tagLoving WivesShelly & James Ch. 06

Shelly & James Ch. 06


Sam led the way to his place, which happened to be in a pretty nice neighborhood. As we all walked up the sidewalk to the front door, it opened. A young woman was standing in the doorway, dressed in only a mini-skirt and very tight halter-top.

Sam held out his hand and introduced us.

‘Julie, this is James and Shelly. Julie is my permanent slut. As you can see, she is properly dressed as a slut should be. Julie, why don’t you show James your assets?’

Julie, without a hesitation at all pulled up her top and bared her breasts. Then, as I stood there a bit shocked, she pulled up her mini-skirt to show me her bald and nice looking pussy. I could see moisture on the lips of her slit.

Shelly tensed up in my arm as Julie showed her body to us. Sam grinned as he noticed Shelly’s tension.

‘What’s the matter Shelly? You can be a slut for me and fuck many strangers but you can’t stand for hubby to even look at another woman’s body? I can see that we will have to fix that tonight.’

Sam had a package in his hands that he had taken out of his car. As we walked into the house he ordered Julie to prep the bedroom for a party. She left leaving Shelly and I standing in the livingroom with Sam.

‘She is going to get the bedroom ready for us. Shelly, you are about to have the next level of pleasure delivered to your hot body. For this, James will be a large part of the action. I intend to just direct for a while. I may join in if you get too hot to handle though.’

Shelly had a confused look on her face. I could see that this was something different than they must have talked about on the phone. She looked at me nervously then gave me a small smile. I looked at her wondering what had been originally told to her about tonight.

Sam looked at us then said he’d be right back, he had some stuff to do in the kitchen. He directed us to the bedroom. When Shelly and I walked in we saw that Julie was just putting a plastic cover over the mattress of the king-sized bed.

The bed dominated the room. There was a dresser and a couple of chairs. I also noted that there was more track lighting than I had ever seen in a home. The whole ceiling seemed covered in lights. Adjustable and small. It appeared that they all focused on the bed.

Julie finished covering the mattress, then pulled out satin sheets. As she spread them over the plastic sheeting, I stepped in to help her tuck the corners of the fitted sheet in. Shelly looked at us, especially me. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Sam came in with a covered bowl. Setting it on the dresser top he turned and with a glance at Julie, he began to talk.

‘Shelly, my dear slut, take off the jacket and everything else. Including the shoes. What you are about to do next needs you to be totally naked. Julie will show you to the shower and help you clean up. I expect my sluts to be on their best behavior.’

Shelly looked from me to him and then as Julie took her hand she looked back at me. I could see that she was upset or something. I had no idea of what she was expecting to happen or if she may have had an idea of what was about to happen.

Sam looked at me and smiled. He left the room, gesturing me to follow him. We went out to his kitchen and he mixed up some drinks. One for each of us. Handing me one he tipped his glass up in front of me and offered a toast.

‘To our sluts. May they always bring us happiness and great sex. May they also enjoy what they do for us too.’

We clinked our glasses together and swallowed a bit. I was wondering what I was going to be doing with this next part of the evening. I had participated in pretty much everything except for actually fucking Shelly at the bar.

‘I know you are wondering what’s next on the agenda. I talked to Shelly about what I planned for tonight, after the bar. I changed my plans though since you and I are hitting it off so well. I like you quite a bit James and I think that we will be pretty good friends at a point. My plan is to take that jealous streak out of Shelly’s heart. It may be hard on her, it may be a tad bit hard on you, but it needs to be done so that she can be a true slut.’

‘How are you planning on doing that Sam? Especially in one night?’

‘That’s why you are going to participate James. You see, I am going to make my slut’s fuck you royally. It is all in the process. Shelly will be forced to not only watch, but help you and Julie suck and fuck. She will have to take a large part in the whole thing. She will learn at some point that your love for her hasn’t changed except to perhaps get stronger. But, I can see that she has to be forced to see this.’

I was wondering what his plan was going to be, but her refused to say. His thoughts were I should be surprised at each step as much as Shelly was going to be. It would have the effect of making it all focused.

We took our drinks and one for the ‘sluts’ as he told me to refer to them for the rest of the night. Entering the bedroom I saw Shelly and Julie naked, standing at the foot of the bed. I could see that they had been having a serious conversation about something.

