tagGay MaleShelter in the Storm

Shelter in the Storm


The town was under assault by the weather, it seemed. Not an uncommon occurrence in this seaside town; once a decade or so, a combination of heavy rains, high winds, and high tides battered the place, flooded the streets and yards. It was frustrating, but worth it to be able to live beside the ocean. Though when the storms came, it was hard for some to remember that it was worth it, as they packed up their most important belongings and headed for public shelters.

The high school, intentionally built on the highest ground in town, was crowded, as always during the storms, with people of all ages who had come to escape the rising water. The first had arrived at noon. Now, ten hours later, people still trickled in, either because they'd realized trying to stay in their homes was foolish or because they'd been dragged away from their homes by emergency workers. Each time a storm occurred, someone always refused to leave their home and was seriously injured or killed. The town's safety personnel had become vigilant about ensuring everyone's safety.

But with so many people displaced, the high school was crowded beyond capacity. It was early summer; tourist season had begun, and cottages which often stood empty during the colder months were occupied. Which meant additional people who had had to evacuate. There was barely enough room to breathe in the high school gym. That was why Declan Morrissey was in the office lobby, staring out the window at the driving rain, praying for a swift end to the storm.

Declan despised crowds. He had wanted at first to stay in the cottage he'd rented, but a police officer had come to the door and firmly told him to leave. Now he was stuck here, surrounded by strangers, by noise and chaos that wouldn't end until the waters abated. Whenever that might be.

Fortunately, at this hour, many people were sleeping or at least trying to do so. Crying children had finally begun to breathe deeply, or in some cases snore. Weary parents, exhausted from trying to calm their offspring, had also likely drifted into sleep. Almost no one was outside the gym, with its dubious comforts of cots, blankets, and television; none of those who had left the gym had ventured as far as Declan.

Until now. Hearing footsteps behind him, Declan turned away from the window. In disbelief, he stared at the man walking toward him. "Shane?"

"Declan." Shane came to him and grasped his hand in a firm shake. "I thought it was you. What on earth are you doing here?"

"Cursing the weather gods, at the moment," Declan replied. "I wanted a quiet place to paint for a week or so. Just my luck, the worst storm of the decade decided to come during my week."

"It happens." Shane regarded him silently for a moment. "It's good to see you."

"You too. How have you been? How's Frank?"

"I don't know. We broke up last year. I got the house here; he got the money."

"Sorry to hear that." Had it really been that long since he'd spoken to Shane? It had been far too easy to lose touch with him after Shane had chosen a job relocation over staying with Declan, but Declan had tried. He hadn't wanted communication to stop completely. Evidently he hadn't tried hard enough.

"It's okay," Shane said. "It wasn't unexpected. Things between Frank and me hadn't been good for a long time. Ever, really."

"You seemed to be getting alone well last time I spoke to you."

"Appearances can be deceiving. That's why after five years together, he decided to leave. He knew something I never wanted to admit."

A commotion at the other end of the hallway caught their attention. "I have to go home!" a woman screamed. "My cats! They're going to die!"

Shane rolled his eyes. "Happens every time. After a few hours, people start to go stir crazy. It's a good thing these storms don't happen more often."

The woman at the end of the hall kept yelling, striking out at the police officers who tried to quiet her. "Is it going to be like this all night?" Declan asked.

"No, eventually people will settle down. Do you want to go someplace a little quieter?"

Of course Shane would know how much Declan hated noise and crowds. It had been six years since they'd separated, but that wasn't much time considering how long they'd been together. And how intense their relationship had been. "Yes, quieter would be good," Declan replied.

"Follow me."

Shane led Declan to what appeared to be a custodian's closet and opened the door to reveal a flight of stairs. "Basement access," Shane explained. "There are staircases to the basement in several locations, in case a storm gets bad enough that people need to be away from windows. Hasn't happened since I've been here, but then again, this is only the second storm since I've been here."

"I would have rented someplace inland if I'd known it would be like this," Declan muttered. "So much for peace, quiet, and inspiration."

"The ocean is inspiring. That's why I came here. Come on, there's a room downstairs where we can sit and talk, and not have to hear the cat lady flipping out."

Shane closed the door, and Declan followed him down to a large room furnished with two couches and two armchairs. "There's more furniture in the storage rooms," Shane said. "The powers that be wanted to make sure this was a comfortable place if need be."

"How do you know so much about this building?" Declan asked.

"Frank worked here for a while. And the town gives yearly tours of it so people know where to go and what to expect if there's an evacuation." Shane sat on one of the couches. "So what have you been up to the past couple years?"

