tagLoving Wives(She's A) Ho! Ho! Ho!

(She's A) Ho! Ho! Ho!


Randy Smith turned slightly in the bucket seat and reached out to stroke his wife's long auburn hair. She turned to smile at him for a moment, and he put his finger to her lips. She kissed it quickly, and turned her eyes back to the road.

"What was that for?"

"Simple public display of affection."

"OK. Just so long as you don't cause me to wreck the car."

He absentmindedly draped his arm over the back of her seat, and turned his eyes back to the road. From time to time as they cruised through the streets, he turned to gaze at her and admire her beautiful face and well-rounded features. Margaret Smith had the height to be a super-model, at nearly 5 feet 10 inches. However, her body more closely resembled Xena Warrior Princess than that of a wispy-thin runway model. Her legs were long and strong, leading to full hips that flared out in the classic hourglass design. Her waist narrowed slightly and led up her torso to her large, ripe D-cup breasts, which commanded attention even with her dress and coat covering them.

Her face was full and lush just as her body was. She had beautiful full lips, soft, moist and inviting, and what Randy teasingly called her 'chipmunk cheeks'. But his favorite feature was her flashing green eyes. They conveyed her essence. Intelligence, compassion, humor, and, to his never-ending delight, a mischievous twinkle that gleamed there whenever she had one of her particularly scrumptious surprises in store for him. Whenever he saw that look his temperature would rise and his pulse would increase in anticipation of what he knew would be something memorable.

He snapped out of his daydreaming as the car came to a halt. "OK. Stop staring now. We're here."

"The Salvation Army? This is our surprise stop?"

"Maybe it is. Maybe it isn't."

"What are we doing here?"

"Where's your holiday spirit" she said, putting her hand on his knee, and feigning a look of concern. "Where's your sense of compassion for those in need?"

"Where's my surprise?"

"Just shut up and get the big box out of the trunk," she said, popping the trunk open. "You'll get your surprise soon enough." He swung his legs out of the car and headed back to the trunk. Reaching down, he tried to pull the box out of the trunk.

"Good Lord, what the hell is in here? Bricks?"

"No. Old clothes and some cans of food. Joanna and I didn't have any problem getting it in there, so you shouldn't have any problem getting it out. Now quit whining or no surprise for you."

The box, which was large enough that he could barely get his arms around the sides, was bulky and heavy. He propped it up on the lip of the trunk, then got his legs under it and lifted. Barely maintaining his grip on the ponderous load, he started towards the steps that lead to the front door.

"Get a move on, Hercules," she said, goosing him from behind. He jumped forward, almost losing his grip and his balance as he reached the first step.

"Hey! Watch it! Do that again and there's going to be smashed cans of food and messy clothes in here."

"Just go. The sooner you get this inside the sooner you get your surprise."

She went ahead of him up the steps and opened the door. He slid through it sideways, his knuckles scraping the other door, and went to the reception area just inside, dropping the box down in front of it. The young woman sitting at the reception desk eyed him warily.

"Julie! How are you!" his wife called from over his shoulder.

"Margaret! I'm great. How are you?" the young girl said, smiling and friendly now.

Julie was more in the super model mold. She was tall and rail thin, her arms nearly like sticks, with small breasts that sat high on her chest and jutted out provocatively. Randy noticed that she apparently wore no bra, since her nipples could be plainly seen poking through her thin, long-sleeved sweater. She bore a slight look of wariness on her face as she looked at him. She had the classic pouting lips, a long, thin, nose, and razor-sharp cheekbones. Her dark-blonde hair was straight and parted in the middle. It fell to just above her shoulders. Randy couldn't help thinking that she should skip the salad bar and have a sandwich sometime. He pegged her age to be early 20s.

"Wonderful. Getting into the holiday spirit. Here's the things I promised you."

"Great. We really need everything we can get this year."

"Well, we've got some good warm clothes in here, and also some soup and vegetables and some other canned stuff."

"That's great. Hey, listen, though, could you do me a favor? I'm the only one here, and I'm not supposed to leave the desk. Could you take that in the back for me?"

"Sure. No problem."

"Sure, it's no problem for you. I'm the one carrying the thing," Randy said.

"Oh, how rude of me. Julie, I'd like you to meet my husband, the eighth dwarf, whiny."

