tagGroup SexSheila's Awakening Ch. 02

Sheila's Awakening Ch. 02


Sheila quickly finished the breakfast dishes, started a load of wash and settled down on the couch scanning her latest copy of Ladies Home Journal. For some reason she just didn't seem to be able to get into the magazine this particular morning. She thought she knew why but tried to ignore it.

That view this morning of David's cock, tenting his boxers had made her wet. That and the fact that she seemed to be perpetually horny anymore.

She suddenly recalled the magazines she had squirreled away. David had received 3 Penthouse magazines earlier in the year. Someone had jokingly subscribed to it for him on a trial basis and when he received them he had simply told Sheila to pitch them. She had instead placed them on the top of a cabinet in the laundry room. Why, she did not know. Now she was glad that she had done so. She retrieved them and went back to the couch, curious as to what some people saw in these racy publications.

She moved quickly through the first one, glancing at the photos, appreciating the fact that there was an occasional male shown with one of the busty females but a bit disappointed that they were always flaccid, not erect cocks she thought, then felt ashamed of even thinking that word.

She had begun to lightly, almost absent mindedly caress her left breast, feeling the familiar tingle. When she saw something particularly stimulating she would give it a light squeeze, eliciting a soft moan from herself. She knew that she was getting even wetter between her legs, enjoying her quiet morning at home by herself. She had startled herself when she realized that she was now enjoying the photos of the girls as much as any guys she could see. This was something that she had never thought of before. She wondered what it would feel like to touch another woman. She gave a little groan as she wondered what it would be like to use her mouth on another woman's genitals.

She now moved the magazine to her left hand and began to rub her vagina through her clothing. It set off a wave of tingling throughout her body. She realized now that she was getting very turned on by all of this. Sheila finished the first copy and picked up the next magazine and opened it. As she did, it came open at the Forum page. She began to read what she realized were letters from readers to the magazine. She could not believe what she was reading. There were stories of voyeurism, of women loving women, of men taking their wives to adult book stores, of affairs, of threesomes and orgies. It was almost too much for her to comprehend.

She reached under her gown to touch the crotch of her panties. She couldn't believe how soaked she was. She moved them to the side and touched her clit. She jumped as if she had been shocked. The thrill she had felt told her that she was going to have to masturbate somehow. She had to release this thing that had built up inside her, driven by the images and words she had seen in these magazines. She was happy now that she had saved them.

She spread her legs and scooted down, getting more comfortable. Suddenly, she laid the book down, stood, and removed her panties, tossing them casually on the floor. She felt so slutty, so ready to rub her pussy.

She sat back down, spread her legs, placing one leg over the arm of the couch and began to read again. As she read she rubbed her clit, occasionally dipping her finger down into her pussy, pulling the slickness of her juices back up over her clit, making it lubricated, increasing her pleasure. She was starting to feel really good, but for some reason, she could get to a certain point but not beyond. She felt as she wanted to be riding a cock, but having none she began to think of rubbing against something.

She arose, went to the bathroom and returned with a heavy bath towel. She placed the towel on the arm of the couch, lifted the hem of her gown and straddled the couch arm bending her left leg and placing it on the couch and her right foot on the floor, facing the rear of the massive piece of furniture. She was glad now that she and David had purchased this big, heavy couch, she would be able to move as hard as she wished without the couch moving around.

Sheila began to read again as she slowly started to move against the couch arm. She had come upon a really hot letter, one in which the young couple was going to engage in sex with an older couple for the first time. She read of the bosomy female caressing the young wife as the other husband began stimulating the young woman orally. She could just imagine that she and David were the young couple. She began to rub her pussy hard against the couch arm.

"Oh God," she whispered, " oh my pussy is so hot."

Keeping up the rhythm, Sheila turned the page and noticed happily that it was a long letter, she would have enough to read hopefully to make her cum.

She read of the young wife returning the caresses of the older woman. They were in a sixty-nine, licking each other's pussies while the husbands were caressing each other's wife. Finally the men took over, pulling the women away from each other and mounting them, each with the other's wife. The younger woman in the story spread her legs to receive the biggest male organ she had ever seen. Shiela picked up her speed upon reading this. She had a secret desire to experience a big cock but had never been able to admit it.

