tagIncest/TabooShelly Seduces Her Father

Shelly Seduces Her Father


The wind whipped across the plains, cutting through to a person's soul as it passed. Coats, hats, gloves, none of it was enough to keep out the biting cold. And heaven forbid your house had any cracks in it.

... Ours did.

Our home was a plain little farming house atop a hill that overlooked all of our fields. Sure, it might sound majestic, but then I would say to you that you know nothing about farming.

This was the winter of my eighteenth year, and it was just my father and I left to tend the farm as my mother had died some years before from cancer. Dad and I continued on as the best we could with him working the fields, and me taking care of the house and chores, but there still just weren't enough hours in the day to do everything that needed to be done, and that included repairing those annoying little cracks in the walls that were now letting this biting wind to blow right through the house.

"Shelly," my father called out, "I'm going to grab the last of the firewood."

"Okay, dad. Be careful," I replied as I took a roast out of the oven. My parents had had me late in life, and my dad was now 58-years-old, and though he was as strong as an ox, I still worried about him any time he did anything the least bit strenuous.

We were running low on firewood, and it was going to be a cold night without anything in the wood burner. I had pulled out all of the blankets and flannels I could find, but it still wasn't going to take off that 'bone chill' we were feeling.

"Shelly, we've only got 3 logs left. I just haven't had a chance to chop any wood lately with all of the field work I've had to be doing. I can do some tomorrow, but that isn't going to do us a whole lot of good tonight."

I was getting cold just thinking about how frigid it was going to be tonight in my bed, but I kept a brave face on so my father wouldn't feel bad about the lack of wood. "Well, dinner is ready and hot, that will help us warm up some, and I've gotten out all the blankets, so we should be okay."

Dad smiled at me, but I could tell it was forced. He felt like he had disappointed me.

I stepped out of the shower, fairly certain I had used all of the hot water that ever existed on Earth. Luckily I was a late night shower person, and daddy was an evening shower person, so I could be greedy with the hot water.

As I stepped out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself, and stepped over to the mirror to wipe off the steam.

While I was blow drying my hair, I swayed back and forth to the music in my head, studying myself in the mirror as I continued in my tedious task. I allowed my eyes to track down my developing curves, my growing bosom, my protruding hips... I reached up and undid the towel that was covering me, letting it drop to the floor.

I gave a small smile as I looked at my naked body in the mirror. I hated to come off as conceited, but I was definitely starting to look like a mature woman with all the parts in the right places. I knew that a lot of the boys at school wanted to have sex with me, and I had sex with Billy Richardson, but somehow I just knew he wasn't that good.

It was the teachers at school that intrigued me. They always looked so, I don't know, wise; like they might know what they were doing as opposed to someone like Billy.

After admiring my own shapely form for a few moments more, the cold finally started to creep through the steam, and I knew it was time to get some clothes on pronto.

I was awake, and it didn't seem there were enough covers in the world to keep me warm. Even under my down comforter I was shivering, and I couldn't stop. As this went on, I decided there was only one option.

Hoping out of bed, I immediately felt the cold of the wooden floor making its way through my wool socks, and I quickly hoped from throw rug to throw rug for just an added extra layer of protection from the cold floor. I made my way down the hallway to my father's room and cracked the door open barely an inch before I heard, "Shelly?"

"Hey, dad. I'm freezing, and I was thinking..."

"Sleeping together? Crawl on in, I had the same thought."

I smiled and quickly made my way over to his bed, and hoped in. The difference of two bodies under the same cover was almost immediately perceptible. I leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek in thanks, and we quickly settled in to try to get some sleep.

I had no clue how long we had been asleep when I awoke again. This time it wasn't the cold that woke me up, but the feeling of a body pressed against my back.

Apparently in his sleep my father had rolled over and started spooning me. I could feel his body heat against my back, down to the curve of my ass. It wasn't unpleasant in the least as I enjoyed the heat.

Wiggling backwards, I pressed harder into him, trying to see just how much of his body heat in to myself when I suddenly felt it. There was no mistaking the shape, and I could definitely tell that my father's penis was erect and pressing into the cheeks of my ass. While a part of me wanted to quickly scoot away, another part of me, the curious part, was enjoying it.