"Ha ha ha. I'm Randy," he said, offering the young girl his hand. She didn't make a move to shake it, so he let it drop back to his side. The girl looked past him to his wife.

"Thanks, Margaret. If you could just take it around the side there and put it in the first room on your left, that would be great. Take it into the back if you can."

"Will do," she said, then turning to her husband. "Let's go mule, up and at 'em."

He bent his knees and picked the box up again. His wife gestured for him to turn left and walk, and off they went. They went through the first door on the left, and he bent to drop the box.

"Uh uh, all the way to the back," she said. Straightening back up, he continued walking, letting out a small groan. "Come on, not much further now" she said, putting a hand in the small of his back and massaging it lightly. They walked to the back of the room, which appeared to be some sort of kitchen. There was a sink, with a long countertop. Folded chairs were stacked against the walls on one side, folded tables against the other. This part of the room could be sectioned off with a thick curtain that could be pulled across a rod.

"Here OK?"

"That's fine. Your burden is at an end." He all but dropped the box to the floor, barely bending and letting gravity take it the last couple of feet. He stepped back quickly to avoid it landing on his toes.

"Such a good boy. You deserve a reward," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. He felt her tongue slipping past his lips and responded in kind. She twined her hand into his hair and pulled him closer, then slid her leg between his to rub up against his crotch.

After a few minutes of the passionate kissing, he pulled away, breathless. "Are you starting something here that we can't finish?"

"Who says we can't finish it?"

"I say we can't. What are we gonna do, fuck right here in the middle of the room?"

"We can pull the curtain closed, and we'll be all alone," she said, looking up at the rod.

"Yeah, with Julie only a few feet away."

"I'll go tell her we don't want to be disturbed."

"You're going to go tell her that we'll be fucking in the kitchen, so please keep everyone out for a few minutes?"

"Sure. Why not? We just brought them all this stuff. I don't think she'll mind."

"I don't know. She didn't seem all that friendly."

"Not to you she wasn't. But she likes me."

"She doesn't like me? What did I ever do to her?"

"Nothing. You're just not her…type."

"What does that mean? Is she a lesbian or something?"

"Oh, yes…yes she is…" she said, an evil grin spreading over her face.

"What the hell…are you saying…did you…have you and her…"

"No, baby, we haven't done anything," she said, wrapping her arms around him again. "But we're girls. We've talked about it. She's told me things that would curl your toes." Randy was flabbergasted, and unable to say anything. He glanced back to the open door, remembering what Julie had looked like, picturing her in an embrace with another woman.

"Look at you. Typical male. You're thinking about her right now, aren't you?" she said in a reproachful tone, her arms still around his waist. He couldn't tell if her look of consternation was genuine or not.

"Yes, I am. But you put the idea in my mind."

"You're thinking about her and me together, aren't you?"

" I am now."

"You'd like to see that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. Yes I would. Call me a pig if you want to, but I'd like to see the two of you together."

"You want me to go ask her?"

Randy pulled his head back and looked down at her to see if she was serious. He couldn't tell. "You know what, you need to quit jerking my chain…" he said.

"I'm serious…I'll go ask her."

"How would a conversation like that go, exactly? Please come into the kitchen and we'll pull the curtain and put on a show for my husband?"

"More or less."

"OK smartass…I'm calling your bluff. Go ask her."

"All right, I will." She grabbed one of the chairs, unfolded it, and gestured for him to sit down. "Have a seat. I'll be right back." Randy stood there, agape, as his wife strode off ostensibly to pitch a lesbian tryst to a woman he had never set eyes on before ten minutes ago. 'This has to be a joke', he thought to himself. 'They're both going to come in here and have a good laugh on me'. He couldn't imagine that his wife was serious about asking the girl, or that the girl would ever actually agree. This wasn't Penthouse Forum, after all.

He thought about walking out to the front and confronting them, but he hesitated. One of the more endearing traits that he loved in his wife was a wild and unpredictable streak. She knew how to keep things exciting, all right. When he remembered all the times she had jerked him off in crowded restaurants or sucked his cock while they were driving down a traffic-filled road, he thought there was just a small chance that she would actually do what she said. And when his wife wanted to, she could be very convincing. Which meant there was a very small chance that she'd convince the girl to do it. And, god help his piggish nature, he did want to see his wife naked with another beautiful woman.

