tagGroup SexSheila's Awakening

Sheila's Awakening



Sheila Phillips lay staring up at the ceiling which was tough since their bedroom was dark. It had been another night of hopefulness, hoping that David would make love to her like he used to. Help her to climax, make love to her in that old familiar way. This would not be the night, however. Once again he had thrust in and out, grunting his way to an ejaculation and then rolled off, kissed her on the cheek and quickly went to sleep. It was all she could do to keep from crying.

"What had become of them?"she thought. They had been honest to goodness lovers for over 10 years. From the beginning David had been a considerate and thoughtful lover and at the same time erotic and exciting in his lovemaking. He had become more and more successful in his law practice, rising now to junior partner status in the most prestigious law firm in the city. At each step up he had seemed more and more detached from her. Sometimes she wondered if it wasn't partially her fault too. She had been a little prudish from the beginning though she had never denied him sex, and she had enjoyed it too. There were few if any times when David would allow her to not be satisfied. He always made sure that she had a climax.

As these thoughts ran through Sheila's head she absent mindedly began caressing her left breast with her right hand, trying to stop the tingling in her body but only serving to make it more pronounced. She had told herself that she was not going to do this anymore but she knew all along that she would. Despite being a somewhat reserved person she still had a healthy sexual drive. As she touched her nipple the tingling only grew more pronounced. She was wearing a lightweight summer shorty pajama set. The material was very thin and guazy. She had worn it on purpose in order to tempt her husband. It had worked but it had done her no good. She began to pinch her nipple and immediately felt a jolt in her vagina. The old familiar feeling pleased her. She was very horny and she knew that this would be a good masturbation session.

The leg of her pajama shorts was very baggy making it easy to pull it to the side giving her open access to her vagina. She put her hand on it and she could literally feel the heat radiating from it. She hesitated then cupped her pussy with her hand and could also feel the moisture, She was as wet as she had ever felt herself. This was something else that had given her pause in recent weeks. It seemed as though she just pumped out juice when she got stimulated, more so than ever before.

She placed two of her fingers inside her pussy and felt the lady juice that it was manufacturing. It was unbelievable. She pulled her two fingers up the length of her slit pulling her moisture up and onto her clitoris. As she touched the little button she groaned softly. It was so sensitive, so ready to help her to the pleasure she so much desired. Slowly and quietly she began to stroke up and down the inside of her lips, returning to her clit to minister to it some more, causing her pussy to clench whenever she hit the little button. She moved up again and this time got ahold of her clit and squeezed a little, causing her to buck her hips up toward her hand. At this point David stirred and turned on to his left side, turning away from her. She froze for a moment, it would not do for him to catch her masturbating. She could not get away from the thought that it was wrong to masturbate though it felt so wonderful.

Once again she began to pick up the pace, working her clitty, squirming ever so slightly, working toward her climax. She changed to a mild slapping of her clit with her two fingers, causing her to squirm even more. She slowed down slightly, hoping to keep from cumming for a while. She was troubled some by her conscience. She was troubled because she would always start fantasizing and it was usually not David that she fantasized about. They were usually nameless, faceless even, strong young men, men who could perform amazing sexual feats and for extended periods of time. She was now breathing rapidly and picked up the pace of her playing. She was concentrating now on her clitoris, rubbing it firmly and rapidly. Her moisture was so extensive that it was starting to run out of her, dripping down to eventually rest on her anus. She could feel her release approaching. She continued to rub and now inserted two fingers into her love tunnel, pushing firmly, getting in past the second knuckle. She felt filled up and ready to pop. She was even softly grunting in time with little thrusts of her hips. She didn't want David to discover what she was doing but she just couldn't help herself.

"Oh boy, this is going to be a good one," she thought.

