tagIncest/TabooShe's a Big Tease

She's a Big Tease


I had just returned from church and left my girlfriends down the street on this bright summer day as I walked into my empty large home. It was barely noon but it was pretty hot outside already and I couldn't wait to get changed into something more casual and cooler. Then I thought that maybe I would take a dip in the pool later after I had fixed a snack for lunch.

I really didn't know why we needed such a large home when it was just Dad and myself that lived here, but I guess it was the prestige of having a large home with a pool.

I went to my bedroom and completely undressed then put my clothes away on hangers, then I found myself a nice little short skirt that would show off some of my tanned butt cheeks when I wore the skimpy panties that I had chosen. I also found a thin blouse that should nicely display my nipples and a hint of my bra less breasts, and then I laid them on the bed ready for after I had showered.

Even though I was still a virgin and only nineteen years old I was really into the teasing stage and got a big kick out of the looks that my Daddy gave me when he thought I wasn't looking. I know he must have really wondered if my tan was all over and if I had any tan lines at all. Even my male neighbors both young and old seemed to ogle me quite a bit and always gave me a warm cheeky smile.

SUDDENLY out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement but it was much too late as an arm came around me and a white pad was held against my mouth, then the sunlit room turned BLACK.

When I awoke I was laid naked and spread-eagled on my bed, my hands were tied to the bedposts at the head of the bed and my legs were tied to the posts at the base of the bed. A gag was over my mouth and a large cushion was under my bum, which raised me up well off the bed. I was terrified but I moved my head from side to side to see if I could see anyone.

My first thoughts were a burglary as I was already undressed when this happened. I hoped deep down that they would just take whatever they wanted and leave. I knew that Daddy had many valuables around and even more in the safe. Hopefully they would leave me with my virginity still intact. I truly wished that Daddy was home but he wouldn't be back until later in the evening.

Suddenly a man in a black jumpsuit appeared wearing a black mask over his head and in one hand he brandished a big knife in the other he held up a card that told me I wouldn't be harmed if I cooperated and did exactly as I was instructed. Then he sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my breasts before he tweaked my nipples until they were really hard.

Then he bent over and sucked each nipple gently at first and then he sucked harder, while his hand started to stroke my tummy before it went further down into my little sun-bleached blonde bush of pubic hair. His fingers stroked through my soft pubic hair and went further down, much further down. It seemed like his finger curled and poked between my pussy lips then it was dragged upwards and over my little button then it went back down just as quickly.

While he continued sucking on my nipples he kept moving his finger up and down between my pussy lips and I gasped at the shock waves that seemed to be passing through my body. His finger suddenly poked inside my vagina and ran around and around and around the entrance. The feeling was electrifying and I arched my back a little in reaction.

I couldn't understand what was happening but the feeling of terror was slowly turning into a feeling of pleasure as my pussy got wetter and wetter. Now he had two fingers sliding around my entrance then stroking between my wet pussy lips. I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to accept that this intrusion of my body was turning into something nicer than it was in the beginning.

My nipples were aching, I never knew that such feelings could emanate from my breasts and impact on my psyche in such a way. My little button was swollen and inflamed and each time his wet fingers passed over it I felt a huge jolt that seemed to automatically lift my butt off the big cushion stuffed under me.

Everything was happening faster and I was no longer thinking of this man as anything, I was concentrating on the rapidly building feelings deep inside. I started to cry openly as tears ran down my face, I moaned and sighed through the gag, as I thrusted myself upwards. I couldn't stop the intense feelings that were boiling over so I just gave in and accepted them just before I had a gigantic orgasm that almost caused me to blackout.

My eyes were shut tight as I was in sheer ecstasy while the waves of pleasure slowly passed over me and I wasn't aware of anything else in the world. I felt the movements on the bed but I ignored everything, I was in pure bliss. When I opened my eyes all I could see was a big stiff penis and a hand pumping it slowly. Then a card was flashed before my eyes that said: "Lick and Suck it gently and don't stop even when it spurts. Swallow everything or Else. Scream and you die."

He lowered the gag on my mouth before he eased the head of his stiff penis between my lips and then he pushed slowly and almost withdrew. Again he pushed slowly until he had several inches in my mouth then he adjusted his position. "Lick and Suck" he pointed to on the card and I felt I had no choice but to comply.

I took deep breaths through my nose as I swirled my tongue around then I slowly started to suck. He almost laid over me and lifted my legs behind his arms; suddenly I could feel his mouth on my pussy. I could feel his hot breath blowing between my wet lips, then his tongue as it lapped in long strokes between my wet pussy lips from my little inflamed button to my anus.

