Sheriff Duffy


Sherrif Duffy squirmed in his seat as the nubile brunette gyrated in front of him. There was only one other customer in the bar, closing time neared, and he had his head down on the bar, passed out or just relaxing. Duffy smiled and saluted the dancer wwith his glass and a smile. She looked him in the eye and smiled back.

"Take a load off and have a seat," he shouted above the music level. She continued to smile and gladly took the seat next to him.

"Name is Sadie, thanks, my hoofers are really tired at the end of the shift."

Duffy signaled for a drink from the ready-to-close barkeep. He knew what to bring the dusky girl and she gulped the first few swallows greedily.

Duffy admitted, "You really have great moves up there Sadie, I was turned on right away."

"I could see it in your lap. Always good to see you still have it in you to turn guys on, especially experienced lookers."

"You kind of remind of that 'Maniac' girl from a few years back, only with a better rack," he said.

"I'd trade it a minute for Natalie's voice, she probably doesn't have to hump as many guys to make a decent living," she answered with a mock grumpy look.

Laughing, he said "Yeah, and I bet she wishes she could shake her booty half as well as you do and she wouldn't have to shag the ones she does."

Taking another pull on her drink she said "And it is a relief to know I don't need to put out for you in order to work here. Marci said you would show up tonight to help with closing but you were a regular guy. I assume you get compensation, but won't ask how."

"You mean other police chiefs want sexual favors in order for you to dance?", he asked with disbelief.

"Not just the chiefs, some times the whole department," Sadie explained. "Early in my short career, I had to service three guys and one gal in some backwater town, before they would okay my permit to dance." She paused to see how he was taking this all in.

"And I'll bet the woman was the meanest, am I right?," he asked.

"How did you know that? The guys each took about three minutes tops, but this skanky deputy bitch kept me handcuffed to a steering wheel for over an hour while she worked me over."

Duffy said, "There is nothing crueler than another woman with a crank on against a pretty girl. This sounds like a story I need to hear."

"The guys just wanted a quick climax at the office and took their turns but Tiffany made me go off with her in her patrol car." Sadie continued, "She parked behind the ball field, turned off the lights, computer and radio, and told me to strip. I offered to go down on her but she said we would wait until I got naked. I reluctantly stripped in the front seat of the patrol car, Tiffany throwing my clothes in the back seat as soon as I took them off."

"I'll bet you were scared stiff," Duffy said.

"Not as much as I should have been," Sadie exclaimed. "Right away, she made me put my hands behind my head while she shined her six cell on my boobs, nudging them ominously."

"Bet you're pretty proud of these jigglers, aren't ya honey?" Tiffany queried.

"Then she parked the flash on the dash and went to work with her fingers and nails on my nips," Sadie retold the story with a grimace. "She pulled and twisted with one hand while her nightstick was kept across my throat. I really started to sweat when she pulled out cuffs and fastened my wrists to the steering wheel."

"Holy shit," Duffy said, "sounds like you ran into a mean spirited dyke"

"Let's just say she and her nightstick conducted a very thorough search of all my cavities," Sadie continued. "Finally, she sat her pantsless butt on my face while she slapped my boobs red and pounded my pussy with her open hand. I was able to get her off with rapid tongue motion and she let me go, and took me back to the station. I made sure to avoid her the week I stayed in town."

Sadie finished her drink and stood up.

"Thanks for listening to my sad tale and for the drink, think I'll get dressed and head out"

Duffy gulped the last from his own glass and walked over to the door marked 'Private.' He knocked and turned the knob, entering the darkened office. Marci didn't even notice as he approached the desk festooned with papers and ledgers.

He put his hands on the back of her neck and began a gentle but firm massage. She turned and looked up at him with thanks in her eyes.

"Ooh, I need that, keep up the good work, white boy." she smiled.

"Anything to serve mistress Marci," Duffy replied.

He showed up every Friday ostensively to protect the large bank deposit but he was there to make a deposit of his own. Marci had had trouble keeping her liquor license once her husband had run off with a dancer two years ago. Duffy had taken her back with the county board and now took her back every week. Marci had gotten used to the payoffs with her body, it kept her hormones in check and she could focus on raising her teen age daughter. She put the pencil down and leaned back in her chair, relishing the relaxing sensations.

