tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSherry's New Job Ch. 06

Sherry's New Job Ch. 06


Sherry was happy for the break. A dark colored SUV had stopped at the curb, the driver engaged in an animated discussion with Candy. Andrea was gone with a customer. Sherry leaned on the mailbox and lifted her sore foot from the high heel she had been wearing all evening. She didn't know how the other girls did it. Her feet were killing her. Candy's heels were even a couple of inches taller than hers, giving the young girl the illusion of being much taller than her actual five feet.

"Hey, Sherry! Come here!" Candy waved from where she leaned against the SUV's passenger door. Sherry jammed her foot back into her shoe and walked to the curbside. Candy looked into the darkened truck questioningly. Sherry heard the voice from within. "She'll do nicely. So, $200?"

"Each," corrected Candy. "Each," Sherry heard the voice agree. Candy grinned at Sherry. "Hop in. We've got work to do." Candy climbed in to the passenger seat, directing the driver to the parking lot up the street as Sherry climbed into the back.

Once they were safely parked, in one of the parking lot's pools of streetlight, the driver leaned in, with a few tugs pulling flat the rear seats, opening the back of the truck into a long, open platform. Sherry climbed in, followed closely by Candy and the driver.

Candy smiled at Sherry, leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "Just follow my lead." The younger woman shifted herself closer to Sherry, moving one arm around her shoulder, turning to face her. Still smiling, she leaned close to Sherry, bringing their faces even, and then she shifted forward, so that their lips met.

Sherry was so startled, she pulled away briefly, but Candy pulled her back close, kissing her more fiercely this time, lips open, tongue extending into Sherry's mouth. Still surprised, but remembering Candy's admonishment to "follow her lead", Sherry opened her mouth wider and flicked her own tongue up to intertwine with Candy's.

Candy's hand brushed across Sherry's belly, under her camisole, rising up until it cupped her breast. Candy's finger extended upward, flicking playfully across her hardening nipples, and she lifted Sherry's hand to her own chest. Sherry felt the swell of Candy's breasts beneath her filmy tank top, and without thought she cupped them and massaged them gently through the thin fabric.

Now Candy had grasped Sherry's camisole, and pulled it up over her head. Candy's face dropped to Sherry's chest, her lips and tongue seeking out her sensitive nipples. Sherry threw back her head, a moan bursting from her throat. Smiling, Candy looked up from her efforts, and Sherry peered into her eyes, surprised at how young and innocent Candy looked in the half-light. Candy turned her face away again, trailing her tongue down Sherry's torso to her navel, the girl's hand slipped under Sherry's skirt, her fingers probing under the g-string and slipping slowly into Sherry's dark moist crack.

The sudden shock of Candy's fingers entering her and twisting upwards to stroke her most sensitive inner recesses caused Sherry to start, her hand clutching involuntarily onto the young girl's shoulder. Teasingly, Candy withdrew her fingers, brushing them lightly up and down over the outer threshold of her vagina. "Not yet," she laughed.

Straightening, Candy pulled her own top over her head, tossing it into the corner to lay in a heap with Sherry's discarded garment. Sherry shot a glance at their client. He was sitting, legs apart, back against the door. His cock was out, and he was stroking it gingerly, a huge grin splitting his face as he took in the two women's play.

Sherry could now see that Candy had pulled free her remaining garments. In the dim light, she could see that Candy's crotch was shaved smooth and hairless, giving her a childlike appearance, though her actions were anything but childlike, as she rose to her knees and pulled Sherry's face to her chest.

Sherry knew what she had to do, and she flicked her tongue across Candy's small nipples, sucking them into her mouth, using her tongue to bath them in hot saliva. She moved from one to the other, her hand caressing the vacant nipple, until she felt Candy's hand push down upon her head, gently at first, then with more urgency. As Candy rocked backward, Sherry felt her face guided down, past Candy's navel to the more intimate regions below.

Sherry had never paid that much attention to other women's private parts, certainly she had never seen another woman's pussy as close as Candy's was now presented to her. Hairless, her legs parted, Sherry was surprised at how different Candy's slim lips looked from her own large, protruding labia. Almost more from curiosity, she reached forward to tug wide Candy's opening, seeing the depths beyond. She felt Candy's hand push more insistently, and Sherry dipped her mouth to the glistening hole before her.

