tagGroup SexShelley's Tasty Surprise

Shelley's Tasty Surprise


Suzy was a gorgeous, dark-haired vixen. She stood 5'6'' tall, and had thick, black hair that fell in dark waves down to her waist. Her buxom 130 lb. figure was stunning. Complimenting her full, pouty lips and captivating brown eyes was a pair of round, heavy breasts crowned with dark aerolas. A voluptuous waist and an ample rear end rounded out her 38DD-27-38 figure. She had me captivated, utterly and completely at her mercy, a fact which she was well aware of and used to her advantage.

We had gone out several times, and while nothing had happened, the sexual tension had been palpable. When I picked her up at her apartment I figured that tonight had to be the night. She looked stunning. She had her hair down and her sensuous mouth was coated with a shiny burgundy lipstick. Her outfit had me immediately hard. Snug, faded Levi's hugged her hips and accentuated the juicy heart-shaped mound between her legs. The burgundy color of her T-top matched her lipstick perfectly, the fabric stretched tight across her cleavage. Her huge breasts were practically spilling out of the scoop neck, jiggling every time she moved. Try as I might, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her expansive bosom and she knew it. We went out for dinner and a movie and Suzie didn't miss a single opportunity to brush, or press against me or to lean fully towards me, her breasts threatening to fall out of the confines of her top at any moment.

At the end of the evening she invited me up to her apartment. We sat down on the couch, had some wine and smoked some dope, which only heightened my arousal. My hard-on was straining against my jeans and I found myself sitting cross-legged so that its outline was clearly visible to Suzie. The display was not lost on her. She repeatedly leaned forward to playfully slap my thigh, causing her ample breasts to sway back and forth suggestively. I was going nuts with desire, her gorgeous body right in front of me. I ached to just reach out and touch her, to free her breasts from her top and weigh them in my hands, to bathe her nipples with my tongue. Suzie leaned forward once again, only this time instead of hitting my thigh she pressed those full moist lips against mine, her tongue slipping rapidly in and out of my mouth.

She leaned back, hefting her big breasts in her hands, squeezing them together, You really like them, don't you Mike?

I was taken aback by the directness of her remark. All I could do was stammer out a mumbling Y--yes. She took my hands in hers and placed them on her chest, and then proceeded to squeeze and knead her boobs with my hands, softly moaning, her head back, and her tongue running around her moist lips. Her breasts felt exquisite, big and heavy and firm. She encouraged me to knead them roughly, the harder I squeezed the more she moaned. I was in heaven and she knew it. Still holding my hands to her breasts she looked into my eyes at once beseechingly and commandingly and said, "I want to watch you suck cock. "

A million thoughts rushed through my mind all at once, my mouth opened and then closed again with nothing having come out. Still holding my right hand to her chest, she reached forward and caressed my hard-on through my jeans. "I want to see you suck cock, Mikr. I want to watch you worship a big, hard penis, to see it slide in and out of your mouth. I know you want me, Mike, and all you have to do to have me is to suck cock." She squeezed my hand against her breast again, "Don't you want to see these in person? To slide your big, hard cock in between them until you squirt your cum all over them? I know you do, Mike, and all you've got to do is give one blowjob and their all yours, along with the rest of me. If you don't like it, you don't ever have to do it again, but I've got to watch you suck cock just once...and then I'm all yours." She gave my hard-on another stroke, "Come on, whaddya say?"

My mind was reeling, my whole body felt electric. I couldn’t believe it, here was this goddess who wanted to grant me the favors of her body in return for watching me give head. I was amazed but hesitant. It just seemed to unreal. Then I heard my disembodied voice say "Okay, I mean sure, I guess so, I'll give it a try."

Suzie squealed with delight, "Oh Mark, I knew you would! You've made me so happy, you won't regret this. You're going to love sucking cock, I know you are. Fuck, I am so wet just thinking about it. I can't wait to get started. When should we do it?"

After a brief discussion we made arrangements for the next night. She was so wet and I was so hard that neither of us wanted to wait. Suzie said that she had the guys already picked out, and she was sure that they could come on Wednesday. "Guys?' I questioned. "Why guys, plural, I thought I only had to try it once?"

