tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShe Wouldn't Date Him, Chapter 2

She Wouldn't Date Him, Chapter 2


There is never an excuse for forcing sex on anyone, male or female. I do not condone the practice. However, there are people who have fantasies of being forced to submit sexually. This story, and Chapter 1, were written with them in mind. If you do not want to read stories of this nature, stop here.


Sarah’s Revenge

Wayne left Sarah's house and walked out into the night, smiling to himself. He had finally been able to bed the lovely Sarah. True, he had to force the issue for starters, but he knew that by the end she was enjoying it. She could deny it all she wanted to, but he could tell by the reaction of her body that she was receiving a lot of pleasure from the acts.


After Wayne left her house, Sarah lay in her bed, covered by the sheet she had pulled up to her chin after Wayne had finished with her. The bastard. Not only was she covered by the sheet, she was covered in semen. Yuck. She crawled out of the bed and headed for the shower. Setting the water temperature as hot as she could stand it, Sarah stepped under the steaming flow of water, letting it cascade over her body. Ahh...that felt so good. She was a bit sore from everything that Wayne had done to her. The bastard.

How dare he force himself on her? How dare he make her do those things? She was a lesbian, for goodness sake. But, she felt inwardly, some of the things he had done to her had felt kind of nice. No; she would not let herself think that way.

As she tried to scrub the feel of Wayne from her body, and wash away the remnants of his orgasms, Sarah’s mind wandered back over the events of the night. Thinking about how he had surprised her on her porch as she was fixing to unlock her front door to go in. Thinking about how he had tied her after making her strip. About how he had tongued her to a fabulous orgasm. 'No! Stop thinking about that', Sarah admonished herself.

Getting out of the shower, Sarah went to the cabinet and retrieved a bottle of douche. Then she reached in and got another, and returned to the shower.

She finished her ablution, then stepped out onto the bathmat and dried her body. Walking into her bedroom, she saw the bed, all mussed from the night of sex. Before she even dressed, she went to the linen closet to get fresh bedding. She stripped the bed and remade it with fresh sheets.

Sarah went to her dresser and got out panties and pajamas and dressed. She walked over to her bed but stopped short of getting in. Somehow, she just couldn't face lying there right now.


"Hi honey. I got here as fast as I could." Sarah's lover, Amy, walked into Sarah's living room and looked around for her. Amy was glad that she had a key to Sarah's house, because Sarah hadn't sounded too good when she had spoken to her just 20 minutes before. She didn't know what she might find upon her arrival.

"In the kitchen, Amy" called Sarah. Amy walked to the kitchen and up to Sarah. Sarah was sitting at the table, cupping a mug of hot chocolate in her hands. Amy squatted next to Sarah where she sat.

"Look at me, honey," Amy told her. Sarah turned her head and looked at Amy. "What is wrong, Sarah? You're scaring me."

Sarah put her mug on the table and turned to face Amy. "I was raped, Amy. I was raped right here in my own home." Sarah laid her head on Amy's shoulder as Amy wrapped her arms around Sarah, as Sarah began to cry.

"Oh, baby; are you all right? Look at me!" Amy commanded. Sarah raised her head up to look at Amy. "Did he hurt you? Do you know who it was? Oh damn! You took a shower, didn't you? Honey, you washed away the evidence the police would need!"

"I'm ok, Amy. He didn't hurt me and yes, I know who it was. And I'm not going to press charges. Do you remember the guy from work that I've told you about, Wayne? The one who always asks me out?"

"Yeah", said Amy. "It was him?" Sarah nodded her head. "Damn his hide; I'll kill the son of a bitch," said a very angry Amy. "Why aren't you going to press charges?" Amy demanded.

Sarah dried her eyes with a paper napkin and replied, "Because it would cause all kind of crap at work. The best thing to do is just forget it happened."

"I don't agree, Sarah," said Amy. "Not making him accountable for what he did will let him think he can do this again, to any woman; maybe even you again." Amy stood up, with her arms still wrapped around Sarah, Sarah standing up with her.

They walked, arm in arm, to the living room. Sarah looked at the couch. Then she looked around the room. The evidence of the nights' activities was scattered around the room. The ropes with which he had bound her, the slim dildo he had used in her ass; the tube of lubricant that had eased the dildos entry into her body. Her clothing.

Sarah shook her head as she surveyed the room. Amy looked at the items strewn around the room, which she had not noticed when she had first entered the house. Amy walked about the room, picking things up. She discarded the rope, dildo and lubricant. Sarah's clothing she placed in the laundry hamper in the bathroom.

