tagBDSMShe'll Cum When I Want Her To

She'll Cum When I Want Her To


Now he had her tied exactly where he wanted her, almost flat on her back, spread-eagled on the bed with ankles and wrists tied she could only wriggle a few inches. I say almost flat on her back because a pillow had been placed under her butt to raise it a few inches from the bed, giving him a much better view of what he wanted to see. What he wanted to see was her pussy and ass open to his gaze and ready to tease and plunder as he saw fit.

Her sense of touch was heightened as he had deprived her of sight and sound with the use of blindfold and earplugs. He teased her skin with soft feathers stroking lightly all over her body, sometimes in a long stroke from top to bottom, other times a quick tickle somewhere unexpected like the inner thigh, across a nipple, down from her underarm to her hip. Each touch causing her to gasp and wriggle under his touch. Her nipples were stiff bullets and goose bumps were breaking out all over her skin. He could see her gripping her bottom lip with her teeth to stop calling out loud when he grazed his fingers across her skin.

Moving between her legs he could see her arousal as the moisture from within had begun to leak from between her lips; lips that were beginning to swell and blush a darker hue. Her woman smell was strong and he breathed in deeply. Leaning forward he slowly licked from her ass up along her lips and when right at the top made his tongue into a point and burrowed in to seek her clit. He wanted it out in the open for him to tease mercilessly. Finding the now rigid nub with his tongue he whirled around the bud a couple of times and then withdrew. Her breathing was ragged already and her hips were writhing - he'd hardly started and she was already well on the road to her orgasm. Using his fingers he

spread her pussy lips wide at the top and pulled back on the hood covering that shy clit of hers. Time for a more direct assault. He pinned the hood back with the fingers of his left hand so there was nowhere for it to hide and then pushed the fingers of his right hand into her hot, wet pussy. She gasped and wriggled again as the intrusion had been unexpected. His juice coated fingers slid up between her pussy lips and began circling around her clit. He had to hold her quite firmly to stop the resulting hip movements from dislodging his grip on her clit hood. He wanted to see it as he teased. One finger stroked right across the clit a couple of times and she bucked under him. He continued his circling and stroking for a few minutes, getting her so hot, but not giving her the stimulation she needed to push her over the edge. He moved away from her to the camera and took a few shots of her hot, wet, glistening pussy - shame the clit had hidden itself away again he would have to figure out a way of taking pictures of that later.

Happy with the photographs he once again returned to the bed, this time with a small tray of items he would be using to tease his tied up friend. Firstly he picked up an ice cube and stroked it up and down her pussy lips. She jumped violently in reaction to the cold but couldn't remove the cube from her skin as he held it firmly there. It wasn't in contact with the same place for very long as he didn't want to give her ice burns. He rubbed it around her puckered ass for a few seconds and then as it was almost melting away pushed it totally inside her pussy to finish the job. Once again he used his fingers to bring her clit out from its hidey hole but this time used his warm tongue to lick and flick it for several minutes. He occasionally moved his tongue down to lick up the copious juices she was creating; and also make sure she didn't have continuous stimulation – can't have her cumming just yet!

He squeezed a dollop of KY Jelly onto her clit, not that she needed extra lube but it had that extra slippery texture that would allow him to stroke his fingers hard and fast across her clit and not make it too sore. She drew her breath in sharply as the jelly was cold again after his warm lips and tongue. His finger movements were almost bringing her to orgasm and she was straining against her bonds – it was so difficult to cum with her legs held wide like this and the effort caused a sheen of perspiration all over her body. He moved his fingers away from her clit and pushed three into her pussy causing her to moan both in frustration and pleasure. He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy lips and used his other hand to pinch and pull on one of her nipples. He could tell she was close to orgasm as they were hard in his hands. She was wriggling her hips and trying to urge herself up to meet his moving hands, trying to increase pressure and rub her clit on him – a waste of time really – she was only going to cum when he was good and ready.