It was large, maybe 8" in length, and girthy. I had seen it before, by accident, when he was getting out of the shower and I had walked in on him. At that time he was flaccid, and it just hung between his legs, so it was difficult to tell just how big he would be when he was hard, but that hadn't stopped me from masturbating furiously that evening thinking about it.

I wiggled my ass ever so slightly, wanting to get just some clearer idea of just how big it was. Even though I had only ever felt one other, his seemed pretty large from the ones I had seen in various books, magazines and videos. It made me smile feeling it pressed against me, even if was through his sweat pants and my own.

Moving just a bit closer, I pressed as hard against as I could, enjoying feeling such an impressive cock pressing against my tight, teenage ass. I smiled just a little, and bit my lower lip, thinking this was it would feel like to lay in bed with some of the teachers in school I had thought about.

Very slowly and carefully, I slipped my right hand inside the waist of my pants, and crept down to my pussy. After seeing the girls in Billy's hidden porn magazines, I had shaved off all my pubic hair, leaving just a bald slit that made it easy for me to slip a finger in to.

The second my finger made contact with my clit, I nearly orgasmed, making me bite down on my lower lip even harder to keep myself from moaning. After calming down from the initial rush, I made slow circles around my clit with my index finger, using my thumb and middle finger to spread the lips of my vagina enough to give me access.

Since I was laying on my right side, I slowly lifted my left leg ever so slightly to give myself even more access to my pleasure spot. I couldn't believe I was doing this; I was masturbating in my father's bed with his penis pressing against me. It was wrong in so many ways, but I couldn't help myself. What older man could really be more perfect for me than my own father?

As if he was reading my thoughts, he woke up. "Shelly? Shelly, what are you doing?"

I went to answer him, but the second I opened my mouth, I let out a squeak instead of words. I wanted to stop masturbating, but I was so close to cumming, I couldn't tear my own hand away.

"My God. Shelly, are you masturbating?"

I let out a shaky, "Ye... yes."

To my utter surprise, my dad let out a chuckle. "Well, I guess that's one way to keep yourself warm."

I couldn't help but join him with a laugh. "Sorry dad, I, just... I..."

"Felt my cock pressing against your ass?"

I turned my head to look over my shoulder at him in the darkness. "Yes. You were awake?"

He let out a sigh. "Yeah... I didn't mean for it to happen. Apparently I rolled over and grabbed on to you in my sleep, and as I got hard, I woke up, and... well, then you started wiggling against it, and... I was tempted to do the same thing you were just doing."

I rolled over to my left side so I could face him. "Well... I wouldn't mind if you did since I was just doing it in front of you."

"Shelly, stop it, I'm not going to jerk off in front of my teenage daughter."

"Why not?... I don't plan on stopping." I had slipped my left hand out of my pants when I rolled over, but I was quickly slipping my right hand in there so it could continue what the left had been doing.

Just as my eyes closed, and I was getting into it, I saw in the little light the moon was casting in to the room that my father seemed to be slipping in to his own pants. With the thrill of the thought that I might be causing my dad to jerk off himself, I started going after my clit even harder, and eventually slipping a finger inside of my pussy.

As I let out a gasp, I heard my father mutter "Oh God, I can't take this," and I saw the blankets around his crotch starting to go up and down. I smiled at the satisfaction that I was hot enough to make my own father touch himself.

I looked at his face and saw he was looking directly at me as he stoked his cock. We locked eyes in the dark, and while we didn't say anything, I moved closer to him, taking my right hand out my pants as I did. I continued to stare at him as I slowly moved my hand over to his pants... slipped under the elastic... and crept ever so much closer to his cock.

When I could see he was making no move to stop me, or voice any objection, I let my finger tips brush his cock. His eyes closed and he let out an "Oh God... Shelly... I..."

I let out a "shhh", and let my hand move far enough down that I could wrap my hand around his warm and throbbing cock. It was even bigger than I thought as my finger tips barely met as my hand wrapped around it.