Declan sat beside him. "Painting. It's become a living, though I still teach at the university to supplement my income. Those two things take most of my time, but lately stress has been taking a toll, and my doctor advised a vacation. Hence my renting the cottage here."

"So it had nothing to do with hoping to see me?" Shane teased.

"Truthfully, I'd forgotten this was your town. Your letters have a different postmark and return address."

"Yeah, I mail them from work, generally. And you never answer the letters."

"I've answered one or two."

"Yes, I guess you have." Shane hesitated. "Do you remember what I said upstairs?"

"You said several things."

"I said that Frank left me because he knew something I didn't want to admit. Something that affected my relationship with him from the beginning."

"What was that?" Though Declan thought he knew.

"A mistake I made, about six years ago. Something I've wished ever since I hadn't done, but I wouldn't let myself admit I wished I hadn't done it. Until now." Shane turned to look into Declan's eyes. "I shouldn't have let you go, Declan. I loved you so much, and I threw it away for a job I didn't even keep a year. I never stopped thinking about you, wishing we could reconnect."

Stunned, Declan took a moment to respond. "You knew where I was. You could have come back."

"I didn't think you'd want me back. The way things ended was pretty ugly. And I was too proud to tell you I'd been wrong. I wanted to; a few times in those letters, I started to. And then erased it."

"Frank knew how you felt?"

Shane nodded. "I didn't tell him, but he knew. It was obvious whenever I mentioned your name, whenever I called you. He dealt with it for a while; he was the one here with me, after all, and I wasn't running off to cheat with you. But he finally got to the point where he couldn't keep feeling like he was in second place. He gave me an ultimatum: Stop talking to you and about you, or lose him."

"Difficult decision."

"No, it wasn't. I made the wrong choice once. I couldn't do it again."

"You gave up your relationship with Frank for me, and you never told me? Shane, I don't understand. I can see you not telling me how you felt when you were still with Frank, but you said he left you a year ago. Why didn't you tell me then?"

"Like I said, I didn't think you'd want me back. Especially after so much time had gone by. I figured you'd moved on. You never mentioned seeing anyone else, but I thought by then you must have been."

"I haven't seen anyone regularly since you left. I've had dates here and there, but none of them developed into anything more. I didn't want them to."

"Why not?"

"Do you think I could let go of our relationship that easily? I told you how I felt about you before you left, Shane. I told you I loved you, that I wanted us to stay together. But I couldn't just pack everything up and move. I had a life. You had to do what was right for your career; I had to do what was right for mine."

"And it backfired on me, so badly. The new position was nothing like I expected. The work wasn't what I'd been told, and some of my coworkers made being there difficult at best. Prejudice ran high, and while I didn't announce that I'm gay, I didn't make a secret of it either. When I went to my supervisor about the harassment I was getting, he told me that was the price of the lifestyle I'd chosen. I resigned the next day."

"That's horrible. I'm sorry you went through that."

"Yeah. Fortunately, I was able to find a position with another company almost immediately. It doesn't pay as well, but they're pleasant people, and I've been there several years now." Shane rested his hand on Declan's leg. "I couldn't believe it when I saw you in the hall. I've wanted so many times to invite you to visit or go visit you, and I never dared to. But you're here."

"Yes, I'm here."

Declan leaned toward Shane. Their lips came together, and the time they'd been separated seemed to melt away. Declan's arms went around Shane, their bodies fitting against each other as they'd always done. It felt right to hold Shane again. "Why didn't I go with you?" Declan said.

"Why did I leave? How long did you say you're in town?"

"I've rented the cottage for a week. But I don't go back to work until September."

"Then maybe you could stay longer, if you had a place?"

"And if I had a reason."

"I can give you a reason."

They kissed again, tongues entwining, hands moving over each other's bodies. Declan's cock hardened at Shane's touch; how had he lived through six years without it? Shane's hand found Declan's hardness. "I've missed this," he said.

"I've missed you." Declan slid his hands under the back of Shane's shirt. The first touch of Shane's bare skin made Declan's cock twitch. "It's been too long, Shane. Too long without you."

"I agree." Shane sat back and pulled off his shirt. His chest was hard and muscular, even more than it had been years earlier. "I want you, Declan," he said. "I know it's been six years; we barely know each other anymore. But I need you."

In answer, Declan kissed each of Shane's nipples. "I want you too."

They undressed each other slowly, reveling in the sight of one another. Naked, Declan bent and took Shane's cock in his mouth. He sucked, savoring the taste of Shane's precum. "God, Declan, I'd almost forgotten how good you are at this!" Shane exclaimed.