Sheila was really getting there now. Slamming her pussy against the couch arm with the towel protecting it from the liquid that was now running out of her pussy. She even began to verbalize.

"Take me, yes take me, put that big cock in and fuck me with it, fuck me hard," Sheila groaned, surprising herself at her wanton behavior.

"Fuck it baby, fuck my pussy and make me cum, make me cum hard," she gasped.

Sheila was getting close. Despite the size of their couch she could actually feel it scooting across the floor just a little as she slammed herself hard against the fabric. Harder and harder she pumped herself against it, feeling about to burst.

"Ohhhhh, cum please, make my pussy cum, oh please..........", she was pumping hard now, her lower body almost a blur, unable to read any more of the letter, concentrating on her impending orgasm. Finally it happened.

"Oh yes, oh yes," she nearly screamed, " oh God yes, cumming, cumming, cumming," she chanted, " cumming so hard, so good."

Sheila could feel her pussy twitching, jerking against the towel, making her pulsate all over, cumming harder than ever before in her life.

Everything started to calm, she was breathing as if she had just run a race and in fact she had. She felt so very satisfied, calm and relaxed. This was what she had needed. She now felt complete and serene. She laid her front against the back of the couch and took a deep breath, releasing it very slowly. She felt like taking a nap, right here, in this position but thought better of it.

Sheila jumped up, grabbing the towel, hoping that she had not soaked through it into the arm of the couch. She looked and she had not. She leaned over and sniffed at it though and there was the definite odor of sex. She would have to use the furniture shampoo on it, just lightly, in order to remove the sex odor.

In no time Sheila had the room looking great and had also removed any lingering odors of sex. It had been an earth shattering orgasm and at the same time a disturbing one too. What in the world was happening to her? She had never been an actual prude as she and David had done most everything that modern couples do in bed but these new thoughts about lesbian sex, three ways and swapping mates, it was all just too much to think of.

Sheila hopped in the shower and got presentable then started thinking what she would prepare for her husband for dinner. There was something in the back of her mind all of the time though. She was starting to wonder about her own sanity. That was this preoccupation with all things sexual?

"Honey, I'm home," Dave shouted as he entered from the garage. Something smelled awfully good he thought.

Sheila sauntered into the kitchen, walked to him and embraced him, placing her lips over his, beginning to kiss him aggressively, forcing her tongue into his mouth and beginning to French kiss him passionately.

David broke the embrace, "whoa babe, what is this all about. You sure I'm in the right house," he joked.

"Well, I like that," Sheila replied petulantly, " I was just trying to welcome my hard working husband home from a busy day in court."

"It's OK honey,l was just joking, I very much appreciate the welcome." Dave said smiling. "I don't know what's on the menu but it sure smells good," he said.

"It's just your favorite dish with the boneless chicken and chopped tomatoes. What you're smelling is the green pepper and onion I sauted for the dish. I gotta admit it does smell good doesn't it?"

"Yeah, sure does. Let me wash up and change sweety and I'll be right back down," Dave said as he hurried up the stairs.

Dinner began and Dave was enjoying the wonderful food. At first there was little conversation and then Sheila asked, " how did the court case go today honey? Did you win?"

"Well, for the most part everyone won today sweetie," Dave replied, " my client will receive half of the entire estate as was specified in the will and she in turn has given a number of personal items from the estate to her brother and sister so it was all settled, the papers were signed and it is now over."

"That's great dear, you won another one."

Well, like I said, in a way everyone won."

"Umm," Dave began hesitantly, " did you think any more about what I said last night. You know, about maybe getting involved with others, as far a sex is concerned?"

Sheila was afraid that David could hear her sharp intake of breath, she had been hoping that this would come up but didn't know how to do it herself.

"I don't understand how you could do this. I mean you can't just call someone up and tell them that you want to go to bed with them can you," Sheila asked.

"No," Dave replied, " but I know some people who have a group and they meet occasionally to enjoy each others' company if you know what I mean."

