were saying but there were smiles all around. By the time I was ready to get out, Bill and Janet had wondered off down the shoreline, hand in hand.

I don't use a towel to dry off. I prefer to air dry. So when I got back to our settlement I just put my sunglasses back on and stood up, checking out the beach. It was getting a bit crowded, but since I had staked out our area in advance, we still had a good amount of privacy. There was another naked couple close to us, but behind us, behind our windscreen, and two couples off to the other side. They were much younger, probably in the middle teens. The guys were naked but the girls still were dressed; one in shorts and a t shirt and the other in a bikini. I imagined that the guys were trying to convince them to get naked. Good luck with that.

Standing there I hadn't really thought about the view I was giving to the girls. They were lying down on their backs so the both could look up at me. Surprisingly Vicki had her eyes closed but Sandy was checking me out. I glanced down at her as well and saw that her suit bottom, when wet, was showing a nice camel toe. I just smiled at her and eventually sat down. I got a beer out of my cooler and offered something to drink to each of them. They accepted... I should have brought more beer. I asked Vicki what she was talking about with Bill and Janet. She replied "They said it looked like I was enjoying myself out there." I smiled and Sandy looked at us. I could tell she didn't know what we were talking about.

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