tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShelly and the Big...

Shelly and the Big...


Shelly and the Big Girl Rapist

Shelly is a married woman in her forties. Five feet three, brunette, about 210 pounds, huge breasts and a large round ass. She had no children and was the typical suburban housewife who was alone most of the day (except for Wednesdays when she went out shopping during the morning). The Big Girl Rapist flashed these acquired facts in his mind as he easily broke into Shelly's home on a Wednesday morning.

The Big Girl Rapist smiled as he closed the door behind him. He stepped into the empty house, cock stiffening in anticipation. He always felt this way before a rape. The anticipation was almost as thrilling as the rape itself.

The key word here being "almost"...

Shelly arrived fifteen minutes later, just as she had done for the last month. The Big Girl Rapist had tracked her for a month and, like a herd animal, she was predictable. He took a deep breath, pulled his hunting knife from its sheath and stood to the side of the door.

Shelly walked in and had barely finished closing the door behind her when a hand clamped over her mouth her head was yanked backwards. She started to struggle, but the sharp edge of the hunting knife on her throat stilled her movements.

"Be a good fatty and I won't hurt you." The Big Girl Rapist pressed the knife blade into Shelly's soft flesh. " Understand?"

Shelly, afraid to move, moaned a yes. Fear spread through her body with a faint hope that this Man wanted just to rob the house.

The Big Girl Rapist removed his hand from her mouth, but kept the knife at her throat.

"What do you want?" asked Shelly, her voice cracking.

The Big Girl Rapist cupped his free hand under Shelly's large right breast and squeezed.

"To rape you, fatty." The Big Girl Rapist pulled Shelly closer and she squealed as she felt his hard cock against her ass.

"Feel that, Shelly?" The Big Girl Rapist smiled at the surprise on Shelly's face as she heard her name. "I've had that hard on for you for the last month, Shelly. You've become my hobby."

The Big Girl Rapist squeezed Shelly's right breast again. "I so love big girls. Love raping them. "

"Please leave me alone," begged Shelly. Don't hurt...AHHH!"

The Big Girl Rapist pinched Shelly's right nipple through her blouse. He put the point of the knife under her chin.

"I will fucking do what I want to you, fatty. The question for you is if you will live through it. "

The Big Girl Rapist put his mouth to Shelly's left ear and shouted: " DO YOU WANT TO LIVE, FAT CUNT?"

Shelly screamed as much from the question as for the sudden fierce voice in her ear. Tears flowed down her face.

The Big Girl Rapist gently squeezed Shelly's right breast. "Answer me, Shelly."

"Yes," said Shelly.

The Big Girl Rapist kissed Shelly's neck. "Good Fatty. Now, strip off all your clothes. I want you totally naked. "

The Big Girl Rapist turned Shelly to face him, grabbed her hair and pushed away. Shelly screeched as she felt her scalp burn from his tight grip on her hair.


With shaky hands Shelly undressed. She kicked off her flats and peeled off her pants. Her blouse joined the pants on the floor.

The Big Girl Rapist pointed his knife at her bra and Shelly took it off. She grimaced as she saw the look on his face as her large breasts fell out. It was a predatory look: one of a cat before it devoured a mouse.

"The panties, fatty." The Big Girl Rapist's voice was hoarse with excitement. Shelly was sexier then he had imagined. She was round in all the right places; perfect little belly and her huge thighs made his cock ache.

Shelly pulled down her panties, wincing as she put extra pressure on her rapist's grip on her hair as she did so. She was naked now except for a pair of knee high stockings.

"You'll have to let me go to let me take off my knee highs," said Shelly.

"Leave them on. Your feet look sexy in them. Put your hands behind your back."

Shelly obeyed. "Please don't hurt me," begged Shelly. "Let me go."

The Big Girl Rapist bound Shelly's wrists together with duct tape. Shelly cried out from the pain and outright screamed as he put another large piece of tape over her mouth.

The Big Girl Rapist looked at his helpless fatty. She was his now: under his control. He sheathed the knife and began to run his hands over her body. Shelly moaned into her gag with shame and fear.

The Big Girl Rapist lifted Shelly's huge breasts in his hands and sucked her nipples, one after the other. They were large and sexy and he spent time enjoy every inch of them.

He stepped behind her and put both his hands on Shelly's round ass. It was a nice bubble butt and the Big Girl Rapist took out his cock, spread Shelly's ass cheeks and put his stiff cock between the cheeks like a hot dog in a bun.

Shelly screamed into her gag at the touch of her rapist's cock. It was really going to happen, she thought. This "man" was going to rape her. She thought maybe, just maybe, he'd back away, but the touch of his cock on her dashed any hope of avoiding the horror.