"Oh, you do, but I'm sure you're going to like it, so we may as well be prepared."

The next night couldn't come fast enough for me, I couldn't concentrate on anything all the next day. I showed up at 8 p.m. at Suzie's house. She answered the door wearing a silk robe over a champagne coloured negligee. "Come on in. Are you ready for the night of your life?" She kissed me on the mouth and led me into the living room. There was no denying it now, as I followed her into the living room two guys were sitting on the couch at the end of the room.

"Mike, I would like you to meet Steve and Rick. Steve, Rick, this is Mike."

They both stood up and said hi. Steve shook my hand first. He was about 5'11' with thick, wavy, honey blond hair and a deep golden tan. He had deep blue eyes and a heavily muscled physique. Next, Rick introduced himself. He was slightly taller than Steve but much leaner. He also had blue eyes, but his hair was jet black and worn in a brush cut. He had high, narrow cheekbones and an almost feminine look. Although I had never been attracted to men before I found both of these men were turning me on tremendously. I didn't know if it was the prospect of sucking their cocks or the promise of Suzie's body or some combination of the two, but my cock was hard as granite.

Suzie handed us each a beer and started a doobie going. "Steve and Rick already know what they're here for so I thought we would just have a beer and then get started, okay Mike?" There was an air of command in her voice that sent a shiver down my spine. Steve, Rick and I made small talk about sports and work but my mind wasn't on it. When we finished our beers Suzie suggested that I go and get us another round while the three of them went upstairs to 'get ready'.

When I came into the bedroom with the beers my jaw dropped and my prick just about burst through my jeans. Suzie was naked now, her ample body indescribably beautiful. She was kneeling between Steve and Rick, who were also naked, and were standing on either side of her head. She had a hard cock in each hand and was alternately sucking Steve and then Rick, her pendulous breasts swaying in unison with the motions of her cocksucking. When she saw me she stopped and told me to get undressed. She stood up and came over to me.

When I was naked she kissed me full on the lips, her tongue dancing in my mouth. She stroked my cock, which was already rock hard, and whispered in my ear "You're going to be great." Then she said aloud, "I figured that there was no sense in wasting time so I decided to get them ready for you. Come on over and examine the merchandise." She grabbed my erection like a handle and used it to pull me over to Steve and Rick. Their pricks were huge, hard and throbbing and glistening with Suzie's saliva. They were both circumsized and beautiful. Steve's prick was about 71/2" long and was immensely thick, I soon found out that my fingers just barely met when I grasped it. Rick's cock, like the rest of his body, was slightly longer and slimmer than Steve. He was about 8" long and not quite so thick around. I was just sort of gazing in awe at these two weapons when Suzie broke into my trance. It was clear from the tone of authority in her voice that she was in charge, and it was time to get on with it.

"I suggest you get a feel for each of them before you decide who you are going to suck off first, unless of course you've decided already?" I shook my head no, I hadn't decided. Suzie started caressing my cock, coaxing me to stroke Steve's prick. "I think that you should start by getting a feel for Steve's prick. See how hard he is? It really feels fantastic in your hand." She said as she stroked Steve's prick with her right hand and mine with her left. Suzie took my hand, placed it on Steve's cock and held it there. She whispered breathlessly, "His prick looks so good in your hand. It's going to look even better in your mouth." Suzie began stroking my hand up and down along Steve's shaft.

I couldn't believe how big and hard his prick was, it barely fit in my hand. It felt like it was on fire it was so hot. I began to move my hand on my own, sliding it up and down Steve's thick pole. As I stroked him Steve let out a low moan and a drop of pearly cum appeared at the end of his huge cock. Suzie scooped it up with her finger and brought it to my lips. I hesitated, her cum coated finger only inches away from my mouth.

Suzie immediately took control. 'Lick his cum off my finger, Mike. I want you to taste the result of your efforts. You made his cum ooze out by jerking him off, now stick out your tongue and lick it off my finger." I opened my mouth and she deposited the drop on my tongue. I was surprised by how much flavor there was to it, tangy and rich. I smacked my lips, trying to get used to it. She smiled, "Tastes good, doesn't it? There's a lot more where that came from, and I'm sure Steve will be happy to give you as much as you want...If you suck him long enough you'll get all the sticky, white sauce you can handle." Suzie was still stroking my cock and she made sure that I wasn't short changing Steve.

