tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 04

Shelly & James Ch. 04


Wednesday I woke to soft lips slipping along my hard shaft. Shelly was looking at me as I woke up, her mouth working over my cock. I could feel her tongue caressing my shaft as she sucked me. I laid there and let her bring me off, shooting my load in her mouth.

After cleaning me up good with her tongue, she moved up to kiss me. Opening my mouth I felt her tongue slip in and then a salty taste soon followed. She lifted off of my lips and I saw that she had kept some of my cum in her mouth.

Her eyes on mine, I could see that she was judging my reaction to this new thing. I reached up and taking her head in my hands, I pulled her back to my lips, my tongue slipping inside her mouth. She held me tightly as we kissed, exchanging our juices, my cum.

While I was at work she called, wanting me to come home early. She was so horny that she was going nuts wanting some cock. I told her to drive over and get me at lunch. I hoped that we would be able to go somewhere and fuck. A nooner was something we had never done before.

Shelly walked into my office and closed the door behind her. I didn’t hear her lock it, but she did. Standing in front of me wearing a long coat she looked at me with lust and need in her eyes.

I was surprised about the coat since it was a pretty warm day. That is, until she opened it. She had worn nothing else. My wife was standing before me, naked her pussy wet, her nipples hard.

I stood and came around my desk to take her in my arms. I was ever so thankful that my office had no windows. Her coat fell to the floor as I hugged her to me. Her breasts pressing into my chest.

Her hands quickly undid my pants and as they fell she put her arms around my neck, holding me tightly. Her feet came off the ground, and as she raised them to go around my back, she freed one hand to guide my hard shaft into her pussy.

Standing there, in my office, my wife began to bounce up and down on my cock. Her legs holding on to my hips as her hands locked around my shoulders. I found our lips touching and tongues fighting with each other.

Her pussy, enveloping my cock was velvety smooth, hot and tight. It didn’t take too long and she began to cum. As she did she dropped her pussy down hard on the base of my cock and ground her clit on my pubic bone.

Her orgasm washed over her, her pussy milking my cock, trying to suck my cum out of me. I was able to withstand the feeling long enough to wait her out. When she was finished cumming her legs lowered. I took her hands and guided her to bend over my desk.

As her breasts settled on my desk she reached back and spread her asscheeks. I lined my cock up on her pussy and shoved it in hard and fast. Her grunt was one more of need than pain. I rammed in and out of her pussy as she still held her asscheeks wide apart.

On one stroke, as I pulled out, she moved a bit and my cock fell out. I was already on my instroke when this occurred and her quick move had caused my cock to slip up and enter her ass. Before I realized what she had done, my cock was three-quarters of the way into her ass. My first knowledge was her grunt and moan of a bit of pain as I thrust in at a pretty good clip.

I stopped, but she was having none of that. Reaching around to take my hips in her firm grip she began to force me to shove in and out. Her body was going in sync with mine and pretty soon we were slamming into each other hard and fast.

I didn’t last long at all after that. I shot off my load and she pressed back into me as I did. Her hands held me tight to her, my cock fully buried in her tight, hot, asshole. After I came, I pulled out. Shelly turned around and went to her knees.

Taking my cock in her hand she began to lick and suck it, cleaning me up. After I was clean she stood and grabbed her coat off the floor.

‘Your slut would like to thank you for the great fucking you let her have. You were perfect. I love you James.’

‘I love you too Shelly. Thank you for the great fuck too. You . . . surprised me . . . to say the least.’

‘It was a bit . . . risky, wasn’t it?’

‘Yeah. Risky but real, real, good. I really love the new slut you Shelly. I really do.’

‘I am glad. I feel so free now and to be quite honest, I am so thankful that you have been so good and understanding of my wants. You letting me fuck other men is something that many may wish for but never get to do. You are the best husband any woman . . . any slut wife could have.’

‘Well, you are a great slut wife too. I will say that watching you is good for me too. I really love the stuff we have done over the last few days. Just thinking about it gets me hard and wanting to fuck you again and again.’

‘Tonight can we go somewhere and have an adventure James?’

‘We’ll see. I have an idea about something. Maybe it will work out and we will have some more fun. See you tonight love.’

Kissing, we held each other, then Shelly left. I spent the rest of the day dreaming of things that most husbands probably never thought of. I had a plan of sorts for tonight. Hopefully it would all work out.

That night when I got home, Shelly was naked waiting for me. Greeting me at the door with a drink made and kissing me hard on the lips, I was taken with how wonderful she really was. A perfect slut wife of my dreams.

We had a bite to eat, which considering that Shelly remained naked, was a feat for me. I wanted to fuck her right there, across the table. I held back. We went into the bedroom and I picked out a slinky sexy dress for her to wear. It clung to her breasts like a second skin and it was rather long, but had a slit up the side that went above her hip.

I had her put on a garter belt, stockings, a flimsy see through lace bra and grabbed a towel out of the bathroom. I had her put on some regular high heels and together we left. Taking her to the car I could just imagine what she was thinking and I’ll bet she was wondering why the towel.