Julie immediately walked up to stand in front of Sam. He reached out to caress her breasts as he turned to look at Shelly.

‘Well, slut, you need to go to your man and stand like my slut is.’

Shelly looked lost for a moment, then looking at me she blushed. She walked up to me and stood close, then looked over at Sam for guidance.

‘Don’t look at me slut. Look at your man. Damn, you are beginning to make me think you aren’t a good slut after all.’

Shelly blushed crimson at his words, harshly spoken. She turned to me and I saw an apologetic look in her eyes. I thought I also saw tears beginning to well up in them too. I held my hand up and lightly stroked her face, cupping her cheek as I did.

She looked down at the floor, but, as I took her chin in my hand, I pulled her face up so she had to look in my eyes. I could see something there that I hadn’t before. Something was really bothering her at this moment and I didn’t know what it was.

‘Hmmmm. It seems as if your slut doesn’t want to be near you James. Maybe you need a new slut. I know, I’ll give you my slut for the night. Sometimes sluts need to be taught to participate better than they do. After all, their whole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to their master.’

Shelly was looking at me and I saw a tear begin to fall down her cheek. I wiped it away about ready to stop this. She saw my intent and slightly shook her head no. I held her chin, looking into her eyes to see her almost ready to bawl.

Sam stepped up close and saw her look. He smiled and then swatted her bare ass with his hand. It was a pretty hard smack too. Shelly jumped and glanced over at him. I reached out and caught his hand before he struck her again.

Sam smiled and let his hand drop. Shelly was rubbing her red ass cheek as he stepped back.

‘Ok James, then you do it. Your slut needs to learn that sometimes the master’s pleasure takes precedence over hers. You have to teach her that she is your slut and she is to follow your wishes. Otherwise, you both will have a hard lesson in the future. I speak from experience on this. You don’t have to be a Dom or her a slave, but she must know that she is your slut. You have to take ownership of her, or someone else will.’

Shelly looked at me and as she did I realized what Sam had said was true. She had started to look to him for her orders and had been paying less and less attention to me. My thoughts were torn though. I had never been one to hit or want to hit my wife for any reason.

Shelly made up my mind pretty quick on the matter though. As I glanced up at her I saw her looking to Sam for guidance. I knew I had to take her back and right away. I took my hand and dropped it back. Then, in a pretty smart swing I spanked her ass.

Shelly jumped and then looked at me like I was a total stranger. I had shocked her throughly. She didn’t expect me to spank her like I had. It had a desired effect though. She gave me a look that was at once apologetic and also a bit of fear too.

I spanked her one more time and I saw that I had left a red hand print on the cheek of her ass as well. She rubbed her ass where I had spanked her. Looking at me I saw a look come into her eyes and I was happy with what I saw.

I could tell that she was now looking at me with a bit of respect and I knew I had begun to take her back as my slut. How I almost lost her stuck in the back of my mind. I hadn’t even noticed when it had begun to happen, but I had been losing her bit by bit.

Now, I was on track to keeping her as my wife. My slut. My slut wife. Sam smiled at me and then whispered to Julie. She looked at him for a second, then came to stand next to Shelly in front of me. Sam nodded his head and the next thing I knew, Julie was on her knees taking my cock out and sucking on me.

Shelly tensed and glancing at her I saw her staring daggers at the top of Julie’s head. Sam came over and elbowed me lightly in the ribs.

‘Don’t you think my slut could use some help with that?’

Confused I looked at him. He nodded over at Shelly, then down at Julie. I got what he meant an instant later. Turning to Shelly I pressed my hands to her shoulders and gently forced her to go to her knees.

When she was down next to Julie, I lightly guided her head in close. Getting the idea Shelly began to shove Julie out of the way. Sam stopped that right away and forced Shelly to lick and suck on my balls as Julie went back to sucking my cock.

I had two women sucking me and it was something new and really hot. The sensations were so intense that I had a hard time not cumming right away. Sam watched as his slut and my slut worked me over but good. Then he began to talk to me.

‘Hey James, would you mind if I took command of both of these sluts for a while?’

‘Ummm . . . no Sam. Go right ahead.’

‘Good! Okay sluts, up on the bed. I want you both on your backs, legs spread. Arms over your heads, and still.’