Concentrate on surviving, she thought. Let him fuck you, but not kill you.

She pushed back against his cock and heard him moan. Yes, use your body: that will allow you to survive.

The Big Girl Rapist pulled his cock out of Shelly's buttocks and turned her around. He kissed her nipples and around her breasts. He moved his kisses down the front of her body and kneeled before her. He cupped his hands on Shelly's ass, leaned forward, and put his lips on her clit.

Shelly moaned into her gag as her rapist licked and sucked her clit. She tried to fight the pleasure spreading across her body. She was willing to let this animal rape her, but to enjoy it was too much.

Shelly tried to step back, but her rapist pulled her back and slid a finger inside her pussy. His finger went in easily, she was so wet. Tears of shame flowed down her face as he pumped his finger in and out of her pussy as he continued to suck her pussy.

Despite her best efforts, Shelly had an orgasm. It slammed into her like a hot wave, washing over her and, for a moment, she forgot she was being raped.

The Big Girl Rapist reminded her by pulling her to the floor, spreading her legs and driving his stiff cock into her. Shelly screamed again as her rapist pounded into her.

"Wrap your thighs around me, Fat Shelly. Give yourself to me."

Shelly obeyed, locking her ankles around her rapist's waist.

"God you are a perfect fatty. A perfect rape victim. You belong to me."

The Big Girl Rapist pounded Shelly's pussy with hard thrusts. He enjoyed the grunts she made through her gag every time he stabbed into her.

Shelly lay there, helpless in the horror of her rape. She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on nothing. It was hard with her aching hands bound behind her; her legs cramping and her rapist whispering his nasty statements to her as her took her.

It will be over soon, she thought. Please let it end soon.

Her Rapist suddenly pulled out kneeling in front of her. Shelly felt relief: her rape was over and he had not sent his sperm inside her.

The Big Girl Rapist rolled Shelly over on her stomach. She felt his hands grab her ass and realized what he was going to do. She screamed and tried to crawl away. But her cramped legs prevented any movement and her screams increased in volume as The Big Girl Rapist spread her buttocks and pushed his stiff cock into her anus.

"YES," cried The Big Girl Rapist. "Your fat ass is mine, Shelly."

He raped her ass hard. All he cared about was coming; filling her sexy round ass with his semen.

For Shelly it was beyond any horror she had experienced. Her ass was on fire. All she could do was scream and scream....

The Big Girl Rapist came inside his victim's ass, filling Shelly's bowels with his seed. He took a moment to savor his triumph. She was his Rape Victim now. He remained inside her until his cock softened. Yes, he enjoyed this moment just after the rape. The extreme power he now had over his fatty.

Shelly waited for the end. Her rapist removed her knee-highs stockings and then her wedding set from her ring finger.

"Trophies of our love, My Fatty," said the Big Girl Rapist. "Something to remember you by."

He ripped off her gag, grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back, and put his knife to her throat.

"Please, don't kill me, " cried Shelly.

"That is up to you, Fatty. Promise you'll never mention our little encounter to anyone."

"I promise," said Shelly. Her eyes never left the knife blade poised so dangerously on her throat.

"Promise that, after I untie you, you will take a nice hot shower and clean up after our lovemaking."

"Yes, yes anything. Just don't kill me." More tears flowed down Shelly's face.

"Good, Fatty. Remember, disobey me and I will come back, rape you again, and then dispose of you."

The Big Girl Rapist removed the knife and lowered Shelly's head back to the floor. He cut the tape off of her wrists and rolled her over. He reached down and began to touch her breasts again. He leaned down and sucked her nipples.

Suddenly he was on top of her again. Shelly tried to cry out, but the Big Girl Rapist put his hand over her mouth and forced her legs apart with his knees.

Shelly tried to fight him. She used her now free hands to try and push him off her, but he was too strong. He plunged into her again and raped her for a second time.

"You are so sexy. I have to have you again," rasped her rapist in her ear as he thrust into her. "I love you, My Shelly; my Fatty; my Rape Victim.

The only good thing about the second rape was that is was shorter than the last. The bad thing, he came inside her vagina. Thoughts of an unwanted pregnancy crossed Shelly's already abused mind.

When finished, the Big Girl Rapist took his hand off of Shelly's mouth, kissed her and put the knife to her throat.

"Remember your promises, My Love, " he said.

Shelly nodded, and the Big Girl Rapist left a bruised and abused Shelly on her living room floor.

The Big Girl Rapist watched from the front door window as Shelly staggered to her feet and made her way to where he knew the bathroom was. He smiled, pocketed the knee-high stockings and the wedding set (his trophies) and set off in search of a new Big Girl to make his next rape victim.

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