I drove across town to a bar I remembered. It had an amateur night strip contest. When we got there the sign was up. We went in and I saw that there were only a few men in. The dancers were up doing their thing. I could see two women sitting around at tables, one with a man the other with three men. They looked like they may be contestants for the strip dance contest.

Shelly looked at me and then dawning came to her.

‘I’m going to strip?’

‘Yes. You are going to strip. You are going to put on a show too. I want you to really strut your stuff. Shake that booty and give them a great look at your perfect breasts. Show them what you can do.’

Shelly shuddered a bit, I saw goose pimples running up her arms. I could tell that this idea excited her a bit more than I had thought it would. I was glad that this place had come to mind. Pretty soon the contest started. Shelly had signed up as had the other two women.

The first dancer got up and she wasn’t too bad. She had a good body and actually danced pretty sexy too. The second dancer, while having almost no breasts, danced like a dervish. Her dancing gave her the aura of someone wanting to fuck and fuck a lot.

When Shelly got up the few men in the place all moved close to the stage. Her dress was flowing as she began to twirl and move. Her breasts shaking and bouncing as she went from one end of the walkway to the other.

Her dress began to fall as she undid a couple of buttons, and her way of getting rid of it was to let it fall in a sexy, slow way. It seemed to not want to leave her body it clung to every curve. She walked along as it fell down, and eventually, just as she turned to walk back to my end, it ended up in a puddle on the stage.

There was my wife. Shaking her ass and breasts in time to the music, dancing in only her lacy bra and garter belt and stockings. She had never looked better. I especially loved the way her hair was hiding her pussy as she held it between her arms, channeling it in front of her.

I heard men moaning loudly and catcalling her. They all wanted a piece of her. When she got back in front of me she let her hair fall back, and with a swirl of her arms up high, she spread it behind her.

Her pussy fully in view, she reached back and undid her bra. Dancing a bit and teasing a lot, she slowly removed it, keeping her arms covering her nipples the whole time. The men were going crazy. Whistles and catcalling getting louder and louder.

Shelly danced to the center of the stage and played on the pole. Her movements were sexually intense. She literally rubbed her bare pussy lips up and down the pole leaving a wet streak visible along the length where she touched it.

At one point she pressed her breasts to the pole where it split them, the pole going between them. Then she began to stroke her whole body up and down the pole like it was a long cock that she was fucking.

She began to lick the pole as she rubbed against it. At first I thought it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Then I saw that she had done it for a reason. To lubricate it for her breasts, so they didn’t stick.

Her actions had the men in the building shouting and yelling. Money was being tossed at her in grand fashion. Shelly stepped away from the pole and began to dance for each man in turn up and down the stage. At one point she was on her bottom and would move in front of a man, placing her pussy right in his face.

Spreading her legs she would lift her bottom up and down in a fucking motion. Her heels on the bar edge padding, her pussy just a short distance back. The men were getting their faces as close to her pussy as they could.

I noticed one man stuck out his tongue and as Shelly got in a bit too close, he licked her from bottom to top in one long slow lick. She moaned and closed her eyes. I could see a flood of her juices on her pussy lips as she backed off.

The next man felt he had to do the same thing and pretty soon each man got a lick of her very wet pussy. By the time she reached the end of the stage her pussy lips were red and spreading in anticipation of getting a cock between them.

I saw a bartender go to the front door and put up a closed sign, locking the door as he did. The other women were watching as my wife enticed and drew the men even closer with her dance. There must have been several hundred dollars on the stage at this point. One of the bartenders was using a little broom to shove it in a small pile next to Shelly’s dress.

Shelly had gone to all fours and was now sticking her ass in the faces of the men along the stage. One guy, I think it was the same one that first licked her pussy, reached out and putting a hand on each of her ass cheeks, spread them wide. His tongue followed and he licked on her asshole for a minute.

After that all hell broke loose. One guy got up on stage his cock hanging out of his pants and Shelly swallowed his cock in one gulp. Her hands went to his butt and he began to fuck her throat but good. Another man got up behind her and slipped his cock into her pussy.

There was my wife, on stage in a strip club, naked, on all fours, getting fucked in her pussy and taking a cock down her throat. I was beside myself with the sexy passion. One of the women who had danced on stage was naked on the table with the three men she had been with and they were all fucking. She had one in her pussy, one in her ass and one down her throat.

The other woman was kissing her man. He had undressed her again as the action heated up. He looked over at me and nodded toward her. Her mouth was in his crotch, licking and sucking on his cock.

I stepped up behind her and taking my cock in hand, pressed it to her pussy lips. She took her mouth off her man and turned to see who was trying to fuck her. She smiled at me and then taking my cock in her hand, she pulled it out of her pussy and guided it to her asshole.

‘Fuck my ass baby. I want you in my ass.’

I obliged her wishes and began to fuck her ass. She was very tight back there. As I fucked her ass her man pushed her up and then slid under her. Pretty soon I felt his cock enter her pussy. As he went in, her asshole got even tighter.

