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Sherman And Sherman: Only For Women


Sherman and Sherman

Only For Women

"Laura and Jennifer here with our show tonight about female orgasms."
"I'm Laura and I'm a sex therapist.

My sister Jen is a medical doctor."

"Welcome studio guests, to our exciting show we have for you tonight."

"We'll have expert guests and discussions with our audience on what turns them on enough to get them off, how long it takes, and how many times they can do it at once."

"What turns you on, ladies? The right man, a sexy smell, a body rub, a fancy dinner out?

Do you have special techniques that always work?
Do you use toys, clothing, or a special setting to make it good for you?
How many of you have a clitoral and/or a "G" spot orgasm? Can you cum without anyone even touching these areas? How many of you are multi-orgasmic? That is, can you have multiple orgasms or a seemingly continuous orgasm that lasts for a long time?

We'll be exploring these and other areas relating to female orgasms tonight. Later, we will have a question and answer period and will attempt to answer all your concerns."
"Let's get right to our first professional expert, Dr. Jackie Mulano, who has a PHD in physical science and a clinic for singles and couples who have sexual relation problems, or who just wish to increase their or their partner's sexual abilities."

"Welcome, Dr. Mulano."

"Thank you, I'm glad to be here, and, please, call me Jackie. It sounds more friendly and intimate. That is one of the first steps to having pleasurable sex - breaking down the communication barriers and learning to feel comfortable with those close to you."

Laura: "OK, Jackie, that's a good start. What can you tell us from your research figures?"

Jackie: "Our surveys show some interesting data, like between 10 and 15 percent of women have NEVER had an orgasm of any kind. 50% of women do not have orgasms on a regular basis, and only 30% have orgasms from normal heterosexual sex. Many are unaware of their "G" spot or how to stimulate it. Most women WANT more but don't know how to get more. I hope we can help them in their quests to achieve orgasms whenever they desire."

Jen: "We have mentioned our 20 methods to increased sexual pleasure in a previous show. One method involves the couple shopping together for sex toys. I see you have brought some to show our audience. Would you tell us some more about them, please?"

Jackie: "Sure. These are powerful ways to increase the libido in both sexes. One toy I particularly like is the remote control butterfly."

Laura: "A butterfly? You mean it really flies?"

Jackie, laughing: "No, it is a type of vibrator that the woman can wear over her genital area, in her panties or even without underwear! It is shaped like and looks like a butterfly, hence the name. It makes contact with the clitoral area and is completely hidden from the view of others. She can use the small remote control to give herself pleasure whenever she desires, like in her car, on the train, even in public places. AND, if she is in a good, trusting relationship, her lover can use the remote control to drive her crazy at times like dinner at a nice restaurant, at the show, etc. I know one well-known female CEO who has one. She is so busy that she can use it between meetings and during frequent travels, and it is even rumored that she used it once during a board meeting!"

Jen: "Wow! That sounds very exciting."

Jackie: "Yes, it is. And another new toy is the crystal dildos. Actually Pyrex. They are clear and clean - they can be totally washed and sanitized because they are non-porous. And they can be heated or refrigerated with no problem. They hold their heat, unlike other materials. Can you imagine using a heated one almost to the PONR, point of no return, then inserting one fresh from the fridge? It's quite an experience, believe me! Their premiere device is called the 'Grand Slam'. It has a shorter head on the rear, just right for the sphincter muscle, then a longer length specifically tested to give the 'G' spot maximum stimulation, and a clitoris massager, all swept up to a convenient handle for self-use. It has been extensively tested and refined to perfection."

Laura, smiling: "That is quite a device. I would like to try that myself." Jen, laughing: "Get in line, Laura. I saw it first. Jackie, you have mentioned different physical stimulation items. What about techniques that individuals or couples can use?" Jackie: "There are many various techniques that couples or singles can use. Couples should communicate their needs to each other, not just during the sex act, but at various times away from the bedroom. They could both drop sexual innuendos and hints throughout the day, things that will excite their partner's imagination. Wear some sexy underwear or lingerie and give your partner peeks during the day of what is to come later. Set the mood with a nice dinner, (But not a big one), candles, soft music, or whatever will make you forget all your other troubles and SEE your partner. Edible oils are good for massages, as is other contact with fingers, hands, arms & legs, tongues, whatever."

Laura: " We read about a specific technique, the Venus Butterfly, in your book. Please describe that for us."

Jackie: "Certainly. It can be done to yourself, but is better with a partner. After sufficient preparation and foreplay, and when you are both ready, your partner starts by lying in between your legs, looking up toward your face, with his or her mouth over your genitals. He starts by licking your clit with quick, soft strokes, about 10 or 20 times or so, then he moves his tongue down the vaginal opening, and up and down between the lips and opening several times, nice and slow, not touching the clit. Then he returns to the clit with the fast, directed, almost vibrating strokes and repeats the process over and over again, from clit to vagina and back."

Jen: "How long does he keep this up?"

