tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 02

Shelly & James Ch. 02


I went into the bathroom and took my shower. I was in there for longer than either of them, wanting her to have some time with John alone. I thought that when I came out I would get to see the real passion on her face again.

When I got out, they were sitting on the bed dressed. As I got dressed Shelly filled me in on the plan.

'John and I were talking and he came up with an idea. He wants us to go to this little place he found the other night and dance a bit. He said he wants me to act like a first class slut so he can show me off to a couple of guys he knows. I thought it would be fun.'

'Are you sure Shelly? This could lead to more than you may want to try or could handle.'

'John promised that nobody joins us unless we both agree to it first James. I would like to act the slut part in public again too. Can we go with him?'

I was torn. This hadn't been my plan at all. There was a chance that Shelly would end up in a gangbang by going to public places and acting like a slut. Or possibly getting gang raped. I still wasn't sure if we could fully trust John either.

I finally agreed, but not without some trepidation. My fears were numerous, but mostly about Shelly's safety. I knew I wasn't going to lose her now, I just didn't want her to get hurt with our playing around like we were.

Shelly had modified her dress straps and they seemed longer now. In front the cut on her dress was almost showing her small tuft of pubic hair on her well trimmed pussy. In the back, well, the top of her ass crack was plainly visible. The top of dress had the thin material of the straps starting just at the top of her nipples too. She was right on the edge of indecent exposure standing in the motel room.

We went out front and grabbed a cab. This bar was a bit farther away than I had thought. When we got there I saw that it was in the red-light district. Hookers were on the street corners and there was an adult theater right next to the place John was taking us.

We walked into the bar, Shelly on my arm as John led. He went clear to the back of the room and found a nice booth on the back wall. It was a bit off by itself with the exception of one booth on each side of it.

There was a couple of people dancing on the small dance floor and about eight men at the bar drinking. They looked like businessmen on travel. Shelly sat next to me and her hand was in my lap. Her fingers were rubbing my cock through my pants as she looked around the place. John had gone to get us some drinks.

A few men walked by and gawked at Shelly. I could see that they were wishing they were sitting with her like I was. John came back with our drinks. As he set them down he asked Shelly for a dance.

She got up and they headed out on the dance floor. The song was a slow one and as they hugged in close to each other I could see him whispering to her. Pretty soon she stepped back a tiny bit and John spun her around with her back to his front again, just like he had in the other bar.

Shelly had her eyes closed as John began to stroke her body with his hands. He fully explored her from top to bottom as they swayed to the music. Shelly did the over the shoulder kiss thing again and this time, as they kissed, John began to pull on her dress, tugging it up her body. Shelly leaned out just a bit, barely keeping contact with his mouth. Her tongue showing once or twice.

I thought that John would quit pulling her dress up long before he did. When he stopped my heart was beating very fast. I could see, from where I was sitting, Shelly's pussy lips. He had pulled her dress up almost so the bottom hem was on the top of her hips. Shelly turned into his body, facing him and I could see her whole butt.

John's hands were both on her ass cheeks and as I watched, he spread them apart, showing her tight little asshole. I could see that it was open about the size of a half dollar from the earlier action from his cock.

John then took her farther out on the dance floor and pretty soon a crowd of men were standing there watching them. I could hear them telling Shelly what they would love to do with her as John held her ass, still spreading her wide open to their view.

I had a hard on that wouldn't quit now. This was so hot, so dirty, so nasty. Shelly was tonguing John's neck and then running it up to lick his lips before plunging into his mouth. She would pull out and start it all over again.

John kept working on her, dancing and showing her body. He was talking to her, whispering in her ear as she held onto him. Pretty soon Shelly turned her head to look around the dance floor at the men that were catcalling to her.

As I watched, John stepped away from her and holding her dress in each hand, he began to pull it up even higher. Suddenly, Shelly bent at her waist and her dress slipped right off of her. She was naked, on the dance floor with ten men yelling and whistling at her. John tossed her dress in my direction and took Shelly's hand. He began to twirl her around and as he did he danced her around the perimeter of the floor. Pretty soon the men standing along the sides could reach out and touch her body as she passed by them.