Sherry had some idea of what to expect. She had licked her fingers to provide moisture as she masturbated in the past, had kissed lovers fresh from pleasuring her orally. She knew what her own juices tasted like, but surprisingly, Candy tasted different. She had the same musky taste Sherry was sure all women shared, but there was something else, something minty. Some sort of douche, Sherry suspected. Not at all unpleasant. After a few strokes of her tongue across the outer lips, Sherry pushed in with more force, her tongue pushing in and out of Candy's dripping hole like a small, muscular cock. She felt her mouth fill with Candy's juices, felt them smear across her chin.

Candy's hips twisted and rocked. Lifting her head from her partner's crotch, she saw that Candy had twisted her torso, and was now busily bobbing her head up and down on the driver's dick, sucking him as he stared across Candy's belly to where Sherry worked. Realizing she would have to work harder to keep Candy's attention, Sherry inserted two fingers into Candy, dropping her mouth to the small fold of skin that hid her clit. Obligingly, Candy pulled back on the hood, her small button coming to the fore. Sherry knew how she liked her own clitoris pleasured, and hoped that Candy was similar, as she set to work, alternately sucking hard on the fleshy pearl and teasing it with the barest of touches. Sherry dropped her free hand to her own crotch and began rubbing and stroking herself.

As her tongue flicked faster and faster over Candy's parts, she could hear the evidence of her success, as Candy gasped and moaned. The client, too, was moaning as he watched Candy's thighs contract involuntarily around Sherry's head, pulling her in, until with a yell she clenched Sherry's head hard, grabbing her head, her hips and thighs spasming. Sherry was afraid she was going to suffocate, nose and mouth buried in Candy's crotch, or drown in the flood of juice that flowed from the girl's bucking gash, but soon she was free, as Candy slumped back, her thighs falling wide in release.

Sherry lifted her face from the girl's vagina, pushing herself up to lie beside her. Candy turned to her, a lazy grin of satisfaction on her face. Clearly she had succeeded as well in her efforts to please the client, evidenced by a long wad of semen that decorated Candy's cheek from lips to ear. On impulse, Sherry ran to tongue across her young lover's cheek, gathering the spunk into her mouth, and then pressed her lips to Candy's. As their tongues met, the gobs of semen on Sherry's tongue mingled with the salty wad in Candy's mouth, and for a few moments they amused each other by passing the sticky mass back and forth.

Finally, Candy pulled away. Sherry began to reach for her clothing, until she realized Candy hadn't quite decided to end the game. She felt her pretty young partner kiss her way down her torso, past her navel, to her own trim crotch. With a start, she felt Candy's tongue enter her hole, moving slowly up her parted lips to her hooded clit and back. Sherry was already wet and excited from fingering herself minutes before, and Candy didn't waste much time with the preliminaries. It took her only the briefest delay before her fingers began thrusting in and out of Sherry's wet hole, her tongue teasing Sherry's sensitive clit. Sherry felt the pressure building deep in her belly, forcing its way through her crotch, to the tiny nub of flesh around which her lover wrapped her lips. With a cry her body convulsed, her legs squeezing Candy's head, hips bouncing.

Sherry's mind was swimming, an incoherent jumble of thoughts as she gathered Candy close and hugged her tight. She was suddenly brought back to clarity as the driver cleared his throat, reminding them of his presence, and, now that they were done, his impatience to have them out of his truck. As Sherry pulled her clothes on, she marveled in the sensations she had experienced. This was nothing like the lesbian experiences she had imagined, with cropped-hair dykes slamming their lovers with fat strap-on dildos. This had been so much more soft and intimate than she had pictured.

She remembered that there were a few women at her health club, women that rumor had it swung both ways, or favored their own sex. Sherry had always been uncomfortable around them, avoiding their glances, and staying out of the showers and locker room until she was sure they would not be the sole occupants.

As she climbed out of the truck, and slipped her arm into Candy's, the thought crossed her mind that maybe next time, she wouldn't worry quite so much about that. In fact, she might just try to arrange to find herself alone in the shower or steam room with one of these ladies very soon.

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