She knelt down next to Steve's cock and looked me in the eye. "There's a little bit more cum on his cock, Mike. Why don't you come down here and take a look?" She tightened her grip on my erect prick and tugged me down to my knees in front of Steve's huge, throbbing prick, another drop of cum glistening on the end of it. "Why don't you lick the rest off his shaft, Mike? I know you enjoyed that little taste you just had. Think of how much better it will be licking it right off his cock." She put her hand behind my head and gently pushed my mouth onto his cock. His hard-on pushed passed my lips, my tongue licking the cum off the head, savoring the taste and the slimy texture. Steve's hard-on filled my mouth to capacity. For a second I just let it sit in my mouth, feeling how hard and hot it was, letting it throb and pulse in my mouth, but Suzie was impatient to watch me suck cock.

"Open your mouth wider and go down on his prick, Mike." Suzie pushed my head further onto Steve's cock, urging me to start sucking him in earnest. "Oooh, yeah, suck that cock. Take him in as deep as you can. Now, bob your head up and down, Mike, really work his cock. Oh yeah, beautiful, you’re getting a good rhythm going now. Keep on sucking him like that and pretty soon he'll shoot a big load right in your mouth. You look so sexy with his big, hard prick in your mouth, Mike. I could watch you give head forever."

After a few minutes of practice my cocksucking was improving and Steve began to moan and shake, thrusting his dink further into my mouth. One particularly deep thrust was too much for me, causing me to gag a little. I backed off for a second, although I couldn’t believe how much I loved the feeling of a hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. Immediately Suzie was urging me to continue. "That's okay, Mike. Everybody has a little trouble their first time. You won't gag as much when you get more practice. Just keep going and use your hand on his shaft to control the depth of his thrusts." She took my hand and showed me a milking motion, pushing away from me as I went down on him and pulling as I withdrew. "Keep on going baby, that's it. It's not going to be much longer now. Pretty soon he's going to be filling your mouth with hot, tangy cock juice." Steve was moaning loudly and his prick was leaking pre-cum. I was both excited and hesitant all at the same time. His hard-on was twitching and jerking in my mouth and I knew that soon I would feel his cum squirting all over the inside of my mouth. Steve let out a long, low moan, "Ooo, I'm going to cum. Do you want me to shoot it in his mouth, Suze?"

"You better believe it, Steve. He's done all the work, now it's time for his reward!" Suzie responded. "Get ready for it, babe. It won't be long now." My mouth was stretched wide open to accomodate Steve's prick as he pumped it in and out of my mouth. "That's it , now jerk his shaft, Mike! Jerk him fast, and make him shoot his load in your mouth!" Suzie cried. She was totally hot now, almost cumming herself, her hand plunging in and out of her pussy. She was yelling, "Oh fuck Steve, give it to him! Squirt your jizz into his mouth. Give him all the goo that you can. Drown him with it!" I pumped Steve's shaft as fast as I could, rapidly bobbing my mouth up and down on the head of his fat cock.

Suddenly Steve groaned and his cum began squirting into my mouth. It pulsed out of his cock in ropey spurts, drenching my tongue with its hot, sticky tang. Suzie was in heaven watching Steve's cock ejaculating in my mouth. She was leaning back on one arm, moaning and rocking, her enormous breasts looking spectacular as they bounced back and forth in concert with her masturbation. "Oh fuck Mike, yeah," she panted, "keep on jerking his cock. Make him shoot his juice in your mouth. Swallow his gooey cum!" My mouth was overflowing, I swallowed half way through Steve's climax and lost track of the number of times that he pulsed his seed into my mouth. Cum was running out of my mouth, leaking out from around Steve's cock and dripping off my chin. When his cock finally stopped spurting in my mouth, I swallowed for the second time, savoring Steve's thick, tangy jism.

