tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheeja's Carnal Resurrection

Sheeja's Carnal Resurrection


Denny opened the door to his office. 'Another Monday,' he thought with pleasure, 'another collection day.'

He was a very rich man who couldn't ever get enough of money. A trader basically, dealing in commodities like rubber and coir, his main source of income was money-lending or what was known in his part of the world, 'gold loans' which meant lending against gold or jewellery. His customers were generally people not very well off, uneducated and rather intimidated at the thought of approaching banks for their needs. The rate of interest charged was exorbitant but Denny was known to never turn a needy person down and coupled with his jovial exterior and a syrupy tongue, managed to have a thriving business. Monday, his collection day, was special because he could literally see his wealth increase before his eyes. All transactions were in cash so no tax was ever paid. He was a real stickler for timely payments by clients and the penal interest charged was normally a sound deterrent against default. Occasionally if an errant borrower happened to be female and under fifty, he would waive the penalty in exchange for some minor sexual favours.

Denny was free with his money in entertaining his group of cronies, all in their early thirties and unmarried. Five of them would gather in his office every evening after six and they would either go to a bar or one of the clubs. Wilson, the dandy of the group, was always dressed impeccably and fancied himself as a ladies man. The group would watch an occasional blue film at Denny's office late at night.

One weekend, during a the drinking session, Denny pulled Wilson aside.

'Wil, try and get out of work on Monday morning and turn up at my office by around 11. You might get lucky,' he whispered in a conspiratorial tone.

'What's up Den?' asked Wilson.

'Come and see for yourself,' was the cryptic reply.

Wilson was rather mystified by his friend's odd behaviour.

However around 11 on Monday morning he walked into Denny's office bursting with curiosity. Denny greeted him and asked him to sit in his cabin. Shortly there was a timid knock and a woman walked in hesitatingly. She appeared to be a rural type, of average height, dark and quite mediocre to look at, dressed in a cheap saree. Her hair was highly oiled in the usual rustic fashion and tied back tightly. There were traces of talcum powder on her countenance. She had obviously tried to spruce up her appearance for this meeting.

'Sir,' she addressed Denny diffidently.

'Ah Sheeja, my dear lady. How are you,' boomed Denny's deep voice.

'Sir,' she stammered. 'Forgive me. I will not be able to pay this month's interest right now.'

'What,' hissed Denny, his face darkening. 'Only three months ago you defaulted. I let you go lightly then but I'll have to take serious action this time.'

Wilson could see that Denny's wrath was an act but the poor woman was thoroughly intimidated. It appeared that she had taken a loan for sending her sister overseas to work. She had pawned some gold bangles without her husband's knowledge and had hoped to pay and recover the ornaments quickly. She was obviously terrified of her husband's reaction, which most likely would have been violent had he discovered her subterfuge. Like all married men on their island village, her husband's favourite pastime included drinking away most of his hard earned money in the evening, after slogging on the mainland and on returning home in a drunken state, beating and forcibly having sex with his wife.

'Denny Sir please,' she faltered and continued, 'if you could give me some more time.......,' her voice trailed away.

'No,' he thundered, thumping his desk with violence. 'Why don't you tell your husband to help you?'

He waited for a moment as she remained silent and tearful.

'There may be a way,' he said softly. 'But .... I don't know. Maybe I'd better have a word with your husband.'

'Please Denny Sir, I beg of you. I'll definitely make it up next month.'

Denny did not reply, playing on the woman's nerves.

'Ok. Sheeja, there's a way out. I'll waive this month's interest. Remember last time?' he asked with a smirk, and continued, 'this time it will be different my dear, very different. This time you will have to entertain my friend here,' turning to Wilson who looked stupefied at the exchanges.

'He is quite a handsome chap so you will not have a hard time,' he said mockingly.

'Well what's your decision? We don't have all day. Come on, make up your mind fast,' said Denny impatiently.

