tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShelly Saves Her Sister

Shelly Saves Her Sister


The phone ringing startled Shelly out of her deep sleep. At first, she thought it might be her husband Don, who was traveling on business, or maybe one of her daughters who were away at college. But instead it was her sister Judy.

“Sis, I’m in trouble. I need you.” Said Judy.

Shelly had had a lot of calls like this before. Her sister had a, as Shelly described politely, a substance abuse problem. She drank too much, used cocaine and other drugs, and basically lived an irresponsible lifestyle.

“What is it this time Judy?” Asked Shelly.

“Sis, I need some money. I owe some people some money and I need it now.” Replied Judy.

Shelly had helped Judy before. She was the last in her family that talked to her regularly. The rest had cut her off a long time ago. But the last time, she had told Judy, that was it.

“Judy, I told you I could not do this anymore.” Said Shelly.

Judy began to wail into the phone. Going on and on about how bad she needed. How she was going to be in such trouble if she didn’t get the money tonight. She was going almost into hysterics. Shelly had heard it all before. Judy played mind games with her before, making her feel sorry for her. She would not give in this time.

“Judy, I told you no!” Screamed Shelly.

Judy began to wail again, and Shelly was ready to hang up on her when a deep male voice came onto the phone.

“Listen up girl. Your sister owes be 500 bucks. I either get what I’m owed, or me and my boys are taking it out of her ass. You understand what I’m saying?” Said the deep mysterious voice.

“Who are you?” Asked Shelly.

“Names Dewan bitch. And your sister owes me 500. You going to cover her or what? I ain’t got all damn night.” Said Dewan.

Shelly heard her sister scream and the sound of someone then muffling her voice.

“Judy! Is she OK? Don’t hurt her!” Said Shelly.

“The bitch is fine right now. But you got 30 minutes to get here with 500 dollars, or her ass belongs to me and the boys. Understand?” Said Dewan.

Shelly looked at the clock. It was 3:00 AM. She realized there was nothing else she could do. She’d have to hurry.

“I’ll be there. Don’t hurt her.” Said Shelly.

Shelly dressed quickly and thought about what to do. She could get the money from the ATM. How would she explain it to her husband? Should she just call the police? No they’d arrest Judy too. She decided she’d figure out what to tell Don later.

She drove quickly to the bank and pulled then to Judy’s. She looked at the clock. It was 3:25AM. She had made it. She saw several strange cars parked in front of her sisters’ trailer. She held on tight to her purse as she walked up the steps.

The door was opened by a huge black man. As Shelly looked in she saw close to 20 people. Mostly black and Hispanic men and a few women. She looked around and saw her sister at a table with several black men. She was doing a line of coke.

“Judy, Stop!” Shelly yelled.

Judy looked up with her eyes half closed and smiled. Her older sister looked totally messed up. Her makeup smeared, hair unkempt. She looked older than her 45 years.
Judy leaned back down and did another line. Shelly tried to get close to her to stop her, but was grabbed by a huge black hand.

“You got my money bitch? Names Dewan.” Said the huge black man.

Shelly turned and looked up at the man holding her. She was only 5 foot tall, weighing around 100 pounds. He held her like she was a doll. This man must have been almost 7 foot tall. His entire body was huge, his arms and chest bulging out from the tight shirt he wore.

“Here, now let me go.” Said Shelly

Dewan took the money and counted it quickly.

“Thanks, but we got a problem. Your fucking sister just did another 200 bucks worth, and I want my money now.” Said Dewan.

“I can write you a check.” Said Shelly.

“No check, cash, now.” Said Dewan.

“I’d have to leave and get more, OK?” Said Shelly.
“I’ll go with you.” Said Dewan as he led Shelly to the door.

Shelly tried to turn back and tell Judy she was going, but she saw she was pretty much out of it, plus Dewan was pushing her out.

“Don’t let her do anymore please. I don’t have that much more money.” Said Shelly.

“You heard the bitch. Cut her off.” Said Dewan as he went out the door.

They got into Shelly’s’ car and drove quickly to the bank. She asked Dewan to not hurt her sister and to please leave when they returned.

“No problem.” Was his reply. Shame he was lying. At the very point that Shelly was asking for her sister’s safety, Judy was being drug back into one of the bedrooms.