Shelly and Julie did as asked. Looking at them laying on the bed, legs spread, breasts sticking up, nipples hard, pussies wet, it was hot. It was very hot. It was also that feeling that someone had just told them what to do and they did it without question. Control was an aphrodisiac for sure. Sam went over to that bowl and taking the cover off of it turned to hand it to me. I saw that it was full of white creamy liquid. Warm, not hot, but warm.

‘I think that these sluts need some massage with a very special cream. You can do the honors James. I will watch. When you are done massaging them all over with the cream they can lick each other off.’

As I put my hand into the cream I realized what it was. It was the cum of all those men from the bar. He had saved it all just for this purpose. While I didn’t care for touching it like I was, the thought of rubbing it on the naked beauties in front of me made me hard.

I started on Shelly and pretty soon I had her whole front covered with that cum. Her breasts shined in the light and as I got to her pussy Sam broke in.

‘Make sure you rub a bunch in and around those pussies and asshole’s . Get it in deep too. They have to work for the pleasure they are about to receive.’

My hands shook as I began to shove globs of cum into Shelly’s pussy. She lifted her knees and gave me better access as I did her asshole. When I had gotten about half of the ‘cream’ used on her I switched over to Julie. Shelly had laid there pretty quietly the whole time.

Julie, unlike Shelly, writhed and turned as I rubbed her skin. Soft and smooth, she was trying to get me to touch her breasts then as I got farther down her body, her clit. As I began to rub and push the cream into her pussy, she was moaning and tossing her head.

Shelly was looking angry, then a bit afraid. I could see that she was jealous and probably afraid I was about to toss her aside. The way Julie was acting, Shelly had to think that I was giving Julie more than I had her.

Pressing the cream into Julie’s asshole was a treat. She could relax her ass so much my fingers could just about fall inside. Then when I began to pull them out she would tighten up. As I fingered her back there I could see she was getting a sexual high from all of this.

After I finished massaging them I stood back and just looked at my handiwork. Two beauties, laying side by side with cum of lots of men rubbed all over their bodies. I looked to Sam and he was adjusting some lights.

Pretty soon the sluts were lit up to the point where I could see no shadows at all. As bright as it was one could see every nook and cranny on their bodies. Sam was videoing them as they laid on their backs, eyes closed.

He got in real close to their pussies and even spread their ass cheeks and filmed them there. He eventually got all he wanted that way. He began to direct them. I was shocked at first and I could see resistance on Shelly’s face. I added my commands to Sam’s right away though and Shelly complied as directed. Reluctantly, but she did as ordered.

‘Slut, (referring to Shelly ), I want you to lick up all the cum off of that slut’s body. Start with her face then move down.’

I had even rubbed cum on their faces. Around their cheeks and foreheads, on their chins, and necks too. They were liberally coated with that cream and I could see that Julie was excited about this next step. Her nipples were hard and sticking out just like Shelly’s did when she was turned on.

I was surprised at the similarities of their breasts. While Julie’s were a bit smaller and didn’t have the same firmness of Shelly’s, their nipples were almost identical. As I watched, Shelly began to lick Julie’s body starting on her belly.

I could see that she was lightly brushing her tongue along her skin, not very firmly at all. She didn’t want to contact another woman’s body with hers obviously. Sam was having none of that though. He reached out and pressed Shelly’s head firmly onto Julie’s body. This pressed Shelly’s tongue into Julie’s skin and even though Shelly quickly stopped fighting his hand, her tongue slipped back into her mouth.

‘Slut, you better get to licking that cum off of her or you will have to deal with your man spanking you again.’

Knowing I had to do something to reinforce his statement, I place my hand on the cheek I had spanked a bit ago. Shelly immediately got her tongue out and began to lick Julie’s body in earnest. Satisfied we both stepped back and as I watched, Sam filmed.

After a bit, Shelly appeared to be getting into licking Julie’s body. Her hands began to touch Julie’s breasts and then her pussy. The longer this went on the hotter Shelly seemed to get. Julie was moaning and groaning the whole time. She obviously loved Shelly’s tongue and fingers.

Julie was moaning, twisting her body around as Shelly got close to her breasts with her tongue. Shelly moved up and up, soon slipping her tongue between Julie’s breasts and moving on up to her throat. Julie groaned loudly as Shelly missed her nipples.

Shelly had other plans it seems. Her tongue explored Julie’s neck, then her cheeks and forehead. As soon as those had been licked clean, Shelly moved her mouth over Julie’s, pretty soon they were both fondling each other’s pussies and breasts as they got into a very hot french kiss.