Very slowly I started to stroke the length of his shaft, feeling it twitch and jump under my touch. In the low light of the room, I looked at my father's face to see any sign of how he was handling his teenage daughter stroking his massive cock. From what little I could see of his face, his eyes had closed, and he was gritting his teeth, which was a sign I took as he was enjoying it.

I started to speed up the pace of my stroking, enjoying the warmth of his shaft in my hand. He started to grunt which told me I needed to slow down if I was going to make this as long as I wanted to because who knew if I would ever get this chance again. Just as quickly as I had sped up, I slowed down.

"Are you enjoying this, daddy?"

"Oh God, Shelly... I really should be stopping you, but I can't, it feels too good."

I grinned. "Well, if you thought that felt good..." I lifted the covers and slid my entire body to where I was completely covered by the comforter. I shifted my body to bring my head closer to his cock, and since my hand was still around it, it was easy for me to find the tip of it with my mouth in the complete darkness.

As I touched my lips to the head of his cock, I immediately tasted his salty precum escaping from the slit, and he let out a loud grunt of surprise mixed with shock. "Oh God, Shelly... oh God..."

My smile broadened even more as I was having the effect I had hoped for. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in the head of his cock in one gulp. I could feel it jumping in my mouth, throbbing with every beat of his heart as I swirled my tongue around the tip of it. I could feel the spot where the two ridges met on the underside, and I ran my tongue up and down that seam, making him squirm.

I began to take more of the shaft into my mouth, although I couldn't believe how quickly my mouth was filling with his swollen member. Even though my jaw was stretching to a point of discomfort, I didn't care. I wanted ever last centimeter of his length in my mouth that I could stuff in.

My mouth was getting warmer with each time I slid my head up and down the length of his cock, when I suddenly felt him grab my left ankle. "Let me have your legs, baby."

I had no clue what he had planned, but I let him manipulate me any way he wanted, and he was slowly pulling my pants down, revealing my lack of panties, and maneuvered to make me lay on top of him. As I continued to ravenously swallow as much of his shaft as I could, I felt him running a rough, calloused, finger up and down my increasingly wet slit. Every time he brushed across my clit, I let out a muffled moan from my cock stuffed throat.

Without warning, he quickly, and with great intent, plunged a finger into my hungry hole. I could feel the walls of my vagina quickly clamp down around it, trying to milk it like it was someone's cock. I shoved backwards, wanting more of his probing digit deep inside of me, but was rewarded with a second finger entering me for my efforts.

As I continued to gobble his cock as deeply as I could, I felt him remove his fingers, and I felt a pang of disappointment. That was quickly replaced by exhilaration as he used both hands to spread my vaginal lips, and I felt him lift slightly in the bed. Where his fingers had been, I now felt a tongue probing deeply inside my cunt.

My whole body shuddered in reaction, and I had my first orgasm of the evening. Billy had never done this to me, though I had begged him to do so. He always said it didn't look like much fun to him, and no matter how much I sucked his cock, which was quite a bit, he never would return the favor.

I shoved myself back some more, keeping just close enough to my daddy's cock so I could continue to suck it while his tongue darted in out of my vagina, and down to my clit to make circles around it. My body was rocked by mini orgasm after mini orgasm, something I wasn't even aware I was capable of. I was 69'ing with my own father, and I couldn't believe just how damned good it felt.

After several minutes of us orally pleasing one another, I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled away from my father's tongue and swiveled around on his body so we were now laying face- to-face. As we stared into each other's eyes, both seemingly searching for any indication if the other wanted to stop, I used my feet to finish removing my sweat pants. Once that was accomplished, I lifted slightly and removed my sweatshirt so that I was now completely naked on top of my father. Though large portions of my skin were now exposed to the cold air around us, I didn't care, it was most exhilarating.

I gave my father a lingering stare as I slid my right hand between our bodies, reaching down to search out his still erect cock. Once I found it, I pressed it backwards towards his body so that it lined up with my pussy. I slowly, and methodically, rubbed the head up and down my moist slit.

"Shelly, baby, if this is your first time..."

"It's not," I replied sheepishly.

My father chuckled deeply.

I scrunched up my face and looked down at him quizzically. "Why is that funny?"