Duffy moved is hands to the front of her blouse and began to unbutton the front. Marci allowed her head to loll while his fingers pulled the shirt open. His fingers insinuated under her bra and gently stroked the smooth dark flesh.

"Did you lock the door? I saw you chatting up the new girl, thanks for leaving her alone," Marci said.

"If I didn't know what I had in here," he said as his hands enveloped her entire bosom, "I might have given her a line. I think yours are nicer." With this he renewed his massage efforts at her neck.

"Hmmm, that sure does feel good," Marci expelled. "Work it a little further down, would you?" She obligingly leaned forward while his fingers walked on down her back. He unsnapped the bra and smoothed his broad, rough hands in caressing circles.

She groaned with pleasure and put her head down on her arms on the desk. He worked her taut back, kneading the muscles, slowly letting his hands come around her ribcage, gently stroking under her dangling breasts.

Marci stood then and turned to face Duffy. She took his head in her hands and gave him an appreciative kiss, full on the mouth. He opened his mouth and welcomed her in, offering his own tongue to duel with hers, darting quickly to her teeth. He let his hands fill with a skirt covered rump, cupping the full weight of each cheek.

The couple ground their loins and breathed deeply of each other. Marci broke first and said,

"Something got you all fired up, I may have to ask Sadie to stay an extra week."

With that, she shrugged the blouse off and reached up to pull the bra down.

"You really think these are nicer than Sadie's," she asked. She put her hands under each large globe and tweaked the nipples erect.

"Her's show up on the stat sheet as 34 C. Pretty good size."

"Yours have gravitas and shapeliness that can't be beat," he answered. He kissed each rigid flesh point as Marci shivered with delight. His teeth sawed the nubbins while she continued to mold each breast to his mouth.

She pushed him back and said, "Whew, I don't know about you but I'm cracking a wet spot."

Marci reached for her skirt zipper and pulled it down. Duffy began with his own clothes, shedding them while he watched. His shirt and Sam Browne belt preceded his shoes and pants. She waited in the pool of her skirt, moist spot showing clearly on the front of her satin panties. A smile teased her open mouth. He finally was bare and she gazed openly at his swollen member.

"Where would you like it, big boy? " She said as her own panties were slowly rolled down and over her hips. She reached in the desk drawer and selected a foil pack from the box and handed it to him.

Duffy stared at the voluptuous, nude woman before him as he rolled on the protective latex, never taking his eyes away.

"It's been a while since we used the floor, how about the carpet right here?"

Marci lowered to her knees, and then placed her hands behind her haunches as she splayed her legs out before him. Further reclining onto her elbows, she raised her knees up and out. Duffy dropped down between them and lowered his mouth to the proffered pudenda. He spread the thick hairs and nibbled at the labia hidden beneath.

Marci collapsed on her back and arched her neck. Her hands reached down and grabbed his hair, pulling his head up and off.

"I can't take a lot of that, lover, she gasped.

"But you can take a little more," he smiled and went back to task.

She slapped the floor and rolled her hips up exhaling "Unnnggh!"

Duffy rose up to his knees and scooted forward. He placed the knob of his prick into the hairy bush and probed, getting a gasp in reaction to his first penetration.

"Oh God, give me more!"

Duffy slowly worked more and more of his pulsating member into the warm folds of her pussy as Marci shuddered and writhed. When their pubic mounds met, Marci began to climax. Duffy wasn't far behind; he only got in a few rapid shoves and grunts before emptying his seed. He continued to pump while Marci vibrated and quivered her delight.

"Lordy, we're like two teens that can't wait," Marci gasped. "I must have been anticipating that more than usual tonight. Thanks for the good ride, cowboy."

"My pleasure, mam. I apologize for being a bit quick on the trigger myself."

Duffy was putting his clothes back on when his radio sounded off. He took the call, an accident not far from the high school stadium.

"Hope Tanya is not involved, call me when you find out, will you?"

"You bet, Marci."

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