Amy returned to the living room to find Sarah sitting on a chair, avoiding the couch. Amy walked up to Sarah, took her hands and pulled Sarah to her feet. "Come on, baby. Let's go lie down; I'll hold you." They walked to Sarah's bedroom and stood at the foot of Sarah's bed. "Well, at least getting into the bed with you will be much more pleasant than it was earlier," she told Amy.

Amy undressed, pulled the covers back and got into the bed; Sarah followed. They lay, spoon fashion, in the middle of Sarah's bed. "Just rest, honey. I'll be here with you all night." Sarah turned her head back as far as she could, so she could kiss Amy. Realizing she needed more, Sarah turned over to face Amy. Amy pulled Sarah closer to her, and lowered her lips to Sarah's.

It began as a tender kiss; mouths open but no tongue involved. A light rubbing of lips of one mouth over the lips of another mouth. Soon it became more heated. Sarah held onto the back of Amy's head and slipped her tongue into Amy's mouth. Sarah and Amy groaned simultaneously as their tongues began the dance of two lovers. Sarah sucked on Amy's tongue and Amy returned the favor. Their tongues roamed over teeth, inside cheeks, tickling each other's palates. Each felt as if they would never have enough of the other.

Finally, they parted, panting. Sarah gently pushed Amy back onto the mattress and began to kiss her again. She kissed Amy's lips, her cheeks, and her chin. She trailed moist kisses down Amy's neck, stopping to nibble along the way. Amy lay there, moaning, with her hands wrapped in Sarah's hair. Sarah was kissing her way down to Amy's breasts now, licking around the outer breasts, each one in turn, slowly working her way to the nipple of each breast. By the time she had reached the nipple of the first breast, Amy was squirming on the bed, pulling Sarah to her. "Oh, dear god Sarah!" Amy moaned.

Sarah continued sucking Amy's breasts, first one then the other. Sucking hard on the nipples, licking gently around the rest of the breast, just the way she knew Amy liked it.

"Please...Sarah...I need it." Amy was pushing Sarah's head downward, toward her belly. She needed to feel Sarah's tongue on her pussy. Sarah obliged by licking her way down Amy's belly. She didn't make Amy wait very long, as she made a beeline for Amy's crotch.

Sarah was as desperate as Amy for a taste of her lover's pussy. Sarah groaned as her tongue touched the area just above Amy's clit. Sarah turned her body in the "69" position, but didn't straddle Amy. This was for Amy, her beloved. Sarah ran her tongue down over the top of Amy’s clit, raised her tongue, put it back down just above the clit, then licked downward over the clit again. Amy was squirming and moaning loudly by now. This was how she liked to be licked for starters, and Sarah did it so well!

Sarah licked Amy in this fashion for several long minutes before she began to suck directly on Amy’s clit. Amy writhed on the bed, thrusting her hips up to Sarah’s mouth.

“Ahhh...Sa...ra...oh god...so good” Amy managed to gasp out.

Sarah turned around and went between Amy’s spread thighs. She began to suck on Amy’s clit again, as she used two fingers to enter Amy’s cunt. She curved her fingers upwards and began to stroke. Amy squirmed, moaned and thrusted, as Sarah loved her. Suddenly, Amy’s hips thrust up hard, she grabbed Sarah’s head and pushed it into her own pussy, forcing Sarah to keep her head where it was; not that Sarah had any intention of moving.

Sarah continued to rub the upper part of Amy’s vaginal canal as Amy cried out her orgasm. When it finally passed, Amy let her hips lower to the bed and Sarah stopped her ministrations, because she knew that Amy was now too sensitive to be touched.

Sarah lay down beside Amy and took her in her arms. Sarah sucked on the fingers she had just recently removed from Amy’s pussy. Amy reached down to Sarah’s still-covered pussy, slipped her hand inside Sarah’s pajamas and panties, to reach between Sarah’s thighs and into Sarah’s slit. It was very wet. She cupped Sarah’s mound with her hand, just holding her like that. The two lovers drifted off to sleep.


At breakfast the next morning, Sarah told Amy of an idea that had come to her during the wee hours of the morning. She had a way to get revenge on Wayne! Amy listened intently as Sarah outlined her idea, smiling bigger and bigger as the story unfolded.

"You have a wonderfully wicked imagination,", Amy told Sarah. "Let's do it!" Sarah and Amy finished the breakfast and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day.


"You're sure this is Wayne's house?" Amy asked later that same evening as they walked up the sidewalk of a house several miles from Sarah's.

"Yes, I'm sure. I got his the same way he got my address, from the company directory."

Amy and Sarah walked up to the porch and rang the doorbell. Each carried a purse.