They had talked about it in bed, one or both of them with other partners, both male and female. But it had just been hot bedroom talk to get them revved up. They had never approached anyone, or placed ads in magazines, or taken any step towards actually doing it. Until now, that is. Maybe. He'd know in a minute, he figured. Unless she was just going to stand out there until he came out so they could laugh at him together. He decided to give it a few minutes before giving up, and plopped down onto the chair.

Just as he was about to give up and walk out, in walked his wife, alone, with a mischievous smile to match the twinkle in her eyes. He was sure that she was about to let on that it was all a joke. Then, as he was rising from the chair, to his surprise Julie entered a few paces behind.

"Going somewhere?" Margaret asked in a mocking tone.

"I was beginning to wonder if you were coming back."

"Oh, I'm back all right. And I brought a friend. You remember Julie, don't you?"

"Yes, of course."

"Now, darling, we have a nice surprise for you. Would you like to know what it is?"

"Yes…yes I would."

"Do you remember what we talked about before?"

"Yes…yes I do."

"Well, Julie has been nice enough to agree to help me make your Christmas wish come true."

"My Christmas wish? Since when was it my Christmas wish? You put the thought in my head."

"Do you really want to quibble?"

"No I don't. Quibbling is the last thing I want to do."

"Good boy. Now, darling, your wish is about to come true. But there's one condition."

"What's that?"

"Well, I told you, Julie here doesn't like men. And since she's not sure she can trust you not to want to join in, you have to be restrained."

"Restrained? What does that mean?"

His wife pulled a roll of duct tape from her coat pocket, holding it up for him to see. "It means we tape you to the chair."

"Oh, come on…"

"It's the only way."

"You think I can't control myself?"

"Oh, not me, darling. I don't care if you control yourself. It's Julie who's worried."

"What if I don't want to be taped to the chair?"

"Then no Christmas surprise."

Randy looked back and forth between the two women. He wanted to see them together, no doubt about it. But he didn't want to be tied to a chair. He tried to come up with some way of convincing them not restrain him, but nothing came to mind.

"OK," he said finally.

"Wonderful," she said, stepping forward and kissing him. "I knew you'd agree. Now, sit down and get comfortable." Randy sat back down and situated himself to a comfortable position on the hard chair.

"OK, now grab the sides of the chair with your hands." He grabbed the metal back support on each side with his hands. His wife bent quickly down and began wrapping the tape around his left wrist and the chair, trapping his arm in place while allowing the use of his hand to flex his fingers. She then handed the tape to Julie, who repeated the procedure with the right hand.

"OK, now put your feet next to the front legs." Randy did so, and Julie wrapped the tape around his ankle and the chair, pinning his foot in place. She handed the tape back to Margaret, who taped his left ankle in the same manner. When they finished his hands and feet were attached to the chair.

"Well, what do you think, Julie?"

"He's OK I guess, if you like men."

"Well, thank you, but I meant do you think that will hold him in place?"

"Oh," she said, and giggled. "Hmmm…well, he could still stand up and walk around. Here, let's do this." Taking the tape from Margaret, she reached under the bottom of the chair to attach the tape, then brought it over the top and across his thighs. Margaret took the tape and ran it under the chair, handing it again to Julie. They repeated the actions 3 more times, and when they were finished, Randy's thighs were taped to the chair as well, preventing him from standing up.

"There…now he's not going anywhere."

"OK, then, one big Christmas surprise coming up. Come here, you." Margaret extended her hand to Julie. They joined hands and moved towards each other. The two women embraced with their hands around each other's waist and leaned in for a kiss. Randy's eyes bugged out as he watched the two in a wet kiss, a flash of moist tongue appearing as each explored the other's mouth.

"Oh, wow." Involuntarily escaped from his mouth before he was even aware he was going to say it. His eyes glazed over with lust and closed to slits.

"Ooh, somebody likes what they see," Margaret said, turning towards him. Then she turned back to Julie and continued the kiss. Their mouths slid over and around, the tongues continuing to explore. Margaret pulled back an inch, and used her tongue to lick Julie's lips, then began kissing again. At one point, Randy could see Julie lightly biting Margaret's lower lip and tugging on it before letting it slip from between her teeth and kissing her again. After a few moments, the two women pulled their heads apart and smiled. Then they turned to Randy and smiled at him, standing cheek to cheek.

