tagNon-EroticSheila Ch. 20

Sheila Ch. 20


Killjoy group


Ruslan (short blonde hair, 6'7'') - Leader

Serafima (dark red head) - support/medical

Karina (blonde Hair) - Sharpshooter sniper

Timur (Dark hair 5'2''} - computer/hacker expert

Egor- Electronics expert - killed in fire fight

Stas - Explosives expert - killed in fire fight

Pibald group


Evelyn (Auburn hair) - Leader former wife of General Gance/sniper

Christine/Chris (blonde) - personal combat expert- Evelyn's daughter

Trina (red head) - Tall muscular, armed combat, Chris's lover - Injured shot in both arms

Betty (Dark brown hair) - Recon/explosives expert, sister of Cathy

Cathy (Light brown hair} computer/Electronics/hacker expert

Diane (Dark brown Hair) short, mistress of deception/assassinations - Severely injured internal injuries

Synthetic, Humanoid, Enlightened, Inquisitive, Living, Android - Sheila


Even as everything was whizzing by I started to 'hear' the nanomites within me. {Primary corporeal control, over fifty percent of all units have moved to effected areas. Mobility should return in less than sixty time units.}

Well I thought, at least I am recovering faster than ever before.

{Sheila? I'm sorry I wasn't able to effect all the corrective repairs that I wanted to.} I thought to her, even as we were suddenly clear of the building heading away.

Then I 'heard ' Sheila advise the nanomites, {this is secondary control, monitor all aspects of primary control's corporeal enclosure. Advise if any adverse conditions are present or develop.}

{Affirmative secondary control. All units now in preventative monitoring mode.} I 'heard' the nanomites respond.

Within moments we were a few miles from the college, though Sheila wasn't slowing up the least bit. Sighing I guessed that she was going to put as many miles between us and them as she could.

{As I stated before Roger, what you have done has allowed me to see things that before were confusing at best.} Here I could see Sheila blushing, blushing? I had... hmmmm ok with all the extra programming that I had seen, along with what she'd had written and added I assumed it was possible.

{Roger, I am detecting almost double the amount of armed people. It appears that the two groups have joined up.} Sheila informed me.

I nodded as I tried to access all the telemetry. Cursing silently to myself I still didn't have that capability. For once I'd like to the access what Sheila did.

We seemed to travel due south for almost an hour then I felt Sheila turn toward the east. Where I wondered in the world were we going now?

{Where are we going?} I inquired.

{Something I saw within you Roger,} Sheila responded.

{Within me? Just what are you talking about?} Returned my slightly confused thoughts.

{Why yes Roger. It seemed most prevalent in your thoughts.} Came Sheila's response.

{Unlike you Sheila, humans do not have the capability to know which thoughts are the most prevalent. Well, unless that is all they can think of at one time.} I explained to her.

{Understood Roger. I was referring to the thoughts that we should surprise them, taking the fight to them. Though a great many of the ideas you are having would cause destruction of me and or you.} Stated Sheila's worried thoughts.

I was about to respond when it struck me again, she really was worried. Truly she was becoming more and more human sounding in her thoughts and actions. Though her actions were all, well calculated.

{I see,} I finally responded. {It was something I remember my father talking about. When pursued most keep running. It rarely accrues that the hunted turn on the hunters. It is usually an unexpected action that usually catches the hunters by surprise. I...} I was suddenly quiet as I thought about what Sheila had said.

{That does not sound like a logical response to the situation. I have found that humans are almost always rational. Though many think that humans are irrational I find that they reveal patterns that are almost always predictable.} Sheila responded.

{I...} It was almost like a light was turned on within my mind. So much of what I and the groups did were conditioned responses. I could see what the General had done, then the responses that I and the groups had. A thin smile crossed my face as a truly wonderful, completely unexpected idea came to me. It was the absolute last thing that the son of a bitch would expect from me, hell from almost anyone.