"What!", Sheila nearly shouted, " how can you know people like that?"

"Now wait a minute, I've not been doing anything behind your back, you're not going to believe this but when I had lunch with Bill Nelson somehow the discussion got around to swinging and he told me that he and his wife, though having a great marriage, got a little tired of the same old thing and got involved with a group of people that enjoy as he called it the lifestyle.He said they have become great friends with them. Says that they have a wonderful time socially as well as playing."

Sheila was shocked. She knew Bill and Donna pretty well and never would have believed it. " You mean that Donna lets other guys, you know, make love to her?"

"No Sheila, that's not what I mean. We may as well get this straight right now. I don't want to make love to someone else and I don't want anyone else making love to you."

For a split second Sheila was mentally starting to panic. Just when she was getting hot to do something like this was David getting cold feet?"

"It's not making love, it's fucking. Bill Nelson says the exact same thing. That's why they still have such a solid marriage. He says it has nothing to do with love when they get together with their friends, it has everything to do with fucking."

"Mmm, I see," said Sheila, as she took another bite of the casserole. She couldn't jump up and say let's do it, she had to have the appearance at least of resisting the idea.

"I don't know honey, I just don't know. I would have to think about it. OK?"

"Sure thing, at least you're considering it. "

The remainder of the meal was consumed in silence, both of them thinking about exactly the same thing.

Shiela was antsy all evening, wanting to go upstairs and go to bed with her husband, David, on the other hand seemed to be engrossed in everything else. Normally, television didn't interest him that much.

Sheila went upstairs and changed into one of her shorty pajama outfits. She quickly grabbed her nail scissors and proceeded first to remove the thread in the leg band of the bottoms. This resulted in the leg opening being much larger. Then she removed the little lace top from the front of the upper part of the outfit. This would result in a great deal of cleavage being shown. She donned her newly remodeled pajamas and descended the stairs.

Sheila arranged herself on the couch while David continued to be engrossed in his newspaper. She tugged on her top to reveal the maximum amount of cleavage. She next moved her left leg out slightly then made sure that the leg of her pajamas was pulled out too giving him a straight shot at her pussy. Finally she spoke.

" The news sure is pessimistic tonight isn't it? She asked.

Dave looked up to answer her and froze. "Uhh, I aah yeh I mean yes I guess it is."

Sheila almost laughed out loud at his reaction. He had not yet taken his eyes off her pussy as she realized that with her leg out like it was her pussy was probably winking at him.

" I was really reading actually and I um, I guess I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying.

It was all Sheila could do to keep from laughing.

Finally David stood, dropped his newspaper on the chair and approached her, all the time alternating between staring at her pussy and her breasts which were dangerously close to popping out of the top of her pajamas.

" What are you doing sweetheart?" Sheila asked as David approached, dropped to the floor in front of her and pulled the leg of her pajamas a little farther to the side.

"I'm getting ready to lick that delicious looking pussy, is that OK?" he said, " or would you rather I fuck it?"

Sheila was so turned on now, this was going to be hot.

"Oh David, that's pretty naughty, what you are saying. You usually don't talk like that, what's got into you."

"No, it's what's going to get into you babe, and the what is me. I mean let's face it, first of all I get a racy story from Bill today about him and his wife's sex life, then we talk and you indicate that at least you will think about it, now I look and my wife is showing me most of her tits and I can see pink up the leg of her pajamas and you wonder what has gotten into me. I think you know what has gotten into me dear."

With that he leaned down and licked the entire length of her slit ending at her clit. She let out a little yelp and opened her legs even more.

"Oh yes David, that feels so good. You make my pu... vagina feel so hot."

"It's a pussy baby, a pussy. Can't you even say the word?"

"Mmmm, yes dear, yes I can say it, you make my pussy hot, so hot, and I can't wait till you fuck it. Fuck my pussy baby, fuck it good."

Dave was on fire now. He loved this new Sheila, this bold and uninhibited Sheila.

He stood and pulled his wife to her feet.

