tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSherry's New Job Ch. 07

Sherry's New Job Ch. 07


"Shit!" growled Tommy. "Just stay outta the way. These guys is bastards." He hopped off the can he had been sitting on and trotted toward the street. Ray looked across to where he was heading, surprised to see a police squad car pulled alongside the curb, and two cops emerging.

"Wazup, my man?" Tommy stopped hooking his thumbs into his belt loops and nodding his head to the skinny cop that had just stepped out of the passenger door. From the other side, a big, beefy officer approached, flicking a cigarette into the gutter. Tommy nodded. "Officer Carelli. What brings you by tonight?"

"Cut the shit Tommy. Who's the new girl? You holdin' out on us?" The fat cop inclined his head toward Sherry.

"No man. Jus' some temporary help I brought in for the rush." Tommy looked up and down the empty street.

"Yeah, well, even the temps gotta learn that this here is a nice, law abidin' neighborhood we've got, and we don't want it spoiled," the big cop growled, "Right Lance?" He grinned at the other cop, who just smiled and nodded, as he watched Officer Carelli grab the new girl by the arm and tug her towards the patrol car.


Sherry had no idea what was going on. First the cops had pulled up, and walked over to talk with Tommy. She hadn't paid much attention, until a big hand grabbed her arm and tugged her in the direction of the car. She turned to Candy and Andrea, but realized that they had shrunken back away from her and were now standing well apart, their backs to the wall of the building behind her.

She turned in the direction of the tug, as the big cop growled at her and dragged her to the trunk of the car. A hand shoved her roughly onto the trunk and she slumped forward, one arm twisted painfully behind her back, followed soon by the other. She felt the cold metal of a pair of handcuffs snap onto her wrists. A bright light flashed, from where she didn't know. She heard the big cop growl something, and then his face was peering over her shoulder right beside hers. She smelled the odor of stale coffee, cigarettes, and bad teeth, hot on her cheek. "Listen up," he said, as he kicked her legs wide and began running his big hands down her sides, looking, she assumed, for weapons. Tears welled in her eyes.

"Around here, we got laws, and we got rules. As long as you're willing to keep things friendly, we just stick to some basic rules." His hands were now under the tiny skirt, pawing her bare butt cheeks. "Otherwise, the law gets involved. And once that happens, there isn't much I can do to help you. Got it?"

She didn't, but she nodded anyway. The big cop's hand was now cupping her crotch.

"So we're gonna go for a little drive, sort out whether you're going to be a rules kind of girl or a laws kind of girl." He grabbed her by the arm and slung her around the fender, to where his partner held the back door open. She felt herself tumble in.

She wasn't sure quite what to think as they drove in silence, block after block, until Officer Carelli guided the patrol car into the empty parking lot of an old brick schoolhouse. The door opened, and she was once again tugged to her feet.

"So like I was saying," the fat cop stood before her. "Around here, if you're nice to us, we're nice to you. So you got two choices. Be nice, or we're gonna have to run ya in. I'm sure Tommy won't be too thrilled, having to come bail you out in the morning. I'd hate to see that nice skin of yours getting all marked up." The big cop had stepped close, running his coarse finger across her cheek. "So what's your name?"

"Sherry," she whispered.

The big cop pulled her close. One hand reached behind her, tugging up her skirt, while the other moved to her front, pulling down the front of her g-string, and wriggling a thick, dry, rough finger between the lips of her vagina. "My name is Tony. Big Tony. My partner's name is Lance. At least, that's what our friends call us, and I have a feeling we're gonna be real good friends, aren't we?"

Sherry nodded. She felt the handcuffs come loose with a click, and suddenly she was spun around, back towards the car. The other cop was already laying back across the bench seat of the cruiser, his trousers down around his ankles and his hand idly stroking his erect shaft. She knew he'd been staring at her bare ass.

Tony gave her a shove. "Hey, Lance, meet your new friend Sherry."

Sherry knew what she had to do. Reaching down, she untwisted her g-string from where it had tangled around her feet and tossed it onto the floor of the car. Then she climbed in, straddling Lance and shimmying forward until she took his dick from his hand, centered herself over him and plunged down, impaling herself deep on his throbbing member.

At least, this was how she liked to ride. On top. In control. Able to adjust the angle so that his dick hit her in all the right places. She was just getting into a comfortable rhythm when she realized that maybe they had other plans. Lance reached up and tugged her forward, Tony helped with a shove from behind. She tumbled forward, seeing Lance's grinning face, his lips seeking out hers... only to watch it recede suddenly as her head jerked up, eyes wide, propelled by another sensation – the feeling of something huge and meaty ramming itself between her butt cheeks.