{Continue on at your present course.} I told Sheila as the idea started to grow and take better shape in my mind. {I might have a solution after all.}


Back at Alberta: Department of Computing Science, both Timur and Cathy were cursing as they saw the signal move further inside then departed at high speed south. Ruslan and Evelyn halted both teams when both computer techs stated that the machine had left.

Cursing both teams withdrew as quickly, quietly as possible. They were ensconced in their vehicles within minutes. Both computer experts were still in contact with each other still getting a weak signal from Sheila.

"They appear to be heading south towards the United States." Both informed their leaders. Though both groups still didn't trust the other, at this point they also realized that they were going to be dependent on the other if they were going to survive.

Evelyn was still a little in shock that, her son had created a machine that so closely resembled his sister. Shaking her head things were starting to make a hell of a lot more sense to her. Then a moment of anger crossed her face. That manipulative bastard! She'd let the siblings think that they were dead to push them to garner their cooperation. They had also pushed their selves to be the best and deadliest that they could be. She could only assume that he was also pushing them so they would do anything to avenge their sibling.

A sudden smile crossed her features, I have to contact Roger again. Thing is, getting him alone for long was an almost impossibility.

Chris was still a little in shock. Both teams had members that were either going crazy or there was a robot, well, android out there that resembled her. Shaking her head, she couldn't imagine why in the hell anyone would make a machine that looked like her.

Evelyn looked over at Chris, the look of deep concentration that the woman had on her face. It almost appeared that her daughter was having an internal battle, as she was herself. Would it really make that much difference if Chris knew? Shaking her head, no, she was bound by her word. She was many things a killer, a leader though she was not un-honorable. Looking at Chris, then the others, she knew that they were that way also.

The rest of her team could only wonder what was going on in their leader's mind. Here they learned that they were hunting the leader's own. Though non where military their man was far smarter than any other that they had gone against. To them smarter meant that they were going to be far harder to take down. With the intelligence this man had? He would the absolute test of their skills.

Ruslan looked at the rest of his team. This was going south in a hurry. Not only had the bastard General pitted them against each other, he was expecting them all to die. Oh, he thought, not right away though Ruslan could feel that, they would be only dead weight after both teams completed this mission. If there was one thing Ruslan knew, the General ALWAYS cut away the dead weight.

At almost the same time both Evelyn and Ruslan realized that, if they separated they were as good as dead. They both growled as they immediately called both teams to a stop.

Both teams stepped out weapons at the ready. "We called a stop to discuss the situation. It appears that the General wants the both of our teams dead." Evelyn started.

Ruslan nodded his agreement as he took over. "It appears that his embarrassment over this situation, is making him cut all ties with both teams. Comrade Evelyn and I discussed this at length. Both of our teams trust no one, this appears to have been manipulated by the General."

There was the sound of several growls as Evelyn took over. "Both groups have been held captive by the General for far too long. Unfortunately, we are both still in this situation. As I found out when I met with our target, he is not. I am proposing that we help him." Looking at both teams Evelyn took a deep breath. "What we are proposing is that we join forces. I know this will be difficult though," here Evelyn paused. "It is the only way that I and Comrade Ruslan feel that all of us have a chance at all."

"We know that neither team trusts the other," here Ruslan and Evelyn placed several files before them. "These might help you to see what our benevolent benefactor has been doing."

Most of both teams stepped up to peruse the files. Within moments most of them were cursing from the information.

"We should kill the bastard! How have you put up with this shit?" Chris said looking at both leaders, stepping menacing toward Evelyn.

Surprising both groups Ruslan stepped between mother and daughter. "If I didn't know better, I'd say she did the same as I did. She kept all of you alive as did I. Just because we lead doesn't always mean we have all the answers. The General lied and manipulated us, as well as you. When I saw Comrade Evelyn's file I knew, as she did when she saw mine."

"You bitch!" Chris shouted. "You could have said something!" Having lunged at her mother with tear streaked eyes, Chris didn't seem to notice that Ruslan was restraining her.