Suddenly the feelings were back and they were even more intense as I slowly sucked on this big stiff penis. His tongue darted in and out of my vagina and then it went back into the long lapping strokes but even more over my hot little button, then his lips closed around it and sucked. I was panting and fighting for my breath and suddenly he was pushing in and out of my mouth.

His hands came under my butt cheeks and opened me wider as his thumb pushed inside my vagina while he sucked my inflamed button with much more purpose. I was writhing under him and trying to thrust into his mouth as my emotions reached another fever pitch but he wouldn't even slow down so I just completely reached my limits of endurance and another big orgasm rushed through my body.

All of a sudden his thrusting into my mouth stopped for maybe a split second and then I felt him spurting and great globs of his warm sticky juices were gushing into my mouth. I opened my eyes wide and all I could see was a big bag of testicles wobbling up and down in front of my eyes. I just let as much of the sticky juice slide down my throat as I could without gagging and I tried to swill the rest into a corner of my mouth.

He moved back then pulled out of my mouth and pumped his wet penis rapidly and let the drippings fall on my face. I turned my head sideways to stop a huge glob that was in my mouth from sliding down my throat.

In one quick movement he lifted himself over my head and got off the bed then disappeared into the bathroom. Even though the gag wasn't over my mouth I was terrified to scream, but I did try to spit some of the slimy juices out of my mouth. He heard my spitting and immediately appeared again and then held my nose and cradled my head back in his hand.

Slowly the gooey stuff ran down my throat and he let go of my nose and eased my head back down on the pillow then he replaced my gag and disappeared again but this time out of the bedroom. I listened intensely wondering if he was going to just leave but I never heard any outside doors being opened or closed.

I laid there wondering why this had happened to me and all I could keep seeing and hearing was Dad telling me that I was asking for trouble dressing so provocatively all the time. I knew that if he walked in right now he would say 'I told you so'.

It was true I guess as I wore a thong bikini around the swimming pool and if we had to suddenly rush to the store or plant a box of flowers in the front flowerbed I never got changed, so I was there for all to see. My most popular casual wear in the warm weather especially around the house was very tight shorts or a short skirt and a thin cutoff top without any underwear whatsoever. My Dad said that I was a walking advertisement for sex and that I was a hypocrite for even going to church.

On the other hand I was still a virgin and had masturbated occasionally but with boys I'd done little more than some heavy petting and only once did I ever put my hands on a penis and make it spit. I remember telling dad just a month ago that I knew everything that was involved in sexual encounters but it didn't mean that I had done any of it. If I didn't get untied I didn't know who I dreaded the most, this masked guy returning or Dad returning and finding me like this.

I tried to relax and hoped that it was all over, I hadn't heard a sound in what seemed like forty minutes or more. I reviewed the facts, I wasn't hurt and he hadn't penetrated me which was important. Okay it may have been very unpleasant in the beginning but on the other hand... I did have some whiz bang orgasms.

OH NO, I could hear the footsteps of someone on the hardwood stairs, my hopes were shattered it seemed.

He walked into the bedroom quickly and unfastened one hand and one leg then he rolled me over wildly and before I got my bearings again he was fastening the loose hand to the same post as my other hand, then he did a similar thing with my foot. I was beginning to realize that he was turning me over and still keeping me secure and my hunch was right as he pulled me back into the middle and tied my other hand and foot again but now on the other side of the bed.

So there I was still naked and spread-eagled on my tummy with a fat cushion under me which pushed my bum way up into the air. His fingers stroked around my anus and then down my crack and between my still wet pussy lips. I felt his fingers dart in and out of my vagina before he went further underneath and rubbed my little button which was still glowing.

Then I felt tiny drips of something running down my crack and suddenly a finger rubbing it around my anus, then the wet finger poked inside my anus and more drips were added. Oh my god, he was going to penetrate my anus, he was going to have anal intercourse and I couldn't understand what attracted men to such a vile act.

His thumb plopped inside my anus I think while his other hand rubbed me gently between my pussy lips and my button. It was hard to see but I tried my best by straining my neck and looking down. He had his penis out I could see it standing straight out and he was moving closer and closer. All of a sudden I felt pressure against my anus.

His oily hand was rubbing between my legs and inflaming my button even more and making me want to squeeze my vagina and push backwards. All of a sudden I felt violated as something slowly entered my anus but his other hand didn't stop or even slow down and my feelings were building again rapidly somewhere deep inside.

He pushed deeper and suddenly it didn't hurt at all as he pulled on my hips and worked himself in and out. Then the shock of all shocks I felt something big pushing between my pussy lips and squeezing just inside me until he must have hit my hymen and stopped.

Nothing seemed to be happening except his hand was rubbing my button and it was on fire and almost ready to make me have another orgasm. Just a little more, just a little more I was saying to myself. Then suddenly whoosh it came over me from deep inside as if it were a huge tidal wave.