Lance was still deep in her cunt, but she realized that in her position, her delicate anus was well displayed to anyone outside the car, and Tony – Big Tony, she remembered, and now she knew why – was certainly taking advantage of this, as he fiercely pushed the huge head of his meaty shaft hard against her tiny butt hole. She knew with Lance already in there, there would not be room, but that didn't stop Tony, as he dipped his hips and then thrust upwards again, redoubling the pressure against the upper rim of her tiny sphincter. All she could do was cry, and gasp, and grunt out inarticulate noises.

And then it was in. Lance had stopped thrusting and it was Tony's turn to start pistoning in and out. She could feel the big penis filling her, the burning sensation as her asshole stretched beyond anything she had imagined possible, the friction as the big head dragged across her colon walls, bumping over the mass of Lance's dick just below in her vagina, the cramping sensation behind her navel as intestine and bladder and other organs were pushed aside to make room for the giant mass pounding so relentlessly into her bowels.

As suddenly as it started, it stopped, and it was Lance's turn again. He pushed up, his dick shifting back and forth in her vagina, his pubic bone grinding relentlessly against her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her, waves that seemed intensified by the fullness she was experiencing.

Back and forth they went, Lance and then Tony, pleasure and pain, the pressure gripping her entire body as Sherry just gasped and groaned and fought to maintain some degree of control. Abruptly she felt the man below her, the one with his cock wedged tight in her cunt, push hard into her a couple of times, and felt the hot rush deep in her loins of his release, his cum splashing deep in her vagina, bathing her cervix. Within a few seconds, she felt his shrinking cock slip from between her soaking, dripping lips, as he panted and sighed beneath her. Only moments later, the big man behind her started pushing hard, and then, as hard and fast as it had went in, she felt his big cock pop out of her ass. As she started to breathe a gasp of relief, he grabbed the back of her neck, spinning her from the squad car and into the parking lot, pushing down as she crumpled to her knees. One hand still behind her neck, she saw the other hand holding hard onto the head of his dick, as he propelled it toward her face. She knew what he wanted, and she had no choice but to open her mouth.

The thick fleshy shaft filled her mouth, pushing hard toward the back. The thick shaft rubbed across her tongue, and she felt it coated with a strange, gooey substance. Not cum, she thought. She had tasted enough of that tonight that she knew the taste and consistency by now. This was thicker... earthier. With a chill it hit her. Shit. She was tasting her own shit, fresh from her ass, eating it from this fat, disgusting cop's horrible penis. She wanted to gag, but she knew she couldn't. She knew that she had to do this. Without thought she pushed her shame, her revulsion, deep inside and instead worked her tongue around the big cock, flicking it along the underside of the head, where the heaviest concentrations of the brown goo clung, pushing the small chunks free with the tip of her tongue. Suddenly the great mass of flesh twisted and bounced hard in her mouth, and her cheeks and throat were burning, awash in his hot cum. She felt some erupt past her lips, drooling down her chin to fall below, though most she held in, swallowing hard to clear her throat, feeling the hot, salty jism and thick globs of shit roll past her tonsils.

As the big cock fell from her lips, she took a deep breath and lifted her palm, scooping the last of the mess from her chin and, knowing what they wanted to see, raised it to her mouth and licked it clean.

"At last," she thought, "this is over," when an exclamation from Big Tony boomed out, "Look at the fucking mess you made, you goddamned whore!" Confused, she looked up, into the bright light of the cop's flashlight, and then quickly turned her head away, looking down, where the flashlight pointed. Sure enough, square on the toe of the cop's dirty boot, she could see a thick glob of semen, shot through with the dirty brown and yellow smears of her shit. "Clean it up!" came the roar from above. She could almost picture his sadistic leer as he added, "Use your tongue. And maybe you should do the other one as well. Give me a nice spit polish, and maybe we'll just let you off with a warning tonight, heh, Lance?"

Sherry knew that somewhere down deep she was stronger than this. She had the strength to stand up, look the pig of the man in the eye, and tell him to clean his own fucking boot. Instead, she leaned forward and dipped her tongue into the congealing puddle. It tasted like what it was – cold shit in cum sauce – but she slurped it up, gulping hastily to keep the vile ooze from sitting on her taste buds any longer than necessary, and then ran her tongue back and forth, feeling it grow coated with the dirt and grit from first one, then the other boot.

When she was done, she got unsteadily to her feet, walked behind the car, and loosed the contents of her stomach all over the parking lot. Amid peals of laughter from the two cops, they guided her into the back of the car again, and as they pulled away, she wiped her lips and chin with a crumpled tissue from the deepest recesses of her purse. She realized it hadn't tasted any better coming up than it had going down, and by the time they opened the door at her corner, she had soon sprayed about half of Candy's breath freshener into her mouth.

"We'll let you off with a friendly warning this time, doll," leered Tony out the window. "Next time we might have to get tough with you."

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