tagInterracial LoveSherri's Secret: The Beginning

Sherri's Secret: The Beginning


Before I get started, let me outline a few important parts so that you can understand things better. Sherri was a petite twenty-eight years old, 5’4”, 115 pounds, with brown hair, green eyes, and 34b breasts. All the stories in this series, Sherri’s Secret, are true. Sherri and I had been married for about 5 years. Our sex life had spiraled down into non-existence. Just as we were about to get a divorce we decided to give things one more try. During a conversation one evening, Sherri revealed to me that when she was in college she had had several black lovers. At first I was shocked to say the least. Then I started to think that maybe this was the answer to our problems and I did find it a little erotic. I thought that we would explore this side of her sexual desires and maybe it would bring us closer together. I was wrong.

All we had done to explore the new fantasy was talk about her fucking black men. Sometimes we would talk about it while having sex and it greatly improved things from how they had been in the past. Other times we would just talk about it in casual conversation. Eventually, I will write about the experiences she told me about from before we ever met but for now I will start where it began for us.

We had returned from spending Christmas with her parents to find the package waiting on us. I figured that a good way to bring more reality into our new fantasy would be with an appropriate sex toy, so before we had left I had ordered a life like black dildo for her. We both sat on the sofa as I unwrapped the package. It was a realistic nine-inch black dildo that was about two and a half inches thick. I still remember the way she looked at it when I finally took it out of the box. I could tell that it struck a nerve in her, as if it brought back memories.

I was all ready to watch her put it to use. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if she could fit it inside her. To my dismay she said that she wanted to wait until she was in the mood. I didn’t argue since by this time I was used to her not being in the mood. I tucked the toy away in the box under the bed where we kept the rest of the unused sex toys and wondered if I had spent fifty dollars for nothing.

A few days later we had returned home early from having dinner. Sherri smiled and told me that she was going to take a bath. I knew this meant that she was probably planning on us having sex. So much for spontaneity. After she had had enough time to actually bathe, I went into the bathroom and sat down next to the tub to make small talk. Basically, I was trying to find out just exactly what kind of mood she was in. When it became obvious that things were looking good I asked her if she wanted to try out our new toy. She replied with a half-hearted “Sure…OK” or something like that. I was excited to say the least as I went to retrieve the black dildo. I knew I was about to cross the threshold into discovering a part of my wife that had remained a secret from me until now. My curiosity was divided. First, I wondered if she could get it inside her. I was pretty sure that she could since she had told me about some of the black men she had fucked and how big their dicks were. I was also thinking that maybe I would find out that my wife had a little whore in her, at least when it came to black cocks. I had no idea at the time how right I was about that part.

I walked back into the bathroom with the big black cock, handing it to her. Immediately, I could see a strange look in her eyes and her mood changed. It was as if she had been handed a new challenge that she was going to enjoy. The dildo had a suction cup base so it could be mounted to a flat surface. First, she stuck it to the wall of the shower in front of her. She was on her knees. I could tell from the sly smile on her face that this position brought back some pleasant memories for her. However, before she allowed herself to reveal just how much she was enjoying the fantasy she took it down. Looking back on it, it is obvious to me now that she was trying to hide her true feelings. I realize more now that these feelings were like an addiction that she had kicked and was gladly returning to.

I watched as she manipulated the thick black dong in her hands and acted like it might be too big. This too was a deception on her part. She stood up on her knees and affixed the dildo to the floor of the bathtub. She was facing me as I was sitting next to the tub where I would have a perfect view. She made it a point to position herself so that I would be able to see her take the cock inside her. Either she did this purely for my entertainment or to prove something to me. I suspect the latter.

Straddling the cock, she lowered herself down until the head parted her lips slightly. Then, slowly, she slid down. I watched as her eyes closed and the huge black shaft disappeared inside her. She never flinched as she took every inch of the thick rubber cock. Her breath quickened as she started to move up and down, allowing the dildo to pump in and out of her pussy. Any doubts I had had about her being able to take the length and thickness in her pussy was gone. I am sure she knew all along that she would have no trouble.

Sherri was in another world as she rode the cock. I watched in amazement as she impaled herself time and time again, whimpering and moaning softly each time she hit bottom. Regaining some of her consciousness, she said, “you can’t really see like this.” She pulled the dildo off the tub floor and stuck it to the wall so that when she turned around and bent over it would be at the same height as her pussy. Reaching back and taking the shaft in her hand, she guided the head to her opening and then rocked back. I could see perfectly as she took every bit of the huge black tool inside her body. Once she had fit it all in she started to rock back and forth, allowing the cock to fuck her.