Her right hand was flying now and she was clear up against her left hand, the two fingers doing a wonderful job of imitating a penis. It was close now, so very close. Suddenly she felt like there was a warm ball of energy, emanating from her vagina, seeming to shoot out energy, beginning her orgasm and causing her to groan loudly. She couldn't stop and couldn't keep from moaning. It was just too strong and she continued to wiggle the two fingers of her left hand buried in her pussy and at the same time her right hand was a blur, rubbing her clit faster than she had ever done before. The orgasm was so powerful she felt light headed. As she slowed her movements she began to relax. It was NOT as good as David's penis but it had served to relax her, to relieve ,for the present, her sexual tension. Her breathing was returning to normal now, and she began to straighten herself up, pulling the leg of her shorts back to cover her vagina and re-buttoning her top. She paused and caressed both breasts for a moment causing a tingling that made her think she was not done but deciding that she must be. She had been thinking recently that perhaps she should sneak out of bed and go down to the living room and enjoy herself there but she was too afraid that if David found her missing in their bed he would come looking for her and she would be discovered, and in a much more obvious way than in her quiet bedtime play. Sheila sighed, still feeling cheated and quietly drifted off to sleep.

"David!" she shouted up the stairs, time to get up hon. You've only got a little over an hour before court."

David swung his legs over the side of the bed placing his feet upon the floor yawning and stretching as he did so. He saw that his usual morning erection or piss hardon was once again with him. He would take care of that soon. He walked toward the door, then across the hall and into the bathroom. He enoyed the big shower in that bath rather than the smaller one in the master bath off the bedroom. After urinating he turned on the shower, jumped in and prepared to meet the day.

Sheila had stood at the bottom of the stairs, casting an eye upwards. He hadn't seen her when he walked across the hall but she had seen him. Yes, and she had seen the tent in his boxer shorts. It caused a shiver along her spine. She had enjoyed her orgasm last night but it was nothing like her husband making passionate love to her.

David and Sheila enjoyed a light breakfast and conversation during breakfast. She wished him well on his case downtown and he told her what a nice job she had done of planting the petunias the morning before. It was nice but it wasn't as warm as she had hoped for.

David steered his BMW down the driveway of their elegant but modest home in a very nice section of the city. He soon found himself parking his car at the courthouse where he removed his briefcase from the rear seat of the car and sauntered inside.

The case today was going to be a messy one. The two senior partners of the firm requested that he handle it himself rather than one of the younger, less experienced members of the law firm. It was an estate case involving his client who upon the death of her mother inherited one half of the estate. The other two children were to inherit the other half giving each only one quarter. It was also a fact that his client had cared for her mother for 8 1/2 years and had given up a very well paying job in order to do so. The estate itself was approximately a two million dollar estate after taxes so there were, he supposed, significant reasons to contest the directions. He felt strongly about the chances of his client being successful in defending the details of the will but he also noted that the decedent had made some conflicting statements to others in her last weeks with regard to the disposition of her possessions. It would probably be very messy.

He met his client, and proceeded toward the courtroom. In moving down the hallway he shook hands with Bill Nelson as well as Howard Bell, fellow attorneys and each representing the other two children, his client's sister and brother.

They were all in place at three minutes until nine which was good as Judge Andrew L. Feeley was a stickler for being on time and also for all of the intricacies and procedures of the legal system. He was, in other words, a tough as hell judge who ran his courtroom with an iron hand. Judge Feeley entered the chamber at exactly one minute until nine. Everyone arose, Judge Feeley sat down and gaveled the court into session at precisely nine a.m.

The next hour and a half resulted in argument, motion and pleading by each of the three attorneys, each representing a different client. On a couple of occasions Judge Feeley had to gavel one or the other of the lawyers, always in his stern and firm manner. The case was beginning to drone on and at about 10:30 he took a glance at his watch, glanced up and immediately knew that he had made a mistake.

"Are we keeping you from something more important counselor", Judge Feeley inquired.

"No your honor, by no means. I am afraid sir it was just a reflex action and I apologize."

David hoped that this would satisfy the judge.

"Well, I think it's time for a short recess anyway. I will expect to see everyone back here in chambers in exactly twenty minutes", and with that he gaveled, rose quickly and exited the chamber even before anyone else could stand. David headed for the restroom, his morning coffee ready to make a hasty exit from his full bladder.