Jackie: "Until she reaches about 80% of the PONR, or climax point. Then he inserts a finger or other device into her vagina and starts massaging her 'G' spot, on the upper wall, about an inch and a half inside, close to the urethra. He can pat it or rub it, whatever SHE likes best, while continuing the external technique with his tongue."

Laura: "How does he know when to insert his fingers?"

Jackie: "Good question. She tells him! Like, '80, 80', or 'NOW, NOW', or whatever words or sounds she wants, to give him the ok to proceed to the next level. If they communicate like this, she will be getting maximum stimulation and he will know that he is providing her ultimate pleasure. Slight adjustments may need to be made because we are all different. Besides, why would you continue to let someone use unpleasurable techniques on you? TELL HIM! But tell him what is good, not just what he is doing wrong. None of us want to be criticized."

Jen: "We have three members of our audience who have learned the Venus Butterfly technique. Welcome, Sherrie & Rod, and Tanya. Tell us about your experiences. Does it really work?

Sherrie: "Oh, Yeah, it's the most luscious feeling I have ever had. And it was fairly easy to teach my husband Rod how to do it. We are fairly open and willing to try new things to keep the excitement in our marriage. We still have regular sex but he doesn't have to worry if he doesn't get me off, and I don't worry about trying to cum every time, because I don't and won't. I know that he is loving and caring enough to do this for me when I need it. In return, I give him whatever he wants. It's a win-win situation for us." Sherrie is a pretty wavy-haired brunette, in her early 30's, about 5'9", tan, thin looking build because of her height but not skinny at all. Rod is 6'0", tanned, better that average looking, and very fit. Rod: "It's a lot of fun for me. I have always loved eating her anyway, and now I know how to give her the most pleasure. And I don't worry about being perfect during normal sex because we both know that the other person will do something later to make up for the little imperfections. Since the pressure has been taken off our lovemaking, we are actually more relaxed and even have better 'normal' sex now."

Sherrie, hugging Rod: "Maybe variety really IS the spice of life. It's all good."

Tanya: "I'm single and not in a long term relationship. In fact, I think I'm bisexual. I really like a man inside me, and beside me. However, they often do not satisfy me. The better ones are willing to try the Venus Butterfly on me, and most can learn it sufficiently enough to give me pleasure. And, I have been with a few women. They understand a woman's feelings and are able to learn this very quickly, and do it with much skill. I'm really glad I learned this technique and can share it with others." Tanya is in her late 20's, streaked hair, around 5'7", full-breasted, about 130lbs, not fat but more of a solid woman.

Laura: "It appears to be a good technique. Maybe we can get a demonstration later in the show. Thank you for coming today. But now, Jennifer is with 23 year old Debbie who says she has never had an orgasm, ever."

Jen, sitting next to Debbie: "Thanks for coming down to share your story and seek help. We know how difficult it is to go public with such a personal problem as this and we commend you for seeking help. You are a beautiful natural blonde with a nice figure. Everyone would assume that you are having great sex all the time. So, you've NEVER had an orgasm?"

Debbie: "No." Debbie is about 5'6" with 34B/C cups, with a trim waist and round hips, highlighted by smooth white skin with pretty legs peeking out past her above-the-knee skirt.

Jen: "And you are sexually active?"

Debbie: "Yes, for 4 years. And I enjoy having sex. I just don't cum."

Jen: "Have you tried masturbation?"

Debbie: "Yes. It feels good, but I don't cum, so why bother?"

Jen: "Have you ever had oral sex performed on you?"

Debbie: "Yes, and it feels good, but no fireworks. I always get a good feeling with sex, then it just doesn't get better or more intense, and feeling actually declines."

Jen: "So, you obviously WANT to have an orgasm, and it isn't because you don't like sex. You should see your doctor and get your hormone levels checked out. Unbalanced levels can cause diminished desire. Some drugs, even birth control pills can cause a numbing of the senses in the skin. Anti-depressants can also cause this lack of sensation condition, but you said you are only taking birth control pills. After checking with your doctor, you might want to try a different type of them to see if that helps."

Laura: "Our research and practice has shown that some trauma when you were a child, such as incest or rape, could cause a response like this. Did you have anything like that happen to you?"

Debbie: "No, I had a normal childhood and loving parents."

Laura: "Also, if you had some negative experience the first time you tried sex, it may have turned you off. Like if the guy was too rough, self-centered, uncaring, or only in it for himself. We would have to explore this more in a clinical setting, where we could get into more details. And Jen can give you the medical workup. We'll make the arrangements after the show if you like."

Jen: "In the mean time, would you like to try the RC Butterfly while we continue the show? We can judge your sexual stimulation right here, among friends who all want you to succeed in your quest for the big 'O'."

Debbie: "Yes, why not? I'll try it; and I'll make an appointment to see you both later for those other checkups."

Jen: "Good, Debbie. We'll get you all strapped in and ready during the commercial." We'll be right back after these messages."

Sexy female voice over video demonstrating the product: "Brim, the anal contraceptive with Vaseline and Novocaine for easy penetration without pain." Girl, moaning: "Ohhh, Fill it to the rim, with Brim!"

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