“It feels so real”, she whispered.

I knew then that she must have been comparing, or remembering what a real cock this size felt like inside her. I stood watching for several minutes as she filled herself full of the shaft, over and over. Suddenly she decided that she wanted to go get on the bed. Sherri lay down on the bed and spread her legs as I stood over her. She asked me if I was just going to stand there. Maybe she thought I was feeling left out, which would have been fairly easy. I told her that I was just going to watch for a minute. She didn’t seem to care as she spread her legs even wider and pressed the head of the black dick against her pussy lips. It slipped inside easily. Obviously, she had taken cocks of this size before and I made a mental note to inquire about that when the opportunity arose.

Slipping back into her own little world, she stuffed every inch of it back into her pussy and started to fuck herself with it. After a few minutes I joined her on the bed and took over. I worked the thick shaft in and out of her cunt. When I felt she was ready, I asked her to compare the size of the dildo to each one of her former black lovers.

She said her first one was longer but not as thick. The second and third were slightly bigger. The forth was a lot smaller. The fifth and sixth were about the same size as the toy. But the seventh one was “longer and a lot thicker”. I couldn’t imagine her being able to take much more than this. She said that she couldn’t have had sex with him again if she had wanted to because it hurt. I thought to myself how I would have liked to see him fuck her, but why I would is still a mystery to me.

I picked up the pace and pumped the black dick in and out of her, faster and harder. She started to squirm and grip the sheets in her hands. I knew she was going to cum hard.

“Do you like watching me get fucked by a big black cock?” she asked.

I never would have thought I would ever hear her say anything like that.

“Yes”, was the only reply that I could think of.

“What does my pussy look like?”

I knew then that she was getting off on this in more than a physical way. Not really knowing what she wanted to hear, I told her it was all red and stretched. It was. Her lips were stretched wider than I had ever seen them. I continued pumping the fake cock in and out of her. All the while I wondered what or who she was fantasizing about. I wondered where this was going to lead us and how far it would go. It was clear that I had started something here and I wasn’t convinced that I liked it but it was certainly too late. She arched her back and screamed as she started to cum, her pussy full of black cock. She came harder than I had ever seen her cum before, so hard that it brought tears that ran down her cheeks. For and moment I thought that maybe she was upset but quickly realized that her orgasm had just been that good.

Slowly, I let the dildo slip from her pussy. Her lips were stretched and her hole gaped open as if ten men had fucked her. I moved between her legs and slid my cock inside her. Her pussy was loose as hell. Actually, I could barely feel the sides. It must have been apparent to her because she asked me, “can you even feel it?” I said, “yes”, but I really couldn’t feel much. While I fucked her, I imagined that some big black guy had just got finished fucking the shit out of her and I was getting my shot at it now. It made me think of her as a whore, still my wife, but a whore, and it was a big turn on. As I was fucking her, I started to imagine that she was sucking his cock. Then I thought, “what the hell, see if she will put the black dildo in her mouth”. Might as well put it to use.

“Put it in your mouth”, I said as I held the cock toward her face.

“How did I know that was coming”, she said as she took it in her hand. She said this as if it was all my idea but I soon found that she wasn’t exactly repulsed by the task.

She turned her head to the side and took the head in her mouth as if this fantasy man was kneeling beside her. Her lips stretched so wide around the cock that it looked absurd. I was surprised when she actually started sucking on it as if it were real. She could only get about three or four inches in her mouth because of the thickness. Holding her knees back to her chest, I fucked harder as I watched my petite young wife work the black rubber cock in and out of her mouth. I could tell she was fantasizing about it being real, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten into it the way she did. I knew from everything that she had told me that she had sucked most of her black lovers’ cocks. A couple of them she had sucked many times. I also knew, from her own admissions, that she had swallowed the cum of at least two of them many times. I suspect now that she probably sucked all of them and always swallowed their cum.

I pictured her sucking a black cock and it exploding in her mouth and her swallowing all of it as she had done many times before. That’s when I came, filling her pussy full. Afterwards, we just lay there for a while not speaking. I didn’t really know what to say and wasn’t sure if I should ask what she was thinking. In a way, it was almost like she regretted the whole thing. On the other hand, it was easy to see how much she had enjoyed it. It reminded me of an alcoholic who had been clean for several years and then one day…took a drink.

That was the end of the sex that night, but it was the beginning of our final destruction. More later…

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