David washed his hands, checked out his appearance in the mirror and left the restroom. He saw his friends and fellow attorneys Bill Nelson and Howard Bell approaching, looking as if they might have something on their mind.

"David," Bill stated, " we need to have a talk with you."

"Yes," Howard chimed in, " we have each got a client that are not sure they can go through several days of this, arguing, testifying, driving even more of a wedge between them and their sister."

"Well, so what are you proposing," David questioned, " I mean there's not much else we can do now except hear the case. After all, my client feels entitled to her inheritance and I'm sure will not be in favor of any changes in the percentages. "

"Yes, well we are not talking about changing the percentages," Bill stated, " these kids are just hoping that they can have some of the personal property inside the house. I mean they grew up with these things too. There are individual items that mean a great deal to them. They have each told us that they will agree to the split of the proceeds of the estate settlement, they just want some of the property. It's really not that much."

David thought quickly. This could be a great move, give up a few items of furniture or whatever and avoid all the conflict and hoopla of a full blown court fight.

"I guess I'll have to run it by my client to see how she feels guys. I'll let you know."

"Well, here's the thing," Howard said, " if she agrees we can inform Judge Hitler - I mean Judge Feeley, and start working on a settlement."

"I agree," David said, " so we'll have to do it in just a few minutes and speaking of that, I'm not willing to be the one that shows up late in that courtroom and we now have eight minutes."

"Just one more thing," Ben interjected, " you know that the old man likes you and since you've been around here longer than either of us we thought maybe you could put it up to him."

"Oh so that's it, you just want me to be the guy who carries the ball."

"Look," Howard said, " you know that we're right. He does regard you pretty highly."

"OK guys, I'll talk to Herr Feeley, I'll take care of it. You realize of course that whatever we work out I'll have to run past my client."

"Oh sure, sure," Bill replied, " we understand that."

As soon as court convened again David rose and addressed the judge. After explaining the possibilities, just as David suspected, Judge Feeley seemed to embrace the idea immediately.

He instructed them to take the rest of the day and return at 9 a.m. the next morning to report their progress.

Bill turned and said, " let's start with lunch guys. Maybe we can get the ball rolling then too."

" Not me," Howard chimed in, " I gotta meet the wife and sign papers for a new car so I won't be back until about 12:45."

"Well," Bill said, " I guess it's just you and me Dave." as Howard turned and began leaving the courthouse.

"Where to Bill," Dave inquired, " what sounds good to you today."

"How about Chinese" Bill said.

"Mmm, my favorite Bill. Sounds good to me."

Dave and Bill walked the half block to the China Inn, went inside enjoying the cool air condioned space and were escorted to a table near the bar. The men asked for menus but informed the waiter that they would have a drink or two first before ordering.

In short order each had a drink in their hand and were beginning to relax noticeably. Neither had allowed for the fact that they were drinking on an empty stomach; in Dave's case Bloody Marys and Bill with his Manhattens. Neither of course was intoxicated but each were much more talkative than normal. Bill presented to David the items that both his client and Howard's were asking for. They discussed each item so Dave would know what to tell his client. They hammered out a tentative agreement, pending of course the approval of his own client. They stopped their conversation upon the arrival of their food and each began enjoying their lunch. After lunch, neither could say what caused it but for some strange reason the talk turned to sex. After a few moments Bill could tell from the drift of the conversation that David was apparently not totally happy at home.

"David Phillips" Bill said forcefully, " are you telling me that there are problems in the bedroom? I don't want you to get pissed but your wife is a major league hottie, I mean there are guys who would kill just for one night with her. Oops sorry Dave, I didn't mean to come on so strong. Maybe I need to cut off the Manhattens."

"It's OK Bill," Dave replied, " I don't take any offense. I know she's hot but, well, I don't know it's just like things have gotten a little stale, know what I mean?"