Just then Suzie grabbed me by the cock and pulled me on top of her. She looked me in the eyes and murmured huskily, "I want you to fuck me, I want to feel you cumming inside me." I entered her molten pussy and just about came on the spot. I felt like I was dissolving inside of her, she was so hot and wet. Suzie was writhing beneath me, my prick slicing in and out of her clasping pussy. We climaxed simultaneously, screaming out loud. I could feel the cum rise all the way up from my balls as it gushed into Suzie's pussy.

We lay panting and exhausted on the floor, drenched in sweat when suddenly Rick started to moan. He had been standing off to the side, forgotten, watching the whole scene and jerking off. Somehow he had managed to hold off cumming, but now he was getting close. Suzie looked up at me, her breasts heaving and slick with sweat, "Well, what do you say?"

"I think it's time for number two." I replied.

"I knew you'd love worshipping cock, you slut." Suzie growled.

I rocked back onto my heels, my cock slurping out of Suzie's box. Her musky smell was wonderful, our sticky juices dripping off my cock and out of her pussy.

"Come over here, Rick." I said. I knew he wouldn't require much sucking to bring him off, I could tell by the state of his prick. It was huge and purple and already dripping cum. He walked across the room to me, his hard-on bobbing in the air as he came, a big string of jizz hanging off the end. He stood in front of my face and I slurped the cum off the shaft of his cock. He tasted different than Steve, saltier and less stringy. I sucked the head of him into my mouth and began rapidly bobbing my head. He moaned loudly as he entered my mouth and then began gasping. He clutched my head and began to fuck my mouth. With my lips firmly wrapped around the head of his cock, I started jerking his shaft quickly, planning to bring him to climax. But suddenly Suzie stopped my hand and pulled Rick's hard-on out of my mouth. I looked at her quizzically. She replied by removing my hand from Rick and gazing directly into my eyes.

"I'm going to make him cum all over your face. You seemed to enjoy having Steve's jism running down your chin, so now we’re going to see how you like having it splashing all over your face. Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and get ready to catch his jizz."

I turned to face Rick's cock. He was oozing so much that it was running down Suzie's wrist. Her hand was a blur on his shaft, jerking him up and down in a rapid milking motion. I eagerly waited for Suzie to bring him off. His hard cock was throbbing and jumping in her hand. He began moaning and gasping. I knew it was only a matter of seconds, but it seemed to stretch into minutes before he was shooting his load all over me. When his cum finally erupted from the head of his cock I watched in awe as it arced through the air. It splashed all over my face in thick, gooey spurts, first on my forehead and in my hair, then it hit my cheeks and chin. He spurted directly into my mouth, coating my tongue with his salty seed. "That's it, Mike, drink his seed. You look good covered in cum, you whore. I love seeing you drenched in cock juice.

Then she said to Rick, "Yeah, Rick, keep on spurting, shoot your goo on his face." Suzie growled. Rick's last few spurts of semen splashed onto my tongue. Suzie pulled his softening prick into my mouth and ordered me to lick him clean. His load was dripping off my face and soaking my hair. Rick had drenched me with his seed and Suzie loved it. She kissed me full on the lips, driving her tongue into my mouth.

She pushed me onto my back and wordlessly mounted my cock. She began to slowly ride me in long smooth strokes, her hands kneading her heaving breasts. She leaned forward and began scooping the cum off my face and neck, smearing it on her swaying tits. "Now lick the cum off my tits, Mark. Lick them clean and swallow Rick’s cock juice." I did as I was told as Suzie increased the pace of her fucking. I moaned and began thrusting into her as I bathed her huge bosoms with my tongue. I grabbed her ample rear and began pumping in and out of her hard. Suzie moaned contentedly, "Oh yeah, Mark, fuck my pussy." Suzie's cunt felt like heaven; engulfing my cock in its tight, slick wetness. Thrusting hard, I ejaculated a huge load of semen into her molten pussy. Suzie let out a long, shuddering moan and collapsed on top of me, her massive boobs squished between us.

The four of us relaxed after that, Suzie and I were particularly exhausted. Steve and Rick said they had to go, promising they would return for a reunion anytime we wanted. Suzie cuddled into my chest as we lay in bed, “That was great, Mark. It was even better than I imagined. You looked so sexy sucking those guys cocks, I couldn't believe it...

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