She kept silent looking down at the floor.

'I think we'll take your silence to mean assent.'

He pulled Wilson aside and told him softly, 'That door over there leads to a small room with a couch and a toilet. I use it occasionally to have a siesta in the afternoon among other things. I will leave the office now and send my old clerk away on some work. The office will be closed till evening so you can have your fill for the next few hours, dear boy. Don't say I don't look after my friends,' he finished with a leer.

'But hold on a minute Den. Hey man are you sure it's ok? What happens if she ....', his voice trailed off.

'What happens if she what? Ha, ha ha,' Denny threw back his head and laughed. 'Come on man. Have a little spine. If she gets loaded, that's her look out,' he said coarsely. After all she's married so there's no hassle on that score. Say Willie, do you want it or not?' he asked, sounding a touch testy. 'I thought I was doing you a favour and here you are behaving like a wet rag.'

'No no, Denny my dear friend. I do want it very much and am delighted that you asked me here today. I was only worried that she might kick up a fuss,' Wilson hastened to explain.

'She'll make no fuss. Don't you worry.'

Denny raised his voice to bring the apprehensive woman into the conversation, 'Right then, I'm going out now for some work. You two have a chat. Don't look so worried Sheeja my girl. Relax and have fun,' he said with a derisive grin and went out.

Wilson woke up suddenly. The tiny room was in semi-darkness and rather oppressive with the smell of raw sex. He had his arms around the sleeping naked woman lying with her buttocks tight against his crotch. He was sapped of all energy, unable to even move for the moment.

'Hell what a bomb!!' he thought in wonderment, as he recalled the explosive hours of foreplay and repeated sex with this dowdy looking female. Her body had been like a parched desert absorbing every last droplet of fluid from his loins. He winced as he felt a dull ache in his utterly drained testicles. He had no recollection of ever being so completely satiated not even when he had slept with that painted up tart of a TV artiste who was well versed in her trade.

What dormant volcanic passions had he awoken he wondered, as he remembered how he had to threaten her initially, to disrobe. In a short while he had transformed his reluctant and unresponsive partner into a willing slave, ready to yield to his slightest wish as his expert tongue silkily caressed every nook and cranny of her body moistly. She had been totally naïve in sex despite having had a child. Her experience of sex had been a few painful moments on days that a drunken husband forced himself into her unwilling body.

He quietly lit a cigarette, inhaling the stimulating smoke and with deep satisfaction played back that fantastic session of foreplay and intercourse in his mind. He had truly surpassed himself, being totally uninhibited, secure in the knowledge that he was with a novice in sexual matters. He had taken his imagination to unknown heights letting his body and mind perform unrestrained. In the process he had surprised himself with his stamina and overpowering lust for this drab feminine form as he had taken the country Sheeja thrice in the space of five hours, driving into her with a rare energy and libido and riding her to the pinnacle of ecstasy several times. She had admitted shyly to him that this had never happened to her in her life. He could still feel the smell and taste of her secretions lingering in his nostrils and tongue.

'Hell', he thought. 'I hope she will be able to carry herself properly when she takes the boat back to her island.'

The ring of the telephone interrupted his train of thoughts.

It was Denny wanting to know whether he could now get back to office.

"Willie boy how's it going. You two finished your business? How was it?'

'Pure gold Den! Just too marvellous to put into words. This will teach me never to look down upon these rustic types,' he replied.

'Hope you two haven't stained my couch too badly', said Denny with a laugh. "Put me to her. I just want to ask her how she feels.'

'Sheeja my dear how was it,' he asked teasingly.

She giggled softly.

'I think I will have to charge you for the fun you've had. Anyway you'd better tidy up and get back home since it's getting late,' said Denny. "You can come some other time if you feel like more.'

As she left for the boat jetty, she knew that this was only the beginning of a new chapter in her life of drudgery. A chapter of forbidden pleasure, which she would keep returning to.

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