tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheriff Duffy Ch. 04

Sheriff Duffy Ch. 04


4: Lana and Duffy

Lana awoke the next morning, alone and with a pounding headache. As she rolled over she was aware of other aches. Recalling her horseback riding days, a phrase came to mind.
Rode hard and put away wet.

Whatever wet there had been between her legs, and it felt like a bunch, was her own. As she vaguely remembered, the boy had always used a condom. Yep there were six lined up on the bedstand.

"Oh my God, they took me six different times," she thought. "I can't even call to mind the number of orgasms but judging by the swampy feel it was several. "

As she swung her legs over the edge of the bed her breasts lolled forward, bringing to notice their own mistreatment. Or at least, thorough handling. The left nipple felt and looked like it had been abraded with a vegetable brush, a result of Walt's mustache, no doubt. The right boob sported hickeys around the nipple.

Stripping for a long soak, she bent over and checked out her rump in the door mirror. Her genitals were red and puffy, like a baboon at the zoo. It would take some time to recover.

Thinking back, the lawyer in her wouldn't allow the thought of forcible rape, she had invited both of them to her room, granted not at the same time or for the purpose of sexual ravishment, but that is what had happened.

As Lana boarded the elevator the next morning to return home, the attractive, young black girl manning the control panel took he all in with a long gaze.

"Did you stay in room 1111," she asked.

When Lana nodded, the girl it a switch and froze the elevator with the doors shut.

"I thought the walk looked familiar, kinda bowlegged and hurtful, right?"

"Yup, that obvious, huh?"

"That and the hickey on your neck. Let me guess, Walt and Derek?"

"You too, huh? Very nice breasts, might I say."

"Not the whoppers you've got." The girl divulged, "I was number six a few months ago, looked and felt just like you. I'm thinking about booking a return engagement for my birthday next week."

"Once was enough for me," Lana replied. "It is painful just to walk. And I feel like if I had sexually ingested a golf ball, it would have fallen out on the way to the elevator."

Laughing heartily, the girl said "Yeah, I know that gaping feeling. But the guys were gentle and very thorough, and I don't get that rolling orgasm by myself, so it makes me a bit wistful."

"Well, enjoy but I'll be happy to get back to domesticity as I know it."

Once home, Lana did have fond memories of the sexual feelings but ordered a rabbit vibrator off the web and found solace there.

Sherriff Duffy had other plans for Sunday night. He purposely scheduled no female companionship that night, allowing himself one night to recharge his batteries. It was chance to check out some of the other trouble spots in town.

No problems at the "In and Out." When he strolled into the bar near the motel, he was surprised to Sadie, sitting at the bat in casual clothes having a argument with a skinny, younger girl Duffy didn't recognize.

The bartender had come around and was in-between the seated Sadie and the standing, angry girl, Annie as it turned out.

Both women quieted when they saw him, even out of uniform. Sadie smiled and said" Hello, Sherriff, glad to see you again."

Annie just glowered. The bartender explained that Sadie had confided to him some personally unflattering remarks about Annie, and that she had overheard and taken exception.

Duffy offered to escort the ladies outside and the barkeep was grateful. He sat Sadie in front and Annie in back.

"Alright ladies, what should we do now,?" he asked.

Annie spat out "Wherever you take her I will find her and kick her ass."

Sadie replied, "I'm okay with getting it over with now, rather than have the little vixen jump me sometime."

"Tell you what, if you two are determined to fight, I have keys to the rec hall and there is a boxing ring in there. No innocent bystanders to get hurt, it is after hours. Whatever we settle there, is settled, no comebacks, agreed?"

"I just wanna kick her ass," Annie sputtered again, a little aggressive with drink. She wore nice jeans and a tank top that didn't have much to cover.

"This little guttersnipe is going down," Sadie countered. She had dressed casually in sweats and long tee.

Once in the cold dark gym space, reality began to set in. Both lost some bravado and bluster. Were they going to go through with it, a real fight? Duffy hoped both would come to their senses and back off, but it was not to be so.

"Okay, so no eye gouging or bone breaking but otherwise, no rules," Annie proposed.

Sadie took a corner and started shucking her clothes and putting them in a pile.

"Whoa, you trying to show off for bubba here, let him see you naked?" Annie was perplexed.

"He already has, I'm an erotic dancer over at the club. I don't want to get any of your blood on my lounge wear," Sadie replied.

"Well, I'm not stripping down while he is here, but it will be nice to have someone referee for us, to keep you honest. Erotic dancer is another name for 'whore', isn't it?

"This from a girl who was lap dancing on several bulging laps at the bar."

