tagHumor & SatireShelly and Trent

Shelly and Trent


My relationship with Shelly Banks is a strange one. We were set up by mutual friends and we hit it off great. She was a heavy set woman with long curly hair. We had just come home from a date and we started getting comfortable. We embraced each other and started kissing. I felt nervous and frightened, as she started to strip off her clothes. In mere moments, she was naked. Her large nipples became erect; the instant the cold night air hit them.

"Stand up, darling, I showed you what I have...it's your turn," she said in a sexy voice.

I swallowed the large lump that formed in my throat. I knew that she would soon know of my embarrassing problem. Yep, I have a small four inch pecker. I started unbuttoning my shirt slowly, in hopes of buying myself some time. I wasn't fast enough to suit Shelly, so she just undid my belt and gave my pants one big yank. Down and down they went, until they touched the carpet and exposed my small dick. A hurt expression washed over her face.

"I figured you would be hard and horny, but I must disgust you too much."

I knew that it was going to be humiliating to tell her that I was hard, but I had to. If I didn't her self esteem would forever be destroyed.

"I am...hard," I managed to get out.

She wrapped her hand around my cock, completely engulfing it. She started stroking it and said, "Holy shit, you are."

This is the moment that most women would get dressed and leave me in my horniness. I would be left to jerk myself off and cry myself to sleep, but Shelly stayed. She increased her grip and started to squeeze me.

"This is simply amazing. It's so small and compact. I don't think I would even feel you in me."

My breathing was becoming labored and I knew I would blow my load soon. It was hard to wrap my mind around her words. All I could think about was her hand squeezing and jacking me. It felt like my entire body was wrapped in her soft hand.

"Oh my, I can feel the precum starting to come out. We can't waste that," she said with enthusiasm in her voice.

Shelly freed my cock from her grip, dropped to her knees, and took me into her mouth. It felt nice in there. She took her tongue and pressed my cock against the roof of her mouth. The first waves of orgasm washed over me. I started to cum, filling her mouth with my juices. Shelly opened her mouth wide and my small cock slide out. Quickly, she arose from the floor, embraced me, and kissed me with her cum filled mouth.

"That was wonderful," spoke Shelly after we had swallowed my love juice.

I was shaking from this knee weakening experience, but I managed to ask, "You exactly stayed and blew me. Never before has any woman ever done this for me. Why did you stay?"

"Your small cock intrigues me, because it makes me feel powerful and power is sexy. Besides, you have treated me with more kindness than any other guy that I have dated, but I'm sure you found the first answer to be more exciting," smiled Shelly.

I smiled at her and stared into her deep intense brown eyes.

"I think I am falling in love you, Miss Banks."

She released me from her embrace. At first, I thought she was going to leave, but she walked over to the couch and sat down on the soft cushion.

"Why don't you crawl over here and rub my aching feet."

I got on my knees, crawled over to the couch, and seated myself Indian style at her feet. Her feet were clean with red painted toe nail. I took the soles of her feet in my hands and started to knead them with my thumb and fingers.

"That's what a woman needs after she's sucked a load of cum."

A smile crossed my face as our eyes met. We stared at each other for a long while. It was nice having a woman give me so much attention. A gleam came in her eyes and she started telling me how our relationship was going to be.

"You look just like a little boy to me at this angle. That's what you are going to be, my little boy."

Part of me like hearing that, but it made feel funny at the same time.

"How can I be your little boy, I'm thirty-two and you're twenty-six?"

She grinned real big, placed a hand on her crotch, and patted herself.

"See this. My pussy is woman sized, while your cock is child sized. You're just a little boy in the presence of a woman."

I stopped rubbing her feet and stood up. It was time to change the subject for awhile. I fixed her a glass of iced tea, got a couple of robes, and returned to the living room. We sipped our tea and discussed our likes and dislikes. It seemed that we had a lot in common and we both wanted a serious relationship.

"Wouldn't you like more from life than what we have? I know I would like to be more than what we are," spoke Shelly in a sad voice.

What we are? I thought to myself, what are we? What does she mean?

"What are we, my dear?"

Shelly sighed and continued, "We are two characters created by a two bit hack for the sole purpose of causing people to become aroused."

I took a sip of the sweetened iced tea. Yeah, that was a depressing thought. We would never be highbrow literary characters; we wouldn't be changing the world for the better.

"That's kind of a depressing thought," I breathed out a sigh.

"Well, you wanted to change the subject, because you wasn't comfortable exploring a new side to your sexuality."

I took the glasses of iced tea and placed them on the coffee table.

"Why don't we go to my bedroom and play out the roles we were destined to play."

I grabbed her hand and led her to my bedroom. She lay on my bed and I became excited. After all this time, I finally had a beautiful woman in my bed.

"Look at your little pee pee, it's so hard. Just like a little boy's," teased Shelly.

"I still don't feel like a little boy, Shelly."

"That's because your mind has not fully grasped the realization of the situation at hand. Once your little boy cock feels the inside of my woman sized pussy, you will. Now, hop on me and try your best to make feel you."