"What sweetie? she asked, "what do you want/"

"Here," he said, and pulled her bottoms down to her ankles and had her step out of them. "C'mere," he said and pulled her to the end of the couch, "bend over the arm he asked," with that he dropped his pants, removed his t-shirt and moved up close. He place the head of his now engorged cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed. She was sopping wet and he had no difficulty going balls deep into her.

"Mmmm, baby, your cock feels enormous tonight," she said, it feels so good in my pussy."

Dave was pounding away, loving the way her pussy was juicing, aware that she was actually dripping and that it was landing on the arm of the couch.

Sheila too was aware that her pussy juice was landing on the arm of the couch. It was all she could do to keep from laughing. She had gone to so much trouble this morning trying to get the pussy smell off of the couch and now look at her. She could have saved herself the trouble.

Dave reached around and pulled her top down releasing her big tits. He could look around her enough to see them flopping around, the nipples looking like small bullets. She was obviously very turned on.

"Oh baby," he said,"you feel so good. Your pussy is so wet but it's really hot, hotter than I've ever felt it. What have you been doing today?"

Sheila was a little startled by his question then quickly realized that it was just a rhetorical question, there was no way he could have any idea what she had done.

Dave reached around and started massaging her breasts as he continued to pound her beautiful pussy. Since she had never had children she was a really snug fit. Not necessarily what one would describe as tight but certainly very snug. He could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. He knew it wasn't too far away but he wanted Sheila to cum too. He moved his right hand away from her breast, found her clit and started to massage it.

"Unnn, oh yes sweetheart, I love it when you play with my pussy. Oh baby that feels sooooo good."

"Are you thinking about letting someone else fuck you baby?"

"Oh yes David, yes. I, I think I want to. I think I want to do it."

Dave was overjoyed and terribly stimulated. He was really deep fucking her now, pounding her pussy as never before.

"Baby, you don't know how much that turns me on. This is so hot! Do you really mean it, are you really going to do it?"

"Yes David, yes, oh I promise baby, I'm gonna let someone else fuck my pussy, would you like to see that?"

Sheila was getting into it now too. She was going to cum and she was going to cum hard. All of this talk had turned on like crazy. She was slamming herself back against her husband as he humped harder and harder. She could feel the perspiration dripping off of him and landing on her back.

"Oh Sheila, oh my god girl, you are making me so hot. I'm gonna cum baby, gonna cum."

He could feel his wife's pussy starting to quiver and tighten. He knew she was about to cum herself.

"It's getting close David, it's gonna cum soon, oh yes here it cums, here it cums!", Sheila literally screamed as her orgasm swept over her.

At the same time Dave grunted and began shooting strings of cum up into her pussy and beyond, "oh yes baby," he said, "oh baby I'm cumming too!!!! he shouted, continuing to shoot small amounts of cum from his cock.

They both paused, breathing hard, Dave spoke first, " Wow baby, that was really good. You're so hot, you're gonna make someone feel really lucky one of these days."

With that Sheila stiffened slightly. She wanted to do it, she really did. That is all she had been thinking about recently but there was still an element of fear or uncertainty too.

"You haven't changed your mind have you?" Dave inquired.

"No", Sheila replied hesitantly, "no honey, I haven't changed my mind. It's just a little tough to get used to the thought. How soon are we going to do it?"

"Well I'm not sure. I'll have to talk to Bill and I want to do it in a quiet way. We're not going to broadcast it. Of course I don't think we have to worry about that. In a town that gossips as much as this one does and in the position I'm in to hear every rumor in town, I never heard a whisper about their group."

Sheila began to slowly put her pajamas back on smiling at her beloved David. This was going to be a big change in their lives. As long as they could continue to talk to each other and be honest with each other it would all be OK. She began to wonder, to wonder" who would be first, would he be a good lover, would he have a big cock?" Sheila couldn't believe these thoughts. A week ago she never would have imagined such a thing. Life had suddenly become very, very interesting.

Morning brought no lessening of the sexual tension that Sheila had been feeling since last night. She had even had some difficulty in sleeping, finding it impossible to get their plans out of her mind. David had quickly eaten and left for the office. Sheila felt certain that is was his intention to put their plans in motion as soon as possible.

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