tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSheryl in the City

Sheryl in the City


The set up was perfect. A friend's wife of mine, was going to spend two full days and three nights at my place in the city.

She'd arrive Tuesday night so she could get any early start the next day. On Wednesday, she'd do some sightseeing and then go see a play, and stay overnight at my place again. Thursday she would spend the entire day sightseeing and shopping, sleeping at my place one more night and then return home Friday morning.

While she was skeptical at first about staying at my apartment since we'd never met, her husband reminded her of the $1,000 they'd save in hotel costs thereby giving her more money to shop, that she would have her own guest room, and assured her that I was a nice guy.

In preparation for her arrival, I had set up my video cam in the guest bathroom. Tuesday evening I enjoyed watching the live video of her undressing and taking a shower. Through I couldn't see much of her pussy through her thick bush, she unknowingly placed her cunt lips fully and clearly on display to me when she bent over to pick up her panties after her shower. I would enjoy replaying that segment in slow motion many times in the future.

Later that night I slipped into the guest bedroom slowly, raised the sheets, and found her sleeping on her side, knees up, in panties and tee shirt. I felt her up a little as she lay sleeping, but had to be very careful. She was exhausted from her trip and I'd given her a wine cooler prior to going to bed, but she was not fully primed for what I really had in mind.

In the darkness, and with only the light from the hallway I could see the dark outline of her bush through her thin panties. I had slipped one finger under the leg-band of her panties to graze her thick bush, and slowly lifted the material up to peek at her pussy.

A couple of light strokes along her slit made her moan and turn over onto her back. I ducked down and waited a while. When I stood up again, I gave each tit a gentle squeeze, got a good close up look at her pussy, and then covered her up. I planned to go a lot further the next day.

That Wednesday morning she prattled on about visiting my city, completely unsuspecting that I'd felt her up the night before and was planning to do much more with her when she returned that evening.

So here she was on Wednesday night, totally exhausted from her long day and the excitement of seeing the play. Any mild drug would work on a woman coming to the big city for the first time. The city pumps a lot of energy into a person, especially the first time. It's similar to adrenaline. I gave her a wine cooler (this time with my special blend) to help her unwind. Knowing that she might not accept a second glass, I made the first strong enough to knock her out.

As she sat on the couch relaying her day to me, she mentioned how while the city was exciting, she was also a little concerned when she had taken the subway to get back to my place. She thought a couple of guys were staring at her. As her drugged drink started to take effect, she slurred that she was glad she was safe now and then drifted off to sleep.

And now here she was slumped on my couch, completely mine to explore. Last night, when I had felt her up and gotten my first glimpse of her secret box, I'd done that in darkness.

Now with plenty of light and close up, I called her name and shook her shoulder. Confident she wouldn't wake up, I eased a hand down inside the front of her slacks, and slid my middle finger down past her bush into her warm, dry slit. I gave her pussy a gentle squeeze as I looked into her sleeping face, twirled her clit a few times, and then pulled my hand out and sniffed my fingers.

Earlier that morning, while she had been at the show and shopping, I took the opportunity to check her suitcase and found the panties she had worn on the trip from home. I spent a few moments enjoying her secret scent before returning her panties to her suitcase, and now here I was again with her pussy scent on my fingers.

I then got to work pulling her slacks down and off. As she slumped against the couch in just her panties from the waist down, I sat beside her and gave each tit a gentle squeeze thru her blouse and then eagerly unbuttoned it. I then unhooked the front of her bra and happily revealed her tits. I liked her dark nipples. I leaned forward and gave each a kiss. Then I moved down to my ultimate prize and easily slid her panty to one side.

Her full bush hadn't been trimmed in a couple of weeks. I guess she wasn't expecting any visitors. I pried her slit open with my fingers, and searched for her clit again. It was drugged also, but I would take care of that. Lowering my face to her cunt, I ran my tongue first up on one side then the other, then right up the middle. As I tongued her pussy, slumped and unconscious as she was her hips slowly started sliding down the couch.

Being the nice guy I was, I simply raised her knees onto my shoulders to stop her descent, and then held her in place like that as I worked her defenseless, spread pussy with my tongue and fingers and occasionally reached under her and squeezed her hanging buns.

