Sheena's Award


Sheena could see them all, moving slowly toward her, all three dressed in tuxedos for awards season. They moved as a unit, Sly moving to her left, John to her right, Patrick staying in the middle. Their hands touched her shoulders and face, her dress slipping from her shoulders, falling around her waist to the bench where she sat waiting for them. Her long arms moved to touch these men, her hands going to Sly and John's thighs, stroking near their groins.

Their hands roamed over her body, the very touches causing goose bumps. Muscular Sylvester Stallone sat to her left, handsome John Travolta to her right. Striking and athletic Patrick Swayze stood in front of her, his crotch mere inches from her face. Sly moved his hand to her left breast, squeezing it and tugging on the piercing there, leaning his head in to suck on her neck. John ducked his head and took her other nipple into her mouth and tugged on it, Sheena biting her lip to keep from moaning out loud. Patrick took her hand and placed it on his groin, letting her feel his erection, her hand moving up and down of it's own accord.

Her tanned body tried to move in three directions at once, every sensation amplified by the presence of the three men around her, her mind warring with her body. Her mind screamed for control, while her body desired the loss of that control. Her eyes closed and she felt hands on her legs, pushing her dress upwards, but she had no idea whose hand was who's anymore. She leaned back against the wall and let them have their way with her body, her entire body arching as fingers probed her wetness, pushing into it and rubbing against her clit. Without warning, her mouth opened wide and she screamed as the fingered and rubbed her, pinching her nipples and biting her neck.

She shook, her orgasm tingling from her head to her feet, her toes curling up until they ached. Her breath caught and she erupted in another cry, her eyes flying open and watching the hands and mouths moving all over her body. Finally, her mind begged for the control it needed. She pushed the men away from her body and stood up, pulling off her dress and tossing it on the floor. She had John and Sly stand and told them to get undressed, that she had something special in mind.

While they stripped, Sheena sat back down on the bench, still breathing heavily and running her index finger up and down her coated pussy lips. The men had trouble watching her and getting undressed at the same time. Eventually, they were, though, and she marveled at them, each one of them in good shape, especially Sly. He still had all of the muscles Rocky and Rambo had given him, despite the fact that he was pushing sixty. Patrick was still as athletic as he was in 'Dirty Dancing' and looked just as hot as he was in 'Ghost,' but with a touch of the dangerous he had in 'Road House.' Travolta exuded every ounce of cool he had shown in movies like 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Face Off.' She looked from one to the other, licking her lips and removing her finger from her pussy, lying down on the bench.

She looked up at them and pulled Stallone up by her face, pointing Swayze to her pussy and getting Travolta near her chest. The three men pulled the bench away from the wall and Sheena let her legs fall open to either side of it, scooting so that her head was leaning back over the edge of the bench. Swayze slide between her legs and started to push slowly into her tight pussy, as Sly was rubbing his cockhead across her lips. She leaned up and spit on her chest, Travolta grinning and stepping over her to slip his cock between her lucious tanned breasts. All three men started pumping at the same time. Sheena moaned loudly as three cocks used her body for the purpose, her two holes and her tits as the disposal of the three studs using her.

Sheena felt her long, suckable neck bulge as Sly fucked her mouth, pumping deep into her throat, placing both hands on the bench on either side of her head. She moaned onto his cock, causing vibrations up his length. Patrick slid his cock into Sheena's pussy, quickly burying himself in her, his balls slapping against her ass. She moaned again, Sly shoving deep into her throat, Sheena wrapping her long, muscular legs around Swayze's waist while wrapping her long arms around Sly's legs and grabbing his rock-solid ass, pulling him deeper into her wet, warm mouth.

Travolta pushed her large breasts together and soon, all three men had established a rhythm, all pumping in at the same time and pulling out simultaneously. Sheena arched her back with each thrust, taking both men in her holes deeper, feeling the third cock bump her throat over and over again, pushing against the skin as Sly pushed back.

Sheena lost track of time, which cock was where, how many times they changed positions. She never moved, though, taking each dick in turn in whichever hole they wanted. Her body reacted to them as though they had been lovers for years, not a massive one night stand with three of her favorite male actors.

Sheena's back arched and she tried to cry out, but John's meat was buried in her throat, not allowing her to vent her orgasm vocally. Sly kept fucking her hard and fast, his muscular arms holding her legs up in the air, his cockhead pushing against her g-spot with each thrust. This happened again and again, each man making her release harder than the last, her whole body shaking as she took each man's cock over and over.

Finally, she relented, begging them to stop, saying she could take no more; her pussy throbbing from the constant fucking that had gone for what seemed like hours. Sly picked her up easily and set her on the floor against the wall. Sheena's head hung down, her breath coming in large, ragged gasps, her body shuddering again with the aftershocks. When she looked up, all three men were standing in front of her, the three large cocks that had recently been pounding her into submission being stroked furiously over her body. She looked up at them, licked her lips and opened her mouth, closing her eyes to protect them.

She heard John grunt first and felt his warm cum hit her cheek, followed by more blasts to her chin, her breasts and arm. She felt a wet cockhead brush against her lips and she sucked on it, teasing the last of the cum out of it. With a smile, she spit the last blobs of cum down onto her breasts, starting to rub it in. Sly was next. She could hear him move in front of her and then felt his blast hit her other cheek by her jaw. The rest of his load landed on her big tits joining John's cum there, Sheena rubbing both loads there. Again, she sucked the last of a cumshot out of the cock it came from, spitting it onto her breasts.

Lastly, Patrick moved up to her face and stroked quickly, aiming his pole at her mouth. Sheena watched him stroke it and then looked into his eyes. He barely nodded and she felt the first eruption land on her tongue. The gusher that followed coated her entire tongue and hit her chin, all of it falling down to her breasts, adding to the mess on her chest. Finally, she felt her body collapse against the wall, her eyelids twitching. She managed to look up at the three men with a smile and saw that they still had massive erections. They started to move toward her again, Sheena closing her eyes and whimpering.


Sheena's eyes flew open and she was in her own bed, her naked body twisted in the sheets. Her nipples were rock hard and there was a large wet spot on the bed. Her fingers smelled of sex. She sat up and looked around, looking for her lovers, but they weren't there. Her chest heaved and her body reacted to the fucking she had received in her dream. She touched her clit, wincing at its sensitivity.

She smiled to herself and lay back down, wondering when the next awards show was on TV.

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