After John had let all the men touch her breasts or ass or even pussy in one case, he danced her back over to me. He handed her off and told me to show him a few moves. To top whatever he had just had her do.

I was a bit clumsy at first since I didn't know what to do, but I soon found out that it wasn't me that had to have the moves. Shelly whispered in my ear to guide her over by the men again. I danced her over and as we got close she leaned out away from me and the men were able to feel her up one more time.

They were all getting hotter and hotter. I could tell that Shelly had decided to go a lot farther that I had ever dreamed she would and as I held her I realized that I wanted to see her go there too. I had a voodoo like feeling course through my body as I thought of all those men touching her.

We danced around the floor and then started to go around again. One man stepped up and asked to cut in. Looking into Shelly's eyes I saw that she was willing. I stepped away as a total stranger took my naked wife and began to dance with her. His hands touching and grabbing her all over.

After he got around another man took her. They all took turns like that until every man in the room had danced and touched my wife. The last man brought her back to me and I took her hand. John came up and fingering her pussy, he turned to face the other men in the room.

'Anyone want another type of dance? I think she's ready.'

A chill hit me as I understood his offer of the different type of dance. He led Shelly over to a strong looking table. As if by magic a foam mattress appeared with a blanket. John laid Shelly back on top of the mattress. He took her legs and moving them around a bit he soon had her spread wide open. Her ass was right on the edge of the table, and her head was just off the other end.

Shelly laid her head back and a man stepped in close to her. He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. His hands were tugging on her nipples. Shelly's hands were on his crotch and pretty soon his pants were undone. My wife had undone his pants and was slipping his cock out so she could suck him.

John was holding her legs apart yet and one man came up to take one leg from him. Pretty soon another man had her other leg. John had his hand on her pussy fingering her. The man at her head had pushed his cock down her throat.

Shelly was moaning as this stranger, the second one tonight, fucked her throat like it was her pussy. His cock was long but thin. I would guess that he was ten inches long. Shelly was taking the whole length into her throat and sucking on him hard. I saw her tongue slip out and caress his balls as his cock would hit bottom.

Some guy had stepped in between her legs and was pushing his cock into her pussy. As he began to fuck my wife, John came to stand by me.

'I hope you are all right with this. It was Shelly's idea at first. I didn't know if we should do this or not, but she really wanted to try something like this. What do you think?'

'Oh man, this is wild. I can't believe that Shelly, my wife Shelly, is laying there being fucked by one guy and sucking on another. I only wish I had a video camera to tape this.'

'Bartender has one. He is filming from right over there. See?'

My wife was getting her first gangbang, and it was in a public bar, and to really top it off, she was being filmed as it happened. I talked to the bartender and made him promise to give me the tape when he was done.

As rough as some of the men in the bar seemed to be, they were very gentle with Shelly. Of course there were one or two who treated her a bit rougher than I would have. I heard her being called slut and hot whore.

It seemed that the more names and derogatory things they called her, the hotter she got. I could hear her begging as one cock would leave her throat to be replaced with another. Her voice was cracking at times, probably from all the cum she was swallowing.

I sat at a nearby table and just watched as ten men continually used my wife. She often had cocks in her hands as well as her pussy and mouth. Her chest was heaving at times from the combination of cocks stroking in and out of her.

After a while the men either got tired or took a short break. Shelly sat up, cum literally running out of her pussy in a stream. Someone stepped in between her still spread legs and placed a cup under her pussy. Everyone watched as the cup filled up, almost to overflowing. The white cum looking almost like milk.

He held the cup up in front of her and offered it for her to drink. Shelly took it from him and with a little nod to all watching, tipped it up, pouring the contents down her throat. I couldn't believe it. My wife, swallowing the cup of cum that had ran out of her pussy after her being fucked by ten different strangers.

After she drank the cum, I saw her tongue slip out between her lips and she began to lick the cup clean. The bartender had stepped in close and gotten this nasty act all on film too. I had a raging hardon by this time.