Judy knew what was coming, but was powerless to stop it. She was so high, she almost did not care. She barely struggled while her clothes were being stripped off and she was laid back onto the bed. Her arms and legs held apart, she could no nothing but let the first man have her.

Shelly got the money from the ATM and gave it to Dewan. She drove quickly back to her sisters’ place and hurried into the door. She looked around and saw Judy was nowhere to be found. She quickly looked around and saw the crowd mulling around Judy’s bedroom door.

She ran quickly down the hallway, pushing her way through the men in the way. The scene that greeting her caused her to scream out. A scream that was quickly muffled by a large black hand.

Her sister Judy was being held down while an immense black man fucked her struggling body with hard deep strokes!

Shelly struggled to break free of the man holding her, but could do nothing. The men all laughed at the petite white housewife as she was drug out of the room by Dewan. As he drug her down the hallway, Shelly bit his hand. The hand holding her quickly let go, but only for a second before she was knocked to the floor by a quick backhand.

“Don’t you ever bite me bitch!” Screamed Dewan.

Shelly looked up at the huge man towering over her. Her cheek stung as she tried to crawl away.

“Please just leave us. Leave us both. I’ll get you more money. I promise. Just don’t hurt us. Please leave.” Begged Shelly.

We’ll leave when I’m fucking ready.” Was Dewans’ reply.
Dewan reached down and grabbed Shelly by the hair. He drug her to her feet and then threw her into the next bedroom on top of the bed. He shut the door behind him.

“Strip, fucking strip off your clothes.” He commanded.

“No please, don’t do this. I’ll do anything. I’ve got money. Please!” Begged Shelly.
“I got all the money I need. Strip off your clothes now bitch.” He said scowling at Shelly. Shelly said and did nothing.

“Either do it now, or I’ll have my boys do it. And then they get to fuck you after I’m done. Your fucking choice.” Commanded Dewan.

Shelly began to cry and plead, but Dewan didn’t care. He slowly stripped off his clothes and then again told Shelly to strip. She just stared at him, thinking of some way she could get out of the trouble her and her sister were in.

Dewan was down to his underwear when he looked over at Shelly, laying on the bed sobbing. He went over to her grabbing her by the hair, lifting her up. His large hand in a fist pulled back, cocked like he was ready to pummel her with it.

“I told you to fucking strip. This is your last fucking chance cunt. You take it off, or I have my boys do it. Then they get to watch me fuck you, and then they all get a turn with you when I’m done. Your fucking choice.” Said Dewan.

Shelly thought and looked at the huge man holding her up, his large black fist looking so menacing. There has to be another way, but she could not think of anything. She couldn’t bare to be gang raped. She thought perhaps if she gets this man off quickly, she could leave and call the police.

Dawan pulled her hair hard and pulled back his huge black fist.

“Stupid fucking bitch! Tre, Deon, get your asses in here.” Yelled Dewan.

“No. No. Please. I’ll do it. Please, nobody else. I’ll do what you say.” Said Shelly.

Sobbing she stood up and began to undress. She knew she had no other choice but to comply. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. Next came her jeans and then her bra and underwear. She tried to cover herself, but Dewan grabbed her hands and pulled them out.

“Damn, you are a sweet little thing.” He said.

He pulled her down to the bed and laid her on her side. He began to kiss her and caress her. She laid there not responding out of fear and disgust for the large black man that was making her do this.

Dewan took her hand and placed it on his growing cock. Her tiny hand could not even encircle the large black shaft. He took her hand and made her stroke it. Shelly felt it growing and could not believe the size of it. Her mind was racing. She knew she could never take such a big cock inside her, so she thought she might please him some other way. She thought if she just got him off, she could escape. Trembling she began to stroke his long hard black shaft.

“That’s it baby. Get it ready for you.” Said Dewan as he rolled over onto his back.

Shelly lowered herself between the big mans legs. She continued to stroke his shaft, amazed at how big it was.

“I’ll just jack him off. Make him cum and I can get out of here when I go to clean up.” She thought.

Shelly began to stroke his shaft slowly up and down. She was still marveling at his size, the length and thickness of it. She looked at his huge black balls. How they rose as she stroked his shaft. They looked almost the size of tennis balls.

“C’mon baby, give me some head. Get me ready for you.” Said Dewan.