Declan had almost forgotten Shane's taste, but he could never have forgotten completely. It was the first cock he'd ever tasted; the only one he truly wanted. Six years apart couldn't erase their ten years together.

He felt Shane's hand caressing his ass, and shifted himself so Shane could reach his hole. Shane obliged, slowly sliding a finger inside Declan. Declan caught his breath, but didn't lose a beat in his cocksucking. "I remember how much you like this," Shane said softly. "And how much you like something else here. Do you want that, Declan? Do you want my cock in your ass?"

He did. But could he trust Shane enough to relax and let it happen? So many times they'd made love, but the fight they'd had their last day together, the time between that day and this... It didn't matter, Declan decided. No matter what had happened, he still loved Shane. And he still wanted him.

Releasing Shane's cock, he said, "I want it. But slowly. Unless you happen to have a bottle of lube in your pocket."

Shane laughed. "I wish I did. But we've done without before. Lie back."

Declan did. Shane gave his cock a teasing lick, then moved lower to gently suck Declan's balls. Declan moaned softly. After a few moments of attention to his balls, Shane moved still lower and licked Declan's ass. "Yes!" Declan said.

Shane rimmed him until Declan felt himself near coming. "Are you ready now?" Shane asked.

"I think so."

"Then turn over."

Declan turned onto his stomach, head down on the couch cushion, ass in the air. Shane slowly slid a wet finger into him, then two. Declan felt his muscles relaxing to accept the invaders. "That's it, baby," Shane said. "Relax and let me in. How much do you want me?"

"I want you so much it hurts."

"Same here." Shane added a third finger and slid the fingers in and out. "Does that feel good?"

"Oh, yes!"

"Do you want more?"

"I want you," Declan said. "I want you inside me."

The fingers were removed, and Declan felt Shane's cock pressing against his asshole. Shane pushed the head of his cock in, and Declan groaned. "All right?" Shane asked.

"Go on," Declan said. "Please."

Shane slowly pushed further into Declan's ass. Declan breathed deeply and steadily, loosening himself to accept Shane's cock. With slow, steady pressure, Shane was soon fully inside. "Does it feel okay, baby?" he whispered.

"It feels wonderful." Declan moved his hips slightly. "Fuck me, Shane."

Slowly at first, Shane thrust into him. But neither of them wanted it slow. It had been too long since they'd been together; it felt too good to hold back now. Faster and harder, they fucked, until Declan felt his balls tighten. "Shane, I'm going to come!"

"Good. I'm almost there. Come, Declan."


Declan's cum spurted from his cock, covering the cushion beneath him. A second later, he felt Shane tense as his cum filled Declan's ass. Shane pulled out. "That was incredible, Declan."

"Yes, it was."

Shane sat down. "I want to hold you." He laughed. "Sorry; guess you get to sit in the wet spot."

"As though that's something new." Declan moved to a sitting position and leaned his head against Shane's chest. "I'm almost glad the storm forced us from our houses."

Shane put his arms around him. "So am I. God, Declan, I can't believe how much I've missed you. I don't want you to leave."

"We'll have to go back upstairs eventually. We had to sign in when we got here; someone will notice we're gone."

"That isn't what I meant, and you know it. You're only here for a week. I don't want you to leave at the end of that week."

"I did say I could stay longer if I had a reason," Declan reminded him.

"And have I given you a reason?"

"Yes." Declan looked up and kissed Shane's lips. "You have."

"And at the end of the summer, when you have to go back to teaching?"

"We won't think about that now. A lot can change in two months. Perhaps you'll be tired of me by then."


"I can't make any promises, Shane. We need to get to know each other again, learn to be together again. I know you're settled here, you've got your job and your house. I have the job at the university, but as I told you, I don't need it. My art is bringing a good amount of money now. If things go well between us, I might consider staying permanently. Might."

"I'll do my best to persuade you."

Declan smiled. "I know you will." He shivered. "It's a bit cold down here. We should go back upstairs. Maybe it will be quieter now."

They dressed silently, then returned to the gym. Almost everyone was asleep now, including the cat lady. "Where's your cot?" Shane whispered.

"By the far wall," Declan replied.

"Mine's over here." Shane indicated an empty cot several feet away. "Guess we'll see each other in the morning. Tomorrow we'll talk about where you'll be staying the rest of the summer."

"With you, I thought."

"Of course. But in your own room, or in mine?" Shane winked. "Sweet dreams."

"Sweet dreams." Declan touched his hand, then walked across the gym to his cot.

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