John helped her to stand and then we both walked her to the bathroom so she could clean up a bit. She was in there quite a while, and just as I got worried about whether or not she was ok, she came out. Still naked, she sexily walked back to that table, swinging her hips in exaggerated motions.

When she got back to the table, she turned slowly around, looking at all the men staring at her. Her smile lit up her face as she jumped up to sit on the make shift bed again. Her hands were on her pussy as she spread her legs wide.

'Mmmmm . . . anyone up for seconds? I have another hole that could be used too. I would like to try three men at a time. Any takers?'

Shocked, I sat there realizing that she wasn't through yet. She was wanting three cocks at a time in her body. I couldn't believe that this was the same woman I had married eight years ago. She had surprised me totally this day.

Several men lined up. Shelly got one to lay on the table. Once he was comfortable, she crawled up to straddle him. Her hands went around his quite substantial cock and guided him into her pussy.

Once she had fully taken all of him, she turned her head to tell another man to climb up and get in her ass. This guy almost jumped up on top of her he was so excited at her offer to him.

'Man, I have never had a woman's asshole. I have always wanted to fuck a chick in the ass and now I not only get too, but the chick is one of the most beautiful babes I have ever seen. I must have died and gone to heaven.'

He lined up his cock, the head of it right on her tight little bud. She reached back and with one hand on his stomach, she let him press into her. Someone came up with some lube that they had found and the guy rubbed a bunch on his shaft, as he held the head just inside her asshole.

The guy underneath her had been stroking his cock in and out of her the whole time this was going on. He was moaning a bit now. Shelly turned to look at him then placed her lips on his. I could see that their tongues were tangled up in each others mouth. Hands appeared on her breasts, rubbing and massaging them. The guy at her ass had just managed to get half of his cock into her tight hot hole now.

Shelly reached around him, taking his hips firmly in her hands and jammed him hard into her ass. That motion caused the man in her pussy to lose it and he began to cum hard in her now very much tighter pussy.

He rammed inside her hard and held still as his hot cum flooded her pussy. The man in her ass was now stroking in and out of her in long slow strokes. Shelly was moaning and urging them both to fuck her hard. The guy underneath was trapped now as the other man took Shelly's ass on a hard ride.

John was sitting next to me watching all of this. He looked over at me and smiled.

'I have never seen a woman as hot as Shelly. You are one lucky son of a bitch to have a wife so sexually free and so beautiful too. I envy you James. I really do. While you were showering tonight we talked, and Shelly told me how much she really loves you. Man, I wish I could find a woman that could love me as much as she loves you and still be the slut that she is.'

'I never knew that she had the capacity to do this inside her John, not one little hint ever showed the whole time I have known her. I am flabbergasted at her sexual appetite tonight. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that she would want to be in a gangbang, or even fuck another man.'

'Women surprise you once in a while don't they? Hell, people surprise you too. Notice how nice these guys are being to her? Not too rough, not mean. They are loving her slutty attitude as much as we are and don't want to spoil it.'

'Yeah, amazing. Far different that some of the stories I have read about couples that have done this. I hope that tomorrow we are all right with what happens tonight. She is a bit . . . well, drunk.'

She's not as drunk as you think James. She even told me so. She wanted you to think that the alcohol had a lot to do with her slutiness tonight so that she had an out in case you had problems with what she did. She was worried that you would not like what she desired deep inside. Our time in the motel room made her realize that she wanted to experience more than she had so far. What do you think now?'

'I think that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever known, inside and out. I love her so much and actually, I am very happy with the outcome of this night. You see, once I fantasized about something like this happening with us. I had given up on us ever doing it though. It seemed like a far fetched, impossible dream. I am so glad that we have walked on this path now. Maybe it won't be the last time for us either. All I know is I don't want to lose her. I really do love her.'