The door opened and Wayne stood there, looking out the screen door at Sarah and another woman. "Well, hello Sarah" Wayne said, cautiously. "Um, who is your friend?"

"Hi Wayne, this is my friend, Amy. Can we come in?" Sarah gave him a big, friendly smile.

"Sure, come on in." Wayne looked from woman to woman, curiously, as he held the door open for them. He was wondering why they were here. 'This can not be good,' Wayne thought to himself.

Sarah and Amy walked into this living room and Wayne shut the door behind them. They looked around the room, then turned to Wayne and smiled. "Nice place, Wayne," Amy told him.

Wayne thanked her and offered seats for them. "Would either of you like something to drink?" They both declined.

"Wayne, I'll cut right to the chase. I told my friend Amy about your visit to my house last night and, well, she wanted some of the action, too."

Wondering if he had heard correctly, Wayne frowned at Sarah and said, "Excuse me? Did you say that Amy wants to do what you and I did last evening?"

Amy answered the question. "I sure do, Wayne," she purred. "It sounded like I missed a wonderful...party."

"Um...well, sure, I guess we could have a threesome, unless you were just going to watch Amy and me, Sarah." Wayne was very aroused at the idea of having those two lovelies at the same time, but he was cautious all the same. Something just didn't seem right.

"Well, I will probably join in, but first Amy wants you to herself. I get to watch, of course."

Wayne let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "Ok, sure. When do you want to have this little escapade?"

"How about right now? You aren't busy are you?" Amy asked Wayne, as she stood and walked over to where Wayne was standing. She sidled up to him and ran her hand down his cheek to his chest.

"No, no, I'm not busy at all," Wayne stammered. "Now is great."

"Well, then, for starters, I want you and me to undress, Wayne," said Amy. She began to take off her clothing and watched as Wayne did the same. She glanced over at Sarah and smiled. The plan just might work.

"Hmm...Very nice, Wayne. I like what I see." Amy reached out and took Wayne's penis in her right hand. It was already hard, but it grew even harder and larger as Amy's hand closed around the shaft.

"Ooohhh," Wayne moaned as he closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He felt wetness on the head and the head on his shoulders snapped up, his eyes opened, to see Amy kneeling before him, with her mouth on his cock. 'Oh, lord', thought Wayne. 'This is too good to be true.'

Amy took more and more of Wayne's cock into her mouth as his head again leaned back and his eyes shut. He put his hands on Amy's head but she pulled back and said, "No, Wayne. The rule is, you keep your hands behind your back. You don't grab my head. Got it?" Amy said, rather roughly. Wayne looked down at her once again, but agreed readily, anything to get her mouth back on his cock. "Sure, I've got it." He thrust his hips toward Amy as a suggestion that she take up where she had left off.

She sucked his cock greedily, one hand on the base of his penis, the other cupping his balls. Wayne made sure to keep his hands behind his back, hard as it was not to reach out and grab her head.

With his eyes closed, and moans coming from his throat, he did not see nor hear Sarah as she opened her purse and extracted a pair of handcuffs. Quietly and quickly, she walked up behind Wayne and snapped the cuffs on his wrists. She stepped back as Wayne opened his eyes and jerked back from Amy, who by now was standing, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"What the hell...?" He yelled at Sarah and jumped up. He tried to get his hands free, but of course he could not. He stood there, his cock still standing at attention, staring daggers at Sarah and Amy.

"What is the big idea, Sarah? Just what kind of game is this?" He demanded.

Sarah smiled at him and said, sweetly, "Just call it ‘Sarah's Revenge‘, Wayne."

His eyes closed again, but not from ecstasy this time. "Damn," he said to no one in particular.

Sarah and Amy wasted no time. "Come on, Stud," Sarah told Wayne as she took his arm and moved him over to the couch. "Sit down."

"My arms hurt like this, dammit." Wayne was not a happy camper; he glowered at the women who had tricked him.

"I'm sorry, Wayne, honey. But we have to keep you handcuffed like that. Otherwise, you might get free, or worse." Amy was looking at Wayne with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"What do you mean, I might get free or worse?"

"You'll see," said Sarah. She got busy, shucking her clothing, down to bare skin. Sarah slinked over to Amy and they embraced. They began to kiss, deeply, passionately. Tongues entwined, mouths opened as wide as possible, it seemed as if they were trying to see who could devour the other.

Amy's hands cupped Sarah's breasts as Sarah reached down to Amy's butt, bringing her closer to her. Sarah loved Amy's ass; those perfect little things. Sarah got wetter, just thinking about Amy's ass. Amy ground her cunt into Sarah's, each woman groaning into the other’s mouth as her passions rose.

