tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShelly Saves Her Sister Ch. 03

Shelly Saves Her Sister Ch. 03


It had been weeks since her awful ordeal at the hands of the drug dealer and his friends. Shelly had only spoken with Judy once, and it was a short conversation. She went about her normal life, trying to forget what she had been through. But it was not easy.

Physically, she had healed. Her pussy had been fucked raw. She had had her tubes tied, so was not worried about pregnancy, but went to her doctor a week after it had happened, and had gotten tested for STD’s. She was happy when she heard she was all clear.

Mentally, she had not healed.

During the night, when things were quiet, her thoughts drifted. At times she could not believe what had happened to her. It did not seem real. Then other times, images would fill her mind, sexual images, and she would feel aroused and then guilty and ashamed.

“How could I have enjoyed any of that?”

“Was I drugged?”

Then pictures of the large cocks that were forced into her and how she was fucked so many times and then the disgusting thought of the two orgasms she had. She was revolted and aroused at the same time. She committed herself to forgetting all about it and putting her life back together.

Hector, was another matter. For some reason, he could not get the petite white housewife out of his mind. He’d fucked hundreds of whores, but this one was different to him. She stayed in his mind and he knew he’d have to have her one more time.

Finding her was easy. He’d see her sister Judy. He knew some coke and some conversation, and the dumb bitch would spill all. That was easy. Getting into her house and having her, another. He needed a plan.

He began to watch her comings and goings and found when she was alone. It took him a day or two to come up with the plan.

Shelly’s doorbell rang and she went to answer it. As she looked out the peephole, she saw a petite Latino looking girl. She looked no older than 18 and was dressed like a domestic.

“I’m so sorry to trouble you. My name is Maria. I’m on my way to my job and my car had broken down. Could I call my employer and tell them I’m going to be late?” Asked the young girl. Shelly looked at the sweet young lady and then at the old car out in front of her house. She felt sorry for her and opened the door.

“Of course.” Said Shelly.

Maria thanked Shelly and closed the door behind her, making sure it was unlocked, before letting Shelly lead her into the kitchen where a phone was. Maria lifted the hook and dialed a phony number. She spoke for a few seconds and turned to Shelly to tell her thank you.

Shelly never heard the words spoken by Maria. She was grabbed and lifted off of her feet by a huge man. She screamed, but a huge dark hand already covered her mouth. She struggled but could barely move as the man held her tight against his body.

“Hello, sexy momma. Remember me?” Hector whispered in her ear.

Shelly screamed in his hand as she realized who was now holding her.

“Relax momma, and we’ll have a good time. Just like last time.” Said Hector.

Then a large knife was opened in front of her eyes.

“Fight me, and I’ll cut you so no man would want you. Understand?” He sneered at her.

Shelly began to sob into Hector’s hand. He asked her again, and this time she nodded yes.

Hector carried the struggling housewife over to her dinning room table. He pushed everything on it onto the floor and then dropped Shelly onto the table on her ass. He pushed her onto her back, holding her arms down.

“Now, let’s party momma.” He said to her.

Shelly felt her shoes being taken off and was horrified to see the young girl, Maria undoing her laces and removing her socks.

“No, please don’t do this. Please don’t hurt me. Just leave, please.” Shelly begged.

Maria ignored Shelly and did what she had been told to do. She quickly reached for the top of Shelly’s slacks and undid them. Shelly struggled slightly, but Maria quickly removed her slacks and panties. Her pussy was now exposed.

Maria tried to spread Shelly’s legs, but Shelly resisted. The resistance stopped though when Hector held the knife to Shelly’s face. Shelly turned her face away from Hector and began to sob.

“Please don’t do this. Please stop her.” Sobbed Shelly softly.

Maria went to work. She parted Shelly’s thighs and began to kiss her pussy softly. Then she began softly licking up and down the entire length of Shelly slit. It was soon glistening with moisture.

Hector had chosen Maria well. She knew the little bi sexual bitch loved to eat pussy and did it very well. He knew Shelly would be ready for a good hard fucking after Maria got her ready.

Shelly closed her eyes and sobbed silently, determined to resist what was happening, and not give these disgusting people the pleasure of seeing her enjoy anything that was happening.