"Boy do I," replied Bill, " Donna and I went through exactly the same thing only we went through it after only about 6 years of marriage. It was really dreary for awhile. All is well now though, and then some."

"That's great Bill, glad to hear it," Dave said, "mind telling me how you guys solved the problem?"

He could have sworn that Bill was blushing.

"I, uh that is, well, I mean it's pretty tough to talk about."

"Oh," Dave replied quickly, "if it's some sort of health problem or you know erection troubles then forget it. That kind of stuff is none of my business."

Howard started to laugh.

"I can assure you it is not that. Just ask Donna, and she'll tell you too. No it has nothing to do with that kind of thing. It's just that we are friends and in the same business here in town and I wouldn't want any of this to get out, you understand Dave."

"Why of course I do," Dave assured him, " listen Bill, anything you tell me, and I mean anything, well it stays with me, OK?"

"Yeah, OK Dave, I guess. Here goes.

"When we started having our problems, I became convinced that she was playing around on me a little. Not real frequently. See, Donna is really hot and I don't know if I was taking care of her like I should. Well, if you don't fix those things it just gets worse. I got pissed and started paying less attention to her. I had just graduated from law school and it started when I was trying to pass the Bar exam. It took me two tries and I was in no mood for fucking."

David was a little startled at Ben's use of that word. He was usually very proper so he chalked it up to the drinks.

"Finally, when I was ready, she was pissed at me and that was one of the times when I'm pretty sure she was playing. Well, I talked to a buddy that I used to pal around with and that used to cruise for ladies with me in college. He told me that Donna and I needed to open up our marriage a little. I didn't even know what the hell he was talking about."

"What does that mean Bill," Dave asked.

"Oh, OK here it is. One weekend I convinced her to go with me to a swing club. We went just to watch and see what goes on."

"So you just went and watched,' Dave queried.

" Oh yes, we watched, and we watched, and then we fucked and we fucked."

"You mean each other right?" Dave said.

"Oh yes, at first anyway," Ben answered," but then things got kinda confused. First I found myself in a big chair with a gorgeous brunette on the floor in front of me giving me head. I mean Dave, you can't imagine. It was the greatest blowjob I have ever had, by a long, long way."

Dave just sat there silently, his mouth partly open, not believing what he was hearing.

" I couldn't find Donna at first, I looked in several of their themed rooms. I glanced in the room with a giant TV and there she was on the 60 inch screen. I found out that it was a feed from the next room. I took a look in there and there was Donna getting fucked hard by some older guy and she was really into it."

"Didn't you feel jealous Bill, I mean she is your wife."

"Dave, I don't know exactly how to explain it. I love her dearly, but I got such a charge out of seeing her with someone else. I would never let anyone abuse her but I love to watch someone fuck her. "

"So you guys go to the swing clubs each week?"

"Oh hell no," Bill replied, "we have a group of about 12 to 15 couples that comprise our group. All are professionals and we make sure that they have as much to lose as any of us as far as getting found out. They are really a great group of friends. Yes, sex is involved, but it's about much more than that. If there is a problem you've got 25 to 30 people ready to go to the wall for you and help you in any way they can.

"You must have some pretty big orgies then," Dave laughed.

"No - no, not everyone is there each week. We go maybe once a month. Of course we have now developed other friends that we may be with at other times. We will usually have 3, 4 maybe 5 couples at one of our get togethers. "

" Wow Bill, that's unbelievable. I mean Donna has always been outgoing and it goes without saying that she's gorgeous but I am stunned. There's no way I could ever get Sheila interested in something like that though."

"I don't know Dave, you might be surprised. Now, we better get finished and get back to the courthouse. We've got twenty minutes. I guess we're going to use the offices that the veteran's group sometimes uses. There are three individual offices and then a conference room so it should be ideal."

Lunch was finished, paid for, and the two attorneys began a quick walk back to the courthouse. Nothing much was said and Dave would probably not have replied anyway. He was deep in thought. Wondering if there was any chance he could get his beloved Sheila interested in a very different lifestyle.

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