Wayne sat on the couch, watching what was unfolding before him. He could not believe what he was seeing. His beautiful Sarah was actually getting it on with another woman! The slut! 'Damn, when they let me loose, Sarah is in for it. Big time,' thought Wayne.

He looked down at his cock, which was twitching, his balls were tight. 'Traitors,' he inwardly said to his manly parts. Wayne looked up that Sarah and Amy. They were still locked in that ridiculous embrace, ridiculous, as he thought of it, kissing as if they could not get enough. They were grinding their pussies together, hard, clit rubbing against clit. Sarah reached down between them and slipped her hand between Amy's thighs, and fondled Amy's outer lips with her fingers. She moved her hand up slightly and her fingers were barely inside of Amy's pussy. Amy moaned and lay her head on Sarah's shoulder as Sarah pulled back slightly away from Amy, so she could reach her better. Amy was thrusting her hips towards Sarah, needing to feel her fingers more deeply in her pussy. Amy gasped and threw her head back as she neared her orgasm.

"Oh, god Sarah...I'm almost...aahhh," Amy was panting. "Oh damn honey...Yeeesss...don't stop!" Amy ground her pelvis against Sarah's hand, as she was lost in her orgasm. Sarah did not stop rubbing Amy's cunt and was still fucking Amy with her fingers as Amy suddenly went weak in the knees. Sarah helped Amy over to the chair and Amy sat down.

"Did you like our little show, Wayne?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, sure; Lovely," Wayne growled. "Is it my turn to play yet?"

"Not yet," Sarah smiled wickedly at Wayne. She turned her attention back to Amy who was recovering from her orgasm. "Ready, lover," she asked Amy. Amy smiled at Sarah and motioned for her to sit in the other chair. Sarah complied and Amy stood and walked over to Sarah. She turned to look at Wayne, seeing his hard erection. Good lord he was big. And hard! 'Damn, too bad I don't like men,' thought Amy.

Sarah scooted down in the chair so that her butt was at the edge, her pussy readily available to Amy. Amy sat on the floor on her knees and put her hands underneath Sarah's ass, pulling her towards her mouth. Amy lowered her mouth to Sarah's very wet cunt and licked. She licked from top to bottom, very slowly. Sarah groaned. Sarah was holding on to the arms of the chair as Amy continued to lick her pussy slowly, teasingly. Amy worked her tongue up into Sarah's cunt and began to tongue-fuck her. Sarah thrust her hips up at Amy, who just increased her tongue work.

Amy pulled her tongue out of Sarah's pussy, and began to suck on Sarah's clit as she replaced her tongue with her fingers inside of Sarah. Amy was finger-fucking Sarah now, as she sucked on her clit. Sarah was bucking her hips up off the chair, pushing her cunt into Amy's face.

"Amy...A...meeee," Sarah shouted. Amy sucked harder on Sarah's clit, and rubbed the inside of her cunt faster. Suddenly Sarah was still, and then she tensed up and yelled out as her orgasm hit. She began thrusting her hips up to Amy very fast as Amy struggled to keep up with her movements.

Sarah slumped in the chair, spent. Amy licked her own lips, relishing the taste of her lover. She raised up and bent to kiss Sarah, sharing Sarah's taste with her.

While Sarah was recuperating from her orgasm, Amy turned to look at Wayne. She chuckled at the sight of him. Sitting there, on the couch, hands cuffed behind his back, and his cock jerking.

"Damn you...both of you." Wayne was furious. "Uncuff me...NOW" he roared. The two ladies just smiled at him.

Sarah got up from the chair and walked to her purse and retrieved two items. Wayne struggled to see what she had. They appeared to be scarves.

"What are you doing, you bitch?" He demanded of Sarah. Wayne was so terribly horny by now. His cock hurt. His balls hurt. His hands and arms hurt. 'The bitch,' he thought of Sarah.

"Wayne, we're going to help you. Here." She squatted down and began to tie the scarf around the base of his cock. Tightly. "Whaaa...? OUCH!" Wayne yelled and kicked out with his legs. "Shit, woman, what are you doing?"

Sarah managed to finish tying the scarf around his cock, then got another and tied it around his balls, but not as tightly as the one around his cock. Wayne was trying to kick at Sarah to get her to stop, but Amy was sitting on his feet. With his hands behind him that way, he couldn't get leverage to kick Amy off.

Sarah and Amy stood up and looked down at pitiful Wayne. Amy bent down to take his cock into her mouth and Wayne groaned, thrusting his cock up at her. She pulled away from him. Reaching down, she fondled his balls. Wayne was cursing and kicking, but he had to stop kicking as it was making his tied cock and balls hurt more.

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