"Nice, huh?" Margaret said, looking down at him

"Oh, yes…very nice. And I want to see more."

"You always were greedy," Margaret said.

She turned back to Julie and brought the younger girl's hands up to her lips and began kissing and sucking her fingertips, taking time to pay attention to each finger of her right hand. Then she took Julie's hands in hers and placed them at her neckline. Taking the cue, Julie began slowly unbuttoning the buttons that ran the length of the front of the dress. She began kissing Margaret again, lightly on the lips, as she worked at the buttons. When she had opened the dress to Margaret's waist, she reached up and slid it off her shoulders and down her body. As the dress pooled at Margaret's feet, Julie leaned over to pick it up. Margaret placed her hand on Julie's shoulder for balance and lifted one foot and then the other to step out of the dress. Julie held it up and carefully folded it, walking over to place it on the counter.

Now that Margaret was exposed Randy could see that she had been wearing a sheer black body stocking under the dress. The stocking covered her from the neck down to mid thigh, the sleeves covering her arms to just above the elbows. It looked like a second skin on Margaret, the clinging fabric showing off her lush body magnificently, accentuating all of her ample womanly curves and looking like a pair of short-shorts on her thighs and ass. Finishing off the ensemble was the pair of high-heeled shoes which had been perfect with the long dress, but which now made her look like something out of a Playboy centerfold, where heels seem to go with every outfit.

Margaret's hard nipples could be clearly seen through the fabric, as could the small trimmed patch of dark pubic hair that she always left in place just above her pussy lips. Knowing that Margaret always kept the lips shaved, Randy couldn't help thinking about how wet and inviting those lips almost certainly were right now. An audible moan escaped his lips as he gazed at his beautiful and delightfully lewd wife. He loved the stocking, because even though it covered her from neck to mid-thigh, it was made for easy quick access to all the good stuff. He knew from experience that it had snaps at the crotch that allowed for quick access to Margaret's pussy and ass. He wanted access right now more than he had ever wanted before. It was also slit in the back, held in place by one clasp at the neckline in the back. Unhook the clasp, and you could quickly slide the stocking off her shoulders, exposing her marvelous breasts.

"You know, Julie, I think it was a good idea to tie him down," Margaret said, turning to face Randy. "I just know that if he could get to me right now, his hands would be all over my body." Margaret began stroking her body now, starting at her pale neck, and sliding down to her breasts. She cupped them and offered them to Randy. "You want these right now, don't you baby?" She looked him in the eyes with a smoldering sexual look, then smiled as her hand snaked down her stomach towards her pussy. She slid two fingers between her legs, and Randy could see her moving them slowly on her pussy lips.

"Oh, god, yessss…" he hissed.

Meanwhile, Julie had gone and pulled the curtains that separated the front and back of the room, so that no one walking in would be able to see them. She stood behind Margaret now, her head resting on the older woman's shoulder and her hands on Margaret's hips.

"No doubt about it," she said, smiling. "He'd be raping you." She reached up and began stroking Margaret's shoulders. She slid her hands over her shoulder blades then down her sides, touching just the outside of her breasts as he brushed past them. Margaret's hands slid up her stomach and cupped her breasts again as she leaned back against Julie. Eyes closing, she let out a long sigh.

"Mmmm, that's nice" Margaret said, then turned her head to kiss Julie's cheek.

Randy sat squirming in the chair, practically drooling as Julie stroked Margaret's body. His hands were involuntarily flexing in their wish to be handling Margaret's body. His hips were sliding back and forth on the chair the little bit that they could considering his constriction. His breathing had become heavy.

Julie slid her hands across Margaret's stomach, then down to her inner thighs, carefully avoiding touching Margaret's pussy. Margaret let out a small gasp and gripped her breasts even harder for a second. Julie then brushed her fingertips up the back of Margaret's thighs and lightly cupped her ass cheeks in her hands. As Julie slid her hands back across Margaret's stomach, Margaret took Julie's hands and guided them up to her breasts. Julie squeezed Margaret's full ripe melons in her hand, and, capturing the nipples between her fingers gently squeezed them as well. Margaret leaned back against Julie and grabbed the other girl's thighs with her hands to keep her balance. Then Julie removed her hands from Margaret's body and stepped back, putting her hands out in front to make sure Margaret would keep her balance.

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