Duffy thought Sadie looked better naked here than she had with all the glitter and lights at the club. And she was comfortable without her duds. Annie had stopped undressing at a very tight bra and matching panties.

They came face to face in the center of the ring, menacing each other with glares. Duffy asked if they really wanted to go through with this.

"Hell yes," spit Annie. "And to sweeten the pot I propose the loser by submission has to fuck someone from the bar that the winner picks out, since you're a whore anyway, you shouldn't mind."

"I don't plan to lose that's why I don't mind who you have to fuck, you were probably gonna take them all on later. Sadie asked "But let me get this straight, no rules but for eyes and bones?"

Duffy thought this sounded familiar and flashed back to the "Butch Cassidy" movie, Annie showd no sign of recognition.

So, she was caught off guard when Sadie punted her foot right between Annie's widespread thighs, hitting the gusset of the sluggies dead center. Annie clutched her crotch and went down in a heap, moaning.

Duffy backed out of the ring and sat in a folding chair. He watched Sadie, heavier by thirty pounds or so, sit suddenly on Annie's back, expelling another moan of despair.

"I think a spanking is due." Sadie rolled the panties down and lifted the smaller woman over her own lap and began smacking the proffered ass. Soon the buns were bright red and stinging. Sadie turned her attention elsewhere.

"Let's see what is under here that you didn't want to show."

Sadie sat on the small of Annie's back and unclasped the bra. The gasping girl was rolled onto her back.

Sadie plumped right back down on Annie's heaving stomach with her naked buns, took the loosened bra and flung out of the ring. "Hey Duffy, what letter comes in the bra alphabet before A cup , cuz here they are?"

With that, Sadie plucked at each small nubs seated on a barely visible mound. Annie writhed around and tried to displace the heavier woman by rolling. When that failed, she brought her long skinny legs up from behind Sadie, hooked her shoulders with them and pulled her back to the floor.

Both women scrambled to their feet. Annie came up in a boxing stance and started throwing jabs toward the taller Sadie's face. She blocked most blow with her own hands and her elbows protected her chest, but occasionally Annie targeted the belly, and found a home for the jab.

Sadie felt fit from dancing long hours, but had neglected common exercises like sit-ups and crunches. Now she was suffering for it. She couldn't take a lot more of this, so she rushed the smaller girl and wrestled her to the ground. Annie grunted as Sadie locked her legs around the smaller girl and began tightening the hold. Struggling for each breath and pounding the large thighs in front of her, Annie couldn't pry them apart.

The two girls fought with their hands, clawing at each other's chest, Annie had more targets to aim for but was losing capacity to continue the fight. In desperation, she leaned up and bit the soft flesh on Sadie's inner thigh, causing a scream and release of pressure.

"You little bitch, biting."

"It's as fair as kicking a girl before the match starts."

Both fighters were breathing hard now, the fun was gone. Each a bit wearier, they circled looking for an opening. Annie started punching again. When she missed the tender belly she would hit the kidneys if Sadie turned too much.

Sadie telegraphed her lunge the second time and Annie sidestepped, chopping the exposed kidneys as they rushed past. Sadie was beginning to wilt and Annie sensed it. Each girl woman was sweaty with fatigue and effort.

Annie kept slinging short, stinging blows and Sadie kept backing up, till she hit the ropes and stopped. Feinting a high blow to the face, Annie had Sadie cringing, then came with an uppercut to the abdomen and the whoosh was audible

Sadie lowered her hands to her aching belly, but Annie grabbed them and placed them on the ropes. Then she kneed the taller Sadie below the navel. Another fold in the middle for Sadie and she slumped to the mat face down, but still on her knees.

Annie crouched down and pulled the fallen foe's legs further apart, then stood and delivered her own groin kick. "Oh sorry, I was trying to kick your ass as promised, how could I miss such a large target?"

Sadie was pulled out of her jackknife position and stretched out on her back, groaning all the whle in protest. Another "Whooomph" was heard as Annie sat her butt squarely on Sadie's belly button and bounced up and down a few times.

What ever air was left in Sadie was forced out. Annie pinned the almost listless arms of her foe under her legs, and went to work on the large globes scrunched up between her legs. She slapped and poked and twisted, till Sadie was crying out for her to stop.

"Just submit, porker and then I'll stop," Annie paused then resumed her abuse. Tiring of this, she stood up, leaned over and grabbed a boob in each hand and hauled up, Sadie coming off the floor holding onto Annie's wrists.

"It's too bad you shaved it all off down there, I was planning on tearing it out curl by curl and stuffing it into your loud mouth."

Once more leaning against the ropes, Sadie was helpless to prevent the knee sinking into her belly.

"I submit," she groaned reluctantly..

She knew she had lost more than a fight.

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