I barely had time to ride that wave when I felt a searing pain as he pushed through into my vagina and then it ceased. He withdrew a little and then pushed in and out using probably only a few inches and at the same time whatever was in my anus was probing me at the same pace.

It went from pain to pleasure in no time flat as he pulled and pushed on my hips. It seemed like each push was going deeper and I started to move back and forth without his pulling on my hips. His hand reached right around and his fingers played with my button again and it just about sent me wild. I bucked and bucked and thrashed around as I felt his big stiff penis start to throb and I knew he would squirt any minute.

I was at the peak of another incredible high, just teetering on the top, back and forth back and forth then I felt him start to squirt and throb. His hot juices gushed inside my wet pussy and lit up fireworks as I shuddered and then I had the biggest orgasm of my life.

I heard HIS VOICE for the first time as he HOWLED loudly and gripped my hips so tight that every millimeter of his penis must have been packed inside my pussy.

I was breathless and panting heavily as I just collapsed on the bed then seconds later he came crashing down on top of me but somehow he kept making short thrusts every now and then.

I have no idea how long he laid there on top of me with his penis rammed deep inside my deflowered pussy but I didn't care, I just relaxed. I didn't wanna move for a week, I could have slept whether he was on me or not.

Eventually I guess he did slip out when his penis wilted and then he lay by my side as his hand gently rubbed my bum cheeks until I dropped off to sleep.


When I awoke it was pitch black, there were no lights on at all but I could hear noises and when I moved my arm it was free and so were my legs.

I slid out of bed and went to the bathroom then quietly peed, I grabbed a robe off the back of the door and wrapped it around my naked body as I crept around. When I looked out of the window I saw Daddy's car. Oh my god, what do I tell him? If I tell him someone raped me then he may say or think that it's my own fault as my scanty clothes may have just teased a man too much.

I rushed downstairs and there he was just finishing a sandwich.

"Hi precious, I thought that you would be sleeping but I never went upstairs to check. I hope I didn't wake you I just got home a few minutes ago and I'm beat. I was just finishing this sandwich and then I'm going to bed honey. We can talk tomorrow, okay." He said as he locked the door and said goodnight then he disappeared upstairs.

I stood there flabbergasted, totally speechless and had a glass of milk then scared myself when the fridge kicked in and made a noise so I hightailed it up to Dads bedroom and asked him if I could sleep in his bed.

He started to object but I just slid in beside him and as I lifted the sheets I saw he was naked. "I'm sorry I tried to tell you, honey." He said.

"Oh that's okay Daddy, its only you."

"Yes, honey but the reason I'm naked is that I'm a man, and every now and then I have to do something to myself, you know to relax and go to sleep better." He said and my mind was going fifty miles an hour as I wondered, what on earth did he mean? "I'm sorry but I wanted to masturbate, honey." He said.

"But Dad I really have to sleep in your bed tonight so that's okay Dad, I'll just lay quietly and I'll be asleep in no time."

"Well I can't do it now honey, it's best that you leave."

"Please let me stay daddy, I helped a boy once, right up to when he spit so I'll help you okay." I said in a panic and slipped off my robe then reached for his soft penis. I immediately started to stroke it lightly but he was too busy looking at my body.

"Oh god, you look so beautiful naked honey, all nicely tanned all over. Such a wonderful figure and your breasts are just perfect. Come closer honey let me hold you and feel you."

His hands massaged my breasts and suddenly my nipples were so hard, then his hand stroked through my tiny bush and lit up my button. My pussy started to ooze at the thought of Daddy touching me like this and my orgasm was building rapidly.

"Oooooh daddy, that's so nice, you're making me feel so good, don't stop daddy."

He continued with his stroking while I kissed him and I was ready to just boil over with desire. "Oooooh honey, I want you so much, I want to love you like a woman."

"Oh yesss daddy, you're so experienced, I'm almost ready now, keep going daddy, your hands are magic. Oooooo... oooooo... daddy... you're... making me... oooooo... I'm cummin... "

"What about me honey... I need you now... I need more than just your hand tonight?"

"I know Daddy, what can I do to please you? Would you like to fuck me from behind like doggies do?"

"Oh honey, that would be wonderful, turn around and kneel on all fours for daddy." He said as he hugged me and tweaked my nipples.

I knelt for him and he came in behind me and squeezed his hard penis inside my wet pussy, then we moved in sync. The feelings were absolutely heavenly and I was so close again but I held back until he was ready to shoot all his warm goo inside my hot pussy.

Then he gripped my hips so tight that we were almost molded together as one and then his hard penis throbbed wildly and I felt him shooting his warm sticky CUM deep inside my pussy. I let myself go and orgasmed with him.

My god it felt so wonderful but then he HOWLED.


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