Suddenly he stopped all teasing and moved off the bed. He took out an ear plug and whispered that he needed her to hold herself open for him – she was not to pleasure herself in any way. She nodded her understanding and he released her hands from their ties and replaced the ear plug. She reached down to her slippery pussy and using both hands pulled her lips apart so she was fully open to him. After admiring the view for a few seconds he pushed a vibrator into her pussy and began to play with her clit once more. Within seconds she was moaning her pleasure – funny how being made to expose herself for his pleasure turned her on! Predictably he stopped teasing her clit as she approached the longed for orgasm and guided her fingers around her pussy so that she was both holding the lips open and ensuring the clit could not go back into its hiding place.

He moved off the bed and positioned himself behind the camera once more. This time he was going to get those shots of her exposed clit and he know how much she was going to be turned on when she saw herself on film holding herself open to anyone who wanted to look. The vibrator was still jammed between her pussy lips and he was so hard looking at his slut he very nearly ripped it out of her to plunge in his cock but he resisted. She looked so damned fuckable he knew he wouldn't be able to resist for much longer.

He sought out a suitable gag for her and tied it around her mouth - when she did come it might prove noisy! He took hold of the vibrator and pumped it back and forth in her hole for a few

seconds and then slid it out and very slowly upwards along her pussy lips. He moved to within a few millimetres of her clit hood and stopped. She pushed upwards trying to reach out to it with

her clit. That vibration would definitely take her to orgasm. He chuckled as he watched her efforts to cum while deftly keeping the vibrator just out of reach. The sheen of sweat had now become proper droplets of moisture that were running on her skin and she looked beautiful. He pulled back her clit hood and exposed her little nub once more. Circling around it with the tip of the vibrator he could hear her muffled moans becoming more urgent. The vibrator slid back to her pussy hole and was plunged deeply in once more. It could fit completely inside she was so wet but he held onto the very end and rotated it around her channel a few times before leaving it once again sticking out. He noticed how her juices had dripped down and were lubricating her ass now – enough lubrication for him to push in the little silver bullet vibrator. God she looked such a slut with a vibrator in both her ass and pussy. More pictures were necessary so he moved her hands back to hold herself fully exposed again before stepping once more behind the camera. God that clit was swimming in her juices! He finally decided she could cum so he removed the vibrator from her pussy and placed it directly on her clit. She bucked furiously lifting her ass off the bed and her legs muscles strained with the effort of fighting against such strong vibration whilst her hips sought to increase the pressure to bring her orgasm to fruition. He rolled the vibrator all over and around her clit and then see-sawed it across the top increasing the pressure until she screamed into the gag and her cum sprayed down onto the bed. He lessened the direct contact on her clit and used the vibrator in the area around her clit and along her pussy lips while she came down from her massive spend. He then undid her ankle restraints and she immediately curled into the foetal position on the bed.

However she was not going to get complete respite just yet. He guided her up onto her knees at the base of the bed. Pushing down on her shoulders he positioned her bent right over, resting on her shoulder and facing away from the camera. He removed the small bullet vibrator from her ass and then replaced it with the bigger pussy vibrator which stuck lewdly out about 2 inches. He then brought her hand around to once again hold her pussy open for him, and the camera, to have the perfect view of a dripping hole. After a few shots like this he finally allowed himself to enter that hot, wet cavern and pump his hard cock deeply into her. As he fucked her hole he said out loud what a complete fucking slut she was, allowing herself to be tied up and teased and fucked on camera, holding herself open for all to see and enjoying every minute of it. He knew she couldn't hear him right now, but he would tell her again later. He pumped the vibrator in and out of her ass as he fucked her hard. This was for his pleasure and he was gonna fuck her as hard and as fast as he liked, if she wanted to be a slut she was gonna be fucked like one. As he was fucking she pushed herself up onto her hands so she could push back onto him and the rhythm they set up caused her large tits to swing back and forth – God the slut even enjoyed her tits swinging for all to see. He pushed in a few more hard thrusts and then his spunk spewed into her and he fell forward onto her body.

After resting for a few seconds he pulled his cock from her and quickly snapped a few pictures of her on all fours with her tits hanging and her juices and his cum dripping from her pussy. Finally he removed the vibrator from her ass and let her lay and rest on the bed. He had had her exactly where he wanted her but knew he would want her there again soon. In the meantime he would relive the moment with those photographs and then maybe share it with others online. That piece of news would certainly bring home to her that, yes indeed – she was a slut – a slut with whom he could do anything he chose.

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