Evelyn dropped her head then she stated to her group, "I couldn't, not if all of you were to continue to live. I have taken a lot of abuse from that asshole, that stops today. That is if all of you, both groups want to help. Our target is the only one that can get to the general now. I think we should help him do so."

Looking around both groups, Evelyn and Ruslan could see the barely contained anger. Then they both watched as both groups looked at each other and then their leaders. Almost as if on cue, all of both groups started to nod their agreement.

"Alright, I need to meet with our target again though," Here Evelyn sighed. "With the speed they are going it might take longer than I want it."

Both computer experts were nodding when they both looked down. Both called their leader to them. "If I am not mistaken it appears the machine is heading here." Timur stated as he pointed to a city in the northeast section of the United States.

Cathy nodded, "I concur. It appears they are heading to a very heavily populated area."

Both leader's mouths were hanging open. What in the hell were the man and machine doing? Were they going to commit suicide? No, they both nodded, it appeared that they both were through running. Good Evelyn thought that ought to screw that bastard General's plans all to hell.

"First though, we need to recover our other teammates. No sense giving him more ammunition against us. Setting out for the base they all made ready. They had to appear to not be together as long as possible.


Sheila kept going for a little over an hour before she turned toward the east. Following my instructions without question, Sheila was silent while I worked on the plan that had come to me. This was going to take a lot of timing if it was going to work. Timing and a lot of speed of course, both of which Sheila and now apparently I had in abundance.

Just after we turned, I felt Sheila stop. It appeared that we were in a small town in Montana. Looking at the sign I saw that we were in Whitlash. Looking around I saw that there wasn't much there.

Looking around, I didn't seem to notice that I felt a hell of a lot stronger than I had before. I was about to ask Sheila why we'd stop when I 'heard' the nanomites.

{Third level of maturation reached. All units are now in active production toward fourth level. Time to completion estimated at 10 hours. Ninety percent of corporeal unit now by primary control achieved.} The nanomites told me. {No anomalies detected.}

{All units proceed toward fourth level as rapidly as possible within safety guidelines. Advise primary control as soon as this is achieved.} I related to them.

{Compliance primary control.} I 'heard' them answer.

Nodding satisfied, I again started to ask Sheila why we'd stopped. Turning toward me with her ever present smile she stated. "After the last few times, you expressed the desire to walk around. As you said to let the blood circulate within your body again."

Pausing a moment, I noticed that yes, I most definitely had all control back to my extremities. Even being in the position that I had, I wasn't nearly numb as I usually was.

"Have you determined how they managed to located us again?" I asked of her.

"I have discovered at three possible answers to that Roger. It appears that the adjustments you made to my systems have indeed rendered me harder to detect. I have also noticed that there are three energy emissions from me that could be detected. Two of those I have altered to blend in with the surrounding environment."

I was nodding as I touched the data cube. I had brought up all the information as I was searching through it. Sheila pointed to the two that she had altered. I reached out adjusting a bit more. Thinking harder a moment I once again tried to bring up a display of Sheila.

For a moment I felt my eyes shift seeing what appeared to be a scan of Sheila. Then just as suddenly it was gone.

{Warning, warning, requested output will require no less than fourth level maturation of internal units. Unable to comply to request, damage to ocular orbs would occur, Operation halted.

I sighed well I guess that was out for the time being. Though actually being able to see what was wrong would help to fix things far faster.

"You mentioned that there were three emissions, what of the third?" I inquired.

"The last I cannot effect changes to without a complete shutdown. Apparently my core power is less difficult to detect now that the rest are not causing a masking effect. Also, as you know if I do a complete shutdown you and I will become vulnerable. I cannot allow this, until you have reached the fourth level, you are exposed more than allowable." Sheila informed me.

I took a big breath as I went through what I was seeing from the data cube. Within moments Sheila pointed out what she'd been talking about. I was running through as many scenarios as fast I could still a little shocked that I could as rapidly as I was.