“There’s no way I can get that in my mouth.” She thought. So she began to lick his shaft up and down. She saw how his skin glistened as she got it wet. It also made her hand slide easier up and down, so she picked up the intensity of her stroking, thinking he would cum soon.

Dewan moaned as the white housewife continued to stroke his cock and lick the shaft. He closed his eyes and let the housewife play. She felt him lick his balls and get his shaft nice and wet. He looked down at Shelly. She looked as though she wasn’t enjoying it enough. He knew she’d need some help.

He grabbed her by the hair and told her.

“Flip around here baby. I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

Shelly was repulsed. She never really let her husband do that and when she did, he really did not do anything that she liked.

Dewan pulled her hair hard.

“Now!” He said.

Shelly lifted herself up and shift around. She lay on top of the large black man and felt him take his hands and spread her ass cheeks apart. She felt so open and violated. It disgusted her having a man viewing her in that way. But a soft shudder hit her body as Dewan licked the entire slit of her pussy with several long slow licks.

Shelly began to stroke Dewan’s monstrous cock, the large black head not just inches from her mouth. Dewan was letting the saliva from his mouth coat the outside of Shelly’s pussy as he softly licked her up and down.

Shelly had never had a man do that to her. The few times her husband had tried to go down on her, it had not felt too good. This was feeling different.

Dewan reached up and pushed Shelly’s head towards his penis. She looked at the immense dark head just inches now from her mouth. It looked so big. She did even think if she opened her mouth as wife as she could, she’d still not be able to get it in. So she lifted his cock slightly and began to lick the shaft and head a bit, hoping this would please him. She was still terrified of what was going to happen, still thinking if she could just make this man cum, he’d be done and she could escape. She began to stroke him faster and harder in hopes of making it happen.

Dewan, for his part was using his tongue to coat the white housewife’s pussy with as much spit as he could. He knew she’d need it if she was going to take his cock. He grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted himself forward and began to suck and lick on Shelly’s clit. He felt her reaction. A subtle shift allowing him more access to her clit. A gentle humping back against his tongue. The bitch was getting hot.

Dewan waited until he knew Shelly’s pussy outside was wet enough. He grabbed her hair and again and told her to turn around and get on top of him. Shelly protested, thinking she still get the man off this was and maybe escape. But Dewan pulled her hard around and made her straddle him.

Shelly spread her legs and looked down at the large black man who was now smiling at her. He’s evil she thought so damn evil. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust up into her, making his large black cock rub up and down her now very wet pussy slit.

“C’mon, ride it baby.” He told her.

Dewan held the tiny white housewife’s ass as her pumped slowly against her making her thrust with him. She looked down at the large black cock. It was huge and so hard. She’d never felt or seen anything like that. As she was forced to hump against it, she amazed at how long and hard it was. She saw it was wet with the mixture of saliva and what was now beginning to slowly seep from Shelly’s pussy.

“My God. This can’t be happening.” She thought. Dewans large black hands held her tight against him as he continued to make Shelly rub her pussy up and down his large black cock. But she was getting wet.

She lowered her hands onto Dewans chest, feeling his tight stomach muscles and large chest. There was not an ounce of fat on the man. She began to hump against his cock slowly at first, and then a bit quicker as her body began to warm.

Dewan noticed the white housewife actively humping against him. He lifted his body slightly, letting his cock now make contact with Shelly’s clit as she humped. He looked up at her and noticed she had closed her eyes.

He gripped her ass tight and began to push harder against the Shelly’s humping. He saw her leaning her head back. He noticed the warming of her pussy. The fluid that was now coating his cock. And the unmistakable smell of a woman’s arousal. The bitch was his.

Shelly began to get lost in her thoughts. She felt the arousal rising inside her and while trying to resist it, she could not deny it. She began to hump against Dewans cock with an increased intensity. She began to think perhaps she’d make him cum this way and still escape.

Dewan lifted up slightly more so now his cock was making continual contact with Shelly’s clit. He saw she was losing her battle to resist and knew it was about time for him to take over.

He grabbed Shelly roughly and flipped her suddenly over. She was startled and had no time to react, before Dewan positioned himself between her legs, his cock resting on her stomach.

