tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheriff Duffy Ch. 03

Sheriff Duffy Ch. 03


Lana remained flustered all the way out to her car. She knew she had overreacted to the Sheriff's coercive offer. Her own sexuality had been so confused over the last year or so. Ever since the ill-fated trip to New York last spring, an annual shopping trip to revitalize her wardrobe and recharge her spiritual batteries.

It had begun innocently enough, the usual trip to the Des Moines airport, then waiting for her flight to be called. This trip was more welcome than usual; she had recently severed all sexual relations with her philandering husband. Too much lipstick on the collar, unexplained overnights elsewhere and a genuine fear of catching some dreadful STD from the creep had made her decide to withdraw her own body from the marriage bed they had shared for nineteen years.

She was thankful for her lovely daughter Laura but now received only financial support not the emotional support she craved from the deteriorating union with her husband Wayne.

So, she had been drawn to the exhilarating travel opportunity with great gusto. And, she was pleased to be seated next to a handsome, young college student, returning to the city to work after a visit to his Iowa home.

He too, seemed attracted to her and they talked animatedly the entire trip. His name was Derek, of course, and he worked at a hotel in the city, manning the front desk. She was booked at another hotel close by.

Lana began a subtle flirtation and Wayne ate her up with his eyes. She crossed her shapely legs and batted her long-lashed eyes, all the while, tossing her head like the young girl she felt like.

From his side, Lana looked pretty good, buxom, quick to conversation and willing to smile and laugh at his sophomoric jokes. When she half stood at her window seat to remove her suit jacket, his eyes fastened like lasers onto her shirt front.

Then she twisted out into the aisle to put it away into the overhead storage and enjoyed brushing heavily against his leg. Smiling and apologizing she sat back with a laugh and bounce that held his eyes. Lana felt warmth spread over her chest, focus on the breast ends he was staring at and continue down to her nether regions.

Oh my God, she felt turned on. And he seemed to like her looks, looks no one had openly cared for in many years. On her toilet run, she purposely turned to face him as she slid past him, bringing her upper carriage dangerously close to his face.

While Lana was gone, Derek opened the overhead, memorized a number and made a call on his cell, then another. When they landed, he handed her his card and told her to give him a call if she ever needed better hotel arrangements, and she agreed to next trip.

Lana tried to check into her hotel but was told her room had been cancelled. A convention was in town and all rooms booked. Flustered, frustrated and miffed, she took out Derek's card, called, and he said come right on over. He wasn't on the desk until the next morning but he left word and she was shown to a very nice suite on the eleventh floor, 1111.

There was a fully stocked bar, large king-size bed and even a sunken Jacuzzi. Lana dropped her bags unopened, immediately went shopping before the stores got crowded. She also, called Derek and made arrangements to take him to dinner to thank him. They were to meet in the bar at seven.

Lana went to her room, to luxuriate in a bath, shave, powder and primp for the evening. She would wear her new slinky cashmere top with matching short, but discreet skirt. She opted for a looser fitting camisole instead of a restrictive bra, liking the way her bosom moved under the sweater.

Seated at the hotel bar, on time, Lana asked for a gin and tonic, the same beverage she had chosen on the plane and in her room. Walt the bartender set it in front of her and said no charge.

That anyone who looked as good as she did could sit there for free all night.

Lana blushed, thanked him and asked why. Walt told her to just watch, and sure enough, the room began to fill with single, smart dressed business geeks and hot young couples. He told her; with her body on that stool he would double his business and tips. Turns out he was a friend of Derek, they all laughed together and shared another drink before dinner.

The topic of her room came up and when Walt expressed incredulity at the in room hot tub, she invited him up to see for himself. He demurred and the giddy couple went off to dinner. And wine, maybe too much wine.

Upon reaching her room door later, Lana had invited Derek in for a nightcap, unwilling to let their joyous evening end in the hallway. He turned on soft music, mixed the drinks and invited her to dance. Where, she asked. Right here he said.

She melted into his arms and he began to snuggle his lips to her ears and neck. They swayed to the beat and developed one of their own. His hands wandered from the small of her back to cup her cashmere covered posterior. Lana remembers leaning back and saying something about being married, and Derek replied he had no intentions of permanent union; he just wanted to borrow her.

Lana thought that sounded plausible at the time, befuddled by the music, wine and romance. Soon they crashed to bed and made out like teenagers. After fifteen minutes of necking and heavy petting, they were jolted back to reality when her cell phone jangled.

It was her daughter Laura calling to see if all was okay. At first Lana was distracted by the insinuating hands of Derek, ever stroking and teasing, and then she realized her daughter couldn't see what was going on in the suite.