Pretty soon we had a pattern down and as he would stroke in I would pull out. She was lost in a sexual trance. Her moans and gasps all that I would hear. Suddenly a man stepped up and she opened her mouth to take him in. Three women in the bar, three women fucking nine men at a time.

I shot off, my load squeezing around my cock and a white trail running down her legs. I pulled out and the man in her mouth moved to push his cock up her asshole. Her hand came out and pulled me around so that she could suck me. I let her lick me clean and as she did the others came inside her. I left them to go watch my wife with the crowd of men lined up to fuck her.

She had been going and going. Pretty soon she had worn out several men. Her pussy and ass were dripping with cum. Her breasts were red with hickeys all over them. There were even hickeys on her ass cheeks too. She was moaning and groaning as the last of the men shot off in whatever hole they happened to be in. I went over to her dress and picked it up, along with her bra. She was still wearing her stockings and heels and garter belt. I put the cash in my pockets, not bothering to count it.

Shelly came for the last time in one long cum. The man that was fucking her pussy had kept it up even though he had cum a bit before. He told her that he never left a woman needing if he could help it.

I got Shelly up and took her to the restroom. She cleaned up as best she could. When she came out I handed her the dress. We left the bar, the bartender asking us to come back sometime soon.
In the car I had the towel spread on her seat. She sat on it and we drove home. She napped all the way.

When we got home she headed into the house while I grabbed the towel. It was soaked to dripping wet with the cum of all the men who had fucked her that night. I dropped it in the laundry basket and went to the bedroom. Shelly was kneeling on the floor on my side of the bed when I walked in.

She waited until I stood in front of her then undoing my pants, she licked my cock. Her mouth soon warmed it up and I was hard as iron. Her hands played with my balls and her tongue was all over me.

Standing she got on the bed and spread her legs. Her hand still on my cock, guiding me to between her legs.

‘I want you. Fuck your slut. I have been a dirty fuck slut tonight. Come fuck your slut. Watching you fuck that other chick in the ass was so hot. Fuck me. Fuck your slut wife.’

I laid between her legs and running my cock up and down her slit, I soon was rewarded with her moaning. On a particularly loud one I jammed my cock into her hot slimy wetness. Grunting with the force of my driving shaft burying itself in her depths, she hugged me tight to her.

As I began to cum I felt Shelly cum. She came hard and long too. We laid together. My thoughts on the weekend starting so soon. Shelly kissed me all over my face and held me close. I could tell she was having mixed feeling about something.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘I . . . well . . . I was jealous tonight.’

‘Jealous? Of what?’

‘You, that girl you fucked over at that table. I don’t know why, since you don’t get jealous of all the men I fuck, but I was jealous of her.’

‘Okay. So, you don’t want me to fuck other women then?’

‘It’s not that James. Well, it is, but . . . damn it. I love you and you love me. You love me enough to share me with many other men who have all fucked me. I have sucked them, swallowed their cum, taken them deep in my ass and everything. Why am I so jealous of you having a bit of fun one time?’

‘Shelly, I didn’t have to. He invited me and she took me in hand, so to speak, but I didn’t have to fuck her. I was happy just watching you.’

‘But it isn’t fair to you James. Why should I get to fuck all the men I do and I can’t seem to accept you fucking another woman?’

‘If it bothers you that much I won’t fuck any other woman. It just sort of happened tonight. I didn’t plan on fucking anyone but you maybe. I still love you, just like you still love me. That’s all that really matters isn’t it?’

‘It isn’t fair that you let me fuck others and I can’t seem to stand you getting the same in return. I never thought of it before. I never thought about the fact that you may fuck someone else. Why shouldn’t you be able to fuck other women if you want?’

‘Well the first time you fucked John . . . I was jealous too. It caught me off guard as well. I wanted you to fuck him. I set it up so that you would. I invited him with us in hopes that he and you would fuck. I wanted to see you in his arms, his cock in you, your mouth on his cock, all of it. Yet, I was jealous when he first took you. It passed, but there was a moment when I thought I may have lost you.’

‘Yes, that is what I felt like tonight. Like I had lost you to her. I actually thought of her as ‘the bitch’. I’m so sorry James. I don’t know if I will get over that or not. I will let you fuck other women if you want though. Hopefully I will grow to understand it all like you seem to.’

‘Well, for what it’s worth Shelly, I was looking at you with three men fucking you when I came. I was thinking of you as I fucked her. When her lips were taking my cock into her mouth I was thinking of you.’

‘Thank you James. That helps somewhat. Do you still love me? Have you gone off this whole new slut thing now?’

‘Now, what kind of question is that? Of course I still love you. I still love my slut and want my slut to stay with me. I love having a slut wife. I love my slut wife very much too.’

We hugged and then we both drifted off to sleep. I was deeply happy and I think that Shelly was too. In the morning, since I didn’t have to get up, we both slept in. After a nice shower, Shelly came out and asked me to shave her.

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