“No, please. Let me take care of you another way. You’ll like it. I promise.” She began to beg.

Dewan ignored her as he began to rub his large black cockhead up and down her now very wet pussy slit.

“Please, let me take care of you.” She begged as she tried to close her legs. Dewan roughly spread her legs apart and sneered and raised up his hand closed into a fist.

“Shut the fuck up bitch. You’re going to get fucked.” He sneered at her.

His cockhead now completely coated he positioned it at her opening of her pussy and pushed hard.

Shelly screamed and tried to get her legs back together. She felt as though she was being split apart. But she could not move. Dewan held the struggling housewife as he forced his large black cock into her.

“God, please stop! It hurts! You’re killing me!” Shelly screamed as Dewan forced more and more of his cock into her. “My God! Please don’t. Please stop!” She said over and over again.

Dewan had never fucked such a tight pussy. He was now halfway in and it felt like he was hitting bottom. He pulled out and began to fuck Shelly slowly in and out hoping her tight pussy would stretch and accommodate his cock.

Shelly closed her eyes and just let Dewan fuck her. The pain was beginning to subside and she resigned herself now to the fact she was going to be raped. She’d only had a few other men, other than her husband Don. But she had never known the feeling of a cock like the one raping her. She felt so full, like she was being impaled by a baseball bat. She just hoped it would be over soon.

Dewan slowly fucked Shelly in and out, bringing his cock almost all the way out before slowly plunging it back in. Each time thrust a bit harder, getting a bit more of his cock inside the white housewife. He looked down to see his cock glistening with wetness. He looked down at the Shelly and saw she had he head turned to the side, eyes closed as he fucked her slowly.

He leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth. He sucked it gently and felt it instantly grow in his mouth. He gently nibbled in it and went to the other nipple and did the same, the entire time slowly pistoning his large cock in and out of the white housewife.

Shelly kept her eyes closed and her head turned to the side. She felt small sparks of arousal as Dewan nursed on her breasts. The pain inside her pussy was now subsiding and a newer feeling slowly growing. A feeling she hated.

Dewan noticed the difference. He heard Shelly began to breathe a bit more shallow. Her legs opened a bit further, and she began to hump back against him slightly. He began to fuck her a bit harder, a bit deeper. And with each thrust, her body reacted more.

Shelly hated herself now. She was disgusted. She was being raped, and in her mind, she was thinking unthinkable thoughts, unspeakable things. Her body was betraying her as she tried to push these horrible thoughts out of her mind.

Dewan now had 10 of his 12 thick black inches going in and out of the white housewife. He felt her body surrendering and he was loving it. He lifted her legs a bit and pushed the last few inches home.

Shelly’s eyes flew open and she screamed as she felt the last of Dewan’s cock enter her.

“Oh God! Oh God!” She screamed over and over again.

Dewan leaned forward and put his mouth onto Shelly’s mouth. She opened it quickly and her mouth welcomed his tongue as she began to fuck back against his cock like a woman processed.

Dewan fucked the white housewife now with a pace and intensity Shelly had never felt before. She began to ride wave after wave of small orgasms, slowly building in intensity until she felt overwhelmed by the feeling building inside her. An orgasm unlike she had ever felt was building deep inside. She knew it and wanted it. She surrendered to the feeling.

She wrapped her arms around Dewans large black shoulders and fucked him back like she had never done with a man before. She needed that big orgasm now. She felt it building and could not stop it or deny it.

“Take me lover. Take me now.” She whispered into Dewans ear.

Dewan slammed his cock hard and fast into Shelly’s pussy. She screamed as a feeling so incredibly intense overwhelmed her senses and made her scream over and over again as she began to cum.

Dewan lost in the intensity, felt his own orgasm hit. He pushed hard and shot the first of his huge load into Shelly’s waiting pussy. She screamed in delight as the hot black semen filled her white pussy. She was out of control.

Dewan fucked Shelly until their orgasm subsided. He rolled off of her covered in sweat. Shelly felt empty as her orgasm left her and then feelings of guilt and shame fell over her. She began to sob uncontrollably.

Dewan got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned, he found Shelly sobbing in bed, in the fetal position, covered with sheets. He laughed to himself and went down the hallway to where Judy was now taking her 10th cock. She had stopped resisting and was letting the men do what they may to her.

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