I was tempted to get up and fuck her just like that, but I wanted to get her at a better angle. My couch has raised padded armrests and they would serve just nicely for holding her in place and at the right height.

It took a couple of moments to get her in position because she was so out of it. However, once I got her hips draped over the couch, her vulnerable furry pussy peeking out at me from below her asshole, I knew it was going to be worth it.

I lined my cock up with her wet cunt and using an in/out motion eased in balls deep, feeling her tightness and heat. I would've loved to fuck her like that right then and there, but not wanting to leave any evidence, and of course being the nice guy I was, I pulled out, took a condom out of my pocket and put it on.

Then I sank back into her fuck hole, and leaned over her back so I could get a hold of each of her hanging tits. Holding each tit in my hands I tested their weight in my palms.

Then I started to fuck her in earnest. I banged her pussy for a about 30 minutes, alternating between squeezing her tits and running a hand down to play with her clit, which was then at full attention. With my steady see-saw fucking motion, I thought I could go another 5 minutes, but suddenly her cunt clamped down on my cock and squeezed. Even though she was passed out, she was cumming and it made me cum too.

Later, I eased my cock into her mouth, and got a semi blow-job as I alternated closing her nostrils when she was about to breath. After getting hard again, I fucked her another time and thought about boning her ass-hole but time was running short and I knew I had to get her cleaned up and into her bedroom. After all, there was still tomorrow night!

Next day in the city She was back from her second exhaustive day of sightseeing. She unknowingly showed me some of her own sights last night and here she was again now bending over to look for the clothes she would wear tomorrow. I could see her panty lines, and knew what her pussy would smell like after she's been running around all day.

I encouraged her to take a shower while I got dinner (and her special drink) ready. As soon as she got into the shower, I slipped in and replaced her panties with an identical clean pair. Later she'd toss them into her laundry bag, not suspecting that I had the ones with her private scent as a souvenir.

While secretly in the bathroom, I couldn't help but video tape her through the opaque stall door as she showered. Her 34c, natural tits just bounced and shimmered as she moved around in the shower. I would make the bounce again in my hands later that night. Her hands moved between her thighs as she spread the shower soap over her body. My fingers would do the same later, though I would linger a much longer between her thighs than she was currently doing.

Later at dinner, she chattered away about her adventures during the day and how much she appreciated me letting her stay over. I could hardly wait for what adventures I had planned for this oblivious guest that evening. In my enthusiasm, I think I put a little more of the sleeping powder into her drink than I normally would have, and the effects were beginning to show even while we were still at the table. I encouraged her to go right to bed, and feeling very tired, she agreed with me, entered her room, and closed (and locked) the guest room door. Could she have suspected something?

It didn't matter because that drug would make her my unwitting, unconscious sex toy for the evening. A short while later, using my key, I silently opened the door and entered the bedroom. She was laying on her side on the bed in just her panties, never having had the strength to put her pajamas on that were right next to her on the bed before passing out. This was going to be fun.

First, I eased the leg band from her panties so I could peer at her pussy. Then, while one hand held the leg band out, I ran a finger from my other hand up into the folds of her warm, dry pussy, then sliding my finger up, I checked out her asshole. I felt her up like that for a little while and she didn't move at all during this intimate exploration.

Since the guest bed was a single, I got the idea that I could swing her around onto her back so that her legs hung over one side, while her head was on the other side. That would leave her all her holes accessible to me.

I started with her open mouth. Easing my hard cock in, I was able to build up a nice rhythm and enjoyed the friction against her tongue. I held on to her tits as I fucked her face. I was literally in heaven!

As wonderful as it felt being in her mouth, after several minutes I knew I wasn't going to be able to cum unless I had some of her pussy. I almost leaped across the bed so I could line her up from there. Moving her panties to the side again, I found her still slightly moist pussy. Using both my mouth and hands, I worked her up properly, and put a condom on before easing my cock into her tightness. I pounded first her pussy and then finally turned her over, separated her ass cheeks and enjoyed her surprisingly tight asshole, wondering if she had ever taken it that way before..

Next morning, she woke up, well rested (and well-used) ready to return to her home and husband. She thanked me again for having been such a nice guy to let her stay at my place, said she hoped she could do it again sometime, and gave me a little souvenir from her shopping, unaware she was already leaving me with a nice video, a pair of her scented panties, and some hot memories.

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