"Because I am oddly relieved that you aren't losing your virginity to your own father. I was afraid it was going to hurt you."

I smiled back seeing as I had just unofficially gotten permission to fuck my own father. "Well, it still might seeing how big you are." He opened his mouth to reply, but all that came out was a grunt of shock as I plunged his cock inside my waiting hole.

I'm not going to lie, I winced a bit. He was huge, and it felt like I might be torn in two at first, but I took a deep breath and let myself adjust. I slowly started to move backwards, allowing more and more his cock into me as I did. I took as much of him in me as I could, unsure if I had actually gotten all of it in.

As soon as I reached my limit, I started to slide forward, and took great pleasure in watching my father gasp and throw his head back. The smile across my face was so broad, I was sure it literally touched both ears. While it was exciting to be fucking my father, it was exciting thinking that I was also finally living my fantasy of a much older man.

I grew more comfortable with his size, and I started to pump his cock in earnest. Moans escaped both our mouths as I kept riding him harder and faster. I couldn't get enough of his cock, no matter how much of him was in me, I wanted more!

After a few minutes of pumping, he seemed to regain his sensibilities, and he reached up to grab and squeeze my breasts as I continued to ride him for all he was worth. His rough farm hands pinched my nipples, and that sent enough of a shiver up my spine to give me another mini-orgasm. That time he felt it as my vaginal walls clamped down even harder on his massive cock, and he smiled at the knowledge he was giving his daughter-turned-lover pleasure.

The next few minutes were a blur as I rode him furiously, being rocked by one tiny orgasm after another, until he finally said, "Okay, you better stop, Shelly, I'm about to cum and we aren't using any protection."

"It's okay, it's not the right time of the month, we should be fine," I said between pants. Honestly, I had no idea if I was right or not, but after this much work, there was no way I wasn't going to feel him cum in me. "Come on, daddy, come on... give it to me, I want to feel you cum in me."

I think he was going to protest, but I rode him that much harder and he seemed to lose all sense of what he was going to say. Within seconds I felt the first shot of his hot cum go off inside of me, and that sent me over the edge into my biggest orgasm of the night. It was so powerful, I literally screamed, and had never been more thankful we had no close by neighbors.

My pussy convulsing all around his cock made his second shot as powerful as the first, and it just felt like he wouldn't stop cumming. I collapsed on his chest with his cock still inside of me, twitching and convulsing as it expelled shot after shot of his cum. As it died down, I contracted my muscles, attempting to milk every last drop out of him to the point I could feel some of it squeezing out of me around his cock, dripping down on to his balls.

Saddened by the idea that those drops would go to waste, I dislodged his penis from inside of me, and again slithered my way down his body so that I could like him clean. I sucked each ball separately into my mouth, making sure to run my tongue all over it so it would be clean as possible. Next I licked his shaft which was very slowly deflating, tasting the mixture of his salty cum with my sweeter juices. The taste and smell was possibly the most intoxicating mixture ever.

"Oh my God... Jesus, Shelly... I... I can't believe what we just did."

I slowly crawled up his body again, and pressed in to lay next to him, pulling the covers as far up over me as I could to protect myself from the cold air. He wrapped his right arm around me, and pulled me in tighter. "It's fine, daddy. It's obviously something we both wanted."

"That doesn't make it right."

"Oh shush, so what? We fucked, big deal. It's not like you forced yourself on me, and we both certainly had fun."

"I know, but you're my daughter, and..."

"And mom has been gone a long time, and to the best of my knowledge you haven't fucked anyone since, so you were definitely due."

We laid there quietly for awhile in the dark. I have no idea what my father was thinking, but all I knew was I couldn't imagine a more perfect night than this. I hiked my right leg up on to him and cuddled in closer for warmth. As I did, my shin brushed his cock, and I discovered he was already aroused again. He looked down at me with an expression of guilt, and I just smiled back, leaned up to gave him a kiss... and then traveled my way back under the covers.

... just as I did for many, many nights after that.

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Great Read, enjoyed it a lot!

Exactly how the old farm houses are, too... one big draft - were built with newspaper, etc, for insulation. Descriptions here are great... This was written REALLY well.

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