Maria continued to work on Shelly’s pussy. Using her skilled tongue and fingers, she soon had Shelly’s pussy very wet and aroused. Shelly tried to fight what she was feeling, but Maria could feel the wetness slowly seeping from Shelly. She could feel Shelly’s gentle reactions to the way she was licking and touching her.

“Only a girl knows how to please a woman down there.” Thought Maria as she kept up her constant attention on Shelly’s pussy.

Hector was still holding down Shelly’s arms and watching as the white housewife struggled with what was happening. He knew he would not have to hold her down longer.

Shelly kept fighting the feelings beginning to overwhelm her. She turned her head towards Hector and asked again.

“Please stop her. Please don’t do this to me.” She begged.

“Enjoy it momma. She’s getting your pussy ready for me.” Said Hector.

Shelly’s body shivered when she thought of Hector’s huge cock and that it might be fucking her later. Part of that thought secretly thrilled her, while another part terrified her.

Hector looked down at the housewife. He saw the gentle involuntary movements against Maria’s attention. He noticed her arms had stopped struggling. He let go of one of her arms, and took her right hand and pulled it toward him.

“Remember this cock momma?” He said to Shelly as he took her hand to the front of his jeans.

Shelly was shocked. In her mind, the size of Hectors cock had become almost seemed like she had imagined it. It couldn’t have been that big. But there it was, this huge cock bursting through his jeans. It was so long and thick. Hector held her hand and made her stroke it up and down the front of his jeans.

Hector reached in front and undid his pants. He lowered them with his drawers and his incredible cock came into view. Shelly turned briefly to look at it, and then turned away. Hector took her hand and made her stroke it.

Shelly felt the long hard shaft in her hand. It felt ever bigger than she remembered. The skin was soft and hot, but underneath it was so hard, like steel. She’d never felt a cock like that in her life.

Maria noticed Shelly’s pussy getting wetter. She looked up to see the white housewife stroking Hector’s huge Latino cock. Maria began to suck on Shelly’s clit while she slowly slid her fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She’d found Shelly’s G-Spot and was now massaging it with her middle finger. She felt Shelly jump and softly hump against her now.

Shelly was disgusted with herself. She hated the things that young girl was doing to her, yet she was responding. He hated Hector’s cock, but was now stroking it without his hand holding it in place.

“What am I doing? What am I thinking?” She thought to herself.

Maria bore down on Shelly’s clit and began to lick it in a regular firm motion. She made the same motion inside Shelly on her G-Spot. The effect on Shelly was now easy to see. Shelly turned her head and opened her eyes to look at Maria. Then she turned her head to stare at Hector’s huge cock. She began to stroke it harder and faster as Maria began to bring her closer and closer to a marvelous orgasm.

Hector looked down at the writhing housewife. She had a firm grip on his cock and was humping rapidly against Maria’s attentions. She was now holding her legs up high by herself and wide apart to allow the young Latino girl complete access to her. Hector pulled his shirt up and over his head. Then he grabbed Shelly’s blouse and pulled it and her bra off with one motion. She’d be ready to fuck in minutes.

Shelly bit her lower lip as she began to lose control of herself. She had never had anyone do what Maria was doing to her pussy. Her hand now locked around Hector’s immense cock. Her mind was filling with wild sexual thoughts, and the most prevalent one, was to cum, and to cum large on Maria’s tongue.

Hector saw her eyes fly open and look down at Maria.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” Shelly began to scream over and over again as she began to cum. Maria kept up her attention and was rewarded with a rush of fluid from the writhing housewife’s pussy. Maria kept her attention gentle to allow Shelly to enjoy her orgasm, and then slowly backed away.

Shelly lay there in a sweaty exhausted heap. She barely noticed Hector removing his penis from her hand and moving between her legs. Her eyes opened slightly when she felt him part her legs and lay his huge penis on her belly.

Hector looked down at the petite housewife. He remembered her tight pussy and how good she had fucked him before. He was ready for more.

Shelly was still overwhelmed by her orgasm. She lay there, waiting for him to do something. Her eyes looked into his, her mouth open, her sweaty body lying before him.

Hector took his penis and stroked it as he moved it to her moist opening.

“Ready to fuck Momma?” He asked.

“Yes.” Said Shelly weakly.

Hector grabbed his cock and pushed it into the petite housewife. Shelly’s body moved as Hector pushed hard into her. She was tight, but well lubricated. In a few thrusts, he was halfway in.