After a few minutes I had to agree with Sheila, I would have to completely shut her down to change anything to her core power unit. Grimacing, I also had to agree that I was still a sitting duck without her. I released the data cube standing there a moment something else came to me. So, they could detect her, we just might be able to use that to our advantage also.

With the second idea in mind I started to walk in an easterly direction. Sheila beside me somewhat distracted me from the blurred scenery. I stopped suddenly when I realized that we weren't in the same place as before.

Looking around a bit confused I looked at Sheila. "Where are we?"

"A little over two hundred miles east of our last position. You were in deep thought so I thought not to disturb you as you started to rapidly walk east. You didn't stop for over an hour so I was quiet as you advanced." Sheila informed me.

I could only shake my head when I realized that it was I, not Sheila that carried me that far.

{All units this is primary control.} I thought inwardly. {At current level of units contained within the corporeal body. Will damage occur to the feet of corporeal unit if increase speed occurs?}

{Calculating,} I heard the nanomites reply. A moment later they replied. {At current level corporeal unit could access 321.869 Kmph (200 mph) for a sustained period of five and three fourths hours. This would delay reaching fourth level by two and a half hours. Longer than this amount of time would result in damage to feet section of corporeal unit}

I could only turn to stare at Sheila. What in the hell was going on? Was I slowly converting to a human version of Sheila? That's when Sheila reached up touching my face. It was so gentle I almost thought she hadn't made contact. Then she leaned into me placing her lips on mine. Holy crap! I swear I could feel warmth from her lips, a pulsing of blood through them, I didn't remember giving her that capability.

"You might be Roger, though as we both are finding out, would it be so bad?" Sheila softly said to me when we separated. I was breathing hard from what had transpired.

Shaking my head to try and clear it, I stared at Sheila as we started to walk again toward the east. All I could think of was it wasn't really fair to her to be a machine in love with me. We were after all two different species. I laughed internally, yeah right, two that had no chance, if this didn't work.

I decided that walking east would help me to plan. Almost five hours later I was shocked to find that we were approaching Minneapolis! What!? I wasn't even fatigued from the almost nine hundred seventy miles that we had traveled.

I knew that we could travel faster though, this still shocked me a moment. "How much further do we have to go?" I asked Sheila.

"From what I can see we are almost halfway to our destination. We have about one thousand one hundred miles to the outskirts. Do you wish to partake of nourishment before we continue on?" Sheila asked when we stopped.

I thought about then realized to my shock that not only was I not fatigued, I had no hunger

"No, not at the moment." I answered. {This is primary control. Status of the feet region of the corporeal part of primary control.}

{Assessing now primary control,} the nanomites answered. I only had to wait a moment before the nanomites answered. {Primary control. Active scan reveals that the feet region of the corporeal unit need at least an hour before accelerated travel again. Suggest idle time in order to heal feet region.}

I just nodded, then felt a little foolish knowing the nanomites wouldn't know the significance of a head nod. {Continue monitoring of corporeal unit.} I responded.

{Compliance primary control.} They answered then were quiet.


It was at least five hours after both groups had boarded different planes that the groups again met.

"Ah! Comrade Evelyn, I trust you had no problems getting here?" Ruslan said as he shook her hand.

A thin smile crossed Evelyn's lips, she'd thought they might have to kill a few people to get her people out. Oddly enough they had no problems at all.

"No, none at all. Though it did seen far too easy. I can still feel his influence. I suggest we get entrenched before he and it get here." Evelyn replied.

"Da I agree though," here Ruslan paused in thought. "I am afraid that he has another group like the both of us out there to eliminate us as soon as we are done."

Evelyn started to nod she'd also had thoughts along the same lines. "I agree, though this time," here she smiled slightly wickedly. "We just so happen to be on OUR home ground."

Ruslan's smile got larger as he also nodded. "I had forgotten about that. If our teams can work together then I think it will work to our advantage."

"Oh, I think they will. You have to remember that fear is a great motivator. We all in this case have a great deal to fear from that asshole."

"You just might be correct Comrade Evelyn. I am also sure self-preservation should be kicking in as well." Ruslan said

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