I had an erection that wouldn’t quit watching this. My wife, who as far as I knew, had never had sex with a woman. Here she was, kissing and feeling up one right in front of me. Even more, they were both covered in that cum that Sam had saved.

Sam was getting all of their sexy kissing and touching on film. Pretty soon Shelly moved down Julie’s body and paid close attention to her breast’s and nipples. Then she moved down to Julie’s pussy. Once there, she licked and sucked on her hairless pussy, fingering her deeply, trying to scoop out the cum I had pushed inside her. I could see Shelly was way into this lesbian love scene now. Her nipples had gotten purple and hard, sticking way out. Julie had four fingers in Shelly’s pussy and was scooping the cum in there out and pressing it to her body for Shelly to lick up.

Then, Julie raised her legs and grabbing her ankles she pulled her knees wide apart and back. Her little asshole and pussy were totally exposed to Shelly’s tongue and fingers now. Shelly ran her tongue into Julie’s asshole and tongued her there for quite some time as she fingered Julie’s pussy.

They were so into each other at this point they were paying no attention to either Sam or I. Julie suddenly grabbed Shelly around her waist and turned her over to end up under her. Julie straddled Shelly’s head and lowered her pussy down over Shelly’s mouth. Julie then began to tongue Shelly’s pussy at the same time Shelly was doing her.

Sam stopped filming for a second to point to Julie’s asshole. He nodded at my hard cock and then at her asshole. Getting the idea, I stepped up behind Julie’s exposed ass and taking my cock in hand, pressed the head jut inside her. Julie looked around for an instant then returned to Shelly’s pussy. Shelly had evidently stopped licking Julie’s pussy to watch my cock as I pressed it inside that hot tight asshole.

Once I was fully inside Julie’s ass, I held still, enjoying the feeling of that tightness and heat. Julie had her muscles working my cock already. I felt a light feathery sensation on my balls and suddenly I knew that Shelly was licking my balls ass I had my cock in Julie’s ass.

I began to stroke out and back with Shelly’s tongue caressing my cock as I pulled out and my balls as I buried it fully into Julie’s ass. This made me almost cum. The extra touch and sensation was overwhelming.

I fucked Julie’s asshole for a bit, then I started to cum. As I did, Julie pulled away and my cock was exposed in the air. I then had a pair of wet hot lips take my cock deep into a mouth. Looking down I saw Shelly with her lips around my cock, sucking me hard.

Julie, not to be left out, turned around and began to lick and suck on my balls. Just as my cum boiled out of my balls and headed to my shaft, Julie pushed Shelly out of the way and took me into her throat.

I just shot off, my cum right down her throat as she swallowed all I had to give. Shelly looked dejected as she watched Julie get the treat that Shelly had been working for so hard. Sam was in close with the camera filming everything.

After I emptied my balls into Julie’s mouth, she pulled away and kissed Shelly. Shelly resisted at first, but soon they were back at that hot french kissing. What I didn’t realize at that time was Julie was sharing my load of cum with Shelly. She hadn’t swallowed it all, saving some for her slut friend.

I sat back and watched the sluts enjoy each other as Sam filmed. He must have gone through six tapes as he filmed that night. After a bit, he broke them apart and had them lay back on their backs with legs spread wide. Their feet up be their ass’s.

He then brought out two of those suction devices. I put one on Julie as he put the other on Shelly. Then he turned them on and we watched their respective clit’s grow longer and longer. After they had gotten an inch and a half long he stopped the pumps and unhooked them, leaving the tubes stuck around their clit’s.

They were told to lay there without touching each other or themselves. Keeping their legs as they were, their hands over their heads. Then, as they complied, Sam brought out some rope and we tied their hands to the headboard of the bed.

Next, we tied their ankles to the headboard as well. Sam had some more rope that we ran around their stomachs and the whole bed. For all practical purposes they were immobile. Then he handed me some little clips.

He showed me how to clip them on Shelly’s nipples. I did the other one of Shelly’s and then both of Julie’s. He had some light chain that he connected to each clip, and then ran them all together. He looped the ends of the chains over a hook in the ceiling. Pulling on them until their breast had been pulled up into sharp tipped cones. Tied off, he looked at me and then nodded his head to follow him.

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