As Lana described her trip and the room layout, Derek took the opportunity to unbutton her sweater blouse and slide it off. His hungry hands roamed over her satin camisole, then under it. Lana shivered under the caresses while leaning into his nuzzling kisses. His exploring hand feinted upward toward the awaiting globes, and then detoured down to unfasten her skirt.

Lana allowed herself to recline as Derek moved in between her legs and slid the skirt off. His fingers slid up the smooth flesh of thighs, circling ever closer to the gusset of her panties. Kneeling, he suddenly rubbed the flat of his hand directly over the front of her panties, rapidly like he was trying to start a fire. Lana felt the first jerk as her body reacted and may have moaned into the cell phone.

She begged off further conversation feigning tiredness. Derek remover her damp panties and really focused his attention as Lana lay back in a swoon. Palm up, he slowly eased his two middle fingers into her, allowing his index and pinky to frame her outer folds. His warm mouth descended to the top of her moist slit and gently laved her pulsing clitoris.

"Unggghhh", and her hips rolled involuntarily. Derek maintained his genital lip lock, curled his wet center fingers up, while he reached up with his other hand to fasten on an areola. This hand mimicked the other, fingers on either side of the protruding nipple, irritating with friction back and forth while never touching the extended bud.

Lana heard another male voice say "Let me help out there." As her cami was lifted over her breast mounds, Lana clamped her legs together over Derek's ears. She recoiled in surprise when Walt the bartender of all people lowered his head and fastened his own lips over her unattended nipple.

"Nooooo, you guys, we can't...ohhhh," she remembers protesting, as her body shook with another tremor and her thighs relaxed their grip of Derek's head. It wasn't long before a sensual whirlwind over took her middle aged, almost naked body.

Derek used his tongue like a saber, skillfully punishing her gristly nub of nerve endings. Likewise, Walt kicked it up a gear, gently nipping her swollen teat and it hardened more. Her head was thrashing about when it happened.

"Arrrghhh!," Lana shuddered with release of endorphins and God knows what as her orgasm passed over her in a wave, then another. In-between waves, Derek stood, unzipped, fumbled a bit with a condom, and then inserted his dick where his fingers had just been.

He wasn't tender and gentle any longer, he pistoned with a passion. Lana hung on, tried to catch up with his frenzy. Walt had backed off for the moment, Lana could do little more than endure the sound pounding Derek was putting on her.

Derek surged to his finish and Lana remembers regretting him pulling out, but not for long, as he slapped open palms with Walt and watched him step right up to the plate. Lana felt relief being filled again and Walt was slower and more deliberate.

Slow going in and slower coming back out. Slight hesitation, then slow going in....Lana caught up to speed and began to roll her hips in rhythm. They crested at the same time. He stayed in her saddle as her chafed thighs slowly spayed open.

"God, I feel thoroughly fucked," she managed to groan. Walt and Derek exchanged a glance, Derek yelling "Hot tub."

Walt ambled off to get drinks while Lana and Derek re-situated in the Jacuzzi. Soon, they were all tightly squeezed into the unit, hip to hip, sipping more drinks and cooling down, Lana thought.

Walt said with wonder, "Geez, those never go down, do they?" He was staring at her still protruding nipples with awe. "They have been on high beams since you came in the bar."

"Since you got on the plane in Des Moines," Derek countered. "Best ever."

"We need to compare, get out the book."

"What book," Lana wanted to know.

"Er. We keep an album, sort of," he admitted sheepishly. Then it dawned on Lana, she wasn't the first and probably not the last woman they had seduced up here.

"We'll show you, but first, put your hands behind your head'" Walt directed. As she slowly complied, he snapped a picture, a close-up, tits only. Then they gave her the photo book featuring nine other sets of boobs, some of color, all smaller. Then they lifted up on the edge and dragged her thighs apart while Walt refocused and aimed at her pudenda.

Turning more pages, she saw nine other sets of labia, mostly shaved, which she guessed must be the current fashion.

"So this wasn't a chance happening, a coincidence. You cancelled my reservations from the plane," turning towards Derek. She slid back into the tub, realizing she had been set up and tag teamed.

"I fell in lust the first time I saw that set, all firm and high, you all smiles and exuberance," Derek confessed.

"Me, too," Walt added while dipping his head and sucking in a teat. Derek followed suit on the other side, and each soon fished a hand underwater between her legs, Derek on top worming his way into her puffy vulval canal while Walt was underneath, probing her anal sphincter.

Lana set her drink down in a hurray, protesting quickly, "Hey no, guys, I've had enough"

But the two lamprey fastened onto her naked, glistening chest and the impertinent examination of her nether orifices continued unabated.

Lana tried again, "Hey come on guys, quit jazzing me, I can't take any more."

But she soon found herself up on the pool's edge on all fours, her head nestled in Derek's lap, her mouth closing on his newly engorged dick, while Walt took a turn doggy style from the back.

Her evening of debauchery had just begun.

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