'I don't think you are going to lose her James. Matter of fact, you may have just guaranteed that she loves you more than you ever would have gotten her to love you. She was worried that you were getting a bit afraid of this whole thing, just when she was wanting to press on to bigger and better things. After I took my shower I could see that you two had mended a possible break in the fence before it became a problem.'

'Yeah. I was worried for a bit that I had lost her. I know now that I am the center of her thoughts and love, more than I believed. We got that straightened up and now I can relax and watch her have fun. I have learned so much tonight. I want to thank you too John. You helped to make this possible for both of us.'

We watched as Shelly took on eight of the ten men in a row. Soon all of the men were just worn out. Shelly laid on her back, cum showing all around her ass and pussy and face. She looked at me and then held her arms up.

I got up and went over to her. We were pretty much alone, only John was nearby. She looked deeply into my eyes, searching for something, some sign of what I was feeling. I knelt between her legs, my arms on each side of her, and my lips soon closed over hers.

I didn't notice the cum all over her face and on her lips. I didn't mind the of the cum in her mouth either. I was concentrating on my love and my need to connect with her at that moment. Her arms went around my back and hugged me tightly.

We kissed for a long time, and then when I pulled away to look at her, I was surprised to see tears running down her cheeks. She was crying. I put my hands up to cup her face and looking into her eyes I asked why.

'Shelly, why the tears? Why are you crying?'

'Oh, I don't know James. I guess that I am so happy that you are not angry with me and that you still love me even though I have acted like a dirty slut all night. I mean, you didn't expect me to be fucking more than you and John and then I went and fucked a whole gang of men in a public bar. Strangers, that took me right in front of you. I never even asked them to wear condoms or anything. I have been a dirty slut. A whore. Something else too. I . . . I . . . I really loved it. I loved each cock that fucked me. I loved having a cock in each of my holes. I loved looking around to see you watching me, not being mad or angry with me, not being sad, not being hurt. Thank you James. Thank you so much.'

'Oh honey, I do love you. I was amazed at the sexual feast you provided for strange men tonight. The way you ate and drank cum and fucked them was . . . I . . . it . . . wow. That is all I can say I guess, wow.'

'You aren't mad are you? You aren't going to leave me now?'

'No. I love you. I love the new you most of all. I love the fact that you opened up and found a new sexual level to play on. You aren't going to want to dump me for someone else now are you? Someone with a bigger cock or better stamina?'

'No chance of that James. I love you too much to want to ever try to find someone else. You are everything to me. Even after fucking all these different men, I only love you. I only love you James.'

'Then, it appears that my wife, my loving and caring wife, is also my slut. Umm . . I'm not meaning that in a bad way, I like the fact that I have a slut wife.'

'Hmmmm . . . I'm your slut wife. Slut wife. It does have kind of a ring to it doesn't it?'

' Yes. I would love to be able to call you my slut wife whenever. As long as you don't feel hurt by that name. I always wanted a slut wife though.'

'Well, now you have a slut for a wife. A slut wife I am. Speaking of which. Get those clothes off, I need you. Now.'

I stood up and began to strip. As I did Shelly beckoned John over.

'You get undressed too. I want one more double sandwich fuck before quitting for the night. John, I want you to fuck my pussy. So you get naked and lay down here. James, I want you in my asshole. Hurry up. I need it now.'

John was undressed before I was, even though I had a head start. He laid back on the table and Shelly climbed up over him. She took his large cock and lowered her pussy down around it. She took him in one fast drop. Her breath shot out of her as she bottomed out on his shaft.

She began to bounce up and down on his cock as his hands went to her breasts. He grasped them, guiding each nipple in turn to his mouth. As his tongue would caress a nipple, Shelly would moan. He began to suck on her nipples then. Each in turn as before, but the sucking was much harder.

Shelly was moaning loudly and then I heard her urging me to hurry up and get my cock in her asshole now. She was begging for me to fuck her ass, and I was so hard hearing her beg me to do her like that, my cock was almost ready to explode.

I got up behind them and placed the head of my cock on her brown bud. She relaxed it somehow and I slid right in. Her ass was open to my thrust and she shoved back onto me as I pushed forward.

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