Shelly was beside herself. Hector’s huge penis was hurting slightly, but the fullness she was feeling was overwhelming. She began to fuck back against him, wanting more and more of him inside her.

Hector fucked her slow and steady working more and more of his huge Latino cock into Shelly. He felt her fucking back and could see the look in her eyes as he began to reach bottom. She was his.

Hector grabbed Shelly’s legs and held them high as he began to fuck her with deep long slow strokes. He pussy was tight and hot and he could feel the juice leaking out of her onto his balls. He was going to fuck this bitch a good long time.

Maria was enjoying the show, but she wanted more. She began to undress and once nude, began to play with her pussy as she watched the show. She moved closer to table.

Shelly was beside herself. Her pussy was stuffed full and was being fucked so wonderful by this huge Latino man. She felt like such a whore, laying there, letting him fuck her, while she enjoyed it. The guilt began to leave her as Hector began to fuck her harder and faster.

Maria moved closer to the table. Shelly turned to see the young Latino girl standing next to her, playing with her pussy. Shelly just stared as the girl leaned forward and took one of Shelly’s nipples into her warm wet mouth.

Shelly wanted her to stop, but Maria’s mouth on her nipple sent shivers through her body. Instead of fighting it, she welcomed when Maria began to lick and nibble on her other nipple.

Hector noticed the wetness now seeping out of Shelly. It was coating his cock and the housewife was now fucking back against him in and increasingly intense motion. He lifted her legs higher and began to fuck Shelly harder and faster.

Maria began to kiss Shelly lower, down to her belly and then closer to her pussy. She looked at Hector’s immense cock now ramming in and out of Shelly. She saw Shelly’s clit standing straight up and swollen, and began to kiss and lick it.

Shelly’s body jumped. Her eyes flew open and looked right in Hector’s. Her face began to contort and twist as her pussy clenched down on his cock. She was ready to cum and he knew it.

Shelly began to scream as her orgasm broke over her body like a tidal wave crashing into the shore. She screamed over and over again as wave after wave crashed over her.

“God! Oh God! Oh Christ! God! God! God!” She screamed over and over again as she came.

Maria pulled back and turned towards Shelly. She leaned forward and kissed her. Shelly opened her mouth willingly as Maria’s tongue swirled around her mouth. Maria took Shelly’s hand and led it to her very wet pussy. Shelly was amazed at the wetness.

She could not believe what was going on. She was being fucked a huge Latino man on her kitchen table, while she was fingering a young Latino girl. She felt so decadent and dirty. But she was loving it.

Maria was getting close to orgasm and moved closer to Shelly. She climbed on top of the table and straddled Shelly’s face, moving her wet pussy close to Shelly’s face. Maria moved it closer and was rewarded when Shelly began to lap at her pussy.

Hector looked at the ass of the young Latino girl humping on Shelly’s face. It was enough to send him over. He slammed deep and began to shoot cum deep into Shelly. Shelly feeling the first jet hit deep inside her, leaned forward even more and licked Maria’s clit, bringing on her orgasm. The young girl screamed something in Spanish, as she came on Shelly’s tongue.

Hector continued to fuck Shelly until he softened. He pulled out and sat in a chair by the table. Maria finishing her orgasm, climbed off of Shelly after sharing a hot long kiss. Shelly laid there in silence for several minutes. She was in shock. She had just been completely fucked and she was still overwhelmed by the feelings coursing through her body. She finally sat up and looked at the two who had pleasured her so.

Guilt began to well up inside her, but the feeling of being totally satisfied held it back. She climbed of the table and walked over to Hector, standing in front of him, his cum leaking out of her pussy, and down her thighs. She leaned forward and kissed him feeling his thick tongue push his it’s way into her mouth, his strong large hands beginning to roam around her body.

Hector stood and took the housewife into his huge arms as they kissed. He picked her up and carried her upstairs with Maria following. Hector laid her down on her marital bed, where for the next two hours, she was totally and exhaustedly fucked in every possible way.

After they left, Shelly took a long warm bath and thought about the day’s events. Her pussy was sore and swollen, but felt so incredible, so fulfilled. She felt awful about what she had done, but knew that sometime in the future, she’d have to experience it again. Once done with her bath, she made sure she safely stored Hectors phone number away. A number she would have to use soon.

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