I hopped on her, she wrapped her legs around me, and I felt myself slip inside of her. It felt warm, wet, but most of all, it felt big. It dawned on me that I was just a little boy compared to this voluptuous beauty.

"I can't feel you, Trent. Try harder."

The sweat poured from my face. I looked down and saw her smiling face. I increased my speed and tried to force my little cock deeper into her.

"You know I was thinking about politics, do you think that there will be a Democrat in the White House soon?" she asked without much emotion in her voice.

I moaned and continued to jab at her pussy, in hopes that she would soon feel me.

"Betty from work thinks that the Republicans will win. Can you believe that? I swear Betty is the dumbest woman in the world."

Shelly was talking about news events and her coworkers. I started feeling funny in the pit of my stomach. Suddenly, she looked grown up and womanly. I felt childish. It hit me like a thunderbolt, she was right. Compared to her, I was just a little boy in the presence of a woman.

"Can't...you...feel me at all?" I panted, being exhausted from all this exercise.

"No sorry, sweetie pie. Why don't you try wiggling your hips like Elvis or something."

I started wiggling my hips and she started giggling out loud.

"That tickles. OOOOO."

She came alive; she started bucking, and raised me off the bed. She was wild with excitement. I had difficulty staying in the saddle, as her bucking increased in strength.

"My little boy is tickling his big momma. Come on, sweetie, who's your momma?"

I breathed harder and panted out, "You are."

"Oh, fuck," she shouted.

She grabbed my ass and pulled me as deep into her as I could go. I felt her pussy come alive and it quivered violently. She came and came. I decided to follow the famous cliché, her orgasm triggered my own and we came together -- it made for a beautiful romantic moment.

"That was the best orgasm of my life." I smiled.

"I have had better; after all, I have had a bunch of lovers with twelve inch cocks."

A frown came across my face and tears flowed from my eyes.

"I'm kidding. You the best fuck I ever had. Come to momma and I'll nurse you."

I crawled to her and took her long erected nipple in my mouth. Her breasts were enormous, about the size of my head. I felt like a little child in her presence, she was superior to me in every respect.

"You are inferior to me, Trent; even my clit is bigger than your cock."

I took her nipple out of my mouth and said, "No way. It is impossible for your clit to be bigger than inch."

"Who said so?"

"I read it."

"From where, Trent?"

"A website."

"Trent, websites are written by two-bit hacks and the information contained in them is bunk. Websites are bunk, Trent."

"It is still impossible, Shelly."

"In real life, maybe. But, we exist in another plane of reality. So let's continue the game."

What the hell, I thought. I lowered my head between her legs and started sucking on her clit. At first it was small, but my sucking it made it erected. My mouth felt full and when I took it out of my mouth; I beheld its enormous size.

"Wow, your clit must at least six inches long," I said in complete amazement.

"Six and one quarters inches to be exact. That's two inches bigger than your cock."

Shelly gave me a wicked grin and started slapping my cock with her monstrous clit. I felt small and silly in the presence of this gigantic clit.

"Look at your little pecker, it so tiny and pale before my monstrous clit."

"I want you, Trent. I want to fuck you like a woman."

I was a little scared and put off by this.

"I don't want that thing up my ass," I shouted with a mixture of fear and excitement.

"I'm not going to put in your ass, but your cunt."

"I know I'm small, but I don't have a cunt," I spoke with displeasure in my voice.

"Look between your legs."

I look down and my puny cock had been replaced with a tight cunt.

"How did this happen, Shelly?"

"It's magic like Dirty Harry."

"You mean Harry Potter."


She wrestled me, until she was on top of me. I could feel her big clit start to enter me.

"Please be gentle..."

Shelly rammed her clit into me without mercy and I felt full. I tried to play her game and talk to her with a normal voice, but my mind couldn't escape the thought of her clit. Shelly started pounding it into me harder and harder still. The bed shook violently and I felt her clit in my stomach. Then, she came. Her clit cum filled my cunt full and it started dripping out of me and onto the bed sheets.

"At least you can clean my cunt for me. You know with your tongue."

"What cunt?" she giggled.

I look down and saw my puny limp cock. I looked and there was cum dripping out of her cunt.

"You can clean me though."

Suddenly, everything went dark and Shelly covered my face with her cunt. I started licking her, tasting our mixed juices. I was perplexed. Was I eating my own semen or hers? Shelly started humping my face and I could feel my head going up inside her. It was hot and hard to breath inside Shelly's pussy. This was an experience that few men had. I mean how many men can say that they have had their heads up their girlfriend's cunt?

I felt Shelly on brink of an orgasm and soon she came. She ejected my head out of her womb and my head slammed against a bedpost. It caused me to black out. I opened my eyes and I saw nothing or did I feel anything.

"Shelly, where are you?"

"Besides, you. Can't you feel me?"

"No, what's happening to us?" I asked with a certain amount of fear in my voice.

"We are expiring like most fiction characters. We are returning to the mind of our master, so we can be one with him."

"Will we ever exist again outside our master's mind?"

Shelly's voice was gone and soon I was gone too.

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